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True Nature Ch. 06

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Fae’s Pov:

I was kneeling in a puddle. It smelled like piss that had sat in one place for days. In fact, I knew this to be the case, as it was my own, and I hadn’t been able to move from this spot for longer than I could remember. I felt sick, itchy, cold, hungry and tired. I had begged for at least a full day to be set free. My voice was nearly gone and my throat was raw but no relief was ever given. My arms were chained behind my back and the chains dug into my naked skin, leaving deep marks that ached.

Suddenly, the mind numbing silence was interrupted. I felt my heart begin to race as footsteps echoed in the nearly empty room. I flinched, violently, when I felt a heavy hand grip my small shoulder. I was unable to see his face, due to the blindfold I’d been made to wear, but it hardly mattered. I didn’t even know if it was day or night or for how many days I’d been here and all I wanted was to be back at home, safe with Ms. Luna.

I’d just become an adult, according to the laws of our kind, and I knew that meant something new would be happening to me, although I didn’t quite understand what it was. At least not yet. My old caretaker had never explained what happened when pups became full grown wolves. She’d never prepared me for the idea that another person would see me naked and make me do things that felt uncomfortable and unnatural. She had never fully explained that being an omega meant that alpha’s and beta’s could embarrass and touch me in ways that I didn’t understand… for although I was, technically, an adult now, my mind was still so young and naive.

It was difficult for me to comprehend and connect many things growing up, most of them to do with scenting and hormones and pheromones. I struggled daily because of my disability and, in the end, Ms. Luna had only taught me how to survive. She hadn’t taught me that my position as an omega was one of ultimate submission. Especially when it came to the sexual desires of my higher ups, for I had never been made to submit to her even though she was a beta.

That’s what Master Owen was for and he was good at it.

He reviled in waking up boys, like me, to the harsh reality of what it truly meant to be an omega. Submissive, helpless, fragile, quiet, weak, owned: that’s what it meant to be the lowest class of the pack. Life didn’t reward omega’s unless they were good. Master Owen drilled that lesson into my head and a year later, by Master Frank, re-enforced his teachings.

Unfortunately, that first lesson was the hardest to learn and I could almost taste my own dread as the disembodied hand groped along my small, virginal form, causing a blush and chills to cover my body. I felt hot and uncomfortable and I was afraid of what would happen now that my new Master had come for me. A maniacal laugh filled the stale air as large, rough fingers poked right at my hole, causing me to whimper in fear as I was unable to move away from their reach. I felt a tear slip from my eye as that finger intruded further, causing me slight pain, but I never complained. I thought that if I was quiet and well behaved, he might get tired of me.

“Save your tears omega,” Master Owen laughed as he forced his dry finger deeper into my small, tight, innocent hole. “If you don’t, you’ll probably dehydrate yourself before all this is over. So you see, it’s really up to you if you pass out or not, isn’t it, my pet?”

“Y-yes, Master,” I whimpered, hurt that I was being called a pet, as if I were only an animal and not fully human.

I didn’t know why he called me that. I still did not understanding what the man was going to do to me or why his fingers needed to be inside my untouched hole. The unknown was causing me to panic.

“How many times have I told you to keep your feelings in check?” Master Owen roared in anger.

I flinched, realizing that I’d let my scent escape my wolf again, despite my efforts to control my disability.

“I’m trying! Can’t you see that?!” I begged peevishly and Master Owen sensed my disrespect.

Before I’d even realized what was happening, the sound of Master’s harsh slap across my face was reverberating against my skull, making all my senses fuzzy before reality turned black.


I woke up suddenly as the sound of thunder cracked and lighting illuminated the small bedroom I was in. My breath caught in my throat as I shook from my nightmare and my skin was covered in sweat. Most nights were like this. Most nights I would disappear, back into the nightmare my life had been before Frank had stolen me from his brother. Yes, most nights, for all of my adult life, I struggled with nightmares over the evening my former Master had taken everything from me. However, I hadn’t had the nightmare the night before, when I’d been in the same room as Cain.


My shivering overcame me as I frantically tossed in the bed, looking for Alpha, trying my hardest to smell the air for him but knowing it would be in vain. I was still broken. I closed Ümraniye Escort my eyes, trying to become calm, and forced myself to remember the evening before; flinching every time I heard a roll of thunder. My breathing slowed down slightly as I remembered watching the princess movie with Cain but I then realized I could not recall how the movie ended.

