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Truth or Dare Ch. 03

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Chloe looked at me, “Are you? Are you dying to fuck me Eric?”

I looked her in the eye, “You know I am… I have been for a long time.” She smiled and reached down to grasp me. I had started to stiffen again when Monica came and feeling Chloe’s hand on me gave me new incentive. She pressed the head against her lips and slowly pressed herself down on me. We both moaned slightly as she took me completely inside her. She lay still for a moment so I could feel her surrounding me. It was incredible. She began to move over me, up and down, sliding me in and out of her. I slid my hands over her body, holding her hips as she rode me slow and gentle. She lowered herself and put her chest in my face. I held her breasts and kissed and licked her nipples. She began to breathe heavily and knowing that Monica was lying there, watching us only made the experience more tantalizing. I started moving my hips, pushing myself to meet Chloe’s body as she lowered herself onto me. She moaned a little as I did, and we went like this for a while, just fucking each other nice and slowly.

Then Chloe quickened the pace to which I responded. She leaned back now, arching her back and urged me on.

“Yeah Eric, fuck me, do it to me!”

I started thrusting my hips now, holding her by the waist and pumping inside her. I could feel her tighten around me and I reacted, growing harder still. We were fucking fast and hard now and I had lost track of everything except the experience of her body. I leaned forward and she wrapped her arms around me, pulling me tight.

“Oh yeah, come on baby, fuck me like that!” she let out with a moan.

I sucked hard on her nipple as I squeezed her and slammed into her. I could feel the tension swelling inside me.

Chloe let out a gasp. Her body tensed. I could feel the warmth of her juices flowing over me. She squealed with delight. She started to relax and let out a slow, satisfied moan.

I couldn’t hold back.

“Oh fuck! I am cumming!” I yelled.

It happened almost before I was aware of it. Chloe had eased off of me and a hand was stroking my aching cock, wet with Chloe’s juices.

I cried out and erupted as Monica’s hand pumped me furiously. Electricity ran throughout my body as I came. I was completely overwhelmed by what was happening. I could feel the warmth of my cum dripping down my cock and all over Monica’s hands.

“Oh my god!” I whispered hoarsely.

Monica giggled happily and I looked down and saw her sucking on her fingers and looking up at me with a smile.

I lay back on the bed, my body feeling fluid and loose as I brain still tried to process the pleasures running through it. Chloe rolled onto my chest and began kissing me deeply and slowly.

“That was soo good.” she whispered.

“That was fucking incredible!” canlı bahis I replied as Monica climbed up on the bed and lay on the other side of me. I turned to her and kissed her with the same longing I had given to Chloe.

We lay there, in each others’ arms for awhile, catching our breath and not entirely sure what to say or do.

“I think that would be the most unusual, and incredible, sexual experience I ever had.” I finally told them.

“What do you mean “had’?” said Chloe. “I’m not done tonight, are you Monica?”

Monica laughed, “Well, the night is young, I think we had better keep at it, who knows when we will have the balls to try something like this again?”

“Holy shit, these two are going to kill me!” I thought to myself. “Well, if I am going to die, this is the way I want to go!”

Chloe leaned over and started kissing me again as her hand wondered down my stomach to my now limp cock. She began stroking it slowly. Monica turned my face to her and kissed me, as Chloe slipped her tongue in my ear. Monica’s hand went down between my legs and she started massaging my balls. I tried to keep up with their kisses. It was overwhelming.

Chloe stopped kissing me and looked down at my crotch.

“I’m not sure he wants to play with us, Monica?” she said teasingly. Despite their efforts I had not risen to attention just yet.

“Good things cum to those who wait.” I tried.

“I don’t like to wait,” said Monica.

“Then don’t,” said Chloe confidently, “You can play with me.”

With that Chloe leaned over me and kissed Monica. Not like before, when we played spin the bottle. This was a deep wet kiss, which clearly surprised Monica. She pulled back at first, but Chloe persisted and Monica gave in, returning the kiss hesitantly. Chloe took Monica’s face in her hands and caressed her gently as they kissed. When they broke off finally, the flustered look on Monica’s face was contrasted by the now smoldering look on Chloe’s. She looked at me with a grin and said, “Excuse us dollface.”

With that she crawled over me and climbed on top of Monica. I started to protest being left out, but quickly thought better of it.

Chloe sat astride Monica’s stomach and took her hands as she stared at her. Chloe then spread her arms apart on the bed and drew her face close to Monica’s in the process.

“I’ve always wanted to do this.” I heard her whisper before she began kissing Monica with renewed passion. She cupped Monica’s breasts and caressed them as tongues mingled with one another in a frenzy of delight. The almost frantic desire that Chloe had opened up was soon matched by Monica, who had given in to the moment completely now. I lay next to them and marveled at the display they were putting on. Chloe had worked her way down and was licking and sucking bahis siteleri Monica’s nipples. Monica smiled and ran her fingers through Chloe’s hair while Chloe began to slide a hand down Monica’s stomach and slipped it between her legs. Monica responded eagerly, parting her legs and allowing Chloe’s finger to slide over her still wet lips. Chloe brought her finger to her own lips and tasted it, then began kissing and sucking Monica’s hard nipples again. It was incredible watching Chloe work over Monica, devouring her body.

