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Trailer Trash Teen Hates Rules Ch. 03

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INTRODUCTION & DISCLAIMER – Waking up in a bad mood on Monday morning, trailer park girl Breanna drives her aunt, uncle and cousin Kate insane with her antics. But when bitchy nympho Breanna selects two guys to satisfy her sexually, maybe even she should have been more discerning!

This kinky sex comedy set in the early 1990s contains strong language and adult themes, and coarse ribald humor, both sexual and non-sexual. Only characters aged 18 and over engage in sexual activity or are naked, with all characters and events fictional. Any similarity to real persons living or dead is coincidental and unintentional.

Please enjoy Chapter 3 of Trailer Trash Teen Hates Rules, and check out its predecessor, Spoiled Princess Hates Camping.


KATE Wilson’s pretty face was peaceful as she slept through the Sunday night and early hours of Monday morning, before her eyelids fluttered open to show her green irises around dawn. Kate yawned and stretched, the tall teenager reaching for her glasses on her bedside table, pushing some strands of her long brown hair back from her forehead.

Sliding her feet and legs out from under the cover, Kate stood up and smoothed down her oversize white tee-shirt, her big breasts straining the front of the fabric, over the white full brief panties with pink flowers she was wearing. Opening the drawer next to her bed, Kate took a sanitary napkin and placed it in her bathroom bag. Sliding open the door of her closet, Kate took out her clothes for work; a white short-sleeved blouse and knee-length black skirt and a white E-cup bra. The final item she collected was the novel she was reading, and with everything she needed Kate walked barefoot across the hallway and into the bathroom, closing and locking the door behind her.

Placing her clothes and bathroom bag next to the shower, Kate put her book on the toilet cistern, checked for toilet paper, put down the toilet seat then lifted her oversize shirt and pulled down her panties, her overnight pad securely adhered to the saddle, down to her ankles and sat on the toilet, positioning the plump cheeks of her bare bottom so she was comfortable on the seat.

Her knees slightly apart showing off her forest of pubic hair and her dark-pink oval-shaped vagina, Kate began to urinate, her stream of yellow pee splashing into the toilet bowl, the sound filling the bathroom and audible not only in there but the hallway and in Dylan’s bedroom directly opposite the bathroom. Dylan, who had just awoken, put his pillow over his head to drown out the noise of his sister using the toilet, cursing himself for not getting in before her. Once Kate was on the toilet, she would be there for 10 to 15 minutes, sometimes up to 20 minutes, and that was not including her shower, tooth-brushing, hair-fixing and make-up application time. Dylan would now have to wait for either his sister to finish, or use his parents’ bathroom when they finished getting ready for work.

In the bathroom, Kate finished peeing, unwound some toilet paper and wiped her pussy then moved her bowels, feeling relief in her rectum as she was pooing, splashing sounds from the toilet echoing around the bathroom. Kate unwound and scrunched up a length of toilet paper from the roll, then wiped her bottom front to back, reaching behind her to pick up her novel and opened it where she had left off, Kate’s facial expression again changing as she again moved her bowels.

Kate was an avid reader, a major factor in her deciding to become an English teacher, and often would read novels or text books while she was on the toilet. But while Kate was enjoying this book, she could only read one paragraph before she put the novel back on the cistern, unable to concentrate on it. Kate again got some toilet paper and wiped her vagina and anus, while looking down at her bare feet and lowered panties, unable to stop thinking about Brett the previous afternoon.

While making out after Brett gave Kate’s bare feet a massage, he had seemed so affectionate with her, kissing her more intimately, stroking her, holding her hand, gazing at her, telling her how beautiful she was. Kate of course had no objection to this, but then Brett broke one of the rules they had always agreed to that if they had sex with anyone else, they did not tell the other about it. Brett mentioned that he had hooked up with a girl while in Pittsburgh for work while Kate was on vacation, and that whole night in the hotel room he had wished that it was Kate in the bed with him.

Kate did not mention the adventures she and Madison enjoyed with Australian travelers Davo and Travis, then Brett was saying that maybe they could go out to a movie, or just for a coffee together. A little surprised that Brett would contemplate dating, Kate had mentioned the complications, including that Brett was John’s friend, and her protective older brother would probably not be pleased about such a relationship, also that she was starting college in the fall.

