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Toxic Masculinity has a Good Night

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Back when I was in university, I optimistically looked upon any night out as a chance to meet girls. I suppose this shouldn’t be much of a revelation, since I was hardly alone in this objective. Despite my best efforts though, results suggest flaws in my approach. Then one night, I finally had a night that matched my wildest ambitions.

The night started as usual with a few friends at the campus bar. We were sharing a table with some others. I knew most of the people at our table, but there was a girl who ended up beside me that I hadn’t met before. She was short with a shapely medium build, dark hair, brown eyes and most notably she had warm inviting lips. Her name was Laura, she was a graduate student and fun to talk to. Unfortunately, she didn’t stick around long as she had a party to go to. I tried to convince her to stay, but she said she had to go because it was her friend’s party. She did jot down the address for me in case I wanted to drop by later.

It turned out to be a pretty fun night at the bar. I planned to meet up with Laura, but the night flew by so fast. It always seemed like there was just one more pitcher to drink. So despite my objective of meeting girls, even when one had shown a glimmer of interest, there were some alcohol related influences beyond just my looks and personality that dimmed my chances. Then again, the bar was filled with girls too and I’m nothing if not optimistic.

There were different people sitting at our table throughout the evening. Nothing really clicked with another girl again until the near end of the night. That’s when a guy I knew from my Economics class joined us with a few of his friends. Among them was a tall slender blond who ended up sitting next to me. Her name was Noelle and as it turned out she was the designated driver for their group. She was fair skinned with blue eyes and a blond bob. She was definitely a good-looking girl and even though I was drunk I could tell she was quite shy. I tried talking to her and it seemed I manage to amuse her.

I kept chatting up Noelle until last call. Giving up on my plans for Laura, I asked Noelle if I could get a ride home with her? She said it was fine, but warned me that it would be a tight squeeze.

When we piled into the car I sat in the back behind Noelle. I was crammed in with three other guys in the back seat, while a girl rode up front with Noelle.

After we dropped the first two guys off, my place was the closest. I would have been next, but since the other two lived out of the way, I volunteered to ride along to keep Noelle company. The others lived about a half hour’s drive away, but at least they were close by one another.

I chatted with the girls in the front as we drove, while the other guy in the back fell asleep. Inspired but drunkenness I came up with a bright idea. I thought it would be a good idea to massage Noelle’s shoulders as we drove. Even though there seemed to have been a bit of a connection brewing with Noelle this was overly bold. Or to be less charitable, weird and creepy. Luckily, she didn’t object. My drunken brain was able to divine opportunity where a clear sober mind would find none. I would cringe the next day, but having not been slapped down served to diminish at least some of my embarrassment.

As should be expected of such a dubiously massage, my hands began to wander from Noelle’s shoulders. When I could reach no further over the seat without her friend noticing, I reached around by the door and began feeling up inside her sweater. I pushed Noelle’s bra up over tits and began playing with them as she drove. The conversation in the front seat didn’t stop, but once I started feeling up Noelle it did slow.

Once the others were dropped off, I joined Noelle in the front for the ride back. “You’re bad!” she told me as I sat down.

With no one else in the car, we began making out. In no time I had I Noelle’s sweater up over her tits. Under the streetlights, the pale skin of her long mid-drift brightly glowed. Her tits where small, but pert with soft pink nipples. I took turns sucking and nibbling on each one. As well as things were going, she finally stopped me when I tried to slide my hand down her pants.

“Sorry, I can’t,” she said. “I was supposed to be home an hour ago. I’m already going to be in trouble.”

On the way back to my place, I guided a hand from the steering wheel to my bulge. She surprised me at the first turn – as soon as she finished cornering, she returned her hand to its swollen resting place. Aside from when she needed both hands to drive, Noelle kept her hand on top of my cock. She kept rubbing and squeezing it through my jeans as we talked.

It seemed Noelle’s father was pretty strict and she was worried that she might never get the car again. I tried to my best to come up with viable excuses, all of which she rejected. She said that no matter how good stories were, her father always sees through them.

When we arrived at my place we started making out again. She still wouldn’t let porno izle me put my hand in her pants, but when I took my cock out she let me guide her hand up and down my shaft.