Soon Chloe stood up and pulled Monica to the edge of the bed. She slowly got to her knees, gently pressed Monica’s legs apart and lowered her head between them. I stared as Monica gasped in response to Chloe’s tongue sliding inside her. Chloe ran her hands all over Monica while she slowly and methodically licked her pussy. The sight was amazing and I soon found it having an effect on me. My cock began to stiffen as I lay next to Monica while Chloe darted her tongue in and out of her wet pussy.

Monica held Chloe’s head between her legs with one hand and began squeezing her breasts and nipples with the other. Chloe took her finger and pressed it against Monica’s clit, then slipped it inside her. Monica let out a moan in response. Chloe worked her finger slowly in and out of Monica while taking long slow licks of her. I was rock hard now and could not resist stroking myself as I watched the girls.

Chloe finally noticed me and said, “It looks like dollface is finally ready to play…should we let him Mon?”

She never stopped sliding her finger in and out of Monica, who laying back on the bed only responded with an affirmative sounding moan.

“Why don’t you do something useful with that?” Chloe said with an impish grin before returning her tongue to Monica’s dripping lips.

I quickly surveyed the scene and decided what to do. I got up from the bed and positioned myself behind Chloe. I slid my hands over her fine ass and she responded by spreading her legs a little. I came in behind her with my cock in hand and pressed it against her, feeling it slide easily along her wet lips. Almost uncontrollably, I slipped inside her for the second time that night, and marveled at how good she felt. Her mouth was smothering Monica’s pussy, but she moaned in response as I grabbed her ass and began slowly pumping in and out of her. Monica was clearly delirious with pleasure and moaned again and again, telling Chloe breathlessly how good it felt. As I started fucking Chloe from behind, her enthusiasm grew and she was devouring Monica with animal lust and reaching down between her legs to squeeze my balls when I slid into her.

I found a slow steady rhythm and fucked Chloe to it. Monica had put her legs over Chloe’s shoulders and was getting louder and more eager every bahis şirketleri time I thrust into Chloe, driving her face into Monica. I leaned over Chloe as I pumped her and whispered, “Make her cum.”

She moaned and began sucking hard on Monica’s clit. Monica’s body suddenly tensed. She let out a high-pitched cry and then arched her back.

“Oh fuck yeah!” she cried, then squealed in ecstasy. “Oh, oh, oh yes! Oh my god!”

Her body trembled and she pushed Chloe away instinctually, her body unable to handle the waves of pleasure sweeping over her.

Watching Monica cum with such fervor was delightful and only made me harder. I slid a hand down Chloe’s back as I began fucking her harder. She had finished her work on Monica and seemed to focus on feeling my cock slamming in to her, pushing herself into me. She lay between Monica’s legs and squeezed my balls as I methodically fucked her. I was delirious from this little orgy we had embarked on. I was doing things with Chloe and Monica I had only dreamed of.

Monica finally recovered somewhat from her body shaking orgasm and pulled Chloe up to her. Chloe responded and climbed up on top of Monica and they began kissing again, this time it seemed like Monica was the more eager of the two.

I was far from done and got up from my knees, stood behind Chloe, and slipped my wet cock back into her, feeling her pussy tighten around me. Monica was kissing her and running her hands all over her body as I started fucking her in earnest, slamming into her hard and making her feel every inch. She let out gasps with every thrust and I knew she was feeling it. I could hear Monica quietly urging me on, telling me to fuck her.

It was all almost too much to handle, I was fucking Chloe with all I had, my balls slapping against her and Monica urging me on. Chloe lay between us enjoying both our attentions, moaning and groaning with pleasure. I knew that I couldn’t hold out much longer, when Chloe suddenly came. Her body tensed and quivered and I felt her tight lips clenching me as she moaned over and over. That was what put me over the edge as well.

I slammed slowly and deeply into Chloe one last time and then pulled out as I erupted. I felt the most intense, incredible feeling as I came all over Chloe’s ass. I stroked myself and squeezed every bit of cum onto her. My head was spinning and I could barely focus on anything beyond the sensation of having just satisfied an incredible lust.

I finally collapsed on the bed next to the girls. Monica was gently kissing Chloe as she rubbed my cum all over her ass.

I hardly knew what to think to do. We all just lay there, quietly recovering from the debauchery we had just finished. The afterglow we were basking in seemed to light up the whole room. I lay there with the girls in a hazy dreamscape, the images of the evening playing through my mind as our hands caressed one another’s bodies.

Thoroughly exhausted, we fell asleep without any thought aside from the delusional pleasures of one another.

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