Brett had istanbul escort mentioned that such difficulties could easily be overcome. John could hardly object to his sister and friend going out on a harmless date, what they had done together so far would remain strictly between them and Philadelphia was just over an hour’s drive away, so they could easily visit each other at weekends or during spare time, with Kate coming home for college holidays anyway.

Kate did not completely discount the possibility of them being a proper boyfriend and girlfriend, with Brett saying to her to think it through as she got ready to drive home, Brett and Kate ending their afternoon with a long, deep kiss and Brett feeling the elastic of Kate’s panties through her skirt.

There was certainly a lot for Kate to think about, and adding to the complication were her feelings about Travis. Kate’s toilet paper tickled her vagina as she again wiped between her legs before moving it back to her anus, and the girl squirmed on the toilet seat as the pleasurable feeling reminded her of the great sex she and Travis had enjoyed while on vacation. But Travis was only in America on a working vacation, and would return to Australia before the end of the year along with his friend Davo. Then he and Kate would be half a world away from each other, which hardly made for a great relationship.

Kate should have had plenty of time to contemplate things in the peace and privacy that the bathroom provided, her slightly unsteady tummy coupled with having her period were factors that would keep her on the toilet for some time this morning. However, another factor was to come into play very soon, and this factor was a certain blonde 18-year-old female, who had awoken on the first floor also needing to empty her own bowels.

Getting out of her bed in the back room and wearing the same oversize tee-shirt she had yesterday over a pair of white bikini panties with pink hearts, Breanna had mounted the stairs on her bare feet, pausing only to pull the elastic of her panties out of her right butt cheek, the panties having ridden up during the night to give the teenager a wedgie.

Breanna attempted to turn the handle on the bathroom door, but it was locked. “Fuck,” muttered Breanna. In the bathroom, Kate heard Breanna outside the door, but did not respond, continuing to sit on the toilet without reacting.

Sighing dramatically, Breanna stood by the bathroom door, and heard the sound of whoever was in there advancing the toilet roll and rustling the toilet paper, the same sound repeated a few seconds later and Breanna thought they would soon be finished. However in the quiet of the house she faintly heard splashing sounds in the toilet as the occupier moved her bowels, then the sound of more toilet paper being unwound.

Lacking any sort of patience at the best of times, Breanna knocked loudly on the bathroom door, causing Kate to jump. “I’m in here,” Kate called out.

“Kate, how long are you going to be?” Breanna called out.

Irritated, Kate responded, “I’ll be finished when I finish.”

“Oh for fuck’s sake Kate, how long have you already been in there?” demanded Breanna. “Get a fucking move on. How long does it take you to have a shit?”

In the bathroom, the embarrassed Kate flushed bright red. “Breanna, can you leave me alone?”

Dylan emerged from his bedroom to get a better view of his nubile cousin standing barefoot on the landing in her over-size tee-shirt, and her harassing his twin sister while she was on the toilet, which he found greatly amusing. Dylan was a fan of anything that irritated Kate.

Seeing Dylan emerge from his bedroom, Breanna turned to him. “Does your sister normally take this long when she’s on the toilet?”

Dylan laughed. “Yeah, Kate’s always going to the bathroom, she always takes ages and she uses heaps of toilet paper, especially when it’s that time of the month.”

“Shut up, Dylan!” Kate yelled through the door. “Can you both just leave me to have some privacy?”

“She gets really pissed off if you disturb her too,” Dylan pointed out.

“Well I get pissed off when your sister won’t get her fat ass off the toilet when other people are waiting,” said Brenna. She pounded repeatedly on the door. “Come on Kate, get some toilet paper, wipe your ass and finish for fuck’s sake.”

“Breanna, get lost,” Kate snapped. In the bathroom, Kate’s body posture on the toilet was rigid and defensive, her knees locked together, her expression furious. She had never been harassed like this while she was sitting on the toilet having a poo before, and hoped that she never would be again.

“It’s real easy to pick the lock on this door,” Breanna warned her cousin. “If you don’t hurry the fuck up, I’ll do it and drag you off the toilet and into the hall with your panties still around your ankles.”

“Leave me alone!” yelled Kate, Breanna and Dylan both laughing. Breanna knocked repeatedly on the escort bayan bathroom door, succeeding with her goal of driving Kate crazy.

