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They Are A-OK Ch. 18

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When I came down the stairs I was directed to meet Adam in the conservatory by one of the staff. After receiving directions to the one room that was left off my tour, I discovered that conservatory was a fancy way of saying sun room. It was a very fancy sunroom. Except for the wall that connected to the main house the room was made entirely of glass including the roof. The glass was very heavy looking and cut in various sized panes that were set in a metal framework. The glass walls had stained glass scenes inset in them every couple of feet. The myriad of live plants made it seem that the island’s vegetation was invading the house. Adam was standing at a wicker and rattan bar sipping a brown liquid from an expensive cut crystal tumbler.

The first thing I noticed was that he was barefoot. That realization was followed by the observation that his attire was far less formal than mine. He wore khaki shorts and what turned out to be a Ralph Lauren polo shirt. I pondered whether or not he was wearing underwear. I had never really looked at his legs before that day. They were lean and muscular and covered with a wispy coat of soft light fir. If I had seen only his legs I would have taken him to be a guy of near my own age.

“Ah John, there you are,” He said happily when he noticed me standing in the doorway.

I was a bit embarrassed as I felt like I had been caught staring at him. If he realized that I had been he didn’t let it show.

“Come, join me in a cocktail,” He added as I stepped into the room.

When I reached the bar he kissed me lightly on the lips and told me to help myself to a drink. I stepped behind the bar and poured a rum and coke. Unlike Adam I had not learned to drink straight whisky. Even the expensive stuff he stocked I found difficult to swallow straight. Though he didn’t make a comment about my choice of libation, I sensed that I would have to learn to ‘drink like a man’ soon.

He raised his glass in toast, “To your future!”

We each took a long sip of our drink. Then he reached over and took my free hand in his.

“John you are going to be a very great success and I am thrilled that I will be mentoring you.”

“Adam, I am so grateful for everything. But I um ……..”

“What is it John?”

“I have a concern that I want to ask about, but I do not want to offend you or have you think I am in anyway ungrateful,” I replied nervously.

My fear of becoming his fuck toy was very real. It would have been an easy role for me to fall into. His world was captivating. Even if he wasn’t so handsome and sexy and I wasn’t bisexual I think I could have been lured into giving him my body in exchange for such luxury.

“John, I can see you are genuinely fearful of something. I likely can guess what it is. But if our association is to work out we must be open and honest with each other. You never need to fear asking me any question.”

“Ok, Adam. My concern is that you are buying me, or more specifically buying my services.”

“John, I am not trying to make you my whore or mistress. Hmmm I guess in this case my mister,” He said and laughed at his own dumb joke. “Your working for me has no sexual strings attached. I think you will be an asset and I can help you with certain things. Sex-wise, I think you are hot and fucking is a bonus. If you do not want a personal relationship we can keep it all business.”

“Oh god no, Adam! As great an opportunity as having you as my mentor and working for you is, I would take the personal relationship over it. I don’t want you to think I am doing anything for the money nor do I want you to think that I would do those things for the money.”

“Then we feel the same. Come on let’s go eat. Oh I am sorry to say that Shelia will not be joining us this evening. She left the island, her father is ill. If you like I am sure we can find another to join us though.”

“I am very happy to spend the night alone with you.”

Dinner was served on an open patio adjacent to the conservatory. The staff left us alone once the food had been served. We talked and laughed as we ate enjoying the intimate setting. I felt like I was on a very nice date.

“So John, did you enjoy your exploring after seeing the guests off?” He asked after a bit.

“Yes, your island is beautiful.”

“I hear you may have met one of the island’s native beauties, Alicia,” He added casually.

“Yes, I did, she is certainly a beauty. I hope that isn’t a problem.”

“Of course not.”

“I do not understand something. How can she be a native? This is a private island that I assume was not inhabited before all this was built.”

“Your assumption is mostly correct. She is a native because she like her mother was born here. Her father is a more recent immigrant.”

