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Tropical Extacy

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Hiking in the jungle in Brazil, not far from a little bungalow by the river we start to get caught in the rain. I’ve been behind you for about an hour or so just fascinated by that wonderful ass of yours swinging back and forth and distracting me from the scenery around us. The rain starts coming down and you turn around to say that we should head back. I see those amazing breasts barely concealed under the shirt you have that hangs just below them. The rain is getting the shirt wet and I can start to see the color of you breasts and nipples showing through the shirt. You laugh sweetly as I stare at the beautiful sight before me with a look of half bliss and half hunger on my face.

You are about to tell me to do something about it when I put my hands on the side of your face and pull you to my lips and kiss you deeply and completely. You run your hands up my back and down my sides to grab my ass and force me closer to you. I drop one hand to the small of your back and hold you against me as we start to move together, slowly undulating and rubbing against each others bodies. Soaking wet in warm rain we start running our hands wildly over each other, feeling skin, muscle, and womanly curves.

This petting has gotten you dripping wet both inside as well as out and you start trying to wrap your legs around me and climb higher on me. Knowing that you are very horny and feeling you touch me has gotten me very hard and you can feel me grow and press into you. You need to have me and start running sex izle back toward the bungalow, yelling back over your shoulder that if I catch you I get a prize. As we round the corner to our place I scoop you up in my arms and carry you indoors.

“Now about that prize…” I say, dropping you onto the kitchen table. We start kissing again as I take the shirt off of you and stop for a second to admire your breasts before going back to kissing you and running my hands over your body. When my hands reach your breasts they cup around them and I slide my fingers over your very hard nipples and softly tease them making you gasp a little between kisses. You start rocking your hips because you can feel my hard cock next to your pussy just separated by our pants.

I slowly kiss and tease my way down your body, first your neck, then your shoulders, followed by your breasts, and your tummy. Finally when my mouth gets to your pants I start to undo them and slide them off. I start kissing my way back up you legs from your ankles to that soft part of your thighs just next to your pussy. I move my mouth over and start kissing and slowly licking you, tasting how wet you are and sending shivers of pleasure through you when I lick your clit. I start licking faster when you grab my hair and hold my head in place forcing me to stay there and lick you. I slide my fingers inside of you and hit your g-spot while continuing to lick your clit sending waves of ecstasy through your body, making you start to thrash and fransız porno scream at the top of your lungs.

Finally you can’t take it any more and with my fingers moving and my tongue playing you clit you cum, hard, seizing up for a full minute or two with your legs wrapped around my head and your fingers desperately clawing at the table beneath you. Your head finally clears and you look at me and smile saying “Now it’s your turn.”

You push me away from you and pin me back up against a wall, kissing me and tasting your pussy on my mouth while ripping off my shirt. You start kissing down my chest and abs tracing every muscle with your tongue and get to my pants and unceremoniously rip them off of me ignoring everything but my cock. Taking it into your mouth you feel it grow bigger inside of you knowing that it’s all because of you that it’s getting so big. You play with my balls and stroke the shaft while licking the tip making me shudder in joy. You definitely know how to turn a guy on with your mouth. Finally I’m as hard as I can possibly get, rock solid. You stand up, look me in the eyes and whisper “Fuck me, now.”

Obligingly I pick you up and throw you onto the bed. Bringing your legs up I slide my hard cock into your very wet and still quivering pussy. I slide deep inside of you filling you all the way up and tickling the back of you. Slow deep thrusts get you moaning while I slide my hands all over you. One hand reaches down and plays with your clit teen porno while I’m inside you, bringing a smile to your face as you reach down and grab my ass to get me to thrust harder and deeper inside of you.

I then tell you that I want you on your hands and knees, and you roll over and prop your self up, all while keeping me inside of you. I start thrusting while I look at your beautiful ass, round and shaking just a bit every time I slam into it. You clench your pussy tight around me as I make you moan and bite into the pillow. I can see the pleasure on your face and that only turns me on more. You are getting so close to a second orgasm and you tell me that you want to ride me. Reluctantly I pull back out of you allow you to throw me down on the bed and climb on top of me.

You guide my throbbing cock inside of you and moan as you settle all the way down my shaft. Your fingers dig into my shoulders as you start rocking back and forth feeling me move around inside of you. Your movement gets faster and faster and you start getting louder. You are hot and sweating with exertion making me feel the same way as I move with you matching every stroke with little thrust to bounce you back up. We are getting so close and you tell me that you are about to cum, “I just need a little more…right over this way…just like…”

You explode in orgasm letting out a wonderful scream and shaking all through your body. Seeing you cum sends me right over the edge and we climax at the same time, making each others stronger by feeling the tenseness and pleasure. You collapse on top of me and we lay there for hours with me still inside of you, listening to the rain on the roof as we dose off to sleep, fully satisfied and unable to move another muscle.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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