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Big Tits

You follow me in to my bedroom, talking to me as I look for a book you’ve asked to borrow. I pull it from the bookshelf and stand up to hand it to you and you pull me towards you by the belt loops on the front of my jeans. My body pressed against yours, the book hangs uselessly from my hand as you start to kiss me. I make a small appreciative sound in the back of my throat as I relax into you. You take the book from my hand, throw it on the floor and run your hand up my arm, around the side of my throat to cup my neck, pulling me closer. I rest my hands on your hips and enjoy the way your mouth tastes on mine, letting you take control.

Even with just a kiss, my body responds. I want you.

You slide your hands to my waist and lift my t-shirt up. I raise my arms obediently and let you undress me. I look up at you as you undo my jeans and push them down. As I step out of them, a shiver runs through my body. You pull me back for another kiss, one of your hands between us stroking my nipples through my bra until they are hard peaks, and I am aching to feel your hands on my skin. You reach behind me to undo the clip on my bra, sliding it off my arms and on to the floor by our feet. I need to feel your skin on mine, so I pull your shirt up and off. I press my breasts against your chest and tilt my face up for another kiss as I run my fingertips up and down your sides. You kiss me again; long, hard and demanding as you bring one hand down to rub my pussy through my panties. I whimper breathlessly, wanting more as I struggle to undo your belt and your jeans. You’re not wearing any underwear, and I easily push your jeans free from your body, leaving your hard cock to press against my stomach. My knees are feeling weak as you hook your fingers into the top of my panties, now sopping wet with my Keçiören Escort Bayan juices, and pull them down so they are banded around the tops of my thighs. You bend down to pull them off, licking my pussy teasingly as you stand up.

You kiss me again; biting my lip as you grind your hard cock against me, then lead me towards the bed, pushing me into the centre. Smiling, you reach over the side of the bed and pick up my leather wrist restraints. I lie still, letting you buckle them on and clip them together. I can still move my arms around, but knowing that you want me to stay still, I keep them above my head. You place a blindfold over my eyes and my world goes dark. You kiss me again, briefly, and then move away, assuring me that you’ll be back in just a moment. I hear you pull your jeans back on and then leave the room, shutting the door on your way out. I hear the front door open as you go outside to have a cigarette. I’m more than a little confused that you’ve left me here, naked and incredibly horny, but lie patiently on the bed waiting for you to return. I’m tempted to bring my hands down so I can rub my clit, torn between my desire for release and my curiosity to find out what you plan to do with me.

I hear the click of the front door closing, then my door opening, and then the sounds of you removing your jeans again. I smile as you walk around the side of the bed, trailing your fingers up my thigh. I feel you sit on the bed beside me, and your lips close around my nipple as you bite it gently, teasing it with your teeth. My breath catches in my throat as I feel another set of lips kissing their way slowly up my inner thighs. Who the hell is that? You chuckle at my reaction, and stroke my hair to reassure me, saying nothing. I moan softly as the other person’s Escort Eryaman tongue licks my slit, and hear the moan of the other woman as she tastes my excitement. I feel the bed move slightly as you lean back to watch her taste me. She licks me in long, slow strokes, and then gently parts my pussy lips with her fingers so she has better access to my clit. She takes my clit between her teeth, nibbling ever so softly, and sucks it hard. I gasp, and my body arches upward as she inserts one, and then two slender fingers into my sopping wet cunt. She continues to suck and lick my clit as she finger fucks me, my body writhing as I enjoy her touch. You lean down to kiss me roughly, which sends me over the edge. My body trembles and twitches as I cum, moaning into your mouth as your friend swallows my juices.

You suddenly remove your mouth from mine as she slides her soft naked body up mine to kiss me. I taste myself on her tongue and feel a shiver run through my body. “I want to taste you too” I whisper as she breaks away to take a breath. We awkwardly switch positions so she is lying down and I am on my elbows and knees with my face resting on her thigh, still bound and blindfolded. I can smell her excitement and slowly kiss my way up to her pussy. She is very wet as I take my first taste, darting out my tongue to lick her teasingly. She tastes sweet, like honey, much the same as me. I lick her again, and feel you tug on my hair to pull my head back so you can steal a taste of her juices from my lips. When you release me, I stroke a single finger up her slit, then press my mouth against her once again. I lick her thoroughly, wanting to taste every inch of her as I rub her throbbing clit with my thumb. I feel you move behind me and press your hard cock against my arse.

“Fuck her,” Sincan Escort Bayan the girl says breathlessly as you tease me by running the head of your cock up and down my slit.

I gasp as you push inside me with one swift thrust, and then I begin licking her pussy with renewed vigour. I fuck her with my tongue and fingers as you fuck me from behind, my nose being pressed against her clit each time you slam your cock back in to me. She entwines her fingers in my long hair and pulls my face closer to her pussy as I suck on her clit. Her thighs tense and she fills my mouth with her warm juices as you grip my hips hard enough to leave bruises and pump me full of your cum. You reach under me to press hard on my clit and I collapse on to the bed, breathing hard as I cum again. We lay there, our breaths heavy as we come back to earth. Your friend gently pushes my head off her thigh and rolls off the bed. She turns me over to passionately kiss me goodbye, strokes your shoulder and then leaves to get dressed in the lounge. I bring my hands up to remove the blindfold but you stop me. “Not yet,” you say, biting my shoulder gently.

You leave the room and I can hear you talking to her in the lounge, your voices low. I hear the click of the front door closing as you let her out, and I stretch my arms above my head, my body drawn out across the bed. You come in and lie down beside me, kissing me as you run your fingers lightly over my skin. You pull off the blindfold and pull me in to your arms. As I rest my head on your shoulder I ask you who she was. You smile and tell me that she’s a friend of mine, but you won’t tell me who. I bite you softly where your neck meets your shoulder, and you bite me back in the same place as you reach over to turn off the lights.

“Care to take these off?” I ask, holding up my still bound hands.

“I kind of like you like that”, you laugh as you free my wrists, “but okay”.

As you pull a blanket over us, I wrap my arms around you and whisper, “thank you”, before I fall asleep with my lips pressed lightly against your chest.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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