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Unleashed Desires, Ageless Passions Ch. 02

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I awoke to sun streaming through cracks in the curtains in a dense emotional fog. I had slept the sleep of the comatose. Where was I? These were strange surroundings. The memories of the night before flooded back. I felt the warmth of the woman’s body close to mine. She was curled up in the foetal position, her back pushed tight on my chest. It was Rosie. I would never forget that night.

I pulled away gently so as not to disturb Rosie who seemed to be sleeping the sleep of angels, her breathing slow and steady.

Where was the bathroom? I thought. I needed it badly. I lifted myself from the bed without making a sound. The cottage was arranged along a single hallway and the bathroom was adjacent to the bedroom. Like Rosie, it smelled of Chanel and expensive bath oils.

I decided to take a quick shower. I was sure Rosie would not mind. I tested the temperature of the water before climbing into the cubicle. It was steaming hot. I wondered about the time, the position of the sun in the sky suggested it was later than I thought. I let the water pour down on me, closed my eyes and imagined standing in a tropical waterfall.

In another part of the house, I could hear the sound of running water and a woman singing. Although a little out-of-tune and slightly off-key, the singing was as happy as the sun shining on your face on a warm summer’s day. It was Rosie.

I was daydreaming happily when the noise of the bathroom door opening startled me.

“Good morning, John,” said Rosie cheerfully. “I thought I heard you in here so I brought some clean towels.

“Come down to the kitchen and have breakfast when you’re ready. And if you’re not ready for breakfast, then I hope you’re ready for me,” she said jokingly.

“Oh Rosie!” I exclaimed and laughed. “You’re incorrigible!”

“Huh! Incorrigible, eh? And you thought that I was just an old hen past her nesting date not so long ago!” she said, clucking like a hen for effect.

“That’s exactly what I mean by incorrigible too. Will you ever forgive my stupid notions about older women? I am really so very sorry,” I said.

“I know I got it completely wrong and you more than adequately demonstrated that to me last night,” I apologised again and I meant every word.

I was scrubbing myself in a totally deranged way so that I could not remember which part of me I had washed and which I had missed. The thought of making love to Rosie had caused my cock to stand to attention again. I was worse than distracted and as I floundered about in the shower. Rosie stood there with a broad grin across her face.

“You do look as though you need help in there,’ she said, ‘but as I’ve already had one shower this morning I’ll pass on that for now, wonderful though the opportunity might be.”

With those words she left the bathroom wearing her bath-towel sarong and a silly grin. I heard her singing her way down the hall.

Her warm humour was infectious. I thought more about her work as a counsellor. She seemed like a natural healer.

Wrapping a soft peach-coloured towel around my waist, I made my way down the hall towards the smell of burning toast and what sounded like a comedy programme playing on the radio. I stopped to listen to the radio for a moment. It was the ‘News Quiz’, a programme that usually went out at Saturday lunchtime. It could not be that late, I thought. I had slept soundly but surely not for that long. But then thinking back to the night before, it was very late before we even thought of sleep. The memories of the night brought back that tingling in my loins again.

Rosie was cooking something at the hob in the kitchen. The kitchen ran across the far end of the house with French doors out to a beautiful wild country garden. The ceiling had been opened up to the sloping roof with old wooden oak beams crossed diagonally in the void.

“What’s cooking, ma’am?” I asked. “Whatever it is, it smells delicious.”

“I thought we’d have brunch seeing as it’s so late,” she said, beating gently at some eggs. “I’m making us some scrambled eggs and smoked salmon.”

“Mmm one of my favourites and I’m ravenously hungry too,” I said salivating at the thought of food. “What’s the time anyway?”

“I bet you are. After your virtuoso performance last night, you should be hungry,” she replied, “and it’s about ten to one.

“So how about a good morning kiss at least?” she asked.

She put her head to one side and pouted.

“I’m waiting,” she said.

I took Rosie in my arms and drew her close. She was wearing a soft towelling bathrobe. I still sported my wraparound towel. Rosie smelled of fresh soap and skin cream. I raised her chin gently with my fingers and looked into those lively blue eyes. I bent to kiss her. Our lips met, not in the hunger and wanton passion of the previous night, but in a soft and loving caress. Our tongues softly glided and stroked the other. In the gentleness, one could feel the longing of two souls joined in a moment, then the growing awakening of desire. The feeling of my tongue gently invading the warm softness of Rosie’s mouth took me to that other place. My cock Betturkey rose quickly in the warm sensuousness of the moment. I know Rosie could feel it as she moved to press her stomach against me, pressing firmly onto my hardness.

