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Tina and Donna…

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This story started downtown, as it was a night that I was celebrating a friend’s birthday by taking him and about a dozen of our friends down to the bars to get loaded and have some fun. We had a great time as we all took David (the Birthday Boy) to the strip club and watched some fine ladies shake their thing whist we observed… and then later took off to find a dance bar to boogie the night away. Things were going very cool… when it all took a turn for the better when a young and very fine lady from one of my classes named Tina approach me and ask for a dance. Being the gentleman I was, I of course accepted. Tina was a close friend of a woman named Donna that was a very close friend of the lady I have been seeing lately. I was to say the least slightly surprised when Tina not only danced very closely but allowed our bodies to rub together on the floor as the song went on.

Needless to say this blonde haired and very thin girl was a knockout, and would be worth taking to bed… but I was a little apprehensive about it cause of how close she was to my current girlfriend. I suddenly knew she was in the mood for more than dancing when she started to caress my pelvic area and lightly feel me up. At first I was going to turn this down, but she instead responded by coming closer and locking lips on the dance floor. It was a very enjoyable kiss as she explored my mouth with her tongue and continued to be caresses he with her hands. Finally there was no use as I gave in. I walked her off the dance floor, and into the bathroom that was located on that floor. She seemed a little confused at first, but giggled with delight as we both entered a stall and locked the door to it.

“What would you like to do in here??” Tina asked with a devilish grin.

“Why you my dear…” I said with just as much of a grin. And now it was my turn to use my hands as I slowly took my hand up here skirt and removed her underwear. She bit her lip and gave a soft moan as I began to penetrate here with canlı bahis my finger and stimulate her manually. After a few minutes of doing this, Tina could take no more as she dropped to her knees and started to unzip my jeans. I now bit my lip as I could feel her soft and very pouty lips started to engulf my penis and slowly start to move back and forth on it. I gave out a soft groaning whisper as she was just unbelievable!! I gripped the walls of the stall with all my might to fight the urge to moan out loud… as she continued to drive me wild with each stroke of her lips. Finally it was time to change position, as Tina bend over while standing up and used the toilet for leverage. I lifted her skirt and slowly slid my cock into her very tight and wet pussy. Tina gasped as softly as she could as I thrust all of myself into her and began to bang her with all my strength. It was very hard for Tina to keep quiet but she did which was amazing since from what I heard she loved to scream and moan when she came.

Yet she did pant and gasp hard when she came very hard which I responded to with even harder thrusts. Finally I was finished as well, as I blew a big load of sperm deep inside her and was sweating buckets but felt damn good as I removed myself from her and began to put my jeans back on. Tina whispered how much she enjoyed this and even asked if we could do it again back at her place where they could scream a little without any worry of attracting attention. Since I had already sinned once already that night, I thought I might as well go all the way this night as I accepted her invitation and left the bar with her and shared a cab back to her place.

When we got back to her place, this is when things really started to get interesting. Waiting at her door, and surprised to see both of us coming back to Tina’s place together was her close friend Donna. (who I might remind you is a close friend of my Girlfriend) At the moment, I thought I was busted… but Donna was too upset bahis siteleri to worry about the infidelity of her friend’s boyfriend. She had just broken up with her current fling and wanted to talk to Tina about it.

Tina said that was okay as long as she kept the sight of seeing her and myself at her place a secret. She agreed and then all three of us walked into the apartment. Once in, both Tina and I listened and comforted Donna as she told us the story that lead to her eventual breakup with a guy that sounded like a real jerk off. Once finished going through the entire ordeal… Donna put us on the spot as asked if we were having a fling with each other. Tina and I agreed to come clean as Tina proceeded to tell Donna the entire story of what happened at the bathroom of the bar. Surprised by our little adventure, Donna found the story very interesting and then asked if I was here to do it again with Tina. After confessing that we had come back to her place to make out, Donna asked with a very childish grin if she could play as well.

We were both very surprised by her request, but Tina answered her request by leaning over and giving Donna a very deep and heavy tongued kiss. To say the very least, I was very turned on by the site of Tina and Donna kissing while also no removing each others clothing at the same time! I sat there with surprise and watched as both Tina and Donna began to lick and such at each others bodies for the next several minutes. Then I got really excited as both ladies stopped what they were doing and turned to look at me. I giggled with delight as both Tina and Donna crawled over and started to remove my clothing. I was seriously turned on as I felt two mouths slowly lick and suck different parts of my body and it was a very outrageous sensation. Then I felt the most unbelievable thing as both Donna and Tina started to perform oral on me at the same time. It was more like a team effort as they alternated with one sucking my penis and the other licking and bahis şirketleri sucking my testicles with then switching every few minutes.

Finally it was time to hit the bed as all three of us went to Tina’s room. Donna laid out on the bed as both Tina and I slide on top of her. This is how it went… I slowly slid my very rock hard cock into Donna and started to pump her hard while Tina slid here pussy over Donna’s mouth so she could eat Tina out while I screwed her at the same time. While this was going on, it was positioned so that both Tina and I were looking towards each other and we necked while I fucked Donna who was eating out Tina. It was a very great site as all three of us in this position came at the very same time, with Donna tonguing Tina’s cunt as good as she could and with me driving my cock as deep as I could into Donna when I blew another load and filled her up with semen. After we were finished that, Donna got dressed as she felt it was time for her to leave. Before she left though… she walked over and kissed me deeply and promised to keep our little fling a secret from my current Girlfriend if I promised to give her a private session later on.

Seeing that I had no choice, I agreed to meet and do this with her again at another time. Delighted, Donna left with a smile on here face and was gone.

Tina and I slept in the same bed that night, and woke up in each others arms. We screwed again that morning and the one thing I remembered the most about this one was that Tina moaned and screamed as loud as she could when I fucked her that morning, to make up for the silence she had to exercise at the Bar. About an hour later, I finally started to dress as I felt it was time to go home. She said it was okay and left me with a deep and very tongue active kiss before I left. As I was getting back to my place, I bumped into David (remember the Birthday Boy) who was sitting on my doorstep and was obviously in a lot of emotional pain. For some reason his girlfriend Donna had broken up with him because he went out with the guys instead of celebrating his birthday with her. Needless to say, I kept the details of my night to myself as I invited David in to let him tell his side of the story…

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