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Unfinished Business Ch. 02

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Morris Hump

“My name is Morris,” I said to him, “Morris Hump…”

He looked at me like I was crazy.

“I know that boy, I been bangin your momma since you were knee-high…you stupid or somethin?” he asked me.

I knew the answer to that question. “No sir, momma says, ‘Stupid is as stupid does!”

“If that’s true, boy, you must be a blithering idiot,” he replied. “Anyway, I didn’t come here to see your momma, no, I’m here to wish YOU a Happy Birthday! What are you, Morris, eighteen years old today?”

“Yes sir, momma says I’m old enough to know better now…”

“I hope not, boy…” he said. “Here — I brought you a box a candy…”

“Thank you, sir…momma always says ‘Life is like a box of chocolates’—-“

“These aren’t chocolates, boy – they’re hard candies…”

“Momma don’t say nothin much about hard candies, ‘cept I know she likes ’em…”

“How do you know that, boy?” he asked me.

“Whenever a new boarder stays with us, momma always says, ‘I hope he’s got a nice piece a hard candy in his pocket for me to suck on’…”

The man gave me the strangest look then took my hand and pulled me alongside him.

“C’mon boy, let’s go sit under the old oak tree — I got a piece a hard candy in my pants I wanna show ya…”

“It’s not all linty from being in your pocket, is it, sir?”

“Hahaha, don’t you worry about a thing, I’m gonna let ya polish and buff my hooter til it’s all wet and shiny, okay son?”

“That would be real nice a ya, sir…”

* * * * *

My Jenny is my oldest and dearest and bestest friend in the whole wide world. She’s my only friend in the whole wide world. She says we’re like peas and carrots whatever that means…

We’re sittin on the bank of the stream dangling our bare feet in the water when she suddenly says, “Morris, I can see you and Ol Doc Brown underneath the oak tree from my bedroom window — what are you fellas doin there?”

“He helps me squirt, Jenny, do you know what that is?” I asked her.

“Yes I do, Morris, I help my daddy squirt every night,” she replied.

“Doc Brown says if a man don’t squirt enough his brain gets all dull and fuzzy,” I said to her. “I help him squirt, too.”

“Morris, whaddya gonna do now that he’s gone away for a long time?” she asked me.

“Huh? Whaddya mean, Jenny?” I replied.

“He was helping the Swanson boys squirt but all they got is peach fuzz on their nuts,” she said.

That surprised me. “I didn’t know you gotta have hairy nuts to squirt, Jenny…”

“If you want Morris, I’ll help you squirt,” she said.

“Would you, Jenny? That would be real nice a ya…but momma bought me new pants and I can’t figure ’em out, Jenny…”

“Don’t worry, Morris, I’ll help ya…”

I watched my Jenny work hard at opening my pants. She sure has a knack for it.

“Wow Morris, that sure is a nice piece a hard candy you got there,” said my Jenny.

“Somethin don’t feel right, Jenny, my brain feels all dull and fuzzy – I think I got too much poison in my eggs down there…”

“That’s not good, Morris, I wanna help you, what can I do?”

“Momma says the only way to get poison out of a man’s body is to suck it out…”

“Must be true, Morris — daddy says so, too,” said my Jenny. “Don’t worry — I’ll get that nasty poison out of your eggs, Morris…”

“That would be swell, Jenny…”

And as I watched my Jenny’s head bobbing up-and-down my hard candy, I thought, Wow, and they call ME stupid? Heh-heh-heh…

Tricked and Owned

I made a mistake last week — a bad-bad-BAD mistake!

I went out bar-hopping with my roommate and some of his friends from work and, I dunno what happened, one thing led to another, and before I knew it I found myself alone with Mike’s Saudi Arabian friend, Keon, and again, I don’t know how it happened, but Keon somehow persuaded me into giving him a handjob.

I’ve never had homo sex in my life — never even thought about it, but after he exposed his horse-cock and ominously warned me, “I’m going to fuck you in the ass tonight!” I was so scared he’d rip me in half with that monster I decided it might be wise to placate him so I swallowed my pride and gave him a handjob.

It was strictly out of self-defense. He wanted to fuck me but MY GOD, you should see the SIZE of that thing!!!! As it was, I had to use both hands to make him shoot a load.

Now I’ve never had homo sex in my life — not even thought about it, but I gotta tell ya, when I held that bad boy in my hands and squeezed and stroked it my own boner began leaking pre-cum.

* * * * *

Well, wouldn’t you know it? The asshole swore it would be a one-night-only thing but he’s been texting me every day wanting to get together again. My reply every time has been: “NO EFFING WAY!!!!”

