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Training Course

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I thought I would write to tell you about a training course that I recently attended. I work for a large Financial Services company and occasionally I am sent on residential courses, usually for a week. More often than not these are boring, having to spend time with a group of people I would normally never socialise with. However the course last week was different in that there were a lot of younger, fun and very attractive women on the same course as me. During the week we socialised a lot in the hotel bar in the evening and became quite friendly with a lot of harmless flirting. On the last night myself and a group of 6 girls were left in the bar at midnight and it was obvious that the hotel wanted to close the bar down but we were not ready for bed – knowing that we were unlikely ever to meet each other again. Kathryn suggested we buy some wine from the bar and take it back to her room and we all agreed, buying a bottle each.

Kathryn’s room was larger than the average hotel room with a large sitting area and we all sat down on the floor in that part of the room. When the first bottle was empty I was idly spinning it on the floor in front of me when Louise, another of the girls, asked me if I was planning a game of spin the bottle. I jokingly said that I was game if she was and a couple of the others said that it sounded a good idea. Di said she had never played spin the bottle (in truth neither had I) and what were the rules to which Danielle said that we had to sit round in a circle, the bottle was spun, and whoever it pointed to had to take an item of clothing off. There was silence around the group and I dared hardly breath hoping that there would be agreement to play as being the only man in a group of 7 I thought I had little to lose. A combination of the drink and not wanting to back down in front of the others meant that everyone agreed to play and so everyone sat around in a circle and I said as the only man I would spin first.

At this time I think I should go into a bit more detail on who the girls were. Kathryn, Louise, Di, Danielle, Gemma and Rachel were all in their mid to late twenties, and all were very attractive! Some had partners but I think this night was a case of out of sight out of mind, I was certainly not thinking about my fiancée at the time!! I am 32 and keep myself in reasonable shape and was certainly not worried about taking my clothes off in front of the girls – I was certainly looking forward to them doing the same in front of me.

My spin pointed to Di who took off her shoe and the game progressed similarly for several spins with shoes and socks being the only clothing lost. I noticed that a couple of the girls had nothing left on their feet and realised that before long the game was going to get interesting or someone would chicken out. However with the laughter and sexual tension in the air I really didn’t think anyone would not continue. Sure enough Danielle , who now had bare feet, lost and with a smile around the room she unbuttoned and took off her blouse revealing a nice black bra covering her ample tits. Soon several of the girls had taken their tops off, and then it was my turn to reveal my “6-pack”. By now I was starting to get excited with 4 girls displaying their bras, me with only my trousers and boxers on and a real sexual tension in the room.

Rachel then amazingly lost 3 spins in a row – first her top came off to show us her sexy white bra and then her jeans so we could see her matching white g-string (she had a very sexy bottom which we all saw when she gave us a twirl. Finally her bra came off and we all could see her ‘C’ cup breasts with the nipples already erect. By now my canlı bahis manhood was erect in my trousers and I am sure some of the girls had noticed this. Rachel asked what happens when one of us gets naked (she was obviously closest to this state) and it was Gemma who suggested we all write down 3 forfeits – 1 easy, 1 medium and 1 hard – that we would take once we had no clothes left. We took a 10 minute break while we wrote these down and I found it difficult to take my eyes off Rachel’s sexy bum and gorgeous tits. Di caught me looking and laughed as she pointed out I soon wouldn’t know where to look!!

Back to the game and it was my turn to lose again – leaving me just in my boxers and with a very impressive “tent pole” pushing out the front of them – it was now between me and Rachel who got naked first. The next few spins didn’t come towards us however and to summarise the current state of undress was:

Me – Boxers only

Rachel – g-string only

Di – Bra and g-string

Gemma – Bra, g-string & hold up stockings (she had agreed to leave these on especially for me!!)

