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Trust Me

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As I pull into the driveway, I notice your car in the garage. My first thought was, “Oh God what now?”

I place my head on the steering wheel, exhausted. I had a terrible day at the office and just knew that you being home so early meant trouble. I take a deep breath, get out of the car and head for the door. I open the door expecting to hear children bickering, cartoons blaring and a mess all over my living room. But, when I open the door nothing not a sound and best of all no mess. “Honey,” I call out, setting down my brief case. “Where is everyone?” I say as I head towards the kitchen. But, still nothing no sounds, no children and worst of all, no you. On the kitchen counter I see a glass of wine and one perfect yellow rose. I pick up the rose and smell it. “Mmmmmm how sweet of him. I’m have to be sure to thank him, if I ever find him,” I laugh to myself. I notice a white slip of paper on the counter, a note.

I pick up the note, it says, “Maggie, Lock the front door and come to the bedroom.”

Intrigued, I pick up my wine and take a sip. I grab my rose and head off towards the bedroom. I place the rose between my teeth and open the bed room door. But, no one is in there? I see on the bed there is another small box and two yellow roses. I set my glass of wine down on the bedside table and lay the rose, with the other two, on the bed. I pick up the box and untie the ribbon. In the box is a cd and another note.

“Darling, Put the cd in, get undressed and come into the bathroom.” I look at the cd closer, its a copy of, ‘Sound of the Sea.’ I take another sip of wine, get up and place the cd in the player. Soft soothing sounds of sea birds and waves crashing on the beach fill the air. The music surrounds me as I feel my tension slowly slip away. I sway with the music as I begin undressing. I hear the closet door creak as it is cracked opened. I feel your eyes on me and know that you are watching me undress. I don’t want to spoil the surprise, so I don’t turn towards the noise. I slowly slip my jacket off and throw it on the end of the bed. I slowly unbutton my blouse and gently slip it off and toss it on the bed also. Still swaying with the music I remove my skirt, letting it fall into a puddle on the floor. Standing in my slip and bra I walk over to the mirror. Stepping just to the right of the mirror I begin caressing my breasts. By looking in the mirror, I can just see you in the closet. I know you can see both the front and back of me from your angle. I dance a little more Porno to the music massaging my breasts and ass. I see you begin to rub your cock thru your pants.

I slip my slip down over my ass, bending over to remover it completely. I’m standing in front of the mirror with just my nylons and bra on. I walk over and take another sip of my wine. Feeling better every minute. I step back in front of the mirror and remove my bra. Grabbing one tits in each hand I begin kneading them and pinching the nipples. I notice that you now have your cock in your hand stroking is slowly. The site of this instantly causes my pussy juices to flow. I slip my hand down my belly to my pussy. I place one leg on the chair of my dressing table and begin massaging my pussy through my nylons. I start fingering my pussy through my nylons. Pressing two finger into my pussy as I wiggle my thumb on my clit. This feels so good and knowing that you are secretly watching me get me very excited. As I watch you still slowly stroking your cock, I explode in my first orgasm. My juices soak the crotch of my nylons. I quickly remove them and walk towards the bathroom, gently dropping them just outside the door of the closet. Knowing that you will be rubbing your cock with them in just a few minutes.

I pick up my glass of wine and head off to the bathroom. I open the door and steam comes rolling out of the room. I quickly step into the bathroom and close the door, so that none of the heat escapes. The steam smells of Magnolia and I think, “He must have used my magnolia bath oil.”

I get to the side of the tub and see it filled with hot steaming water and a couple of magnolia flowers floating on top of the water. I fight the urge to go back into the bedroom an thank you properly. But there will be plenty of time to do that, after the bath. I step into the tub, careful not to upset the magnolia’s and sit down.

The warm water surrounds me as all my thoughts slip away. I look around the room and notice another box and a note. The note reads, “My Love, in this box is a blindfold. Put it on and relax. Do not take it off for any reason no matter what you hear or feel keep the blindfold on. Trust me, I love you.”

