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The Wolf Gatherer Chronicles Ch. 07

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Lyeo congratulated Himself on giving no thought whatsoever to yesterday’s conversation, He was accustomed to negotiating on the fly and saw no reason to change, too much thought would simply cloud His mind with possibilities. He found that His intuition would normally suffice with sound information but as yet that column was sadly lacking. He had spent the night dozing in the chair, it had proved comfortable and He felt as rested as He had in many days. The guards had brought an unusually good breakfast, fresh bread and eggs with a little goats cheese. He ate till the plates were empty, time had taught Him to take the harvest when it was available as the next one might be blighted.

He made some attempt to make Himself a little more presentable, the breeches He wore appreciated the attention and looked far more suitable to His position. Laundry and cleanliness was not easy in this establishment but with a little expenditure He had managed a clean shirt and some wax to shine His boots. Today was His opportunity to take the initiative, to control the flow of negotiation and perhaps Agrafi put sufficient value on Him to be vulnerable.

“Good morning Wolfgatherer.”

Lyeo managed to look surprised at her greeting. He had heard her enter the cell block and smelt her immediately but sometimes better to seem startled.

“Agrafi, What a pleasure to see you again.”

He was genuine in this remark. Having an adversary, an attractive good smelling one at that was preferable to continuous solitary thought.

“May I join you?”

Agrafi was unlocking the cell as she spoke. No guard this time, she must be confident or armed.

“Please do, I have reserved the seat opposite just for you!”

She stepped through the open door leaving it wide open and sat down. She was wearing unusually delicate clothes, a wrap gown of white silk, sheer enough to show the shadow of her breasts below and a pair of gold encrusted sandals. Grasped in her hand was a large scroll that Lyeo assumed was His history.

“I hope there are no candid facts in there.”

Lyeo offered a wink to Agrafi as He spoke and she smiled broadly.

“The whole thing is rather dry I am afraid. Amazing how someone quite as infamous is almost totally invisible.”

“Well here I sit large as life and quite willing to tell you almost anything about Me.”

Agrafi smiled again and didn’t try to hide the fact she fully understood His meaning, Lyeo was an open book but His knowledge was a different matter.

“I see you are reading Larius De Chen.”

“I find that politics and intrigue have not improved much these past few centuries. Yesterday’s events are as relevant as ever.”

“May I ask a question Wolfgatherer?”

“Agrafi, please. I am hardly in a position not to hear your words. Whether I am able to give you the answer you look for is another matter.”

Agrafi studied Lyeo for a moment wondering quite how to pose the question that so intrigued güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri her superiors. Perhaps at such a pivotal moment a headlong charge into the valley was inevitable.

“My superiors are fully aware that You have allies inserted in places of great influence. Their concern is that without Your guiding hand these agents will be rogue. They wonder if You would consider it an option to share their identities so they may prove useful beyond Your span or instruction.”

Lyeo smiled, Agrafi had played the honesty card. He had expected a feint or a flanking maneuver but here she was riding full tilt against the seeming impregnable keep. He liked this manner of advance, it was worthy of Him.

“We cannot enter into alliances until we are acquainted with the designs of our neighbors.”

“You quote De Chen.”

“He was a visionary and nothing new has replaced his wisdom.”

“We have no wish to inconvenience You more than is necessary Wolfgatherer. It was convenient to remove You from the game for a period of time. You cast a long shadow as You walk.”

“I understand.”

The truth was He understood to much. The plans He had in place were for the protection of those He served and for the peoples He felt responsibility for. Like a thread in a catacomb any lead would eventually be traced to the prize and whatever happened some secrets must be kept hidden from the world. The world was not yet ready for the reemergence of some whom it thought departed, some lines were best considered ended, obliterated from the earth. He had long wrestled with the effect that the knowledge He guarded would have on the future and had yet to decide if the revelation was justified. Some volcanoes are best left slumbering for fear their eruption might cause total destruction.

“If indeed it were true that I had agents placed strategically then it would follow that precautions had been taken that they would not be exposed or inconvenienced by My personal situation. Events have a way of following their own path once the rock starts rolling downhill. You have been frank in opening with your true mission, but I am afraid that to disclose details of My presumed web would be too much to ask, if it really existed. I hope this knowledge does not mean the end of our acquaintance after such a brief sojourn.”

Lyeo sat back in the chair and looked deep into Agrafi’s eyes. Her face was ambiguous, neither surprised nor disappointed. He had wondered how she would react to frankness being met with frankness and was pleasantly rewarded with her stoicism. Carefully He sniffed the air, showing flared nostrils were an obvious tell and He wanted to have an advantage. He smelt the other woman again, but this time it was different, more pungent, like her fluids were fresh on Agrafi’s flesh.

“May I inquire how you are enjoying the local fauna?”

He was pleased to see a momentary shadow cross her face.

“They güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri tell Me the does are very responsive to bait.”

He was smiling broadly now, just in case she had not realized He was prodding her.