I thought hard for several minutes and eventually surmised that I’d probably fallen asleep in Cain’s arms, blushing at the thought. It normally took me hours to sleep. I usually forced myself to wait until I was sure everyone in Master Frank’s home was quiet before I dared drift off, as I’d been experimented with too many times for falling asleep too early.

I rolled over on the mattress, pushing my nose into sheets and pillow cases, trying my best to find any trace of Cain that could comfort me in his big, lonely bed. I felt frustrated tears well up in my eyes when I could find nothing. Then, I remembered he’d changed his sheets before dinner and my breathing became much too fast, as panic slowly began to take over once more. I needed Alpha! I didn’t understand why but I knew I needed to be close to him and I wasn’t sure where he was. It was so unsettling to fall asleep in his arms only to wake up completely alone. I hated it.

“Alpha?” I sniffed quietly, begging the darkness to produce Cain.

I felt something in my stomach clench tightly, before a fresh wisp of Cain’s scent entered my flared nostrils. Shocked, I quickly pushed myself out of Cain’s bed, stumbling a little as my feet touched ground, before getting on all fours. I crawled across the floor with my nose to the ground, following the light scent I’d detected. I opened the bedroom door and crawled like that until I was in Cain’s living room, where the scent was strongest. I jumped at the sound of a growl but managed to calm myself once I realized I’d only heard the alpha’s snores.

Relieved that I’d finally found him, I began to crawl forward, only to stop myself before I’d reached him, much to my wolf’s disapproval. I wasn’t sure what to do. I didn’t want to wake the alpha but something deep inside me needed to be near him. I wanted him to hold me, like he had during the movie. I’d never felt safer than I had last night and I needed to feel safe again.

I bit my lower lip hard, using the pain in an effort to control all the emotion I was probably putting out into the night air, as I was worried my scent might wake the sleeping man. All the while, my wolf begged, pleaded and whined before it finally howled at me to join the still form on the couch but I couldn’t let myself give in. I really didn’t want to wake him and make the alpha angry with me for leaving his bed, when I felt sure that leaving it was sure to make him unhappy. Instead, I crawled over, as close as I dared, so that I was laying on the rug he’d put in front of his couch. I curled myself into a tight ball after laying down, trying my best to get some actual sleep.

I would just have to make sure I woke up before Cain, so I could sneak back into his room in the early morning, I thought to myself drowsily.


“Fae… Fae? Wake up little wolf.”

Cain’s voice was soft and gentle and I could feel his hands running through my messy hair as my eyelids fluttered open. Disorienting sunlight streamed over my face from beneath the couch, burning my eyes with its brightness. I leaned into his touch for a moment, only to flinch back as I realized my mistake. I quickly rolled over so that I was kneeling before him and then bared my neck submissively.

“Am I to be punished Alpha?” I asked, feeling guilty for being caught sleeping on the floor when I’d been put in Cain’s soft bed. I knew sleeping in it had been an order and I felt so stupid for allowing myself to get caught disobeying again.

I felt Cain’s gentle hands on me once more as he pet the top of my head and my body relaxed beneath his touch.

“I don’t know,” he answered thoughtfully, “Could you tell me why you slept on the floor again?” He asked, his hands never stopping the tender way they caressed me.

I blushed deeply, feeling ashamed and I didn’t want to admit the reason but Cain began to gently scratch my scalp, causing more tension to leave my body. “It’s ok,” he encouraged, “You can talk to me.”

I looked up at him then and his warm grey eyes met mine before I looked away. “I missed you,” I nearly whispered, half hoping he hadn’t heard.

“I can’t always be with you, little wolf,” the alpha immediately answered, a soft warning in his voice.

I bit my lip to control my emotions, feeling very stupid for telling the truth. I should have made up a reason, I thought morosely. Alpha didn’t care if I needed him, how could I have forgotten? The feeling of rejection pooled in my stomach, making me feel nauseous.

Cain lightly turned my face back to his, lifting my chin so that I had to meet his eyes once more. “I’m not rejecting Şerifali Escort you,” he softly reminded me.

“I’m fine Al-Cain,” I corrected myself, feeling sad that I couldn’t stay with him forever.

I briefly saw a look of hurt cross Cain’s face, at my correction, but he didn’t say anything about it.

