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Unexpected Suprise

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It all started as I sat across the bar watching you. I have never seen anyone make drinking from a straw look so damn sexy. I watched how you wrapped your ruby red lips around the straw of the mixed drink you had and it took my breath away. Between your lips and the smoldering look in your eyes every time you caught me looking at you, I felt like a deer caught in a set of headlights. I saw the hint of a smile cross your lips the last time you caught me looking and I felt my cheeks start to burn, which naturally made you smile even more. I had resigned myself to being only a voyeur to your sexiness, a beautiful woman like you would never see anything interesting in me.

As the night wore on, my friends made their usual late appearance, distracting me. But as a moth returns to the flame, I found my sight continually returning to you, sitting there alone, almost aloof. I guess that was just another thing that got my attention. My friends decided they wanted to start barhopping, but I was not in the mood to, so I said goodnight to them as they left. Prepared to accept to another night alone, I almost jumped out of my skin when I felt a hand touch my shoulder.

I turned and stared into your beautiful green eyes, so green almost the color of jade. You smiled that smile at me and whispered into my ear that you thought my friends would never leave. I stared blankly at you and then pinched my arm. You grinned at me and said, “No dear, you are not dreaming,” as you slid onto the stool next to me.

We laughed and talked, sharing jokes and feeling more comfortable with each other. At least I was getting more comfortable. Your composure never left you and I found myself wondering why you were in a small corner bar instead of the downtown nightclubs you were probably used to frequenting.

As the night went on, the crowd thinned until the bartender announced last call. I was amazed that the time had flown by so quickly; fearing my time with you was over. As I settled out my tab, I offered to pay yours also and you replied with a soft gentle laugh, saying that you would get it. I stood and offered you my arm to escort you through the dark parking lot to your car. You wrapped your arm through mine and molded yourself to my side. Still thinking that I was dreaming I walked you out. You pointed to a ’67 Mustang in mint condition. I looked at it in awe and admitted it was a beautiful car, almost as beautiful as you. For the first time that night, a hint of a blush crossed your cheeks. As we got to your car, you asked me where mine was and I pointed to the only work van left in the lot. You grinned and asked “yours or the companies?” I replied the companies, but since I own the company that makes it mine. After a small knowing grin, you asked for my card, which I gave to you. Then you pulled me close, giving me a toe-curling kiss. You looked over your shoulder and told me to close my mouth and have a nice night as you grinned and drove away.

I shrugged my shoulders, thinking, par for the course and headed home, thanking my luck at having met you, but cursing my luck at not getting your number.

Having forgotten about that night in the bar, except for in my dreams, I was pleasantly surprised to hear your voice on my work answering machine a few weeks later. My hands shook as I called your number. My breath caught as I heard the soft voice teasing me, “I bet you thought I would never call.” As usual for me, my brain was locked in park and I made some silly nonsense noise, and then after regaining my composure (I hoped), asked what I could do for you. After talking for a few minutes and getting an idea of the work you needed done, we arranged an appointment porno izle for that Thursday.

That Thursday after a half day of work, I went to my truck, stripped off my dirty tee and put on a fresh tee and pressed shirt (yes, I do always carry a pressed shirt in my van). After putting on some needed deodorant, I looked up your address in my map book, made the notes on how to get there and was on my merry way. The trip took a little longer than I anticipated, arriving 15 minutes later that the agreed upon appointment time. I slowly walked up to the door, taking in the surroundings. Your house is in a very nice part of the city that is currently undergoing a “revival”, meaning to me that you bought it dirt-cheap and wanted to fix it up and roll it for a good profit.

As you answered, I was again taken aback looking into your jade green eyes. You smiled and invited me in. As I followed you, my thought was that Levi’s should hire you to fill out their jeans; I mean do their jean ads. We walked through the entry way and I was greeted by a large sitting room, complete with crown molding, picture rail, chair rail, large baseboard and 12-foot ceilings. I gasped to myself enjoying the craftsmanship that went into creating the room. As you guided me around the room, you pointed out repairs needed here and there as I dutifully wrote them down. After we were done, I told you that I would be right back, walking out to my truck to retrieve my laptop but more importantly, adjusting the very uncomfortable bulge in my boxers.

