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Undercover Ch. 2

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Double Penetration

Part II: Flying High

This story follows on directly from Undercover

Sandra awoke to the low hum of aeroplane engines feeling completely disorientated. Where was she? And how the hell did she get here? She rubbed her eyes, swollen from enforced sleep and tried to swallow. Her throat was sore and her head ached. As her eyes came into focus, she saw two familiar men sitting opposite her, watching her closely.

“Well…” said one of the men with a smile. “Looks like sleeping beauty has finally awoken”

Sandra’s memory began to creep back. The long surveillance on the vice ring. The start of the operation. The betrayal by Jacko, their informer. And, yes, her enforced performance at the hands of these two men and their boss. The last thing she could remember was the boss giving her a glass of sweet, strong liquid after dressing himself, and realised that it must have contained some kind of drug or sleeping agent. She recalled, now, the smell of the polished wood of the boss’ desk as she was placed face down upon its surface, and she recalled, with a shudder, what happened next.

As Sandra became fully conscious, she realised that she was covered with a thin blanket. She felt restraints and looked down to see she was still strapped into the aeroplane seat with the safety belt.

“What…um…where am I? Where are we going?” her voice was raspy and she tried to swallow again.

The other man spoke “No need to worry yourself with the hows’ and the whys’. All you need to know is that you now belong to the Firm. We own you. You will be paid and kept comfortable but you will obey every instruction”.

The tone of the mans voice was enough to ensure that Sandra did not argue. The vice squad, that she was a part of, had been watching the Firm’ for sometime, and were well aware of their methods. She had no desire to end up as part of a freeway support or at the bottom of a river. She imagined that as soon as the plane landed she would use her intelligence to plan an escape.

She was brought out of her reverie by the first man. He had risen from his seat and was advancing towards her. Sandra was initially frightened as to what this man intended to do, but she relaxed as he gently unbuckled her seat belt and offered her a glass of water. As her arms became free, she held the glass to her lips and sipped gratefully, letting the cool refreshing liquid ease her throat. As her body became more relaxed she could feel the plane’s artificial air chill her beneath the thin blanket.

“I think it’s about time we had another look at the merchandise, don’t you?” said the first man.

His accomplice nodded, still smiling at Sandra. His hands were swift as they reached out towards her and grabbed the edge of the blanket and jerked it towards him. Both men licked their lips as they looked at her.

Sandra recoiled as the air encircled her body. She looked down at herself. All she appeared to be wearing were bra and panties and her black patent boots with spiked heels. Although she recognised the boots, she had no idea where the bra and panties had come from. She had to admit though they looked and felt good. She was fairly sure that they were pure silk as she felt the material against her nipples, already hardening due to the cool air in the cabin. She moved her legs slightly and felt another cool breath of air around her pussy. “Oh my god” she thought to herself “theses panties are crotchless!”

Sandra quickly closed her legs as she saw the two men opposite staring at the open crotch. She looked around her. The plane was a small, private affair with only about eight seats. Most of the seats were occupied by smart looking business men and women, most of which were now looking towards Sandra.

She heard the first man’s voice again “Ok. Now you have had a drink, I think the other passengers would like some refreshment as well”.

He pointed to a small curtained off section of the plane “You will find drinks and glasses in there. Make sure all of our paying guests are taken care of please”

“But….can’t I get dressed first?” Sandra asked incredulously

The men laughed to each other as if some private joke had peaked their interest.

“You don’t seem to understand ataköy türbanlı escort officer” he replied sarcastically, “these ARE you clothes now! Most of the people on this plane have paid for your services”

Sandra stared at them open mouthed, not moving.

“DO IT NOW!” he shouted, making her jump.

Sandra’s body reacted before her brain as she leapt out of her seat and moved behind the curtain. She quickly found a tray on which was placed a large jug of juice and several glasses. As she walked back down the plane with the tray, she was very aware of her state of undress. All the passengers eyes were upon her as she walked. She felt her nipples harden even more and could feel the air playing gently and sensuously over her hairless and uncovered vagina.

She stood in front of the first passenger and offered the tray to him. He looked very distinguished. Tall and muscular, perfectly cut hair with traces of grey and a striking face with steely blue eyes. He wore an expensive looking suite and starched shirt, his tie knotted perfectly. The passenger surprised her as, smiling, he took the tray from her hands and set in on the table in front of him. She felt his strong hands touch hers as his fingers entwined themselves with her own as he gently pulled her towards him. Sandra was still a little unsteady on her legs, especially as she wore the high spiked heels, and she tried to pull back a little to regain her balance. This movement seemed to irritate the man as he tightened his grip on her hands and pulled her sharply towards him. Sandra faltered, sensing herself falling forwards. Her body tumbled down as the strong hands caught her, and arranged her over his lap.

