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Tom and the Neighbors Ch. 01

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Tom is in his late-twenties and single. He’s about average height, with an average build and a slightly better endowment. A relatively quiet guy; working and renting a small two bedroom home in the middle of a modest neighborhood. Like many folks he has periodic interactions with his neighbors, but doesn’t regularly meet with any of them.

One day Tom was digging through a box of random audio wires in the garage. It was a sunny, early autumn day, so the large garage door was open. Out of the corner of his eye he saw his neighbor Gary headed his way.

Gary and Ann live two doors down. They’re a bit older, in their early fifties perhaps, and both relatively active and well-kept physically. Gary’s always jovial, quick to wave and stop for a chat, whereas Ann is a bit more reserved. That wasn’t surprising, as it’s probably best for her to refrain from being too chummy with a single young man.

Tom certainly wouldn’t mind if she was more interactive though, as she was very pleasant on his eyes. She had what looked like a very modest amount of extra weight, most of which was arranged nicely on her chest, butt and thighs, leaving a relatively narrow waist. He first noticed her appeal a while ago when the two of them were cleaning out their garage. She wore tight jeans and he very much appreciated her shape and sexy walk. From then on he put forth extra effort in checking her out when it was feasible.

Gary looked around at the garage a little before speaking.

“Hey man, what’s going on? It’s last-minute, but Ann and I wanted to invite you over for dinner tonight or tomorrow. I got some skirt steak marinating, and the hot tub is ready to roll.” Gary tried to sell the idea. “It’s the least we can do since you helped us move that cabinet. I didn’t think we’d have such a problem with it.”

“I’m glad I could help. Things didn’t look too good for a few minutes there!” Tom laughed.

“Sure, I’m in for tonight.” He answered, knowing how horny he was, and how an invite into their hot tub seemed incredibly timely.

“Perfect! Ann will be excited. She started drinking as I was headed over to ask, so she should be, ahh, ready to party by dinner time.” Gary laughed to himself.

“Oh, and please don’t bring anything. This is a pay-back kind of thing, so just show up with a bathing suit and an empty stomach. Come on in the side gate around 6, we’ll be looking for you.” Gary said as he turned, waved and trotted back toward his house.

Tom was very curious to see Ann in a bathing suit, and to see her in “party” mode. Hopefully she’s come out of her shell a little, as Gary alluded, because she seemed like she’d be fun to flirt with. A fit and curvy Cougar, around 5’10” he imagined, was right in his wheel-house.

Tom unconsciously reached down and squeezed himself, which is something he often did when past-due for a wank. Older women tended to appreciate his personality more than younger women seemed to, and he was more relaxed and “on-point” as a result.

Tom mentally prepared himself for a boring evening of dinner and slightly awkward hot-tub-small-talk, just in case, and headed toward their yard. He heard some faint reggae playing as he let himself in. The couple was sitting at a glass table, talking and drinking, and Ann stood as he approached.

“I was supposed to have changed already! Tom, thanks for coming, I’m glad the timing worked out.” Ann smiled and leaned in for a quick but firm hug. “Let me go change, and refill this pitcher. Are you ok with a Margarita?” she asked. “That sounds beautiful, thanks!” Tom answered genuinely

The two guys exchanged some small talk, discussing the hot tub and dinner.

About 10 minutes later, Ann came out in a snug, but relatively modest white one-piece suit. She added a sheer black wrap around her waist. It was “modest” aside from the 5 or 6 inches of cleavage. Seeing her now, Tom thought she might actually be in her early or mid-40s. Either way, she was nice to look at, with respectable curves all around.

Gary was happy that Tom appeared to be checking Ann out, and he wasn’t surprised. He was banking on it, in fact.

The three of them chatted and finished off two pitchers of Margarita before dinner ever came up again. It seemed to Tom like they planned the night to go this way, as Gary eventually brought out some steak sandwiches and salads that had already been prepped. They were tasty and stout enough to encourage more drinking. They talked about the basics; weather, sports, interesting neighbors. At this point Gary decided that it was time to add more sex to the atmosphere.

“I sure do love that suit, lady.” Gary said. “You should break-out that cleavage more often.”

“I’m very familiar with your stance on cleavage. You’re just lucky that I like our neighbor here enough to wear this thing.” Ann said with a self-conscious smile for Tom “It’s not obvious, but man oh man Tom, that suit is worth its weight.” Gary quickly added “Ha- yeah! Worth its weight in visible nipples, and public shock value.” Ann piped-in. canlı bahis

The moderate stirring in Tom’s shorts had now turned into a full churn. He never imagined Ann’s breasts, as wonderfully large and full as they may be, being discussed so openly in front of him.