“Once they are snared they squeal and pee for all they are worth.”

Agrafi measured her breath and attempted a smile but too late realized that it had turned into a theatrical grin.

“I am sure you have the game secured and awaiting your gastronomic pleasure. Appetite must be satisfied if things are to be accomplished.”

Lyeo studied her face for reaction. The brow shortened a little, almost imperceptibly but enough for His satisfaction.

“It is recorded that the right bait will eventually bring exactly the right meat to the plate.”

He could see the seed of understanding begin to grow in her mind.

“I have grown very weary of this solitude and lack of fresh game. Problem being I have a taste for veal and all that is available old scraggy cow.”

Wolf smiled broadly. The gap in His teeth gained by an almost disastrous encounter with a flail became very obvious when He grinned. He had never felt any interest in His physical appearance, He obviously was his Fathers Son and had no reason to hide the fact. Chips and scars were obligatory in His profession as was the certainty of death.

Lyeo reached forward and placed His right hand on the Agrafi’s inner knee. The legs trembled then parted slightly. She rose quickly from her chair and looked furtively right and left up and down the corridor before returning to stand directly in front of Him, legs parted over His outstretched boots. He lent back in His chair and pondered for a moment.

“Turn round.”

Obediently, but with a swagger Agrafi turned and backed up over His extended legs to stand splayed over His knees.

“Lean forward.”

Dutifully she bent at the waist, her athletic buttocks pressing against the taught fabric of her garment. Casually Lyeos’ hands moved forward and slid the fabric upwards till it bunched around her waist. The scant undergarment she wore was of gossamer silk, resting high on the hip at each side and he slid the material so it rested tightly between her cheeks. He slid a finger down the now perfectly outlined cleft till he felt the tight muscle of her anus, then down further to the dampening fabric covering her sex finding the lips parted and clitoris hardening rapidly. Brushing the material aside He inserted a finger deep into her velvet covered orifice. Agrafi’s legs inched wider and her knees buckled a little as a guttural sigh escaped her lips. So used to being in control this overtaking of her physically and mentally was enrapturing.

Lyeo moved His finger gently into her depths to stroke the opening of the cervix, then shallower to probe the urethra. Her muscles tightened around the digit gripping and milking every sensation. He withdrew the finger slowly güvenilir bahis şirketleri till the tip nestled between the now swollen lips then slid upwards to nestle against her tight anal bud. Lyeo gently stroked the precious opening and was rewarded by its relaxation. His fingertip pressed into her firmly, the ring muscle giving way little by little allowing entry to her depths. The interior was hot to His touch and her body pushed back to swallow every inch to the knuckle. He watched as drips of her vaginal fluid ran down her thighs to glint in the morning sunlight.

Her back was arched as she began to thrust back onto the finger and He could clearly see the dark inner core. His withdrew the finger slowly but magnificently her anus remained open and wanting. With one quick tug He ripped the underwear from her body and dropped it casually to the floor. Lyeo quickly unfastened His belt and cod flap pushing the breeches downwards past His knees. Grasping her waist He guided her till the tip of His member rested against the pursing ass opening. He waited just momentarily, but to Agrafi it must have seemed like an hour and she valiantly attempted to squat deeper. Finally His grasp released sufficiently for the mushroom of His member to slide in few centimeters and her body shuddered and pushed down hard. Giving way almost grudgingly He allowed her to take more and more till she engulfed all of Him.

She began to ride Him, slow at first, her muscles tight on his shaft, but the moment of release was close on her and her pace increased second by second. Her head fell back in ecstasy as the first shudder of the little death gripped her womb. Lyeo felt her stomach rippling and the hot splatter of urine on His thighs as she squirted. Her thrusts slowed and each full penetration was followed by a momentary pause as her anus opened fully. He let the she-cat take her pleasure, knowing each ripple, each climax, cemented her faster to His person and will. Finally whether in abandon or exhaustion her body folded forward at the waist to lay breast to knee above Him. He let her rest, her breathe wheezing into her lungs and expelling with gasps.

Lyeo pushed her forwards till she was able to lean against the arms of her chair opposite with His penis still deep in her anal canal. He began to ride her fast and hard, allowing His climax to build for His own pleasure, taking her completely in her vulnerability. His balls tightened and gripping the back of her neck He filled her with His hot seed. Agrafi slumped forward against the chair but her knees gave way leaving her in a crumpled heap on the hard cement floor between the chairs. Gripping her hair Lyeo turned her head till her tongue could lap at the combination of fluids on His shaft and allowed her to feast until He was clean.

Agrafi returned to her apartment in a daze. Slipping the key into the lock she pushed the door open to be greeted by the sight of Sophi still spread-eagled on the floor where she had left her that morning. Agrafi felt confused and weak, the naked buttocks presented to her view would have normally induced lust but today she felt strangely different. Exhausted she dropped to her knees, crawled to lie next to Sophi and throwing her arms around the prone body fell into a deep sleep.

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