All of a sudden, Sandra was aware of people around her. She was acutely aware of her position and her vulnerability. She could feel the heavy material of the mans suite trousers under her body. She tried to repel the hands she now felt on her panty covered behind but her ankles were firmly gripped by another pair of unseen hands and she felt her legs being pulled apart. More hands grabbed her as she was positioned with her body across the lap of the first passenger with her spread legs in the aisle and her head against the lap of the passenger sitting next to him.

Everything now seemed to be happening at once. She tried to cry out as the hands on her ass pulled the split in her panties open wide, but her voice was muffled as her head was pushed roughly into the material of the other man’s trousers. She could feel the unmistakable bulge of a large erection under those trousers and realised that nobody was going to wait for the plane to land before sampling their hooker cop!

Everyone was talking at once now. She heard crude comments concerning her exposed vagina and asshole. She felt long fingernails raking over the split in her panties as they expertly probed her wet lips; too long for a man’s nails she was sure….A WOMAN? The long slim fingers gently parted her nether lips. God, she could feel herself becoming wet with arousal. She moaned into the bulge beneath her head as the fingers sought out her stiff clitoris and circled it, stimulating her, exciting her. Just as she was beginning to lose herself in the sensations from her pussy, her head was lifted away from the bulge. She was unable to see his face, but could see his fingers as he lowered the zipper on his suite trousers, and, groping around in his underwear withdrew a large circumcised cock. The tip was slightly wet with a drop of precum and she could smell his male aroma as her head was gently pushed back down towards the tip.

The fingers in her pussy were now probing her more urgently. She could feel three digits inside her and the long nail from the fourth gently scratching and exploring her puckered anus through the split in the panties. She had never in her entire life experienced the sexual touch of another woman but was quickly becoming excited beyond the point of no return. The woman seemed to know just where to touch and just how much pressure to apply to allow Sandra to climb upwards towards an inevitable climax.

Sandra’s moans were coming in low growls now as she licked and sucked on the ataköy ucuz escort cock in her mouth. She could feel him becoming more insistent as his cock continued to swell. Her head was pressed firmly down and she experienced the sensations of his rigid member enter her throat. She was so close to her own orgasm, that she had not realised how close the man in her mouth had become. Her throat contracted around his shaft and she felt him buck his hips, heard him groan, felt the explosion of his excitement fill her mouth and throat. Just as his hot cum filled her throat she felt the finger that had been playing around her anal ring, suddenly sink deep inside her tight hole. With three fingers in her pussy and another in her ass, Sandra could take no more and exploded into her own orgasm.

“Aaaaaaahhhhh… Ugghhhh… God… Mmmuuugghhhh… yesssssss… yesssss… yessss… YYYEEESSSSSSSSSS”

Her whole body shuddered and bucked as she came. Cum dripped from her lips and mouth as the man proceeded to withdraw his cock and continue spurting his seed over her face. Her pussy spasmed and her ass twitched uncontrollable as the fingers were withdrawn.

As Sandra came down from her peak, she was aware of a woman’s voice.

“Put her on the floor now” she said “I want to feel that tongue at work for myself”

As Sandra was lifted from the first man’s lap and laid gently on the floor, she could see at least three men and the woman were now in the process of stripping themselves. She looked up and saw the woman responsible for her crushing orgasm divest herself of a large bra. As her large tits came into view Sandra waited expectantly. The woman looked African. Older but still attractive. Sandra watched as the woman slowly lifted her skirt and pulled her panties to one side. She could see the large pink folds of the woman’s wet vagina as she knelt down over Sandra’s head. She could smell her fragrance as she lowered her pussy closer and closer to Sandra’s face. She knew what she was expected to do, and in a strange way was aroused at the thought. Slowly she slipped her tongue from her mouth and gently probed the woman’s large and clearly visible clitoris. She was surprised at the taste; pleasant and slightly sweet not salty like a man. As her tongue came into contact with the woman’s clit, she felt her knees, on either side of Sandra’s head, tense and tremble. The woman let out a low moan and pushed Sandra’s face deeper into her pussy.

“Mmmmmm…..Ohhhhhhhh…..Mmmmmmmmmmmmm….that’s it, lick my clit you slut…..lick me up”

Sandra now started to use her natural instinct in earnest, flicking the erect nub with her tongue and licking the length of her labia with long strokes. As she continued her ministrations, Sandra could feel hands on her tits, undoing the front clasp of her silk bra. She felt her nipples being pinched and squeezed, tongues flicking the hard buds, mouths sucking and nibbling. The coloured woman above her was now in a state of apoplexy, grinding her hips into Sandra’s face and squeezing and pinching her own large dark nipples as she bounced up and down.

