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Untethered Pt. 02

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Note: There’s some build-up before the sex and, as always, your comments and feedback will be very much appreciated! I hope you enjoy reading this one and I hope you check out my other stories, too. Thanks!


“So you’re not even going to discuss it with her?” Lucy asked before she took a sip of her coffee. She frowned slightly, letting me know that she thought it was a bad idea.

For the past three days, I had managed not to tell Lucy the tiny detail of Jamie’s ex making an appearance during our first date. My blonde friend simply knew me all too well, however, and immediately sensed that I was keeping her out of the loop about something. She had been relentless ever since until I finally cracked over our Wednesday brunch.

I leaned back against my chair, having already finished my bagel, and shrugged at her. “We’ve only been on one date, Luce. I’m not sure there’s something to discuss.”

Lucy raised an eyebrow at me and a wisp of her blond hair fell slightly as she tilted her head to the side and set her cup down.

“You’ve had four separate sexual encounters with her in the past two weeks,” she pointed out matter-of-factly. “Those count, don’t you think?”

A guy at a nearby table glanced towards us as Lucy spoke, but he looked away quickly enough when I narrowed my eyes at him.

“I think you know way too much about my sex life,” I sighed, rolling my eyes at Lucy. “Maybe you should focus on having one of your own instead.”

“I’m just saying, Shaie,” she grinned, not at all put off as she took another sip. “It wasn’t just one date.”

“Or maybe,” I ignored her. “I just don’t tell you any of it next time.”

She started to laugh, but then stopped. “Wait. You don’t mean the next time with Jamie still, do you?”

I did.

Jamie and I had kept talking after our date, although I did try my best not to send her any messages that Sunday after seeing her with her ex. It became increasingly clear as the day went on, however, that Jamie wasn’t inclined to send me any messages either and it began to get under my skin. I knew my reasons, but why the fuck wasn’t she trying to talk to me?

I had ended up texting her that evening anyway and she had replied, even seeming happy to hear from me. As before, we had kept off the subject of her ex and mostly swapped light—oftentimes, flirty— messages well into the rest of the night.

But then the same thing happened the next day, and the day after that. Jamie never initiated conversations but she was always warm and welcoming whenever I did, and we always ended up having the sort of exchange that left me feeling good about where Jamie and I stood—even though I had no idea exactly where that was.

Every day, it felt like I had to start over with her but the end result was always a connection so undeniably good, I didn’t mind the tiny bit of frustration that came along with it. I wasn’t used to being ignored by women and, with Jamie, there was always that underlying feeling that I was more of a luxury rather than a necessity.

It intrigued and challenged me at the same time, which was why I had invited Jamie over for dinner Thursday night.

Lucy took my silence now for the confirmation that it was and her blue eyes slightly widened. “What, are you into open relationships now or something?”

“Again,” I told her as I reached for my glass of water. “We’ve barely just begun dating. There’s no ‘relationship’ to speak of.”

“Yet.” Lucy said pointedly as I took a sip. After a while, when I didn’t say anything, she let out a soft breath and slowly shook her head. “Who knew Jamie had it in her, eh? Juggling two women at the same time…”

She was grinning, but it was clear from Lucy’s tone that her opinion of Jamie had changed. She didn’t seem so worried now about me breaking any hearts.

“Aren’t you done with your bagel yet?” I asked her, definitely not liking where she seemed to be taking this conversation.

Lucy broke off a piece of her bread and chewed for a while before she continued. “Of course, why she’d want someone else besides you is another matter.”

I scowled at her, not sure which irritated me more—that Lucy was stating the very thing that, if I were to be honest with myself, was actually bugging me, or that my friend was clearly amused by my predicament.

“This ex of hers must be very pretty.” Lucy mused with an incorrigible smile as she studied my reaction. I decided my best defense to her deliberate goading was not to take the bait.

“She is!” Lucy exclaimed, delightedly certain that she had guessed correctly. I casually studied my nails, pretending to be bored with the subject as she went on. “Should we still be calling her an ‘ex’, though, if they’re still… you know?”

Lucy casually waved her own question off as she paused to eat another piece. Then she leaned over just the slightest bit, drawing my eyes back to her.

“Do you think she’s really good in bed?” She asked in amused earnest, causing my hands to drop on the arms of my chair in ümraniye escort exasperation as she continued, “I mean, I can’t imagine how one even makes the comparison but Jamie must be making it if—”

“Jesus, Luce!” I finally exclaimed. “Can we please stop talking about Jamie’s ex now?”

The blonde laughed, no doubt pleased that she had won that round, and I found myself shaking my head and smiling a little, too.

