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Two Man Full Court

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“You’re a bitch!” Amy said through tears as she slammed the bedroom door shut.

Karen was unfazed by her roommate’s remarks. She had known Amy since high school and they had lived in this house together for their first three years of college. Amy had always been quite the drama queen. In fact Karen probably would have moved out Sophomore year were it not for the addition of there third housemate.

Originally, the girls had rented this house thinking they would each want there own room. Unfortunately last year money got tight for both of them and the girls moved into the same room and brought in Steve.

Karen had known Steve since he first snapped her bra in biology class in high school. They had been friends ever since. Steve nicely balanced out the estrogen levels in the house and at times that balancing effect was desperately needed.

This time was one of them. Karen had just gotten back from a run, when Amy started yelling at her for flirting with some guy whom she didn’t even remember in the bar last night. Supposedly this was the guy Amy knew she was predestined to marry. Of course the guy hadn’t a clue of this and must have been flirting with Karen. At least that’s what Amy had in her mind at the moment.

Karen decided she should at least try to smooth things out. She tried the door. It was locked. She finally managed to take off her running shoes and socks and throw them in the corner. She walked to the other room to find Steve.

“Hey baby, looking good in those shorts. Man you have some legs on you.” a rather annoying and unwelcome voice belted from the couch.

“Hey Brad, where’s Steve?” Karen asked in the most emotionless voice she could muster.

It did cross her mind that running kept her body pretty taught. Before Brad could even answer, Steve walked in from the kitchen with two beers in his hands. From the look on his face these were not there first beers of the day. This was hardly surprising of course as this was Steve’s “Class free” day.

“Hey K what’s up? Man, you look pissed.” Steve stammered.

“Can you straighten out Ms. Prozac? She locked herself in the room again. I really don’t need this today.” Karen unloaded on Steve.

“Whoa missy it’s not my day to baby sit you two. We’re watching the game.” Steve said as he quickly turned on the TV.

Sweaty, hot and pissed off Karen’s face grew red. Her mind ran rampant with the coming flood of insults.

Seeing the brewing storm Steve preempted with “Hey just teasing, I’ll talk to her. Here take a shower and drink this.” Steve said as he handed her the beer.

The sound of the basketball game starting on TV along with Steve’s gesture of peace, calmed Karen enough to grab the beer and march into the bathroom and close the door.

She wasn’t sure how she would drink the beer in the shower but she opened it and took a cold swallow. She had to admit it felt good, tasted good and made her smile a bit. She breathed out. Steve would take care of it. She needed to relax. She turned on the water and slipped out of her jog-bra and running shorts and tossed them in the laundry chute. She held her hand in the water feeling the temperature and looked in the mirror. At 5’2″ with her dark brown pixie hair cut and small frame she could pass for and elf she was thinking. “Well a reasonable canlı bahis well endowed elf.” She kidded her self.

The water felt right so she stepped into the shower. The shower felt great relaxing her whole body. After washing up she stood there a while letting the water run over her body and drown everything out. Finally she turned off the water and reached for her towel.

After drying off and putting on lotion she wrapped the towel around her and peaked out the door. Steve and Brad were engrossed in the game as was Eric, the cute guy from next door, who had joined them. She actually had a secret crush on Eric and at first she thought twice about letting him see her without makeup.

Her plan though was to make “the Dash” as she had come to call it from the bath room to the bedroom. It would only expose her in her towel to them for a second. She downed the last of the beer, held her towel close and dashed around the corner to the bedroom door. They hadn’t even noticed. She turned the knob.

“Damn it Amy open this frickin’ door!” Karen shouted with frustration. She could hear the music on in the room and knew Amy was listening to music and still pouting. She pounded on the door again.

“Amy, you got two seconds!”

“Go away!” Amy sniffled back from inside the room.

“AMYY, OPEN the DOOR!” Karen said with deep determination.

Just then she heard footsteps behind her.

“Sorry K, she just doesn’t want to come out. What did you do?” Steve asked.

“What did I do? I moved in with a nutcase that’s what I DID!” Karen shouted now more frustrated then ever.

“Calm down. Here have another beer. Go sit in my room for a little bit and relax.” Steve said offering a beer.

Karen took the beer. She stared at Steve, unsure what to do.

“She is such a nut. I am sick of it. Why should I have to constantly put up with her insanity?” Karen spit out as she opened the beer and took a sip.

Steve put his arm around her to guide her away from the door. For a moment she rested her head on Steve’s shoulder. Then she slammed down the rest of the beer, trying to wash down her growing anger. “I need another one of these.”

She said as she shot past Steve and around the corner toward the kitchen.

About half way into the living room she realized that both Brad and Eric were staring at her towel clad body. Karen froze.

“Now that’s an outfit!” Brad slobbered out.

Karen shot him her most “stab you in the heart” look, and turned back into the hallway.

Brad got up and headed into the bathroom but lingered at the door continuing to take her in.

Steve seeing the situation said, ” Check my room. Something in there must be clean.”

Karen didn’t think that sounded too promising, but Steve’s room would get her away from Brads leering.

Steve was right most of his clothes were piled on the ground and the whole room had a musty dirty clothes smell. The only thing even hanging up in Steve’s closet was his Redwings Jersey.

“Guess this will have to do.” She thought to herself.

She dropped her towel and began to pull the Jersey over her head when she heard a commotion behind her. She pulled the jersey down covering her body and spun around seeing that the door was ajar. She rushed over to the door. Steve and Eric had bahis siteleri Brad pinned to the wall.

“What the fuck were you thinking jackass?” Steve asked in a half sober and very threatening manner.