Our kiss ended and Rosie stayed in our embrace pressed tightly to me. She had closed her eyes and I leant to tenderly kiss her eyelids. I showered her face with the same small gentle kisses.

“Mmm that’s so wonderful. I don’t want you to stop,” she said, “but I fear you must or the eggs will burn!”

“It’s okay. Let’s eat something. We can devour each other later,” I joked.

“I’d rather have you anytime,” she said, “but we do need to eat for energy and I need lots of energy right now.”

Rosie finished cooking and we sat at the large rustic wooden table made out of old oak planks. Rosie’s serving of our brunch was about as disorganised as my earlier performance in the shower. I could tell she was distracted and so was I. She recharged the toaster and I ate like a starving wolf. I felt incredibly hungry.

Rosie looked on in amusement as I scoffed what must have been my fourth slice of toast.

“Isn’t it amazing?” she said. “How healthy good sex makes us feel.

“I feel like I’m glowing with wellbeing this morning. I feel happy, healthy and complete. I haven’t had sex for years and last night I had the best sex of my entire life. It made me feel so good…like a whole person again.”

She paused for thought.

“You know, I’m sorry to sound like the shrink-wrap I am, but Freud had it absolutely right. Living in some void of sexual repression does us no good at all. It makes us sick. If it doesn’t drive us to do crazy things then it just makes us sick at heart. So what goes wrong?” she said.

“Rosie, I’m with you on that one. It’s what I believe too but all sorts of things go wrong,” I said.

“Either we live in aloneness like you, or else we get caught up in emotional double binds and twists and turns with our loved ones that just do us harm. We lose the plot, I suppose,” I added.

“Have you lost the plot?” she asked.

“Yes, me too,” I replied. “I’ve got caught up in that world where money and material stuff controls what I do both in and out of my marriage.

“And by the way, you weren’t the only one to have the best sex of their lives last night. I did too.”

I caught Rosie’s eye and returned her smile.

“Sex is a basic human need, as basic as food, drink and sleep,” I said. “Denying it makes people crazy. It not only causes social disease, but makes for a lot of perverted and crazy people out there too. Freud was right on the mark in my view.

“So you see we’re both a pair of shrink-wraps leading lives that are opposed to what we believe, and there lies the rub!” I added.

“YES! And we’ll have to do more about that very soon,” Rosie said and chortled wickedly.

I poured some hot dark coffee in a large porcelain mug and looked at Rosie looking back at me.

“We shall,” I said and smiled.

“Good,” she said and smiled back. “Er John…there’s something I want to ask. I mean, I don’t want to emasculate you or anything like that and I really want you. But there are so many things I want to try.”

Rosie was blushing again.

“Go on,” I replied. “It’s okay Rosie, you won’t offend me.”

“No, it’s not that. I just want to do things I’ve never tried. Nothing awful you understand and definitely not the three P’s,” she replied.

“The three P’s?” I asked.

“Yes, pain, pee and poo. I definitely wouldn’t enjoy those!” she said and chuckled.

“Oh Rosie! You are a case!” I said and laughed loudly.

“I really don’t go in for those myself either,” I added to leave her in no doubt.

“So what is it to be, my love?” I coaxed gently.

“Oh I want to make it up as I go,” she said.

“Okay then be my guest,” I replied.

“John, come here. Round to where I’m sitting and stand in front of me,” she said.

I did as I was asked. I was still in my bath-towel. Thankfully it was a warm summer’s day. Just standing close to Rosie made my cock rise in anticipation.

Rosie stroked my cock lovingly through the towel.

“I love it when you respond to me like that. Feeling your cock grow as you come close and I touch you there. It feels magical to me and makes me feel like the comely sorcerer,” Rosie said.

“Mmm you must be a good witch then,” I said looking down at her.

“Yes and a very bad one too. A good bad witch, that’s me,” she said.

She unhitched the bath towel that fell to the floor. My cock was waving in front of me, erect but free.

Rosie gently ran her fingertips down the length of my cock. I grew harder with every touch.

She fondled my balls softly and said, “Mmm… this is exactly what I want, John.”

“Mmm…,” I grunted.

She flicked her tongue at the head, just behind the glans. The pleasure was so intense I moaned and had to reach for the table to steady myself. I watched her lips part, then close around the head of my cock. As she sucked me in, her tongue swirled quickly Betturkey Giriş around the tip.

I moaned louder.

“Oh Rosie…that feels so amazing. Suck me harder, darling. Suck my tip hard,” I urged.