He went on to briefly explain the history of the island. The island was first inhabited over two hundred years earlier when a wealthy Frenchman from Martinique purchased it with the intention of growing bananas for export to the Atlantic coast of America. As he was antislavery he engaged a couple dozen indentured servants to begin the process of clearing ağrı escort and planting as well as construction of the first buildings. After about five years he had developed a barely profitable enterprise and the island had a population of around a hundred consisting of the indentured workers and their families. That year the island took a direct hit from a major hurricane. Every structure on the island as well as the banana groves was destroyed. Worse nearly half the population was killed.

The Frenchman abandoned his enterprise and deeded the island to the remaining inhabitants. Some chose to leave and others were killed by various diseases as they tried to rebuild their lives and subsist off the land and sea. A census recorded by the island council ten years after the hurricane placed the population at 28 souls representing six families. Diaries from that time portray an Eden like existence similar to what the American hippies of the nineteen-sixties sought in communal living. Except for an occasional trader the people were left alone by the outside world for over fifty years. The population remained more or less steady and is believed to have been around forty when the next major event occurred on the island.

In 1825 a pirate discovered the cove which now serves as the island’s marina. The cove’s configuration made the island an ideal hideout. The docile population was no match for the seasoned pirates and those that survived the initial attack came under the pirate captain’s thumb. Eden quickly became hell. Fifteen years later the pirate’s main ship was sunk while out pillaging and the leader was taken to Tortula and hung. The majority of the remaining pirates left on a small frigate the next year. A few remained and joined the surviving original population of 22 to begin a new life.

It wasn’t until the early 1900’s that the island was again discovered by the outside world. This time it was by a wealthy American industrialist that wanted to build a winter home in the islands. The small remaining population agreed to sell him the island in exchange for a guarantee of lifetime work and support. The house that was begun at that time formed the core of Adam’s house. New workers came to the island increasing the population. However, western ideas of propriety did not penetrate the long closed society. The natives maintained their innocent natural ways in regard to most matters; most notably in their sexual habits. It was a later owner that truly exploited that innocence however.

The industrialist’s son inherited the estate a year before the market crash heralded in the great depression. His creditors took the island and sold it far too cheaply to a man who had kept all his wealth in gold and real estate and therefore was relatively unscathed by the market crash and bank failures. He arrived on the island in 1932 and remained there until he died in 1960. For all of those years he took great advantage of the native population’s sexual openness. The stories say that he enjoyed wild orgies and insisted that all the woman of the island be sexually available to him at his whim. They also say that a vast horde of his gold remains hidden on the island.

The next owner continued the traditions of his predecessor and added a few of his own. The idea of employing the island’s young women as entertainment for his guests was his. He was known for his lavish parties which included Roman style orgies. As a young man Adam was a guest at some of these parties. When the foolish overspending aging owner of the island ran into financial difficulties, Adam swooped in and purchased paradise. Adam was very comfortable with the native islander’s traditional life style. He especially enjoyed that the task of deflowering the young women when they reached adulthood fell to the island’s chief elder. That position had been ceded in the original purchase agreement. The industrialist had believed that in order to have control of his island he needed to control the well established rudimentary government. The people were more than willing to give up such control in exchange for what seemed a life of ease.

“So is Alicia a descendant of the earliest inhabitants?” I asked after listening intently to the fascinating story.

“That is almost impossible to know for sure. In order to avoid any paternity claims against him the first American owner decreed that birth records not be kept. It is likely that owners and guests have fathered many children that have been credited to native men. My guess is that she is since there were a number of northern European indentures amongst the earliest inhabitants and that would explain her blond hair. Then again that gene may well have come from a guest or even a pirate.”

“Wherever her genes came from they certainly came together with near perfection,” I said giving away more than I knew.

“My boy, I think that you are smitten,” Adam said with a hearty laugh.

The way he said it made me think that I was perhaps more taken with the unusual native girl than I realized. But then I was learning that I had a tendency to become too quickly attached aksaray escort to my bed mates. So I blew off the suggestion.

“She is a great fuck Adam, but I think smitten is a bit strong considering I spent less than an hour with her. Do all of the native girls drop their shorts so readily?”

“Well as far as I know you are the first visitor that has had the pleasure of bedding that one. There are a few others that I would not have been surprised to learn had thrown themselves at you. But they were likely resting after a long night with some of my other guests. So how did you manage to seduce Alicia?” He asked seeming genuinely interested.