“Does it feel okay?” she whispered to me.

I didn’t say a word, but looking in her eyes I gave her my answer.

I wanted her so badly. I tried my best to convince Noelle to come in, but once I knew it was a lost cause I relented. She was just too nervous about the car. And likely nervous about being with me too.

Not wanting to end my night with an unrequited hard on, and since it was on her way home, I asked Noelle if she could drop me at a friend’s place instead.

Reluctantly she agreed and we drove to the address Laura had given me. Hopefully, the party would be still be going. I didn’t put my cock away and Noelle stroked me as we drove. I was getting horny enough to jerk off in front of Noelle.

As soon as we stopped in front of the apartment building, I was all over Noelle again. Even though she still wouldn’t let me get into her pants, she seemed to reluctantly enjoy the sight of me running her hand up and down my cock.

I half-heartedly tried guiding her head toward my cock a few times, hoping that Noelle would take the initiative, but she was either unsure or unwilling. The more I wanted to cum, the more I wanted her mouth. Finally, with less reserve, I took the back of Noelle’s head and pushed her face down to my cock. I pressed my cock all over her face before she opened her mouth to take me in.

Noelle’s mouth felt so warm. Even though she couldn’t take me in too deep, the way she gamely accepted my thrusts into her mouth quickly had me at a fever pitch. Backing off a bit I released my hand off the back of her head, but Noelle didn’t slow down. Giving up trying to hold back and without worrying about her policy on the matter I exploded in her mouth. I Grasped the back of her head again, shoving my cock as deep as I could against her resistance. After the initial surge, I began to relax my grip on the back of her head. Slowly I guided her mouth back up down my cock until I was completely drained.

Releasing her head, Noelle sat back up and wiped a bit of my sperm from her chin.

“Are you alright?” I asked.

“Yeah, I’m fine,” she said with a shy smile. “It’s just I guess I wasn’t expecting it. I’ve never done that before.”

“You’ve never given a blow job before?” I asked, a little surprised.

“Well maybe once in high school, but he didn’t cum.” Then adding, “I hope you don’t think I would do that with anyone.”

“No, not at all. I’m glad you did. It was really great. I hope you didn’t mind me cumming in your mouth, I just couldn’t stop myself.”

“No, it was fine. It was just a surprise that’s all,” she assured.

Leaning over to Noelle I gave her a long deep kiss.

“Alright, I guess I better let you get home then,” I said, already beginning to think about getting to the party.

“Yeah, I better get going,” Noelle agreed.

“Thanks for the ride and that other thing,” I said with a suggestive grin. “It was great.”

“It was fun for me too,” she said.

Doing up my pants, I gave Noelle one more kiss before getting out of the car.

I waved to Noelle as she pulled away before heading for the door.

When I buzzed up there was no reply. I was a little concerned that I was too late. It had been over an hour since the bar closed.

I buzzed a few more times while feeling the growing urge to piss. Before I had a chance to run to the side of the building for relief, I spotted someone coming off an elevator. Grabbing the door as they exited, I let myself in. I figured I’d go up to the apartment and if I didn’t hear any party noises from inside, I’d just go home.

Once in the lobby, I realized how badly I needed to piss. I didn’t want to go outside though, since I wasn’t sure I’d be able to get back in. Even if I could make it upstairs to the party, I doubted that I could make it back down if no one was there. Not seeing any washroom in the lobby or even an inconspicuous potted plant, I settled on the building’s water feature. The lobby had an artificial stream that wound through the middle of it. There was a little footbridge across it and from there with great relief I took an uncomfortably long piss in the middle of the lobby.

With nothing further distracting me, I hoped on the elevator and headed up.

When I got to the door, I couldn’t really hear anything on the other side. When I pressed my ear to the door I thought I could faintly hear music. Though it certainly wasn’t at university party decibels.

I wasn’t really sure if I should knock. Since I was already there though, I had to at least check.

A girl came to the door and while it looked like there was a low key gathering going on, she seemed a little taken aback by such a late arrival.

“Umm hi, who are you?” she asked.

“Hi, I’m Mike. Is Laura here?” I asked while peering by her to see if I amatör porno could spot Laura inside.

“Laura!” she called. “There’s someone here for you.”

