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Unexpected Foursome

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My wife and I started swinging a few months ago and we both seem to enjoy it very much. We subscribe to a couple online swingers clubs and were very successful in finding couples and more. One night after a torrid lovemaking session we got to talking about looking for one or two women for a threesome or a foursome. My wife, Cathy like to experiment with women, but at the time wanted one for me so we could both be satisfied without one having to watch or share.

The next day I began looking on one of our online services and found a woman who fit the part perfectly for me. You see I sort of have a hair fetish. My wife has long auburn hair hanging down to nearly her bitt. This woman who was thirty-five years old had golden blonde hair that hung to about mid-thigh. She was five foot two; weighed one hundred and ten pounds and twenty pounds had to be in her hair alone.

I showed her to Cathy and was impressed, but she wanted to know if she was for her or me. She knew she was for me because of the hair, but wanted to give me a hard time. I told her not to worry for I was on a mission to find someone for her also. I still haven’t contacted my mystery woman, so who knows if she would be interested at all. I sent her a note and told her about our situation and sent her a picture of my eight inch cock lying on the bed. I showed everything except my face, that would come later. I also sent her a picture of Cathy’s lush body with her large breasts and gorgeous hair. I told her about looking for two women, one for me and one for Cathy.

A couple of days later I received an e-mail from Kathy telling me she loved my big cock and would love to suck on it and ride that monster. She also liked what she saw in Cathy and would love to suck those large tits and suck on her juicy looking pussy. She also mentioned that she had a friend from work named Darlene who she met sometimes for some bi-sexual fun. She sent an attachment with a couple pictures of her nude body and gorgeous hair, it covered her face. She seemed familiar, but thought nothing of it.

We were both very impressed and asked Kathy if she could send a few photos of her friend Darlene. She responded back with a photo of her eating Kathy’s pussy and another with Kathy eating out Darlene. Darlene had straight black hair that came down to her shoulders. Her body was more voluptuous then Kathy’s, with big full breasts and nice legs and a full ass, which looked like it was being begged to be fucked. She just like Kathy had her face hidden by Kathy’s thighs.

Once again we were anxious to meet with these two women. We were trying to decide who would get whom. We decided I would get Kathy and Cathy would have Darlene. The deciding factor was Kathy’s long hair. We made a policy when we first started swinging, never to swap on the first meeting. Our first meeting is primarily to get to know one another and make sure we are compatible. If we are, we hop back on the computer and set-up a second meeting where we actually swap or say it was nice, but no thanks. We responded to Kathy to set-up a meeting for the upcoming week-end.

Cathy and I got to the restaurant a few minutes early and left our name with the greeter. We sat facing the door and ordered drinks. About five minutes Kathy and Darlene came in, I was shocked and dumbfounded at the same time. This was all because Kathy and Darlene work in the same warehouse as I do. I thought I knew the Kathy in the photo, but never suspected she was the same woman I worked with.

They both smiled and were blushing like crazy as they approached the table. I stood up and greeted them as they sat down across from Cathy and me. Kathy started; “I though you looked familiar, but without seeing your face I couldn’t place you!”

I laughed; “I mentioned the same thing to Cathy, but never put two and two together!”

Darlene chuckled; “I think that’s a play on words, putting two and two together, isn’t that why we’re here?”

I pointed to her; “Point well-made Darlene, what would you two like to drink?” I ordered the drinks and I looked at both of them and licked my lips; “So Kathy, Darlene, are you both sure we still want to progress with this? I don’t want you to feel uncomfortable about this at work. I’d hate for anyone else to realize that Cathy and I have this lifestyle.”

Kathy looked at Darlene and whispered something, she looked back at us; “You know John, we’re in the same situation and at least we don’t have to get to know one another first.”

Darlene looked at Cathy; “Cathy when you worked at the warehouse I always had a thing for you and now that we are here, hell I can make my fantasies about you come true!”

I looked at Cathy; “Well, what do you think Cathy?”

She shrugged her shoulders; “I’m game if the three of you are alright with it.”

I looked at Kathy; “Well Kathy, when do you want to get together?”

“Hell John, seeing we already know each other, how about right now?”

I looked at Cathy, she nodded and I said; “Let’s ataköy anal yapan escort go for it!”

Darlene laughed; “If we’re going to do this, let’s eat first. I think we’re all going to need some nourishment if we’re going to do all I anticipate doing.”