“Would you like to share the bed with me for the rest of your time here?” He asked, causing me to gasp over him actually offering me the option.

“Share? You… you’d really sleep with me? Like… like…” I bit my tongue hard, as I looked up at him, to keep from saying “like mates”. For I knew Cain didn’t want to hear about being my mine, but the alpha cast me a knowing look.

“Yes,” he answered hesitantly, “But I hope that doesn’t cause you problems later, when you go back. It’s just… I’m really not okay with you sleeping on the floor. So if you need me next to you, while you’re here, it’s okay. I’ll be there.”

I let out a breath I didn’t know I was holding, at the alpha’s words and my wolf hummed contentedly, happy to not be rejected in this one, small way. “Thank you,” I whispered gratefully.

“Do you want to change clothes?” He asked as he helped me to my feet, leading us to his room.

“Yes,” I answered feeling myself get warm. “Cain… um… c-can I?” I sighed feeling flustered.

“What baby?” he asked, turning to look at me.

“The dress…” I squeaked, happy he was still calling me that.

“What about it?” He pushed, as if he already knew my question.

“Can I wear it today?” I finally asked, looking down at my bare feet, embarrassed over voicing my desires.

“Well, you have to wash it, so it won’t be ready for several hours.”

“Oh,” I answered, crestfallen.

“Hey, don’t worry, I have an idea,” the alpha told me and I looked up in time to see a flush cover his own cheeks before he went to the closet and grabbed a black tshirt and another black box that I hadn’t noticed yesterday.

Cain gave me the shirt to put on and I obeyed as I watched him open the second box, closing my eyes when he punched in the combination.

“Good boy,” he murmured, patting my head and my body flooded with warmth, feeling slightly dazed over the unexpected praise.

He then opened the box and pulled out a length of pink rope.

“What are you doing Alpha?” I asked as I eyed the rope greedily, my tiny cock already rock hard.

“Making you a dress,” he told me as he split the pink rope in half and put the center behind my neck, letting the two halves drape down in front of me. He then started to make square knots all the way down the length of my body, stopping at my mid-thigh.

“A dress? I asked, confused and feeling self-conscious about how it would look over my cock.

“What’s wrong Fae?” Cain asked, his hands stilling as concern filled his eyes.

“It’s just… a tight dress won’t look right,” I told him, gesture to and looking down at my small cock, feeling ashamed of it.

Right now I supposed it was alright. The shirt was long and loose, but if the fabric got any tighter, then my little cock would be poking the material straight out. I shuddered at the thought, not enjoying the mental image in my head.

Cain let one of his fingers lightly slide down my length, “You’re right,” he finally said. “That should be put away if you’re to be my good girl,” he whispered in my ear, sending chills down my spine.

Slick began to leak out of my hole and I blushed as Cain sniffed the air, knowing he was scenting my arousal.

“Hmm, I think I’ll need to take care of that as well,” he said as he ran the pad of his thumb over my tiny hole.

I shivered with pleasure at his words, “Please?” I asked him, with wide eyes full of want.

Cain walked back to the closet and took down the box from yesterday and I closed my eyes again, even though I could remember the combination. I just wanted to be good and I felt another shiver of pleasure run down my spine when the alpha told me I was.

“Come here pup,” he ordered and I joined him on the bed as he revealed the pink cock cage from yesterday. “Is this what you want?” He asked, teasing me.

“Yes,” I breathed, my heart racing with excitement over the thought that I would be the first to wear it.

“I can’t put it on you if you’re hard,” Cain told me, a smirk playing at his lips.

“I’ll get some ice!” I told him, starting to stand, knowing how Frank liked to take my orgasms away sometimes.

“You’ll do no such thing!” He growled, looking irritated. I stopped my movement and barred my neck but Cain quickly lifted my chin so that I could meet his eyes. “You’re going to sit there and touch yourself until your cum, wearing these,” he ordered, handing me a pair of pink lace panties. “And when you finish, you’re going to take them off and you’re going to clean them with your tongue until I decide they’re clean enough. Do you understand Fae?”

I blushed feeling humiliated by the thought Bostancı Escort of what I was expected to do and my cock throbbed painfully, needing my obedience. I quickly pulled the panties up my hairless thighs, taking a moment to softly moan to myself over the feeling of the fabric.

Cain had bought me something nice, I thought, feeling my heart flutter.