“Yeah, yeah, laugh it up!” I rolled my eyes at Lucy before I glanced at my watch and stood. “We have to get going though. I have a class to teach.”

She continued to grin even as she followed suit. Of course, my yoga class wasn’t for another twenty minutes, but Lucy didn’t have to know that.


I went home Thursday night and made quick work of getting my condo unit to look presentable. I wasn’t a slob or anything, but I lived alone and was quite used to it, so I had a tendency to leave certain things lying around where they shouldn’t be from time to time.

I was definitely excited about seeing Jamie again. Ever since the thought of fucking her with a strap on had entered my mind, it never left. Instead, it had built itself a little home in my thoughts, turning into a full-fledged fantasy that I had been nursing these past few days and could barely wait to realize now that I had the perfect opportunity.

Of course, I did promise Jamie dinner and, in my experience, pasta was always the easiest to make—except I realized I was missing a few ingredients as I began laying them out. I looked at the clock and figured I had plenty enough time for a quick supply run.

I was almost at the store when I saw Jamie from across the street, walking towards the opposite direction. She had her head down a bit and didn’t see me, but I couldn’t stop a smile from spreading on my lips at the sight of her. I didn’t have a chance to call out to her when she suddenly turned onto a condominium complex and disappeared.

Of course, I couldn’t follow her in. That would be too weird. I fished my phone out of my pocket, debating for a moment before my curiosity won and I dialed her number. It took a few rings before Jamie answered.

“Hey!” Her voice sounded upbeat through the receiver and I smiled in reflex.

“Hi!” I told her. “Just checking in. Are we still on for tonight?”

“Yeah!” She confirmed. “There’s just something I—”

“Hey Jamie!” A female voice cut through in the background. “Just come right in.”

“Listen,” Jamie told me from the other end before I could speak. She sounded rushed, like she couldn’t wait to end the conversation. “I have to go. I’ll see you at 8, okay?”

“Okay,” I said, but not before Jamie had already hung up.

I stood there for a moment, unsure of what to make of it.

Sure, that female voice could have been anyone’s, but it also could have been her ex’s. That the possibility of that was even there was definitely not sitting well with me as I began to walk back home. Jealousy, while not a completely foreign emotion, was rare enough for me that I had no idea how to handle it when I felt it.

Well, what was I supposed to do, ask Jamie not to see anyone else?

That felt a lot less like fun dating stuff and more like relationship territory to me. And while a part of me wanted Jamie all to myself, another part wasn’t sure I was ready for the kind of attachment—not to mention the loss of certain perceived freedoms—that exclusive dating might entail.

Or what if I asked and Jamie said no? Was I ready to let go of what we had right now? Our dynamic both in and out of bed was definitely something that I wanted to explore further, which I may not get the chance to if it turned out that Jamie wasn’t inclined to date just me.

Maybe I didn’t need to know the answer to that just yet.

Shit. It simply felt too soon to even be thinking about this now and I made the easy decision to just set it all aside for the moment. All I knew for sure by the time I got back to my unit was that I still wanted to see Jamie tonight.

I put my keys down, saw the ingredients I had left lying on my kitchen counter and realized that I had not done what I had gone out of my apartment for in the first place.

Fuck it, I thought as I picked up the phone and speed dialed my favorite Chinese restaurant.


Once again, Jamie was right on time.

I had taken a quick shower and was in the middle of dressing up when I heard her soft knocking. I fastened my jeans and put on a simple white shirt, glancing at the mirror only long enough to make sure that my still-wet curls weren’t too messy as I hurried to answer the door.

Jamie stood there, looking so pretty with her long, brown curls unbound, flowing past her shoulders and framing her face. She had on very little make up—just dark brown arches on her brows and some gloss which made her rosy lips look kissable as hell, especially when it broke out into a smile when she saw me.

Still, her deep brown eyes were tentative as she said, “Hi!”

Again, pendik escort I felt that sense of starting all over again with Jamie and my mind recalled Lucy’s words yesterday. We had had sex four separate—and, might I add, incredible—times. Shouldn’t Jamie have overcome her shyness with me by now?

It made me unsure of how to approach her, and I didn’t like the feeling one bit.

“Hi!” I smiled, keeping my distance when all I wanted to do was give her a kiss. I opened the door and stepped aside. “Come in!”

I watched as she entered, noticing the way she filled out the royal blue pull-over she was wearing. My eyes fell on the firm, round bottom straining against her tight-fitting jeans as Jamie walked past me, and my smile widened at the memory of the spanking I had given it once. She wore a different outfit from what I had seen her in earlier, which meant that she had gone home and changed before coming here.

Or she had a change of clothes at that woman’s place.