So this morning I received this text from him: “Moving to Florida in three-days — I want to see you one more time!”

He’s moving to Florida? WOW — my sigh of relief was so strong it steamed-up my car window.

There Anadolu Yakası Escort was still no way I was going to be alone with him again so I replied: “Have a good life!”

Well, a few seconds later he sent me this: “What will your roommate say when I tell him how much you love sucking my cock?”

I’ve never had a dick in my mouth in my life but his threat sent icy chills up and down my spine.

He wouldn’t do that, would he? He’s a nice guy, he wouldn’t do something so mean and despicable as lying to my roommate, would he?

And then he added: “Mike already suspects you’re queer. What will he do when I tell him you not only suck me off, but take it up the ass, too?”

A cold shiver of panic raced up-and-down my spine. “Keon, don’t do this, okay? I’m not a faggot – I made a mistake, that’s all there is to it…have a good time in Florida!”

And then I read his response: “Well, cutie, one more night won’t hurt unless I decide to bend you over and fuck your tight little boycunt, hahahaha…My house – 9pm sharp — DO NOT BE LATE!!!!”

* * * * *

I was half shit-faced when I got to his house. He gave me a glass of chilled, peppermint schnapps and told me to drink it.

“I want your breath nice and sweet when we’re kissing tonight!” he said with that an unnerving smile of his.

KISSING? OH-MY-GOD!! and he watched me down the schnapps in two gulps.

“Good boy,” he said, “I promise I’ll never tell Mike about anything we do tonight, okay?”

“You better not!” I exclaimed even though I knew I was at his mercy.

Well, I am not going to bore you with the gruesome details except to say I did what he wanted. Yes, I even let him keep his dick in my mouth when he climaxed — YUCK — but what else could I do?

Once he came in my mouth, I rushed to the bathroom and gargled with Listerine. I could feel his jizz gurgling in my belly and thought I was going to be sick. I heard the front doorbell ring and thought “Good — someone else is here — I’ll be able to go home now!”

When he went to answer the door I searched for my clothes so I could get out of there. Wait a minute, what the hell did he do with my clothes? Damn…

I was rushing around the bedroom naked, still searching for my clothes when he returned.

“Don’t be in such a hurry, cutie, the night is still young!” he said smiling.

“Where are my clothes, Keon?” I angrily asked him.

“You don’t need those yet, cutie,” he said. His calm demeanor was unnerving.

“I want my fucking clothes, Keon — NOW!!” I angrily said to him.

“Can’t do that, cutie, not right now anyway,” he said.

I was about to shout at him when I remembered he had a visitor. I quietly yet firmly repeated, “I want my clothes, Keon!”

The smile vanished from his face. “I said — not right now, white boy…I promised my neighbor, Abdul, you”d suck HIS cock, too!!”

I was overcome with a fear and anger so strong I was about to panic.

“Goddammit, Keon, I’m not kidding – I want my clothes!”

His calm demeanor suddenly turned cruel.

“I’m not kidding either, white boy, you’re not leaving here until you have a belly-full of Arab cum!”

He explained in graphic (and embarrassing) detail what I would have to do for him and his friend. I was too stunned to argue, or even speak. I had gotten myself into this mess, and now I had to pay a steep price to get out of it.

“We’ll make it easy for you the first time — you can suck him off in the dark — in the living room closet — Abdul won’t even see your face, hahahahahaha…”

“What’s so funny,” I angrily asked him.

“You’re going INTO the closet instead of coming out of one, get it? Heh-heh-heh…”

“Very funny,” I bitterly said.

My heart leaped when the doorbell rang again.

Keon opened the closet door and said, “You’re better off in here on your knees in the dark, Johnny, if Abdul sees you naked, he’ll bend you over the sofa and fuck you until you can’t walk!”

My entire body shivered and shook at the thought of taking it up the ass. I was so scared I walked into the closet, closed the door, and dropped to my knees and waited.

* * * * *

I’m naked and on my knees in a dark closet waiting to suck an Arab man’s dick — what the hell is wrong with this picture, John – you’re not even queer!!??

I heard low, muted voices thru the heavy door but couldn’t make out what they were saying. The light coming thru underneath the door suddenly went black. WHEW…I was relieved I wouldn’t be able to see his neighbor’s face, nor him mine when he opened the door.

I felt a cool rush of air when the door swung open. My heart skipped a beat. I was about to do the unthinkable. I kept telling myself to relax. You don’t know him, John, and he doesn’t know you — NO ONE WILL EVER FIND OUT!!!