Louise – Bra & g-string

Danielle – Bra, trousers (& whatever was underneath those)

Kathryn – Bra, skirt (& whatever was underneath the skirt)

So I had seen 4 beautiful bottoms as well as lots of cleavage and it was obvious everyone was up for a sexy time. Louise lost her bra next so I could see another fine pair of tits and Gemma followed suit next spin, and then it was Kathryn’s turn to lose 2 in a row. She surprised us all by taking her bra off the first time she lost – she and Gemma had the biggest tits and they looked magnificent as the were released from Kathryn’s bra. She then blushed as she lost again and as she took her skirt off it was obvious why – she had no panties on!! So Kathryn was the first to be totally naked and her dark trimmed pussy hair was there for us all to see. As she sat back down her legs were slightly apart and I saw the shiny pink slit between her lips glistening and obviously quite moist. Next it was the moment I had been waiting for – my turn to get naked – and I stood up and performed a mini striptease for the girls. They all cheered as my 8 inch dick was on show for the first time and by now it was completely erect and looking quite impressive. I could see the girls looking at it and a couple of them whispering and giggling – I hoped they were remembering the forfeits that were still to come.

Rachel and Di were naked before anyone got a forfeit and it was Di who was first to delve into the “easy” pile. The rule was you had to stand up and read the forfeit to the group and Di stood to tell us that she had to “french kiss the person on your right” (who happened to be Kathryn). I think this was the first time any of us had considered how the predominance of girls was going to make the forfeits very girl-on-girl, which pleased me no end, but Di and Kathryn certainly didn’t seem to mind as they had a deep kiss with plenty of tongues and Di even stroking Kathryn’s bum as they kissed. My cock was standing up like a flagpole as I watched this, and the bottle pointed to me again next so I had to take an easy forfeit. This one said “Kiss the chest of the person to your left”. This was Gemma who had the most impressive pair of tits and I had a very pleasant couple of minutes kissing and licking them while my hands stroked the flesh at the top of her hold-ups, always an erotic feeling!!. Her nipples became very hard and she let out a couple of involuntary moans as she was obviously enjoying the moment.

The only girls with any clothing left on were Danielle (who still had bra and trousers), Louise (g-string) bahis siteleri and Gemma (g-string and stockings). As it happened Gemma and Louise were next to lose so they were also naked (well Gemma had her stockings on but they were staying!!), and this gave me the opportunity to see 5 different pussies all at the same time. None was very hairy and Louise and Gemma showed they were natural blonds. Di was completely shaven and Rachel and Kathryn had Brazilians with just a thin strip of hair. Obviously Danielle was still a mystery as she was still nearly fully clothed.

Di lost again next and therefore had to get a forfeit from the medium pile. She smiled as she read it and then stood up and told us that she had to masturbate the person on her left for 2 minutes. I was delighted because this was me so Di asked me to stand up next to her and facing the rest of the group. She put her small hand around my cock and gently began to move it up and down – on each downstroke my foreskin was pulled down exposing my bulbous purple end and the feeling she was providing was most amazing. Two minutes actually passed very quickly although I am not sure how much more I could have taken without coming – there was already pre-cum oozing out of my knob which Di thoughtfully licked off as she sat down. Danielle lost next and she said that she was tired of waiting and would take the rest of her clothes off at once – revealing a beautiful pair of tits and another shaved pussy. Perhaps she shouldn’t have been so confident because she lost the next spin as well and had to perform a mild forfeit. This was actually the one I had written which required her to kiss the person on either side of her in 3 different places each. She started with Gemma and kissed her on the mouth and both breasts. Rachel on the other side was kissed on her shoulder, bottom and finally pussy (and I could see Danielle’s tongue sneak out and give Rachel’s pussy a sneaky lick at the end of the final kiss).

So now everyone was naked and various forfeits had been done. Di was most at risk because her next forfeit was to be a “hard” one whilst me and Danielle had already performed “easy” forfeits. Louise was the next to do an easy forfeit, and it was easy. She had to kiss anyone in the room – and she chose me. This was a very pleasant experience as Louise is a very attractive blonde and we stood up and had a very pleasant kiss with my cock sandwiched between our stomachs and my hands resting on her bottom. Next it was Gemma’s turn, she had to massage the back of the person on her left – Danielle – for 1 minute. This again was quite tame but I did notice how Gemma’s hands regularly stroked Danielle’s bottom during the massage.