Laura’s head peeked around the corner, seeing me she coolly commented, “Oh, you came.”

Maybe it was the lateness, but I didn’t seem to be getting a very enthusiastic welcome.

Our host stood aside to let me pass and Laura led me to a couple chairs against the wall.

Inside there were probably no more than ten people. It was late and things seemed to be winding down. There was a pair of girls dancing to music that was barely audible, while a few small groups gathered in quiet conversation.

“I guess I must have missed the party?” I said to Laura in comment on what remained of the gathering.

“Nope, this is pretty much as good as it got,” she estimated.

“Too bad you didn’t stay at the bar,” I said.

“Whatever,” Laura snarked. Then whispered, “I promised my friend I’d come.”

“Is there anything to drink here?”

“No, I don’t think so,” she replied. “Wait here, I think I might have a few beers left at my place.”

“Oh, you’re in the building?” I asked.

“Yeah, my place is just next door.”

Standing up she added, “I’ll be right back.”

Returning with a couple of beers she advised, “Enjoy the beer, these are the last ones.”

The two of us talked among ourselves and the more we talked the more obnoxious Laura became. I was trying to be as nice as possible, but I was getting nowhere. My motivations were obvious and Laura was mocking them.

Since it really didn’t look like I wasn’t going to get anywhere, I decided there was no point in just taking her jabs. Once I started giving it back to her, not only was I having more fun, but I noticed she seemed to enjoy exchanging insults.

As we exchanged our barbs the party was clearly coming to an end. When just two or three people leave a party of that size it signals a rush to the exits.

Taking notice Laura took one big gulp to finish her beer and declared, “That’s it, I’m leaving. You can stay if you want.”

“No thanks, I’m going too,” I said.

Laura said goodbye to her friend and we walked down the hall together. Her place was two doors down and when we got to her door she said, “You probably expect me to invite you in?”

Instead of answering I pushed her back again her door and kissed her. From that point it was a race to her bedroom, striping each other’s clothes off along the way. I’d never had a sprint to fornication anything like this before. From one decisive act in the face of mixed signals to being in bed with Laura was like a blur.

Laura was underneath me on her back, her legs spread, her hand grasping my cock and guiding it toward her pussy. Her thick brown hair was already a tousled sexy mess around her head and I could have fucked her right then and there, but I had so much more to do.

Laura had nice round tits that I just had to get my mouth on them. Her tits were ample for her short frame and on her back, they rested on her body like soft pliable pillows. Keeping a hand on her pussy, my other hand fondled her breasts and steadied them for my mouth. Her nipples sat up like soft pink thimbles that were impossible not to bite. Next was the transverse of Laura’s stomach, and since it was the eighties, through a dark thatch of fur to her tasty wet pussy.

Considering not much more than five minutes ago Laura and I were fully clothed and insulting each other, it seemed incredible that her pussy could already be so hot. As soon as my tongue touched her juicy lips Laura’s body shuddered and she released a deep moan. Grabbing my hair, she pushed my face against her simmering twat.

I love eating pussy, especially one so delectably juicy. Laura’s unbridled enjoyment made it all the more fun. Left to my own discretion I’m not sure how long I would have gone down on her. My timetable was interrupted though when Laura started pulling me back up by my hair and demanding, “Fuck me now!”

Climbing back up on top, my cock effortlessly plunged into Laura.

“Ungh, yes!” she cried.

Laying on top of Laura, we breathlessly kissed while I drove my cock in and out of her.

Eventually, I propped my self up on my arms for more leverage. I was fucking her hard when Laura moaned and said, “Try to hurt me!”

I took Laura’s meaning to be for me to fuck her even harder. By now Laura was wedged up against the headboard and I was already driving her head into it as hard as I could. The only thing I could think of to turn up the intensity was to move my arms from their position beside her body, pressing my weight onto her tits.

“Oh Fuck,” she quavered approvingly.

Perched over Laura I grabbed her throat and let a long string of spit drop down into her mouth and on her face.

