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Tropical Temptations Ch. 09

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My lover and l were sitting on the verandah of our room in the afternoon sun. We had had a very quiet morning after our separate activities before breakfast: sleeping in bed, ard dozing and reading on the verandah. We had a light room service lunch, and, after the tray had been taken away, I had prepared a jug of mohitos. The first of these we had finished quickly and we were now about to start on a second jug.

We were feeling pleasantly relaxed and languidly sexy. We were sometimes reading, always touching each other, and occasionally reminding each other of exciting things we had done since we had arrived on the island. We were both still slightly coy about our early morning adventures, and had not yet shared these in detail. But I was sure that her adventure had been at least as exciting as mine. We were both dressed only in a sarong and my arousal, when we talked about the blonde on the beach the previous day, was very obvious. She liked it, and touched me through my sarong. I moved her flimsy material aside and, wetting my fingers in her deliciously moist pussy, I stroked her stiff clit as she sat next to me.

“Mmm…” she said, “that’s rather nice.”

She spread her legs wider and began to squeeze and rub my erection. We were almost at this stage of moving inside to explore our feelings further, when we saw our playmate from the beach yesterday, with her partner, walking along the path, heading our way. We looked at each other, and it was she that smiled first and nodded. I smiled back and, as the couple got closer, I greeted them, and invited them up for mohitos.

I went inside to get two more glasses and, despite my increasing excitement, that was enough time for me to detumesce sufficiently to be seen in polite company. When I went back out to the verandah, they were already sitting down. Our playmate, the blonde, appeared to be wearing a bikini under her sarong, and he was wearing a pair of swimming shorts. He was good-looking, and very well built. I already knew what she looked like, all over. We soon finished the jug of mohitas, and after I had made a second jug, we quickly finished that too. The conversation flowed smoothly and the two women in particular ensured canlı bahis that it remained just on the edge of respectability, but only just. By the time the second Jug was finished we were all relaxed in each other’s company and, after a brief lull in the conversation, our companion of yesterday said to my lover,

“I would like to do some more of what we did yesterday.”

Her companion quickly added,

“… And I would like to join in this time.”

My lover stood up, moved around the table and leaned over the blonde, who leaned back. My lover’s full and luscious breasts pressed against the blonde’s back through her sarong. My lover kissed her on the cheek and said,

“That sounds like fun, shall we go inside? “

As she said this, my lover reached across to the man, and putting her hands on his shorts, she held and squeezed his now very hard cock through his shorts. I stood up, my erection also very obvious through the thin material of my sarong. My lover giggled,

“Well, it looks as if we are all ready for this.”

I led the way into the house and to our bedroom, with its king-size bed and many mirrors. Once we were all inside the room, my lover unwrapped her sarong and stood before us before us all, naked and beautiful. She turned to the blonde and likewise undid her sarong, before removing her bikini top. The man was already out of his shorts by this time and was big and hard. Though perhaps not as long as mine, it appeared to be about twice as thick.

My lover leaned forward and began to kiss the erect nipples of our playmate’s full tits, while at the same time helping her slide the bikini bottom down her legs so that she was able to step out of them. The other man moved behind the blonde and began to kiss her neck and pressed his cock hard between her buttocks. My lover, still kissing her nipples, slid a hand between the blonde’s legs and touched her hard and excited clit.

I watched for a little while, getting more and more excited, stroking myself, and then I moved behind my lover and, reaching round, slid my fingers into her pussy and stroked her hard clit with my thumb. She gasped and moaned, and straightened up. The blonde leaned forward bahis siteleri and, in turn, began to kiss and suck my lover’s nipples. Her man slid his thick, hard cock into the blonde’s pussy from behind as she sucked my lover’s nipples. I stood close behind my lover, my cock between the cheeks of her bum, my fingers stroking her clit in time to the sucking of her nipples, the rhythm of which was determined by the thrusting of the cock in the blonde’s pussy. I felt my lover stiffen as she moaned and then came hard into my hand, pushing her nipples further into the woman’s mouth. The woman stood up, and the man stopped moving inside her.

“Can we lie down,” said the blonde.

I was still holding my lover as she recovered from her big orgasm and the two of them lay on the bed, the blonde on her back, her legs wide. He knelt in front of her, entered her and they began to fuck on the bed. My lover recovered and moved forward to lean on the table, watching them on the bed. I stood behind her and slid my cock into her very wet pussy and I fucked her as we both watched them fucking on the bed. The blonde on the bed was watching us in the mirror as she moved under her lover, and we could see her get more and more excited until, throwing her head back, she came with a loud cry. My lover was touching her clit as I fucked her and as the blonde came, she did too.

The blonde recovered first, and she whispered to her man, who rolled off her, and then sat at the edge of the bed.

“Come and join me,” she said to my lover.

My lover joined her on the bed, and the blonde directed her to lie with her head to the bottom of the bed, her head nearly off the bed. The blonde began to kiss her face, then her mouth, and moved down to kiss her nipples, indidviually, then together, and down past her belly, to my lover’s already moving centre. The man stood up from the side of the bed, from where he had been watching and, waving me over, we both stood at the bottom of the bed, our hard and glistening cocks just above my lover’s face. She opened her eyes, moaned with pleasure as a warm tongue sought out her clit, and raising her hands she grasped a cock in each hand, and began to lick and kiss bahis şirketleri each of them eagerly. Her body moved to the sucking of her clit and she put first my, and then his, cock in her mouth, sucking deeply. As she held them both they occasionally touched, and it was a strange sensation, feeling the hardness of another cock touching mine, both wet with my lover’s saliva. It was his cock that popped out of her mouth as she flung her head back to come enormously.

“More treats for you still in store,” said the blonde, kneeling up from my lover’s pussy.

The man moved up and climbed onto the bed, kneeling before lifting my lover’s hips to rest them on his thighs, and then sliding his cock into her. She moaned at the sensation of this new thick member inside her, and pulled my more familiar cock into her mouth. The blonde stood watching at the side of the bed, then leaned over and began to suck my lover’s nipples, playing with her own clit at the same time. My lover wrapped her legs around the man, as he fucked her deep and thick. Her nipples were being sucked hard, and my cock was filling her mouth.She came again, and then again, and again. The blonde also came once, face buried in my lover’s tits, during my lover’s fourth. The man withdrew then, perhaps to delay the inevitable.

We rearranged ourselves once more. My lover turned around, and lay across the bed. I lay at right angles to her, with one leg under her, and entered her deep. The blonde knelt over her shoulders, leaning down and began to kiss and suck my lover’s clit, as she had done the previous day. Her man knelt behind her and slid his thick hard cock into her pussy, above my lover’s face, as I had done previously. I fucked my lover deep, as the blonde sucked her clit, her hair spread over my hips, and her mouth and tongue licking and kissing my cock as it slid in and out. The blonde was being fucked by her man, my lover watching his cock pumping hard into the pussy above her face. My lover came several times. We were all getting overwhelmingly excited and, as my lover came for the fourth time, I pumped my sticky come into her pussy. The blonde moaned onto my lover’s pussy (and my coming cock) as she also came. Two shuddering strokes more and the man too, came inside the blonde .

We unravelled a little, and lay in a wet, satiated tangle for a long time, before we stirred ourselves and dressed sufficiently to go to the pool together.

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