I could sense his crotch was close to my face when he closed the door. Go ahead and do it, I told myself, take out his dick and get it over with, John!

Amazingly, İstanbul Escort my hand wasn’t shaking when I pressed it to his bulge.

Oh my God, it’s already hard — now what do I do? I wondered. Open his pants and take it out, you moron!

I moved in slow motion. My hands began trembling as I opened his belt, unfastened his slacks, and lowered his zipper. Hot damn, the sound his zipper made when I pulled it down was so naughty and dirty my boner began throbbing.

I had second thoughts about reaching into his pants and extracting his hard-on. Wouldn’t it be easier to yank down his slacks and boxers to his knees, John? I did just that and his boner slapped against my cheek.

Get it over with, John — get it over with – get it over with — get it over with…

I wet my lips and slid them over the fat knob of his hot cock. I took as much of his manly penis into my mouth that would fit — ohhhhhhhhh, I almost shot my load…

I remembered what Keon had told me about using my lips, tongue and hands to make the man cum in my mouth as fast as I could – it didn’t take very long to find my rhythm.

With my lips wrapped firmly around his hot Arab cock, I moved my head back-and-forth very slowly to get accustomed to its size. When I was more comfortable, I threw caution to the wind and feverishly bobbed my head back-and-forth on his hot and manly slab of meat…back-and-forth — back-and-forth — back-and-forth — back-and-forth — back-and-forth…

I am not going to say I liked having a dick in my mouth, no, I didn’t, but my balls began to swell, my breathing became labored, and I needed to shoot a load — badly…

Having never done it before, I wasn’t sure I was doing it right until he began groaning and thrusting his hot cock deeper and deeper into my mouth. Okay, I must be doing it right…

I was a first-hand witness to his amazing transformation. One second he was a mild mannered guy enjoying having his dick sucked then suddenly VOILA — he grabbed my ears, held my head still, and furiously shoved his pulsating cock in-and-out of my greedily sucking mouth.

Do all men turn into animals when they’re straining to climax?

When his thrusts became more and more urgent and I knew he was close to shooting his load, I began to panic. What do I do now? Am I supposed to let a complete stranger cum in my mouth?

And then it happened — he unleashed such a torrent of sperm and semen I thought I was going to drown. It was all I could do to swallow-swallow-swallow and swallow even more so as not to choke. There was so much of it I figured the guy hadn’t cum in a month!

His steel ramrod suddenly went limp in my mouth. My tongue lapped at the jizz I’d missed and I-have-no-idea-why — but my final act was to carefully lick his penis clean.

I saw brightness on the inside of my eyelids – someone had turned on the closet light.

Simultaneously, the Arab’s greasy and slimy penis slid from my mouth and I heard a blood-curdling scream:


Huh? I know that voice, don’t I? I opened my eyes and there he was towering over me with his glistening, flaccid penis dangling inches from my face — NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO…it was my roommate, Mike — Keon had tricked me into sucking my best friend’s cock!



I really love it in south Florida. No more snow and temperatures never below freezing. Sure, I miss my family and friends, but at least I’m making pretty good money and have a nice place to live.

Jennifer, the receptionist, smiled when she saw me.

“Hey lil cutie, L-O-V-E your outfit!”

I blushed. I always blush when she makes her snide little comments about me.

“WOW — those are the tiniest short-shorts yet!” she exclaimed. She then giggled and added, “Those are so small I can see the outline of your little ‘package’!”

So what’s new? My face turned beet-red yet again.

“Your 3 o’ clock is in room 24…standard massage — manual finish!” she said.

“Okay, thanks,” I said to the smiling woman.

“Johnny?” she said.

“Yes,” I replied.

“I found out who your 4 o’clock is…” she said.

“Who is it?” I asked.

“Mister Fayed,” she answered, “…he’s a very rich oilman…”

“Another Saudi…” I said matter-of-factly.

“No, I think he’s from Yemen, but anyway, he wants oral and already paid extra for you to make those gurgling noises when you swallow, okay?”

I chuckled and said, “Men are such idiots!”

Jennifer laughed, and said, “You’re preaching to the choir here, little brother!”

Second Times the Charm

Ten-minutes before the end of my shift I received a text that read: “In case you forgot: 949 Waverly Place Apt. 201 — 8pm SHARP!”

Huh? What is this? I wondered.

My phone ‘dinged’ again and I read: “Last night was wonderful — tonight will be even better!”

Huh? Last night?

Another ‘ding’ – “Please arrive sober — I have Ümraniye Escort two bottles of the wine you said you liked — c u soon, cutie!”

Another ‘ding’ quickly followed: “I am NOT going to pull-out tonight — if you can’t take it you’ll have to muffle your screams into my pillow!”