“Adam, I don’t want to get her in trouble, but all I did was get lost, wander up to her house and act polite. Certainly there was nothing that could be considered seductive in my actions.”

“Must have been your sexy smile and the politeness then,” Adam shot back with a wicked grin on his face. “Shall we invite her up to the house for some polite after dinner conversation?”

Though I was pretty sure he was kidding, I responded anyway.

“If it is ok, I would prefer to be alone with you.”

“More than ok, John; maybe next time we will share her.”

I had a feeling I wouldn’t want to share Alicia ever with anyone. I wished I had the courage to ask Adam to give her some other job that didn’t involve fucking his guests. But that would have required admitting something to him I wasn’t ready to admit to myself. I already cared enough about her to not want her to have to spend the rest of her youth as a whore even if it didn’t seem to bother her. By that point dinner was finished and the sun had set. Adam suggested a moonlight walk on the beach before we went up to his bed.

We took the path that led to the dock. As we walked toward the deserted dock area, Adam explained that there was a larger beach that was more easily accessible then the cove we had gone to the day before. We turned the opposite way from Alicia’s little village and were soon standing on soft white sand looking out on a star filled sky. Adam slipped his arm around me and kissed the back of my neck as I stared at the shimmering moonlit sea. Though it was warm I felt a shiver run along my spine. The moment was incredibly romantic. Certainly it was amongst the most romantic moments of my young life.

“Come on,” He said as he headed for the water’s edge.

We walked along, enjoying the sound of the water gently lapping at the shore. Occasionally it would wash up and engulf our toes. The warm water contrasted with the cooling air and set my skin to tingling. After walking several hundred yards, Adam stopped and pulled me into his arms.

“We should head back soon. Our chopper leaves early,” He said while holding me close to his body.

I knew that my plane from Florida did not depart until late afternoon so the idea of having to leave the island early surprised me. When I questioned Adam he explained that my itinerary had been changed. I was going to go with him on the chopper to Nassau where a private jet would take us to New York. He had a business meeting. After dropping him off the jet would take me back to school.

“I thought it would be nice to spend a little more tome together,” He added with a wink.

I agreed just as our lips met. As our tongues spared in the moonlight, desire welled up from deep inside me. I wanted him so much that I was ready to drop to my knees in the sand. But he held me tight preventing me from breaking the kiss. I could feel his hardness pressed into me and knew he too was filled with desire. Our bodies remained pressed together and nothing more happened on the beach beyond the passion filled kiss. It was at least ten minutes later that he suggested we head back to the house. With the bulges in our shorts pointing the way we made it quickly back to the dock and up the path.

I was happy that we did not happen upon any of Adam’s employees as we moved through the house to his bedroom. Once there our clothes disappeared and we fell into the bed. Our lips locked as we rolled around naked in the luxurious bed covers. It felt like a dream when he put me on my back and straddled my body. He began to lick my throbbing cock as his legs held my arms down. His balls and magnificent cock were above my face tantalizingly out of reach. His tongue danced over my twitching organ sending waves of pleasure through my body. When he reached the base of my cock he began to lick and suckle my balls.

“Please let me taste you!” I cried out as he bathed my balls with his tongue.

He began sucking my cock as he lowered his cum laden balls to my lips. I kissed his balls and then used my lips to tug on his smooth shaven sack. He began moaning causing his lips to vibrate on my shaft. I managed to get my tongue behind his balls and started to tease his rim as he enthusiastically deep throated my oozing cock.

“Oh god, Adam, I am fucking ready to boil over!” I moaned into his balls

He released my cock and encouraged, “Hold on baby! I want you to fuck me.”

He slipped off the bed and got amasya escort something out of the night stand. He handed me the tube of lubricant and bent over the bed. I didn’t need any instructions. I knew exactly what he wanted. I moved behind him and used my fingers to lube up his anal canal.

“Fuck, yes, baby, grease up my cunt! I need that hot cock,” He moaned as I worked my fingers in and out of his tight hole.