We all laughed and agreed. We ate quickly, talking about work and our sexual likes and dislikes, which were few.

Cathy and I followed Darlene and Kathy out. Darlene was dressed in tight black jeans that hugged her ass perfectly. She had a tight pullover top on that showed her large breasts beautifully. As for Kathy, she was wearing a plain pearl white satin blouse and a black skirt that ended about mid-thigh. Her legs were bare and her feet were in high-heeled pumps. All in all she was wearing a very nice outfit that she would be out of shortly. Kathy’s hair was hanging straight and ended about the same place her skirt ended.

They followed us to our place and upon arriving we all sat in the living room. I got drinks and asked if they wanted to try out the hot tub. They all loved the idea and Darlene looked at Cathy and me; “I’d love to, but don’t have anything to wear!”

I laughed; “I like that problem, I think it’s the easiest was to get you all naked!”

We all laughed and you could cut the tension in the room with a knife, but that was soon to change.

Darlene and Kathy followed us out to the sunroom. I removed the cover and Cathy was already removing her clothes. I followed suit and we were naked before Kathy and Darlene even started.

I moved over to Kathy and reaching for the buttons on her blouse, I slowly undid one after another. I pulled it from her skirt and slid it off her shoulders. She shivered; it was still a little cool in the sunroom. The steam was forming a nice fog in the room. I reached behind her and unhooked her bra, as I did this I nuzzled her neck and she let out a nervous laugh as I slipped the bra down her shoulders. Her cupcake sized tits were very firm and stood high on her chest. The coolness in the room caused her nipples to tighten and harden. I approached her again and reaching behind her to unzip her skirt. As I did this I bent down and sucked on one of her nipples.

Kathy cupped my head and pulled me harder to her tit.

I unzipped her skirt and she wiggled out of it. She stood there in a pair of plain white panties; a wet spot appeared where her pussy met the fabric. She kicked off her pumps and hooked her thumbs in the elastic of the panties and pulled them off and kicked them aside too. Her pussy was bare, with only a small patch of hair above her slit.

While this was going on Cathy was helping Darlene disrobe too. I turned and Cathy was helping Darlene into the tub. Her gorgeous ass was nearly in my face as I stood there watching her. Her huge tits hung down as she bent down towards the water. She let out a moan as she settled into the hot water.

Cathy gave Kathy a large clip to put her hair up with. They both did this and Cathy followed Darlene into the tub. I stood behind Kathy as she waited for Cathy to get into the tub. I stepped closer and my semi-erect cock nuzzled her ass cheeks. She laughed and reached behind and gave it a squeeze.

Looking back she whispered; “I always thought you were hung like a horse, now I’m going to find out just how well you handle that monster.

She got in and I followed. Cathy and Darlene sat at one end and Kathy and I were at the other end. We made small talk and I scooted about and took hold of Kathy’s slim legs, I massaged it slow and deeply. I lifted one foot and started sucking on her toes; she shivered and leaned back closing her eyes. I worked my way up her foot to her ankle and calf. I reached her knee and with the water covering it, I stopped kissing it and continued upwards with her hands.

She pater her legs and when I reached her pussy, she arched her back and I slipped two fingers into her already slick pussy. She ground her hips against my hand and let out a small moan. Her eyes opened when I slipped out of her and lifted her out of her seat.

I sat her down on the top step and draped her legs over my shoulders and I lowered my mouth to her pussy. Kathy let out a long hiss and I slipped my tongue into her pussy. I slowly ran my tongue up and down her slit and she crushed my face to her pussy. I slid upwards and flicked her clit back and forth a half a dozen times and she wrapped her legs around my back. She arched her back and started cumming when I slipped two fingers in her and worked my tongue around her clit.

Kathy’s legs fell from my back and I sat back in the water pulling her after me. She sat on my lap and my cock nearly slipped into her juicy cunt, she wiggled her hips and positioned my cock at her pussy. I raised my hips and I slowly entered her cunt. She let out a groan and readjusted herself on me and slowly lowered her ass onto my lap.

I was buried balls deep in her pussy and she groaned as ataköy bdsm escort I parted her tight cunt. She started bouncing up and down on my cock and as she did this I reached around and cupped her tit in one hand and fingered her clit with the other. She slammed harder and faster on my cock and she was moaning and groaning like a wounded animal. I pinched her clit and this set her over the top and I could feel her juices bathe my cock even though we were in the hot water. She slowly slipped from my lap and settled down in the bucket next to me and closed her eyes and savored the feeling.