Next, I pushed one of her legs down straight and straddled it while pulling her other leg over my shoulder. After fucking Laura nice anal porno and deep like that for a while I rolled her on stomach and got her ass up in the air. Up on my knees behind her, I grasped Laura’s ass holding her in place as I drove into her. I let another gob of spit drop down landing right on her asshole. Moving my hand over I used my index finger to massage my spit into Laura’s puckered hole. Receiving no objection, I worked my finger up her ass. It was such a turn on, I could actually feel my cock driving into her pussy with my finger in her ass. Then I let another gob of spit drop down and I used it to work another finger up her ass.

In my limited experience with anal sex, this lack of resistance was unprecedented. I’d only fucked two other girls in the ass before and I had a feeling I was about to notch number three.

Taking my cock from her pussy I placed it up against her asshole. Removing my fingers, I replaced them with the head of my cock. I let one more gob of spit splash down onto Laura’s asshole and then I began pushing in my cock.

I worked my cock slowly inside her, but it wasn’t long until I was pounding her hard. It really amazed me too, because I’d never fucked a girl in her ass like that before. For the other girls, a cock in their ass seemed more like something that they endured than enjoyed. They would languish under me, both so tight and resistant that the range of my thrusts were restricted to a minimum. In fact, to varying degrees both weakly resisted. I always finished what I started with them though and my sodomy habit didn’t seem to discourage either of them from sleeping with me again. With Laura though, I was fucking her ass with the same reckless abandon that I was only moments ago fucking her pussy and she had her ass pointing up in the air welcoming it.

I started off by fucking Laura’s ass doggy style and every so often I’d return my cock to her pussy. Sometimes I changed holes intentionally, but some changes were just the product of my wild thrusts. I’d pull my hips so far back as to exit from one hole and depending on the angle of my cock I might hit her pussy or slam back into her ass.

Next, I pulled Laura down the bed until I could stand on the floor. With Laura bent over the edge I fucked her a little more. From the bed, I wrapped my arms around her waist and with my cock impaling her ass I carried her to the sliding glass balcony doors. Laura braced herself against the window as I resumed fucking her ass. With the lights on in her room, anyone still awake in the neighboring building would have seen Laura naked body as I fucked her from behind.

In addition to having never fucked a girl’s ass so hard before, I don’t think I had ever fucked anyone for so long without cumming at least once or twice. I was actually getting pretty tired, especially with the intensity. By way of a break, Laura got on top of me, which was another anal first for me. She started slow, just rotating her hips on top of me, allowing me to feel her wet pussy grind on my stomach.

I took the opportunity to have a cigarette while she rode me. It was a nice break, especially with my cock inside Laura. We shared a few hauls and once I butted out the smoke, we were ready again to go.

Repositioning Laura so that she could do squats on me, we began fucking again with urgency. Grasping her hips, my arms helped guide Laura up and down my shaft with pace. It was really good, but it was just too hard to maintain the pace that I needed to be able to unload inside her. Orgasms weren’t chiefly the cause of Laura’s breathless any longer either. This time it was mostly from the burn of her lungs and thighs as she squatted on me. I rolled her over and began fucking her from behind on the bed. I think her exhaustion made her next orgasm her most intense yet of the night. At least that’s what her flush skin and moans seemed to be telling me.

Fucking her as hard as I could I was finally able to fill her ass with my load.

Sweating and exhausted I had to lay on top of Laura and recuperate a bit. As I caught my breath, I could feel my softening cock slowly slip from her cum filled ass.

Once I felt some of my energy coming back, I got up off the bed and reached out to Laura. Taking my hand, I helped pull her up and started leading her from her bedroom.

“Where are we going?” she asked.

“Not far,” I said.

I led us to the bathroom we’d passed on the way in and I began running the water.

“Let’s take a shower,” I said.

Laura embraced me, giving me a big kiss. She looked up at me, grabbing my cock that was already returning to life. Stroking it and pressing it against her stomach she smiled mischievously and agreed, “Sure.”

In the shower and I guided Laura’s face down to my cock. It was the first time she sucked my cock that night too. Her blow job was brief, but it was a compressed wonder. Not because I erupted in her mouth though, but because of where my cock had just been. I couldn’t believe that I’d been fucking her ass only moments ago. The sight of her lips wrapped around my cock, which that was still sodden with ass jizz had me psychically ready to splash her mouth with sperm. Unfortunately, the juice clinging to me was too fresh, to expect a new discharge.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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