“We didn’t realize anything at the store, and maybe the sales staff didn’t know either, but when that suit gets wet it’s pretty damn transparent. I love it, but it’s definitely for special parties only.” Gary said

Ann caught Tom looking at her chest. They both smiled and Tom shifted in his seat.

“Who could blame you for looking?” Ann said while avoiding Tom’s eyes “I know we’re talking about your old lady neighbor, but it’s still natural to peek.”

“Wait; no! I’m mean, I’m sorry to stare. But– you’re not an old lady to me.” Tom stammered “I’m a little buzzed and slow at the moment, so forgive me. Did you just say that suit becomes almost see-through, and you wore it knowing I was coming over?”

“Yeah; yeah” Gary spoke up, nodding. Ann smiled, but was still unable to look at him “Good God, that sexy as hell.” He paused “Fuckin-eh, now I really can’t wait to get in that tub!” Tom smiled at both of them, and again, unconsciously squeezing his swelling member through his shorts. With a bit of drunk boldness, his eyes darting between her face and chest.

“Well there you have it, Ann. I told you he’d be into it.” Gary said, putting a hand on her shoulder.

Ann glanced at Tom’s hand, which was still on his crotch, and then very seductively up at his eyes for the first time in a while. She was thrilled that he reacted so positively, and lewdly, to the conversation. Gary assured her that he would, but she had her doubts. Because of the sudden rush of relief, her libido shot immediately into the stratosphere.

“Well here, why don’t I just show you what all the fuss is about?” Ann offered, bringing her water glass toward her chest. She poured some into her hand and rubbed it in with a few slow squeezes. Tom’s jaw hung open a good inch, and she loved his fixation.

When she moved her hand, all three of them could clearly see her large areola, which was much darker than her lightly tanned skin. The nipple itself grew to the size of a cherry, pushing the thin fabric outward.

Tom was in shock at the moment with his hand frozen to his erection. Ann could see that it extended nicely down the leg of his shorts. She pinched and teased her semi exposed nipple, and enjoyed watching him squirm.

She brought the water over to the other breast and got it wet, with slow pours this time. Dark streaks of nipple appeared, while Ann squeezed and pinched the other breast.

Gary stood up, stepped over next to her, and took her right breast in his hand. “Aren’t these fantastic, Tom? Pardon me; I meant to ask if you find this woman as sexy as I do?” Adjusting his approach.

“Yeah, you’re damn right I do. I have for a long time.” Tom answered after clearing his throat.

Without taking her eyes off of Tom, Ann reached over and started squeezing the inside of Gary’s thigh. Tom found that odd until he did a double-take. She was massaging his bulge, which ended almost halfway down his leg.

“I’m so glad you came over Tom; we both are. We’ve been thinking about this for a while.” Ann confided.

Ann continued rubbing Gary as Tom watched. She released her breast, bringing her hand up to untie Gary’s shorts, fishing inside for his member. She then suggested that Tom unleash his friend, so they can have a little look.

Tom hesitated for a moment, which Gary noticed. “Here you go; how about this?” Gary said as he reached down into Ann damp top and gently pulled out one of her tits. He gave it a few squeezes and a gentle shake from side to side, the jiggle continued for a few seconds after his hand had gone.

Tom exhaled deeply, and watched as Ann then lifted Gary’s penis from the opening; his considerable length bending and flopping out into the evening air. Tom gawked at Gary’s penis, which made Ann smile. She turned toward the monstrosity and gave it several French kisses about mid shaft.

“That’s one hell of a pole you have there, Gary. Good God, man!” Tom complimented him, as he pulled his own penis free, undeterred by the note-worthy sight.

“You two sure know how to put on a show.” Tom said while arranging himself to allow them a good view of his erection.

“Two fine specimens here tonight, Ann.” added Gary.

Tom watched as she began a slow and extremely sexy blow job. Gary looked to be about half hard, around 7 inches long, and quite thick. Ann smiled at Tom as she stroked her husband, his shaft bending up and down, the veins becoming more pronounced with the pressure of her grip.