As I continued to finger fuck him he begged me to give him my cock. I coated my dick with lube while still fingering his loosening asshole. I knew he was more that ready for a hard ride. I pulled my fingers from his ass and aimed my rigid pole at his sphincter. As I pushed into him he pushed back. I instantly went ball deep into his body. He bucked and urged me to fuck him hard. I grabbed his hips and pulled back until just the tip of my cock was inside him. I began pistoning in and out of him like a possessed pile driver.

“Fuck yes, pound my cunt, lover!” He screamed.

I used my legs to give it to him as hard as I could. A sheen of sweat covered both of our bodies. My balls met his each time I drove forward. After a long while his ass suddenly clamped onto my dick. I was deep inside him; our balls pressed together. His moans filled the room as he ejaculated onto his expensive bed coverings. Had I not had so much sex that day I am sure I would have lost control and pumped his ass full of cum. As it was I wasn’t sure I had any cum left in my balls to unload. But that didn’t matter, my cock was hard and all I cared about was continuing to fuck him. As soon as his rectal walls relaxed a bit, I returned to ramming my cock in and out of his ass.

“Oh fuck, god yes,” He moaned.

I am not sure what came over me when I raised my hand and started slapping his ass in rhythm with my thrusts. If I believed in such things I would say I read his mind. He demanded that I smack him harder.

“Oh fuck! That’s it fuck my cunt and show me what a man you are! Harder please, make my ass red!”

I was nearly delirious. Everything was pure instinct at that point. My palm was burning and his buttock seemed to almost glow. I ached for release. Though I was as high as I had ever been while having sex, I simply could not ejaculate. I roared my need and he encouraged me to give him all I had. When my climax came the pleasure was superseded by the relief. Even after I pulled away, Adam remained bent over the bed. I could see that he was shaking. His left buttock was bright red. I immediately felt bad for hitting him like that. I also felt dizzy and had to sit down next to him. He reached over and touched me gently before managing to get to his feet. He leaned into me holding onto my shoulders and we kissed softly. He suggested a shower before sleep. I let him lead me to the bathroom.

As the warm water sprayed onto our bodies I began to apologize, “Adam, I am sorry for…”

“Shhhhhhhhhh,” He said cutting me off. “There is nothing to be sorry for.”

“But, I don’t know why I did that. Something came over me.”

“Me too, John. It has been a very long time since I was fucked and spanked like that. You are the first young man that ever did it to me. I encouraged it, wanted it.”

“First young man?” I asked without thinking.

“I know Reggie told you about Ogden Betts.”

“Yes, some.”

“He was very into laying hands and other things on asses. He made it clear that it was his duty to toughen me up that way.”

“Wow,” I gasped softly.

“Don’t misunderstand, it was consensual. Just like it was tonight,” He continued as he began to wash my cock.

“I think I understand. But I am more like Mr. Betts I guess.”

“I know you are. Funny thing is I am like him in business and almost all non-sexual things. But in bed, I don’t enjoy the role of dominate.”

“That doesn’t bother you does it, Adam?” I asked as I enjoyed the feel of his lather covered fingers deftly manipulating my balls.

“No, that is something Ogden taught me as well. It is important for all of us to be what we are, not what the world thinks we should be.”

“What do you think I am supposed to be?” I asked sincerely.

“Not for me to say really. I think you already know. But at least for tonight, I hope you are supposed to be sleeping in my arms.”

We kissed under the cascading waters for a minute and then left the shower. There was no more talk that night; just a little cuddling and kissing before drifting off to sleep.

Stephen woke us up just after sunrise the next morning. Though I was a bit embarrassed, it was clear that neither Adam nor his valet had any issue with the situation. Stephen laid out clothing while Adam and I went together to the bathroom to take care of hygiene matters. He was still there to help us dress when we returned. I was informed that my things had been packed and were already on the helicopter even though I made no inquiry. After a quick breakfast I had my first ride in a helicopter. I doubted many people got to ride in such luxurious conditions. The seats in the passenger area were large and very comfortable. Adam and I talked about my future both near and long term on the forty-five minute flight. He made it clear that he hoped the future would include a continued personal relationship but that our business relationship was not dependant on our sleeping together. I made it clear that I wanted both relationships.

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