She sucked harder pressing against my glans with her tongue.

“Oh fuck! Oh Rosie! You’re driving me wild!” I exclaimed.

With that she dug her fingernails into my arse and pulled me towards her forcing my cock down her throat. As I felt her throat close around me, I was frightened she might gag or choke. But instead she was swallowing me, the muscles of her throat massaging my throbbing length.

I was making a lot of noise; a real pandemonium and the sounds of my enjoyment seemed to spur Rosie on.

Rosie released my cock and gasped for breath.

“God, I so love doing that to you,” she said. “It really turns me on to hear you enjoy it so much.”

I was panting and could hardly speak. I managed, “Oh Rosie…Oh, my Rosie!”

“Oh come here!” she said taking me in her mouth once more.

This time I felt her finger pressing against my anus. It was not an unpleasant sensation at all but I felt myself tense against the pressure. I needed Rosie so badly. Somehow I didn’t want to spurt my semen into her mouth, not this time. I really wanted to fuck her again.

“Oh Rosie, I must have you soon,” I gasped.

She withdrew my cock slowly from her mouth wrapping it in both her hands squeezing.

“And that’s exactly what I want, what I need, John,” She said. “I need to you to take me, to ravish and despoil me. I want you to fuck me like a beast.

“I don’t want any finesse or loving foreplay. I just want you to bend me over the table and fuck me hard. And if you’re worried about this old lady and lubrication, you should know I’m absolutely sopping wet already, so wet my juices are running down my legs. That’s what you do to me,” she said.

I didn’t need any more prompting or encouragement. I lifted Rosie from where she sat and took off her robe. I laid out her robe on the table so that she could rest against it and not the polished rough wood. Without words I turned her quickly around and bent her over on the table. I used one hand to bear my weight as I leant forward and the other to guide my cock towards the inflamed red wetness of Rosie’s cunt.

I hesitated and thought for a moment as the very tip of my cock caressed Rosie’s labia.

“Rosie,” I said, “there’s something I want too. I’m going to do exactly as you wish, but first I want to slide slowly into you and hold still for a few seconds. Your cunt feels so exquisite. I just want to savour the moment, to feel your delicious softness all around me before I fuck you.”

“How could a girl refuse a request like that? Of course, my love, as I’ve already told you, you can have anything you want, anything at all,” Rosie replied lovingly.

I bent down to kiss her back softly. As I did, I slid my cock slowly into her.

She screamed out, “God, I want you so much!”

She tightened the muscles of her cunt around my entire length. I was now pressed deeply inside her, my pubic hairs pushed against her arse.

I held still and let myself relish the wonder of her femininity. Being encased in her silken, nectar-soaked, velvet flesh felt better than anything on this earth. The warmth I felt here is beauty itself, I thought. I felt ripples of that same warmth run through my body as I languished in the moist caress of her cunt. I can’t describe in words the wonder of those few moments.

I leaned forward again and put my arms around Rosie steadying myself with my elbows. I held her breasts in my hands as slowly I started to move inside her. I kissed her shoulders as the force of my swaying hips increased. I slid my cock almost all of the way out of her cunt so that the very tip was resting on her opening. Then with a single thrust I pushed forward fast and hard.

With each forward thrust, Rosie gasped aloud.

“Oh John! Yes! Do me hard, John. Fuck me like I’ve never been fucked before!” she cried out.

I increased the pace and changed the tempo of our fucking. At first, I plunged my whole length in and out of her softness. Then I pushed forward as hard as I could and moved rapidly in short hard fast thrusts always pushing as deep as I could. She screamed out with pleasure.

“John, you’re amazing. Please let go now, lover. Stop trying so hard and just fuck me like a wild man!” she exclaimed.

“I could cum now, John, don’t worry about me! I want to let go with you. I want to cum when you do!” she cried.

I let go and fucked in a frenzy. I was totally out of control. My cock was smashing into and colliding with her cunt. I really did feel like a wild beast.

“Yes, darling, yes-s-s-s! Fuck me hard, John. Fuck me till I ache!” she urged.

By this time I was fucking so frantically that memory fails me. The animal within was in control now. My cock pounded Rosie’s soft cunt mercilessly.

“John, you’re making me cum. Fuck! Oh fuck!” Rosie cried.

The effect of those words on me was instantaneous. I felt the cum rising hard inside me.