Tom found himself watching Ann’s work; her naked breast jiggled heavily with her movements. It was a much shapelier breast than he expected; very full with a large nipple pointed slightly downward. He couldn’t wait to get his mouth on it, but her treatment of Gary’s thick shaft was his focus bahis siteleri currently. It was equally fascinating seeing a porn-sized dick in person.

Ann snapped herself out of the reverie, stood up while squeezing her breast to her chest, and started toward the glass door.

“Hey Tom, I’ll go take my top off if you and Gary would make yourselves more comfortable and jump in.” She offered, gesturing toward the hot tub.

Tom nodded and she smiled while walking inside. He continued watching as she walked a few feet, shimmied her one piece suit down over her shapely hips, lingered bent over for a few seconds, straightened up, and looked back at him before disappearing down the hall.

Tom kept nodding with his lips slightly pursed, and continued nodding after shifting only his eyes toward Gary; who seemed to be loving every minute of this.

“She is normally a bit introverted sexually, but you do something to her. Well; I’d like to think I have something to do with it, but you being here is taking this to the next level.” Gary confided

Tom thought for a few seconds; “I’ve always had a thing for her, to tell you the truth. She comes across as good looking, but sorta hum-drum. Who knew she’s a closet Sex Cat?! My hat’s off to you, man.” He said

Gary moved over to the tub and messed with the control panel until some soft internal lights flicked on. “Do you mind if I get comfortable?” He asked, grabbing his waist band.

“That’s cool. Just so you know, I’m not gay or anything. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.” Tom asserted, while chuckling to himself.

Gary removed his shorts, which Tom watched while trying not to be obvious. The large manhood was dangling and swaying around while he arranged his clothes on a chair. Tom couldn’t get himself past it.

Gary climbed the two steps to the tub, and waded over to the seat opposite the stairs. Tom undid his shorts and slide them down over his stiff pole. He was slightly embarrassed being fully erect, but Gary seemed like a friendly guy who didn’t mind a bit.

“I consider myself beyond the normal labels, personally.” Gary said “I’ve had lots of fun, and plan to keep on going. Just remember that there’s never any judgement from us.”

Just then the back door slide open and Ann appeared wearing a very skimpy bikini bottom and nothing else. She was holding a Champagne bottle in one hand, with her large naked breasts squished together in the other.

“I’m just in time!” Ann cheered noticing Tom’s nicely proportioned dick, which he made no move to hide.

She set the bottle down on a ledge built into the side of the tub, and slowly walked over in front of Tom. They gave each other a lingering inspection. Ann was the first to push things by reaching under his shaft and softly cupping his scrotum. She was trying to shock him a little, thinking it would add kindling to his fire. He jumped slightly.

“Sorry to startle you! I have a thing for a man’s sack. They’re fascinating.” Ann said while inspecting his midsection with a kind smile. “Those rods of yours always get the spotlight.”

Tom was hard as steel, and curved upward toward Ann’s breasts, which she still held pressed together. Tom noticed how Ann’s left nipple was partially exposed, as the large pink areola was peaking around the wrist that restrained it. Her other nipple rested inside of her hand.

Ann was busy massaging and gently tugging on his sack. She pulled her hand away and plunging it back down into his groin from a different angle. This time starting above his penis, and curling her hand down and around toward the sack. She grabbed a handful with her finger tips nearly brushing his anus. Tom’s penis curved upward along her wrist and forearm. He felt electricity shooting through him, and chuckled as he couldn’t decide which he wanted first; a long pull from the Champagne bottle or one of her breasts.

He brought both hands up to her hips, and then lightly rubbing one upward toward the sides of her breast while the other massaged a full and round hip. Tom moved her hand that was holding her breast, and ran his first two fingertips around the areola. There was a lot of breast to explore and he took his time rubbing and squeezing everything he could.

Gary was about to offer Ann some champagne, but saw that she was lost in the moment; her eyes closed tight while she continued stroking Tom. Gary sat back with a glass, and played with himself under the water.

Tom tugged on one of her rock hard nipples causing Ann’s eyes to jerk open, and a loud moan to escape.

“Holy shit- we should have a seat and a drink before I beg you to fuck me! You can handle a little build-up, can’t you?” She asked Tom “Yeah, well, I can stand to calm down a bit.” Tom said as he noticed several drops of his precum on Ann’s wrist.

Ann smiled, bringing her wrist to her mouth, and licked the small deposit as she spun toward the hot tub.