I went back in and we sat at your kitchen table. You offered me a beer and I accepted, looking down your shirt to gaze upon your beautiful braless breasts. Suddenly you look up and I am busted. Turning even redder than a clowns nose, I stammered an apology and you leaned over and whispered, “don’t worry; I would have been offended if you hadn’t looked”. Feeling more comfortable from the waist up, I began entering numbers into my computer as we made small talk. Finished with the estimate, I gave you the figures. You smiled that shy sweet smile at me, “If you are going to work in this area of the city, you had better adjust your prices.”

Somewhat insulted, but hiding it, I asked, “In what way?” Then you pulled out four other estimates and the cheapest was over 4 times mine. I kicked myself in the ass, knowing that I had just passed up on easy money. Thanking me for my time, you rose, again offering me a great glimpse of your breasts and walked me to the door. As I was about to leave, you took my arm, pulled me into a hug and whispered, “Send me a contract at double what you quoted and I will sign it”. Thinking to myself “yeah, sure.”

I enjoyed the hug, got to my truck, rearranged myself again and drove home. Printing the contract out that night, I figured I was wasting paper, but mailed it at the revised price. Imagine my shock four days later when I received the signed contract and deposit check in the mail!

Arriving for the first day of work in my usual attire, khaki shorts and a company polo, I was greeted by you wearing indecently short running shorts and a tight crop top. The twin hard points visible informed me that you were braless. Your beautiful auburn hair was pulled into a ponytail and your face glistened with a coating of sweat. I apologized for interrupting your workout and carried my tools inside. As I worked away, accomplishing one step after another, I brought my step ladder in and proceeded to begin to remove the ceiling fixture. After installing the needed box in the ceiling, i carried the fan up the ladder. As I was hanging the fan motor, I felt hands rubbing my calf’s. Yelping in surprise I damn near amatör porno dropped the fan motor. Looking down, seeing your eyes, your blush and smile, you tell me that you could not resist. I stammered out “don’t worry, I didn’t mind” as I felt myself beginning to rise. Knowing I was in an uncomfortable position, I just grinned as many thoughts were running through my head. Continuing to work, I finished the day with no other interesting events except a few brief glimpses of braless breasts down your top (oh the joy of working on a step ladder). Little did I realize that you were just as attentive, taking in the fact that my work shorts are loose and so are my boxers. This didn’t occur to me as I noticed you hanging around whenever I was on a ladder.

Wondering how far this would go, I decided to go just play along and enjoy the glimpses I got. The next day though, my plans were definitely thrown a curve. Working in the third floor spare bedroom, I found significant damage from an unrepaired roof leak. I called you into the room and explained the problem, explaining how I would have to repair it. You asked to get a better look and I helped you up the ladder. Using my flashlight to point out the damage, I nearly dropped my light as I looked up and saw you exposed, shaven and evidently a bit excited, as shown by the hint of moisture on your lips. I stood there for a moment making stupid sounds as I enjoyed what I was seeing. After finishing the explanation and helping you down, enjoying the feel of your breasts as you slipped by me, I began to make a list of materials, stealing glances at your breasts.

The next day when I returned I was again treated to you being a bit of an exhibitionist. Today it was another low cut top, barely covering your nipples. As what appeared to be usual, braless also. As I was in the bedroom working on the roof rafters, you came in to ask me a few questions. I nearly fell off the ladder as I looked down and saw your breasts displayed to me through the opening of your top. As you stood there talking, your arms wrapped under your breasts, lifting yourself up and really displaying them. As we talked, I noticed your fingers lightly teasing your nipples, turning them into thick points that clearly showed through your top. My eyes were riveted to you as you continued to tease them and me. I slowly descended the ladder, looking into your eyes as I did, reaching the bottom, looking deeply into your eyes, wrapping my arms around you, feeling your body mold itself to mine. The feel of your breasts crushed to my chest aroused me even further. Your hand wrapped around my neck, sliding to the back of my head, pulling my face to you. Our lips met and parted, the feel of your tongue searching for mine. Those few moments of pleasure sent shock waves through me, damn near curling my crew cut.