“Ohhhhh-myyyyyy…” I sighed as my dick stiffened inside my string, bikini briefs.

The whole night suddenly came back to me: I was drunk and got the urge to cruise the park again. I figure one of these nights I’ll meet a strong, forceful man who’ll take me home and MAKE me do homo-sex things for him.

Anyway, I met the guy in the park and followed him across the street to his apartment building. One thing led to another and we ended up naked on his bed. I was hoping he’d make me suck his manly cock but noooooo — he wasn’t interested in using my mouth. Instead, he guided me to the end of the bed and had me kneel on all fours. He said, “Spread your legs wider!” and my boner throbbed while I obeyed his command.

He went to the bathroom to retrieve lubricant, and I spread my legs further apart and waited for him to come back and mount me – my heart was pounding like a bass drum.

Well, to make a long story short, his damn thing was too big — it hurt like hell when he tried to push it inside me. No amount of lube could help me relax. When I told him to stop he got mad at me – sat back down on the sofa, covered his boner with a hand towel and began calling me a prick-tease and a few other choice names while stroking his hard dick with the towel.

I didn’t blame him. I felt bad for leading him on.

So when he pointed to his crotch and incredulously asked, “Are you going to leave me like this?” I sat beside him, pushed his hand away and stroked his dick thru the towel.

Oh-my-gawd, his moans and groans of pleasure were soooo exciting I cursed myself for waiting so long to do this for a man. I stroked him faster and harder to make him cum in the towel, and boy, he did not disappoint. He came-and-came-and-came-and-came…

I left his place with a raging hard-on and a fresh jerk-off fantasy. Of course, in the fantasy I’m not masturbating him, no, he gets mean and forcefully MAKES me suck his cock. Ohhhhh, yessssssssss…

Anyway, I just re-read “I am NOT going to pull out tonight!” and I sprung a boner.

I know myself too well. In the heat of the moment I’ll chicken-out again so I texted him back, “You’re a strong and virile man — I am a weak and undisciplined little boy — I give you permission to use whatever force is necessary to have your way with me!”

In hindsight, giving him carte blanche over my body was the first day of the rest of my life…

What an Asshole!!!

Timmy whispered in my ear, “Johnny, take out my cock and give me a handjob, okay?”

I almost choked on my tongue. No one had ever said THAT to me before!

“It never occurred to me you’re gay,” I softly said.

“It never occurred to me you’re NOT,” he replied.

Huh? What? I found myself between a rock and a hard place — or should I say ‘between a rock and a hard-on’?

Timmy has been so good to me since I moved into the building I feel indebted to him — I AM indebted to him! The dinners, the movies, he spends more money on me than I do! But now, as it turns out, the kid is not only queer, but wants ME to have homo sex with HIM!

How do I get out of this without hurting his feelings?” I wondered.

He sighed in the darkness and said, “If you don’t want my extra ticket to Bon Jovi that’s fine — Billy from upstairs will do ANYTHING to go to that concert!”

My heart sank. There it was — blackmail! How could he put me in such an awkward position — I thought we were friends?

“Well, Billy is a flaming twink — I am NOT!” I said defensively.

“Johnny, you’re such a prude…we live in the age of ‘friends with benefits’ — what is your problem? Maybe you should move back to Buttfuck, Idaho or whatever godforsaken, hick town you’re from…no one around here knows or even cares what two friends do for each other!”

“Well, I’D KNOW!” I countered.

“And it won’t mean a thing…a handjob’s just a handjob…you know what? If it makes you feel any better, I’ll do you if you do me – how does that sound?”

I thought: ‘Sounds real gay to me’ but I didn’t say it out loud.

In the darkness of the front seat I felt him sliding towards me until our legs were touching. My heart pounded in my chest.

In a calm and rational voice, he said, “Johnny, this is silly…if you want to be a member of our clique you’re gonna have to be a little more friendly and go with the flow!”

Friendly? Go with the flow? This is crazy!!!!

“Are you telling me that you and Tony and Rocco give each other uhhh – you know…” I couldn’t even bring myself to say it.

He said it for me: “Handjobs?”

I blushed in the dark. “Yeah…”

“Johnny, how are we supposed to get our rocks off when the girls aren’t around?” he asked me.

Girls? What girls? I wondered. I’ve known these guys a week and haven’t seen them with any girls.

“I’ve never done anything with a guy,” I confessed to him. “I wouldn’t even know what to do!”

He chuckled and said, “What? You never jack-off? I know better than that — every guy beats his meat!”

Again, I felt my face burning red.

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