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Three Is NOT a Crowd

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A few years ago I was dating this guy, Chris. It wasn’t much of a relationship. We really didn’t have much in common, except in the bedroom. The sex was incredible!!! We spent a lot of time with his best friend, Patrick, who I was really attracted to. We flirted a lot, but nothing ever happened. Until one Friday night the three of us went out and had a few drinks. As usual we went back to Patrick’s house and drank a little more.

Chris motioned for me to follow him, and so I did. We wound up in the bedroom, where things immediately got hot and heavy. He practically ripped my clothes off, and then threw me across the bed. Chris is a “biter” so I guess I made a little too much noise. He was fucking me fast and furious( I told you the sex was really good) I caught the bedroom door opening and realized Patrick was looking in. The thought of someone watching us was kind of exciting, so I pretended not to see him.

Chris turned his attention to my pussy, sliding down my body until his face was buried deep inside my wet hole. He bit my clit, which sent me into a frenzy of intense orgasms, Ankara Escort not stopping the torture of my swollen throbbing clit no matter how much I begged. Patrick caught me looking in his direction and started walking towards the bed. Not that I’m an exhibitionist, but… I wanted him to know exactly how great this felt. Patrick made me hot, and he knew it! I grunted and moaned in the pleasures of my pussy being devoured as I stared straight into Patrick’s hungry eyes.

I knew what was about to happen. I wanted this soooo badly, but it wasn’t up to just me. Patrick stopped at the foot of the bed, picking up my stockings and tied them around my wrists. He bound me to the headboard and Chris didn’t say a word. Clearly he was going to let this happen. Now I got scared! I’ve never done anything like this before. They got on opposite sides of me and both grabbed a mouthful of tit! Now this was exciting, but I was still really scared to death!

I know I could have stopped it if I really wanted to. I wasn’t going to let it go too far. I could blame it on the alcohol, even though Çankaya Escort I was now dead sober. Well Chris goes down on me again. He starts finger fucking me and biting on my clit. He sticks a finger up my ass as sends me out of control. This was too good to stop, and besides, my hands were still tied. Pat muffled my screams with his lips. Kissing me gently at first, his tongue probed deeper into my mouth taking my breath completely away. He trailed his tongue down my neck and straight to my erect hard nipples. At that point I completely lost it! I came like I never had before. It was the most intense orgasm I’ve ever experienced, and I hadn’t even gotten fucked yet!!!

They flipped me over and Chris pulled me up onto my knees. He slammed his cock into my cum-drenched pussy. Patrick climbed in front of me, grabbed a fistful of hair and shoved ten inches of big, fat, hard cock down my throat. Chris started fucking me harder, causing me to take Patrick’s dick deeper into my throat. Now he was fucking me faster and harder and Pat was pinching my nipples. It was like a contest. Etlik Escort Each one was trying to outdo the other, and I was reaping all the benefits!

What was I thinking, try and stop this? Hell, I loved every minute of it! Now Chris was like a madman fucking me harder and faster then he ever had before. I started to gag on this huge cock filling my throat. Patrick started twisting my nipples even harder, and Chris started smacking my ass with every deep thrust. The pain and pleasure overtook me, and the intense excitement heightened to new levels I never knew existed!

Screaming, moaning, panting, I don’t even know what I was doing. All I did know was the room was spinning and a million volts of electricity were ripping through my body, and I was cumming a friggin’ river!!! At this point I was amazed that I was still conscious. Patrick shot he load of steaming hot sticky cum all over my face. With that Chris pulled out and shot his load all over my welted ass. It stung, but it felt really good.

Patrick untied my hands and rubbed my wrists, letting the circulation come back. I couldn’t tell you anything after that. I woke up the next morning between two eager and horny guys, ready for more. Although I was in some pain, I had a smile you couldn’t chisel from my face. It was definitely the most erotic pleasure of my life!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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