I looked over at Cathy and Darlene who were kissing lightly and exploring each other’s bodies with their hands. Cathy bent down and sucked one of Darlene’s large nipples in her mouth. Darlene arched her back trying to shove more of her tit into Cathy’s mouth; when Darlene did this, her shoulder length hair dipped into the water.

I went over to her and fed her my cock; she grabbed it and started sucking on it vigorously. I grabbed her by the sides of her head and used her mouth like a pussy and fucked away. I had her entire head, except her face in the water and her once gorgeous hairdo was now reduced to a wet mess. I ran my fingers through it and my cock expanded looking at her wet strands.

Kathy came up behind me and rubbed her tight body against my back. I pulled out of Darlene’s mouth, she moaned in protest, but I wanted Kathy sucking on my cock. I looked back at Cathy and Darlene and Darlene now had Cathy on the tub’s edge and she was licking at Cathy’s pussy. I turned back to Kathy and gave her a deep kiss as I caressed her ass.

I pulled her over to the top step and sat down. My cock was standing straight up and Kathy bent over and kissed the head and ran her tongue all over the crown. She moaned, took a deep breath and swallowed all eight inches with one quick plunge. I grabbed her head and her hair clip came loose. Her waterfall of blonde hair tumbled down over my cock and thighs. Half of her hair floated on the water’s surface and she threw it over her shoulders and went back to giving me one of the best blowjobs I’ve ever had.

I ran my hands through her hair and feeling her silky strands turned me on to no end. My cock swelled and Kathy could tell. She looked up at me with those gorgeous blue eyes and I nodded; “Oh yeah Kathy, I’m going to cum, you ready for a big load?”

She mumbled something and sucked harder. I grabbed two fistfuls of hair and began shooting a load to end all loads. She started swallowing and now a stream of cum started seeping out the corners of her mouth.

I looked over at Cathy and Darlene and asked if they wanted to give Kathy some help. The two girls came over to Kathy and both started licking at her mouth and my cock. Both of the girls alternated kissing and sucking the cum from Kathy’s face and mouth. I sat back and thought what a luck man I was to watch not one, not two, but three women licking my cum up.

By now everyone’s hair was dripping, we all lay back in the tub and relaxed. I switched places with Cathy and had Darlene sit on my lap. As I kissed her neck and played with her nipples, Cathy and Kathy were playing with each other’s body. Kathy’s long hair floated on the surface of the water as she sucked on Cathy’s tits. What a sight! I picked up Darlene and set her down on my cock. Her gorgeous full ass molded to my thighs as she rose up and fell down on my stiff cock. She turned towards me and we kissed like it may be our last. Tongues dueling and licking in and out of each other’s mouth, I squeezed her tits and I could not believe how full and solid they were. I lifted her off of me and had her lean over the edge of the tub. I slipped my cock into her from behind and started fucking her fast and furiously.

Darlene was moaning and groaning like crazy and I reached down and fingered her pussy as I fucked her. This put her over the top and she came all over my cock. Seeing I just got off with Kathy, I knew I could go a long time before cumming again. Darlene rolled off and sat in the tub. I stepped next to her, her eyes were closed and I placed my cock on her bottom lip. Her eyes popped open and so did her mouth. She drew me in with a moan and began sucking me like there was no tomorrow. I played with her tits as she slowed her sucking and bobbed up and down slowly. Her tongue was darting all over my cock as she sucked it, it was an amazing blowjob. I pulled out and she wanted more.

I crawled out of the tub and yelled out; “Last one out of the tub doesn’t get her pussy licked!”

There was a mad dash for the steps and Cathy was the last one out. Kathy turned to Cathy and smiled; “That’s okay Cathy, I’ll eat your pussy!”

Cathy invited Darlene and Kathy into the bedroom telling them I had brought her a commercial hair dryer and they all went in., leaving me alone in the living room, but not for long.

I followed them into the bedroom and Darlene ataköy elit escort got under the dryer first and closed her eyes. Cathy got down on her knees and spread Darlene’s legs and put them on the dryer chair legs and began kissing her knees and moved up to her inner thighs and when she got to Darlene’s pussy, Darlene pulled Cathy’s towel off her head and dug her fingers into Cathy’s wet locks and moaned. It was hard to hear her because of the loud hum from the dryer. We could tell by the look in her eyes that Cathy found Darlene’s clit.