I set the note down and open the box. Inside the box is a black satin blindfold, just like the note said. I take the blindfold out, set the box down and place the blindfold over my eyes. I lay back into the tub and let the world slip way. Listening to the soft sounds of the cd and the gentle Altyazılı Porno lapping of the water against my skin, I begin to drift off. Just at that moment I hear the door open and someone step in. I hear my wine glass being refilled and set on a tray. I hear A few soft steps and the tray being set on the floor beside the tub. Next, I feel the cool wine glass against my lips, I part my lips and accept the drink. I hear the wine glass, again being set on the tray. I feel your warm lips on mine, your soft gentle moist lips caress mine, as we kiss. I part my lips to taste your sweetness as your tongue slowly traces my lips. Then you are gone.

I begin to say something, but you whisper in my ear, “Remember not a word!” I sink back down wanting more of you, but knowing your not done yet. I feel a cold firmness against my lips. I hear you whisper, “Open your mouth and bite.” I hesitate and you whisper, “Trust me.”

I open my mouth and feel you slip it further into my mouth. I bite down and taste the cool crispness of a strawberry. You continue to feed me strawberries and wine. I’m feeling very relaxed when I hear you say, “Lean up sweetheart, I want to join you.”

I sit up and slide forward in the tub so that you can slip in behind me. I feel your legs slip along mine as you sit down behind me. You place your hands on my shoulders and guide me back against your chest. I lay my head on your chest and we both listen to the cd. I feel your chest rise and fall with each breath. I am completely relaxed and content. When you begin to caress my body with your hands. Moving slow up to my breasts, holding there weight in your hands. You kiss my neck, causing shivers to run down my spine. Caressing me with your hands and lips I melt under your touch. You whisper loving words in my ear, as you caress every inch of my body. My body responds to your manipulation and my breathing comes faster. I slip my hands behind my back, between our bodies, and begin to fondle your cock. Caressing you balls in one hand while softly pumping your cock with the other. Your cock begins to stiffen in my hands as a soft moan escapes your lips. You ask me to stop and sit up.

You stand up and get out of the tub. I hear you begin to towel off and I try to stand up also. You tell me to sit back down and wait a minute. Then you ask me to grab your hand. I reach out and feel for your hand. You grab mine and slowly help me stand up and step out of the tub. I feel a fluffy towel against my Brazzers body as you begin to dry me off. Standing there naked and blindfolded you dry off every inch of my body. You again take my hand and lead me out of the bathroom and into our bedroom.

I hear the fire cracking in the fire place as you lead me to the bed. You tell me to lie down and relax, but not to remove my blindfold. I here you walk across the room and stoke the fire. You change the cd in the player. I hear woodland creatures scurrying around in the wood and wolves howling in the background. You tell me to lie on my stomach in the middle of the bed. I do as I’m told. I feel you get on to the bed next to me. I feel you drip warm wonderful smelling oil on my back. I melt into a puddle on the bed. I feel you move to straddle my body and feel your had cock press against my ass. I moan and feel you begin to rub the oil all over my back. Your firm hands caress my back as you grind your cock against my ass cheeks. You slip your hands down my sides and caress the sides of my breasts. Your chest hovers above me, as I feel your hot breath on my neck and your warm soft lips kissing me. Feeling even more aroused I press my ass harder against your cock. Moaning and breathing hard I slip my hands between us, rubbing your stomach and trying to reach your cock.

You stop kissing me and lean back up, out of my reach. I sigh, wishing I could have you, and praying it won’t be much longer until I feel you fill we with your delicious cock. You roll off me and ask me to spread my legs. I do as I am told. Lying on my stomach legs spread aching for you. I feel you get between my legs and rub your cock head over my ass. I moan and begin to speak. When you gently remind me I am not allowed to talk. You keep rubbing your cock up and down my crack as I wiggle striving to get your cock in me. You ask me if I like it and I moan and shake my head, yes. Knowing that I am not going to be able to take much more of this. You tell me to get on my knees, with my ass high in the air. I do as I’m told, knowing that I’m gonna get your hard cock deep in my pussy. I feel your cock head at the entrance of my pussy and I quickly push back against you. Slipping your cock deeply into my pussy and sending shivers all through out my body. I think, “to hell with the rules,” and I beg you to fuck me hard.

Feeling your rock hard cock slam into my hot wanting pussy. I explode into orgasm after orgasm as you pump your hot cum deep into me. We collapse into a heap of heaving flesh. We lie together holding each other when you say, “How was your day honey?”

With a broad smile, I look at you and say, “In all honesty, I can say, this has been the best day of my life.” I kiss you softly on the lips as we drift off to sleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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