Had John been at home, he would have put a stop to this right away and Kate would have been able to finish on the toilet in peace and privacy. However, John had left early to go with the local fitness center with Samantha. Likewise, Bob would have not permitted this shameful treatment of his daughter, but Bob was in the ensuite bathroom taking a shower, and unable to hear this nonsense. It was left to Anna to sort out the problem, when she returned from outside and heard the commotion upstairs. Dressed in the blue uniform of the medical center where she worked as a receptionist, Anna dashed upstairs.

“What is going on up here?” Anna demanded sternly.

“Mom, I’m trying to go to the bathroom, and they keep bothering me,” Kate protested from behind the door.

“Oh boo-hoo,” sneered Breanna. “Toughen the fuck up Kate.”

“Enough!” snapped Anna. “Breanna, what is the problem?”

“I am dying to take a shit, but Kate’s already in there on the toilet having a shit and taking way too long,” said Breanna. “For fuck’s sake, how long can it take her to finish and wipe her ass?”

“Breanna, do not speak like that,” said Anna, although she doubted her niece would heed this advice. Anna noticed her son standing there watching everything with great amusement. “Don’t you have anything to do, Dylan?” she asked.

“Nuh,” said Dylan.

“You do now. Go downstairs and feed the cats and dogs, and don’t ever let me catch you annoying Kate like this again.” Anna pointed at the staircase, and Dylan reluctantly skulked away, disappointed to be missing the end of the show.

“Are you going to do anything?” Breanna demanded. “Can I use your bathroom?”

“No, because Bob is having a shower,” said Anna.

“I’m sure he wouldn’t mind if I went in there and sat on the toilet while he dried off,” Breanna smirked.

“No!” snapped Anna. “Now you stop saying things like that, is that clear?”

“I really need to go to the bathroom,” said Breanna. “Should I just stand here while you’re wasting my fucking time, shit myself and make a huge mess in my panties?”

“This is what is going to happen,” said Anna. “You are going to wait here patiently, and you will use the bathroom that becomes free first. You will be patient with other people in this house, and you will never, ever bother Kate when she’s in the bathroom like that ever again. When Kate is using the toilet, she will be left in peace and privacy. How do you think Kate feels, having to put up with your nonsense when she’s in no position to defend herself? Do I make myself clear, Breanna?”

“I can see Kate’s your favorite,” responded the recalcitrant Breanna.

“It’s not a matter of favorites,” said Anna sternly. “It’s a matter of rules and respect, young lady.” She remained standing with Breanna to make sure the girl did not cause any more trouble, and also to speak to Kate when her daughter finished.

The words ‘rules’ and ‘respect’ were ones that pissed off Breanna even more, but at least she was away from the bathroom door. In the bathroom, Kate was able to relax more and finish pooing, the teenager unwinding toilet paper five times in a row to wipe herself clean. Kate stood up and pulled up and adjusted her panties and her pad. Her sanitary napkin would need to be changed, but she would do this when she returned to the bathroom for a shower. Kate put down the toilet lid, then flushed the toilet and with the sound of the cistern refilling, the teenager thoroughly washed her hands. She took her work clothes, not wanting to risk Breanna throwing them in the shower as revenge, and then her bathroom bag and book.

When Kate emerged from the bathroom, Breanna sneered at her. “It’s about fucking time.”

“Breanna, you stop that,” snapped Anna as Kate, an indignant angry look on her face, walked on her bare feet towards her bedroom, with Breanna likewise walking towards the bathroom on her own bare feet.

Breanna stopped outside the bathroom noticing Kate’s toilet smell. “Jesus Kate, it smells really bad in here. Fuck, how could you stink out the toilet so much, or did you just fart on your way out?”

Kate’s already rigid body position became even more so as the indignant teenager strode for her bedroom. “Breanna, shut your mouth!” warned Anna, before going to follow her daughter. However, the older woman paused when she did not hear the bathroom door close and lock and turned around to a most unwelcome sight.

The bathroom door was wide open, and Anna was in time to see her niece lift her over-size tee-shirt and slide down her white panties with pink hearts to her ankles before sitting down on the toilet. Anna remembered Rosanne’s warning that one of Breanna’s favored tactics for getting attention and causing offense was to sit on the toilet with the door open, and it was clear that the girl was Kadıköy escort going to do the same here.

Anna dashed for the bathroom as the sound of Breanna urinating began to fill the upstairs. “Breanna, no! You always close and lock the door, do you understand?” She pressed the door lock button, and slammed the bathroom door closed.