Then Rachel found the bottle pointing at her twice in a row! The first task, an easy one, was for her to kiss the person on her left. This was Louise so she had her second kiss in a short time, this time with another girl. They both seemed to enjoy the kiss and then Rachel had to choose a medium forfeit, only the second one so far. She stood up with a smile on her face and said that she had to pick any girl in the room and perform oral sex on her!! As Di had not been chosen so far Rachel thoughtfully said she would choose her and asked her to lie in the middle of the group on her back. Starting at her feet Rachel worked her way up Di’s legs until she was gently licking her pussy. Di’s legs fell apart and I could see how wet she was as Rachel’s tongue began to concentrate on her clit and began to move more and more quickly. Di was starting to breath heavily and she put her hand on the back of Rachel’s head pushing her tongue deeper until with a squeal she started bahis şirketleri to shudder, obviously having a massive orgasm. We all gave a round of applause and as she went back to her place Rachel kissed me, letting me taste Di’s juices on her mouth. Di sat back in her place looking very flushed but admitted that Rachel had been fantastic and she that she had experienced one of her most intense orgasms ever.

Only 1 mild forfeit was left – Kathryn – but the bottle next pointed to me. My medium forfeit was very similar to the last one – I had to perform oral sex on the person to my left (Gemma) but this time there was a time limit of only 2 minutes so I did not expect to give her an orgasm. However Gemma was extremely turned on and as soon as my tongue went to work on her blond pussy I could feel how wet she was and how hard her clit was. In less than 1 minute I could feel her starting to tense and soon after she came in a quiet but very sexy way. I had loved her taste and was quite sad to finish but as I knelt up Gemma pulled me to her in a big hug, gave me a long kiss letting her tongue lick her own juices from my mouth. She also whispered that she had just had her best orgasm ever.

It was pretty clear by now that everyone was very very turned on and were thoroughly enjoying the evening. It was also clear that we were all so turned on that we were prepared to do things that we would never normally consider. This was good because the next spin left the bottle pointing at Rachel again, meaning she had to take the first hard forfeit. As she read the paper she blushed and then stood up. She looked magnificent with her slim figure, large tits and thin strip of hair covering her pussy and her pussy lips showing through. She said that she had to kneel with her bottom in the air licking a pussy of her choice while John took her from behind. This was the forfeit I had chosen (which explained why it was the only one that could specifically name me) and I felt my heartbeat quicken at the thought of what was about to happen. Rachel asked Danielle to lie down and she knelt as instructed and began to eagerly lick her pussy – the second different pussy she had licked in 10 minutes!!. The view I had was tremendous as her pussy lips poked out from between her legs – which I gently parted as I knelt behind her. My cock was pointing straight at her sexy pussy and I slowly moved it forwards until it nudged her sex. I noticed that the other 4 girls had all got themselves into a position where they could watch my cock and as I continued to gently push forward they had a great view as my cock parted Rachel’s lips and buried itself deep inside her.

I heard Rachel gasp as she took my full length and the feeling for me was immense as I started to move in and out of Rachel. I loved being able to see my cock stretch Rachel’s pussy wide each time it entered her and very soon I could feel my balls tighten and I knew I would soon be coming. Just then Danielle started to squeal and the sound of her coming pushed me over the edge and I experienced the best orgasm I had ever had. What felt like gallons of come pumped into Rachel’s pussy and it seemed like forever until I started to relax again. Rachel slumped onto the floor with a very contented smile on her face and I could see her pussy with come oozing slowly out. Kathryn had obviously also seen this as she said she didn’t care the bottle hadn’t pointed at her she wanted to taste my come and started to lick the juices coming from Rachel.

This was the end of the game and the start of a free for all where I lost count of the number of different combinations for sex. In total I came 4 different times within an hour – something I never thought possible – coming on Danielle’s face as Louise masturbated me, in Di’s mouth and in Gemma’s pussy as her stockinged legs were either side of me and Kathryn was sat on my face. What a night!

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