I looked over at Kathy sitting on the bed against the headboard with her fingers caressing her own thighs. I slipped over to her and covered her mouth with mine and at the same time began pinching her nipples and she let out a moan. Her towel came off and her wet, cold hair fell over my head and back as I moved down to her tits. I worked on one and then the other. I slipped down her slim body and licked her belly-button and she immediately spread her legs. I kissed her inner thighs and pulled her flat on the bed.

Kathy quickly threw her legs over my shoulders as I dove into her crotch area. I licked the tender area between her asshole and pussy. I slowly slipped one finger up her ass and she arched her back to get it deeper. I licked her pussy from the bottom up and when I got to her clit she groaned and wiggled lustfully. I pulled my finger from her ass and replaced it with my tongue. This drove her crazy and wrapped her legs around me so hard I thought I was going to suffocate. I shoved two fingers deep into her pussy and rubbed around until I hit her “G” spot. When I hit it she let out a shrill scream and came all over my head. I pulled my tongue out of her asshole and licked her juices that were running down her ass crack.

Kathy fell back to the bed and moaned repeatedly as I assaulted her pussy with my fingers and mouth. She shuttered again and came again. She pushed my head away trying to recover from the continuous orgasm. I sat up and looked at this gorgeous woman lying on my bed covered in sweat.

I grabbed her by the hand and led her to the bathroom. I turned on the shower and pulled her in after me. She let out a giggle and wrapped her arms around me as the water pounded down on our sweaty bodies. I picked up the liquid soap and Kathy picked up a bar of soap. I squirted a pool of soap into my hand and began soaping up her back and ass. I pushed her long hair out of the way and as I soaped up her ass, I slipped two fingers up her ass. She wiggled against me and kissed me hard and stroked my cock with her soapy hands. I turned her around and with her ass to me I began soaping up her tits and sliding down dove into her pussy and working the suds into her pussy. She bent over and with her ass against my cock I grabbed my cock and slowly slipped my eight inches deep into her ass. With my other hand still on her pussy, she came almost immediately. I grabbed her hips and began plowing deep and fast into her ass. Even though I had soaped up her ass, she was so very tight that I knew I wouldn’t be able to hold off too long.

Kathy let out a scream; “Oh my god I can feel your cock expanding, oh fuck my ass John, shoot your hot wad deep into my ass!”

I slammed away, my balls slapping against her pussy as I did this faster and faster. I let out a loud moan and emptied my balls into her asshole.

She slipped to the shower floor and turned, I continued to shoot cream on her face. It hit her chin and she opened her mouth and caught another shot on her tongue. She moaned as she drew it into her mouth. She grabbed my cock and began sucking on it and I emptied the remainder into her hot oral cavern.

I slipped to the shower floor and we lay there with the water pounding our bodies, our exhausted bodies. We finally recovered and I took the pleasure of washing her super long blonde hair. She moaned as I worked my fingers into her golden locks and between that I squeezed her tits and played with her pussy and ass.

By the time I finished I had her as hot as a firecracker again. I rinsed her hair and we got out of the shower. We dried off and went back into the bedroom. Both Cathy and Darlene’s hair was already dry and they were on the bed in a sixty-nine position licking and sucking each other.

Kathy wanted to join them because she was already ready for another round. I had her get under the hair dryer as I fed her my cock. She sucked it in deep and them I pulled away and went to the bed. She was dying to join us, but we told her to dry her hair first. I climbed up and with Darlene on top, with her ass sticking in the air I grabbed her hips and with one swift lunge, buried my cock deep into her pussy.

Darlene groaned and dropped onto Cathy’s mouth. I thought she was going to suffocate Cathy. Cathy continued licking her pussy and switched once in a while to lick my juice covered cock and balls.

Darlene pushed back against my cock and licked Cathy even faster. Cathy groaned as she licked my cock and shook as she came from Darlene’s talented tongue. I slowly slipped out of Darlene’s pussy and I was gripping with her female juices. I stood up on the bed and aimed my cock at her puckered asshole. I slowly slid in and she took it all very easily. I fucked her tight asshole faster and faster as I caressed her gorgeous ass cheeks.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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