Tom took a moment to examine the skimpy bikini bottom clinging seductively to her round bottom. bahis şirketleri A good deal of the material was lodged between her cheeks, leaving one almost completely uncovered. The whole thing amplified the roundness, and the result was mesmerizing. Tom watched her cheeks alternately compress and relax with each step. She had a very seductive walk to accompany her shape.

Gary stood to help her into the tub, giving Tom a view of her large breasts hanging and brushing against his hefty penis. Ann laughed, accusing him of helping only to get his “thing” between her boobs.

Tom followed, stepping in next to Ann, bringing his manhood very close to her face in the process. She grabbed it before he was fully seated, and proceeded to fondle him while Gary passed some champagne his way.

“Will you touch me, please?” Ann very quietly asked Tom once he was situated.

“Yeah, of course.” He answered, causing her to smile and lift her leg up onto the seat ledge. Gary began caressing her breasts, as Tom reached over to the underside of her raised thigh. She raised the leg that was farther away from Tom, contrary to his logic, which ended up giving him a great angle. His hand grazed her upper thigh, and squeezed the abundance of soft flesh. He loved the back of a woman’s thigh, especially during foreplay when one has implied access to all of a woman’s bits. It’s an incredibly warm and feminine area that only select people have access to.

Tom rubbed, squeezed, and massaged all around. His fingers occasionally exploring her sex and anus through the bikini. Ann was in heaven with her head leaning back against the padded side of the tub, slowly jerking both penises.

Tom eventually eased one and then two of his fingers into her, while thumbing her button in slow circles. After a few minutes Ann started repositioning herself so she could mount him. She swiveled and swung her leg over his lap, her arms resting on his shoulders. She brought her waist down onto him, lodging his pole snuggly between her cheeks.

Tom’s hands found her hips: squeezing and rubbing. He savored the contours there and up toward her waist. His hands continued upward, lingering at her ribcage for a bit, then further until they were filled with the sides of her breasts. At the same time Ann moaned and leaned in for a slow and deep kiss. Tom couldn’t help but smile, as he was incredibly happy with the evening.

At this point, Gary felt confident as to where his wife was mentally, so he took a chance and scooted closer to the new lovers. One of his hands caressed and raised her backside, while the other hand lightly grasped Tom’s manhood, easing it upward toward her opening.

Tom’s eyes bulged for a second, and his eyes shot toward Gary, who was looking down at Ann’s ass. The whole thing was a shock, but was over before he could react any further.

Gary shifted her bathing suit aside and lowered her onto Tom. Gary knew that she was probably as wet as could be down there, in spite of the drying effect of the hot tub water, and he was right.

Tom easily slipped all the way into her, and the two moaned into each other’s mouths. Ann slightly withdrew from the kiss, keeping hold of Tom’s lower lip. “Oh my fucking God.” She moaned through her clinched teeth.

She released his lip, pulling further back and grabbed the side of the tub. She began pivoting her hips up and down in a very smooth and easy rhythm. Tom sat back and enjoyed getting fucked for several minutes, as his hands explored her hips and ass cheeks.

Gary loved watching, but very much wanted to join in for himself. After a few minutes he stood and brought his thick penis toward the side of Ann’s face. Taking his cue, she smiled up at him and brought his meat up to her mouth for several slow kisses and a few tentative licks. Gary moaned and rubbed her cheek, to which she slowly pulled him into her mouth.

Tom was a little put-off at this new development, since her head was so close to his. He looked away, focusing his thoughts and hands on the big soft ass bouncing on his lap and hard nipples rubbing up and down against his shoulders.

After a few moments he remembered he was a guest in their house, drinking their booze, and enjoying their open marriage. All of that being true, he decided to force himself to go with the flow more than he might normally.

He started by watching her suck Gary, and before long he became engrossed. She sucked him half-way into her mouth with a very smooth and sensual rhythm, nursed him, and then tilting her face upward while pulling her head back, slowly releasing it. This caused his penis to stretch and narrow until its weight overcame the suction, falling out of her mouth and flopping down against his leg. A couple of times the monster even grazed Toms arm. She did this over and over for a while, slowing the pace of their fucking. Tom hardly noticed as he had become mesmerized.

“This is such a great, suckable penis. Not only is it nice to look at, but it fills your mouth up perfectly. It happens stay half hard like this, which is easy for beginners to get comfortable with.” Ann made it a point to look into Tom’s eyes for that last part, then began licking all around. “Jesus, I could do this all day.” She continued.

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