“Yes Alpha,” I finally answered as my hand grasped my lace covered cock and I began to fist myself over the fabric.

It didn’t take long at all for me to cum… maybe five minutes or so and I blushed with humiliation and shame the entire time. Especially after Cain pressed my face against his own covered dick while I touched mine. I was in heaven and I was so embarrassed over how I felt but somehow, the alpha made me enjoy my shame. The moment I came he pulled me across his lap and slapped my ass once. Then after I’d finished, he slipped the panties down my thighs and off my body.

“Open up,” he told me and I opened my mouth wide, allowing him to stick the panties inside my mouth, burning with fresh waves of shame as I licked my own cum from the fabric. “Now, before you go and get yourself hard again, let’s get this little clitty put away. Alright baby girl?” He asked, mocking me as I burned brighter and moaned; hoping my cock wouldn’t harden due to Aplha’s words.

I loved the power he had over me.

Cain rolled me over and then quickly fit the cage around my semi hard member. It hurt a little because I wasn’t completely soft but I could handle it. He seemed to know this so, instead of getting me completely soft again he said, “It only pinches because you’re being bad,” causing my skin to burn brighter. He roughly pulled my tiny balls through a metal ring and I moaned, loving the feeling. “If you’re good, the pinch will go away,” he continued as he locked my cock into place, untying the ribbons on the front hoop.

“Yes Alpha,” came my muffled reply and I tried to behave myself.

“Now, let’s see how clean these are,” he said, taking the panties out of my mouth for inspection.

“Hmm, looks like you still left a little bit of a mess,” he tsked. “I guess you’ll just have to deal with it.”

I cast him a confused look but he didn’t explain. Instead, he took two items from his velvet bag and presented them to me. They were both steel butt plugs with pink jewels on the end. They were completely identical except that one was huge and the other was about the size of Cain’s cock.

“Which one do you want to wear, little wolf?” He asked, looking humiliated himself, for the first time. “I… I know I’m not… that big,” he hesitated and took a deep breath before he pressed on. “So I wouldn’t mind if you prefer this one.” He told me, all in a rush, offering the large plug to me.

I stopped and studied my alpha’s face, rather than what he offered. Cain wasn’t looking at me. In fact, he seemed to be studying the plugs in front of him and his hands trembled slightly but he kept his expression neutral. I briefly wondered if choosing the large butt plug would hurt Cain’s feelings and my wolf whined at the thought. Instead, I reached for the slightly smaller one, preferring it anyways, but also thinking it might make my alpha feel a little better.

“Are you sure?” He asked, looking relieved when I made my choice.

“I’ve never liked anything too big… it hurts…” Cain’s eyes widened a bit before he looked down at his lap. “You don’t hurt me though,” I offered simply, meeting his eye when he looked up again. I wanted him to know that everything he did was okay, and Cain blushed, looking away, before he cleared his throat.

“Stomach across my lap omega,” he purred, helping me settle into position. He then gently began to pull my asscheeks apart and one of his fingers easily slipping inside my waiting hole.

“You definitely need this. So messy, so wet,” he murmured as he fingered me.

I moaned loudly and felt my hole open up for him as slick began to drip down my legs. My cock strained against the cage, trying to get hard, but it was no use and I was happy about that. I inhaled shakily, trying to control myself as my hole blossomed further, completely loose for my alpha.

“That’s it, my pretty slut,” he cooed as I reached back to hold my asscheeks open for him, feeling the steel tip of the plug press against my hole.

“Well… you ate that right up,” he teased when the plug slipped inside easily, the jewel nestling perfectly in my ass crack.

I blushed heavily at his words, feeling a mixture of pride and humiliation over how simple that had been. I sighed, feeling happy. This was the best morning I’d had in a long time. I absolutely loved having Alpha’s hands all over me.

“Alright, stand up little omega. It’s time to fix your dress” Cain ordered, and I happily obeyed as the alpha kept a hand on my shoulder to keep me steady. He then handed me the panties I’d been made to clean.

“Put them on,” he ordered and I hurried to obey. “Dirty girl,” he laughed as he watched my excitement, humiliating me further.

“Yes Sir,” I managed to say as I pulled the slimy, wet lace up my legs, covering the plug and the cage with the fabric. It felt cold and gross but I found myself not minding. I preferred to obey my alpha over my own comfort.

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