You slowly released me, pulling away, looking deeply into my eyes. Our kiss was so breathtakingly soft and sensual, I almost believed it was a dream. I shook my head slowly, drawing a grin from you. Just as fast, your finger came up and wiped off a trace of lipstick on my lip, then you turned and walked away.

When I got home from work later that night, you had left a message telling me that you had to go out of town unexpectedly and you would not be available for about a week. I ran the whole afternoon through my mind and kicked myself in the ass for, as I thought, losing the job. Resigned to writing your job off, I went through my upcoming projects to revise my schedule, but something in the back of my mind (false hope?) kept me from making any phone calls. After waking and showering the next morning, I answered anal porno the doorbell, surprised to see a messenger. He presented his clipboard and I signed for the package.

Tearing it open, I was relieved to read your note and hold the enclosed key. It wasn’t me, you really did go out of town. Suddenly thanking my intuition at making no calls, I practically floated to my truck, drove to your house and got to work. Knowing you weren’t going to be there, I had only put on old cutoffs and an old tee. Kneeling down under the new vanity I had finished installing, head buried under the vanity top, I nearly jumped out of my skin as I felt two soft hands grab my waist. After the loud thud of my head hitting the cabinet and the associated curses, I tried to back up, but was held in place as the hands slowly rubbed to the top of my thighs, running along the ragged edge of my cutoffs. Not knowing what was going on, but identifying the hands as feminine, I said hell with it and enjoyed.

The motion of the hands slowly changed, one staying on my thigh, the other working underneath then between my legs. Letting out an involuntary shiver as I felt the nails graze my bare thighs, then a moan of pleasure as I felt the hand wrap itself around my now swiftly hardening lower self. Finally, I felt the motion of the hands change, pulling me back slowly. As my head emerged from the cabinet, the baseball cap I had on backwards was pushed lower over my eyes. I felt the hands guiding me up and pushing me to lean over the sink. Resigning myself to at least enjoy, I relaxed and felt my tee being pushed up, the front being used to cover my face. Only then did the hands allow me to turn around. I gasped in delight as I felt one hand grab my ass, the other hand grab my hard front and then hot breath against my chest. I smiled to myself, now able to smell your perfume, knowing it really is you.

I moaned loudly as I felt your tongue flick my nipple as your hands popped the belt and button of my cutoffs, then lower the zipper. You used one hand to hold me in place as the other hand pushed my cutoffs down, then rubbed me through my boxers. Your hand slowly rubbed around and then up and down, other hand sliding downward. I shivered again, moaning out a loud “please!!!!!” asI felt my boxers being pushed down. Moaning loudly as I felt your hot breath on me, I nearly collapsed as I felt the tip of your tongue touch the head. I was lost in waves of pleasure, feeling your tongue trace patterns all over my swollen manhood, knees actually shaking at the feel of your hot mouth engulfing me. Groaning and trying to pump my hips, your hands holding my hips still, I gave over to the feelings and almost collapsed when I felt your nose in my hair.

My hips moving and legs quivering I moaned out that it was time. I erupted into your mouth and felt the contractions of your throat massaging my head as you swallowed. Unable to control myself any longer, I reached up, pulled off my tee and looked down to see you gloriously naked kneeling before me. I pulled you to your feet and held you at arms length, taking in your beauty. Seeing your beautiful hair framing your face and highlighting your beautiful eyes, my eyes traveled lower. Examining your beautiful smooth skin, the gentle slope of the top of your breasts, the barely visible areola, the long hard thick nipples, the gentle sag of your breasts that assured me they were original equipment.

My eyes traveling lower, enjoying the small swell of your belly to the auburn haired landing strip at the junction of your legs. I pulled you to me, kissing your lips softly, slowly, gently, tasting myself on you. My lips made their way along the smooth length of your neck, enjoying the soft suppleness of your skin. Pulling you too me in a soft but firm hug, we kissed and kissed and kissed more.

All of a sudden my cell phone rang, causing me to hit my head on the cabinet, pulling me from my dream.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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