“Uuugghhh….Ugghhhhh…yesss….yes….I’m close…so close….mmmmm ….mmmm…”

Sandra reached up to the woman’s ass and squeezed her buttocks as she lashed her tongue over the hard clit, slipping a finger into the woman’s surprisingly open asshole.

Suddenly the room was full of the woman’s voice.

“Aaaaaaaahhhhh…. GOOOODDDDDDD …… YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS… I’m CUMMMIIINNNGGGG” she screamed as she ground her quivering, wet pussy onto Sandra’s mouth and tongue. Sandra was surprised at the amount of liquid the woman released. It practically flowed from her vagina into Sandra’s mouth almost choking her but tasting surprisingly good.

As the coloured woman climbed, exhausted from her face, Sandra lay back, herself very fatigued. She was certainly ready for a rest, but with the reappearance of the first two men who had been sitting opposite her, she doubted that would happen.

“You’re not finished yet” said the first.

“No” the second agreed “there are still two guy’s here that you have not yet pleasured.”

Sandra wearily looked up at the two naked ataköy üniversiteli escort men to her left. They had been playing with her tits while she had pleasured the coloured woman, and were now sporting large erections and grinning at her.

The first man sat down in a chair with his legs spread.

“Kneel between my legs, slut”. He said ” And fuck me with those nice tits.

Well beyond caring now, Sandra crawled between the mans outstretched legs and bending her body, wrapped her 36 C tits around his pulsating cock. The man closed his eyes and let out a rasping moan as the warm flesh enveloped his erection. Sandra used her hands to push her breasts together and stroked them up and down his hard length. She watched as his cockhead emerged from the valley her cleavage made to bump gently against her swollen lips still wet with cum. She opened her mouth wide to accept the engorged member on each upthrust, circling the head seductively with her tongue and causing him to buck his hips forward to penetrate her mouth deeper.

Her position, kneeling in front of the man, resulted in her ass and hips being elevated from the floor and the second man was keen to exploit this position of vulnerability. Sandra sensed him before she felt his touch on her. The cool air whispered around her exposed, hairless pussy as he moved behind her. She felt strong, large hands spread her thighs and buttocks and the unmistakable feeling of a hard cock pressing against her outer lips. The cock between her tits was now being pumped furiously back and forth entering her hot mouth on every stroke. She could sense it starting to swell at the same time that she felt the second cock being pushed past her lips and deep into her vagina. The cock in her pussy was big. Very big, a good ten inches of throbbing meat. The man behind her thrust hard sending his cock deep into her and causing her to jerk forward. She gagged involuntarily, as this action resulted in the other cock driving into her throat and exploding in a veritable fountain of hot cum. As the cum continued to spurt into her mouth and throat, the man behind her started to jackhammer his large meat into her abused pussy. The guy sitting, was now milking every last drop of his cum between her tits as his hands squeezed them and cruelly pinched her hard nipples.

Sandra felt her pussy open and stretch as the second cock was repeatedly slammed into her hole. She was being jerked back and forth with the sheer power of his thrusts, her cum stained tits bouncing up and down. His fucking angle was such that, with every deep thrust, he made contact with her distended and sore clitoris and Sandra was fast approaching another crushing orgasm. Faster and faster he rammed her as the sitting guy, now satisfied, continued to assault her sore tits and nipples with his fingers. She was so close…so close, as she felt the cock inside her swell to immense proportions.

“Oh god” she cried “yes…please cum in me now….yes ..now …fuck me … FUCKKKK MEEEEEEE!!!”

As Sandra’s orgasm rushed through her body she screamed as she felt the man let go and release a huge amount of cum into her pussy. His cock seemed to remain hard as he continued to assault her abused hole until, breathless, he collapsed behind her on the floor.

After several minutes of recovery, Sandra was lifted by the two original men and returned to her seat. She still wore her thigh length patent boots. The silk panties were covered in cum and her own fluid and the bra was nowhere to be seen. She ached from fatigue. Her nipples were red and sore and her nether lips were puffy and swollen. The two men looked at her and smiled as she looked around for the discarded bra.

“Don’t worry about the bra sweetheart” they laughed. “You probably won’t be needing it much!”

Sandra heard the nasal tones of the pilot’s voice over the intercom.

“Ladies and gentlemen. We are now approaching our destination. I hope you had a pleasurable’ flying experience!”

The two men looked at each other and then at Sandra

“Oh yeah, we forgot about the pilot. He must be getting a little horny by now don’t you think?”

Sandra simply sighed deeply and closed her eyes…

To Be Continued… if there is enough interest.

* * * * *

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