Breanna answered back even as she was peeing. “You fucking talk to me when I’m on the fucking toilet, and you fucking yell at me when I talk to Kate while she’s on the fucking toilet. I’m sick to fucking death of the fucking shit that goes on around this fucking house.”

“Shut up for once in your life, Breanna,” was Anna’s sharp response. Shaking her head with rage, Anna went to Kate’s bedroom to check on her daughter. Kate was pacing next to her bed on her bare feet, still fuming. Anna closed the bedroom door. “You okay, Kate?”

Kate shook her head. “She drives me nuts. Breanna has been here two days, and things have been complete chaos. It was so humiliating, the way she carried on while I was in the bathroom. And my brother didn’t help things.”

“Would you like me to make them apologize to you?” asked Anna.

“No thanks, it would be just too embarrassing for me,” said Kate.

Anna put her arm around her daughter to reassure her. “I’m sorry about Breanna. I don’t want her here either, but she was kind of just thrown at us. If Breanna does anything more like this morning, let me know and your father and I will deal with her. And if she doesn’t improve, we’ll take her right back to the trailer park and your Aunt Rosanne and Uncle Wyatt can put up with her.”

“Thanks Mom,” said Kate. She looked at her bedside clock. “I’d really better get ready for work, I don’t want to be late. I bet Breanna will take her time now, to try and teach me some sort of lesson.”

“Your Dad has finished in our bathroom now,” said Anna. “How about you go in there and get ready?”

“My red towel and bathmat are in the main bathroom,” said Kate, her voice uncertain. “I don’t want to make a mess of a towel in your bathroom …”

“I have my own red towel and bathmat that you can use,” said Anna. “Remember, I’m a woman too.”

“Yes, of course,” said Kate, laughing lightly. “Thanks again Mom.”

“It’s no problem,” Anna assured her daughter, giving Kate a hug, before Kate turned and walked to her parents’ ensuite bathroom to take her shower and returned to the first floor to get breakfast.

In the main bathroom, Breanna sat pooing on the toilet, her legs open showing her vagina and blonde pubic hair, her panties down around her ankles and bare feet, the smell of her own poo combining with the smell of Kate’s poo. The blonde teenager unwound some toilet paper from the roll, and wiped her dirty bottom, all the while fuming over what she perceived as bias shown by Anna to favor Kate. Getting more toilet paper and again wiping her anus, Breanna plotted her revenge, and how best to humiliate her aunt and cousin. A great idea came into her head for Anna, and by association Bob straight away, but for Kate she needed more time to think.

Dylan stood waiting outside the bathroom to take a shower before work. Dylan acted casually as he heard the sound of his cousin advancing the toilet roll, imagining Breanna sitting on the toilet with her panties around her ankles and thinking about how the toilet paper she had unwound would be now making intimate contact with Breanna’s most interesting areas.

Behind the bathroom door, Breanna strained again, and more of her poo splashed into the toilet, before the girl unwound toilet paper three times in a row to wipe herself clean. Breanna stood up and flushed the toilet, pulling up her panties and washing her hands. Turning on her bare feet Breanna walked to the bathroom door and opened it, seeing Dylan outside. Breanna patted her cousin on the head. “Hey shorty, make sure you breathe through your mouth in there. Between my shit and your sister’s shit, phew.” She fanned her hand under her nose.

Dylan quickly realized that the advice given by Breanna was sound as he stepped into the bathroom and found that the toilet smells left by Kate and Breanna were as bad as his cousin warned. He lifted the toilet seat, still warm from Breanna’s bare bottom sitting on it and peed as quickly as he could before flushing and running to the shower cubicle. Never one to take long showers anyway, Dylan’s visit to the shower was rapid and he decided that he could do without tooth brushing this morning. Brushing his teeth had been a source of major debate for he and his parents for years, Dylan avoiding it where possible while his goody-two shoes sister brushed her teeth religiously. Much to the mean-spirited boy’s pleasure, he never had a thing wrong with his teeth and often received praise from the dentist, while the conscientious Kate had worn orthodontic braces in middle school.

After dressing in the blue supermarket uniform he wore to work, Dylan emerged from his room at the same time Kate did from her own room. The tall, pretty teenager looked good in her work clothes, the white blouse, black knee-length skirt and black shoes, her hair tied back in a neat bun, her glasses making her look all the more professional.

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