Rosie was clawing at her robe and panting loudly. I could feel her body tense. I slammed my cock harder into her slick sex. Rosie’s back arched and her muscles clenched my cock. She was starting to convulse as the spasms tore through her. I felt her cunt pulsing wildly, pumping suction, pulling me in.

I fell forward and sunk my teeth into her shoulder. My hands grasped her breasts, squeezing her nipples hard between my fingers.

“Oh fuck!” she screamed as the orgasm ripped through her. Her cry was deafening.

I felt the creamy honey flow out of her, running down my legs. My spine stiffened as the intensity surged through my body tearing at every part of me in its painful ecstasy. Every muscle in my body was on fire, burning red-hot lava filled my loins. My seeds force-fired pouring deep inside, colliding with her creamy nectar. I let out a long gurgling moan at full pitch. I had collapsed onto Rosie, trembling, shaking with pleasure at the limit of my endurance. I felt my balls shrinking, contracting, quivering as they poured out every last drop of my essence into the hot wet darkness of her feminine mystery.

I held still taking my weight off Rosie, resting on my elbows. My gasping breath slowed to rapid deep panting. Rosie was breathing fast and deep too letting out the occasional whimper.

My stiffness receded gently but I had no desire to pull out. I kissed Rosie softly on the shoulder again.

I heard her giggle. Good sex always seems to make women do that. They either giggle or they weep. Rosie was giggling.

“Are you okay, my love?” I asked gently.

“Okay? I feel as though I’ve been impaled by a cave man and he’s nailed me to this table,” she said then laughed.

I laughed too.

“But, I didn’t mean to…,” I said and hesitated.

“No, silly,” she interrupted. “You were fantastic. It was amazing. But I am going to need to get up very soon.”

“Maybe it is my age,” she added, “I really loved you taking me like that. It’s just that this hard kitchen table is not as comfortable as my warm bed. I think I would prefer the bed or at least somewhere softer in future.

“So if I ever get the urge for you to take me while I hang onto the kitchen taps like that woman in ‘Fatal Attraction’ then don’t listen to me and take me to bed.”

“Or you’ll boil my pet rabbit?” I asked.

“Yes, or worse than that!” she said chuckling.

“Okay, I’ll just lift myself up and set you free,” I said.

I raised myself pulling free of Rosie. There was a slurping suction sound as my cock slid out of her. Our juices dribbled onto the floor.

“Let me help you,” I said turning Rosie over gently and lifting her shoulders.

She slid shakily onto her feet with me supporting her. The creases of her robe were imprinted in her delicate skin rubbed red from the pressure of our union.

We put our arms around each other and held each other close. She nuzzled against my chest.

“Mmm… take me to bed, John,” she said. “Take me to bed and hold me close.”

“You want to do it again?” I said incredulously. It was more of a statement than a question.

“You must think I am a really horny old maid!” she exclaimed.

“I just want to lay there with you holding me. I just want to feel you close,” she said.

I lifted Rosie’s arm around my neck then scooped her up. I pushed the kitchen door open with my foot and carried her towards the bedroom where I lay her down gently on the soft pink sheets.

I lay down next to Rosie pulling the cream floral quilt up over us. I put my arm around her and pulled her close so that her head rested on my shoulder and her body lay along my side. I turned and wrapped the other arm around her.

“Mmm you know exactly what I need,” she said softly.

I kissed her forehead. She turned further towards me and wound her leg around mine.

“Mmm,” she said drowsily.

In minutes, we were deep in post-coital sleep, oblivious to everything but each other. We clasped each other tight like young children hanging onto their mother for fear that she might lose them.

I felt Rosie move and fidget and lifted myself to look at the glowing blue numbers of her bedside digital clock. It was six fifteen. We had slept for hours.

I turned Rosie onto her back and propped myself up to look at her. She was lovely, I thought; imperfections, age and all. I could see in Rosie, a woman of all ages, the girl, the young woman and Rosie now. That was how she seemed to me, not old by any means, but a woman of all ages.

“Are you awake?” I asked gently.

“Mmm, very nearly but not quite,” she said sleepily.

Her breathing was slow and steady, the sound of sleep. I couldn’t resist the lure of her creamy skin. I kissed her collarbone and let my tongue move down her chest in a long soft caress. I inhaled her scent and for a moment rested my cheek weightlessly on her breast. I thought again about female beauty. I loved women, I mused. I loved the sight of women, their sound, taste, scent, the texture of their skin, their curves and their softness. Femininity, I thought, is not something to be spurned or rejected. How wrong some feminists had got that. The feminine was to be celebrated and cherished. It was the call of the goddess, of womanhood itself.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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