Brad was laughing and said “Dude, you know how hot your roommate is I was just getting a look.”

Realizing what had transpired she lunged for Brad.

“You asshole.” She blurted out as she began to beat on him. Suddenly she felt an arm encircle her waist and gently pull her back. Eric was now holding her from tearing Brad to shreds.

“Get him out of here” Eric said.

“Dude why are you guys so hyper about this I was just getting a look. By the way Karen that is a cute little star on your back.” Brad stammered as Steve dragged him toward the door. The last statement got him slammed into the door jam on his way out.

Steve slammed the door behind him. There was a pounding on the door after it was closed and some muffled comments but Brad quickly gave up.

Steve looked over at Karen “Sorry, I know he is a jerk. I didn’t even seeing him headed there until the last second” Steve said.

Eric self-consciously seemed to realize he was still holding Karen pretty tight and let her loose.

“Yeah me neither.” Eric said sheepishly.

“Did he see me?” she asked knowing the answer due to Brad’s parting comment.

Neither one of them responded.

Finally Steve said “Why don’t I get you that beer.”

She sat down on the chair. Eric returned to his place on the couch. Both of them looked at the television as if the were starting to get absorbed in the game.

All Karen could think of was the thought of Brad seeing her naked. Had it been Eric she wouldn’t have minded as much. She pulled the blanket which was hanging on the back of the chair over her legs in some attempt at modesty, as she realized that she only had the Jersey covering her.

She suddenly became very aware of her body under the nylon of the jersey. She looked over at Eric. He seemed intent on the TV. Steve came back from the kitchen and handed her a beer and set a tray of cheese and crackers on the coffee table. She had to get up from the chair to reach them and each time had to pull on the hem of the jersey to keep from showing to much, each time replacing the blanket on her legs.

Finally Steve said “Ya know you can sit on the couch we don’t bite. There is plenty of room.”

He was right but she didn’t have much clothing on and it seemed strange to be so close to them with so little on. She decided she was being silly and slid over to the couch and sat between them. She brought he blanket with her to cover her legs.

The game dragged on for several more beers. Steve kept getting up to check on Amy but nothing changed the door was still locked and she her only statement was “Go away!” The game ended but the boys quickly found another one to watch. Karen felt herself starting to get a little tipsy off the beer but it felt good to relax. They were all just kicking back and having a good time.

They all started getting more comfortable on the couch as the game went on. Karen leaned more toward Steve, her head almost in his lap.

Finally Eric said “You can put your legs up if you want.”

Karen looked at him. Wrapped the blanket around her legs so as not bahis şirketleri to give a show and brought them up on his lap. This put her head in Steve’s lap and Steve sweetly put his arm across her to her other arm.

It was kind of funny, Karen thought to herself that Steve avoided touching her breast. The game went on and so did the drinking. Sometime in the 3rd period Eric pulled the blanket over himself also, and in doing so put a hand on her calf. Chills ran down Karen’s spine but nothing seemed to some of it.

After the game was over a movie came on. None of them moved much just laid there on the couch. Karen was getting pretty sleepy and Steve was gently stroking her hair. Her eyes slowly closed. It felt so good and he was being so gentle. She felt Eric shift.

“Sorry I gotta use the bathroom,” Eric said as he found his way out from under Karen’s legs.

Karen smiled and looked up at Steve. He was looking at her with a smoldering look. There lips touched. She was kissing him; He was kissing her. Then the toilet flushed and she pulled away. Eric came back in and took his place again. Now she was not even paying attention to the movie. He body was feeling Steve’s every move. Steve’s hand was now on her breast, stroking it. She looked over at Eric to see if he noticed but he didn’t seem to . She snuggled closer to Steve. He was stroking her hair again. He felt so warm against her. He leaned down and kissed her. Again they were kissing. His hands began to move across her. The world kind of disappeared for a second. Then she felt Eric’s hand begin to move up her thigh. “Oh my god what am I doing?” she thought to herself. But the attention of these too guys just felt too great. She kissed Steve harder. Eric’s hand continued its way up.

“I should stop him.” She thought to herself but did nothing.

Next she felt her shirt pulled over her head. She was still partially wrapped in the blanket but Steve and Eric’s hands began to find every part of her body. She pulled off Steve’s shirt. Steve kissed her deeper. She felt kissing on her neck and turned to kiss Eric. There hands were attacking her now, finding there way inside her, stroking her. Then there clothes too were off. She grabbed Steve and began stroking him, finally taking him into her mouth. Eric had his fingers inside her driving her crazy. Then for a second they were gone only to be replaced by an incredible feeling of fullness as Eric began driving into her. She came first, then Eric. But they were not done yet, they kept kissing her. Then Steve entered her, driving into her gain and again. She was hit by wave after wave of orgasm. They were all on the floor at this point and they were finding every part of her.

Finally it all stopped. She was naked on the carpet in the living room in the arms of two men. Steve kissed her and got up taking his clothes with him into the bathroom. Eric grabbed his stuff, put on his clothes, gave her one last kiss and walked out the front door. Now she was alone, naked in the living room. She pulled the jersey on and sat up on the couch. Steve came back out of the bathroom.

“Where’s Eric?” he asked casually.

“He left.” She said looking at Steve for some reaction from him. Had he lost respect for her? Did he know she wasn’t the kind of girl to do these things?

“Are we OK?” Steve asked.

Before she could answer, Amy stepped out of her room with a just woke up look on her face.

“I’m sorry guys.” Amy said.

Karen looked at Steve and then at Amy and half heartedly said “It’s ok.”

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