I pushed the unwanted thought away as I closed the door behind me and followed her in. Jamie stopped and leaned against my kitchen counter as she faced me, but the warm smiles we exchanged soon turned awkward as I waited for her to say something.

“I hope you like Chinese.” I told her when the silence became uncomfortable.

I glanced at my dinner table and she followed my gaze. I didn’t know what Jamie liked, so I had gotten four of my favorite dishes from the restaurant. I looked back at Jamie and saw the way her nose crinkled slightly even as she reluctantly nodded.

“Oh my God, how can you not like Chinese food?” I gasped incredulously. Still, I had to laugh at the way I had bungled this up by assuming that she would in the first place.

“It’s not like I hate it or anything!” Jamie exclaimed in her defense, although she clearly found this a bit amusing as well. “I mean, I’d eat it. It’s just…not my favorite thing.”

“Well, this one’s on me,” I started towards the table, grinning at her as I began to grab the containers. “We can just order something else.”

Jamie was there in the next instant, stopping my hand by placing her fingers lightly on my wrist. I felt a surge of current at her touch, leaving a comfortable warmth to spread through me as Jamie and I finally began to relax around one another.

“No, no, it’s fine!” She protested, grabbing the box of Kung Pao Chicken in my hand and placing it back where it had previously sat. Her eyes quickly scanned the rest of the food and settled on the dumplings.

“These.” She said as she grabbed the container. “I can eat these.”

She met the dubious look on my face with an empathic nod and I acquiesced easily enough, just glad that the ice had broken quicker this time than the last. I suggested that we settled on the couch and Jamie moved to bring the food there while I opened a bottle of red wine and poured us each a glass.

“Your view must be great,” she observed as I finally joined her. She was sitting on my couch but she had glanced towards my window as she said the words.

I didn’t even bother to look at it. My unit was pretty high up that it overlooked much of the city, but I had lived there for far so long that I was now used to the view and it felt just like any other.

“Yeah, it is,” I agreed, pointedly keeping my eyes on Jamie as I handed her a glass. I grinned at the blush that spread across her cheeks before I offered, “You can check it out for yourself if you want.”

Jamie laughed softly and shook her head. “I’ll take your word for it. I can’t deal with heights.”

That surprised me a little, but I said nothing as I settled on the couch next to her. I had left only the kitchen light on, which provided a soft glow for the living room area. I was a bit dismayed, however, when Jamie had tucked one leg in and faced towards me, but I followed suit. We sat like that as we ate and talked for the next half hour, with a small distance between us and our shins occasionally touching.

I was in the middle of telling her the story of how Lucy, Tom, and I had decided to put up Floe when I finally became aware of it.

It was subtle enough when it started. Jamie had removed her shoes somewhere in the middle of our conversation, and her foot had begun to trace a short line back and forth against the plush carpet, her bare skin infrequently coming into contact with mine.

After a while, the tip of her toe started to occasionally trail across the top of my foot until it reached the hem of my jeans, sending a constant tingle right up to the pit of my stomach. I had looked at her suspiciously the first time it happened, but Jamie had gone on talking so naturally, I figured she had no idea what her feather-light touch was doing to me.

I did my best to ignore it, but I began to notice other things now that my senses were heightened. Jamie looked at my face as I talked, but her grip on her wine glass seemed tighter than before and I watched the rise and fall of her chest grow a bit quicker bostancı escort as her foot continued its leisurely caress on mine. I brought my eyes back up just in time to see her gently biting her lower lip before she let it go with a soft sigh as our gazes locked.

The darker shade of her eyes told me that she was also being affected by her little ministrations, but it was the playful little twinkle in those expressive orbs that made me gasp. The little minx knew exactly what she was doing.

“What?” Jamie asked innocently, but her grin told me that she knew her jig was already up. Still, she laughingly egged me on. “Go ahead. You were saying about Floe?”

I couldn’t help but grin back even as my eyes narrowed on her. And to think, I had been struggling to control myself for the past half hour when I didn’t really have to.

Jamie and I both leaned against opposite armrests of my couch but, now, I slowly straightened up. She released her wine glass easily enough as I took it from her hand and got it out of the way. Jamie propped herself off, drawing my eyes immediately to the swells of her breasts at the top of her bodice as her back arched slightly.

“Was there something you wanted?” She smilingly teased, raising a delicate eyebrow as I met her gaze.

“Mm-hmm.” I nodded slowly, grinning as I hooked my arms under her knees. I tugged her towards me into a more supine position, my body settling gently on top of hers as I said, “And you’re gonna get it.”

“Hmmn,” Jamie countered, all traces of amusement gone in her eyes as a twinkle of pure excitement instantly replaced it.

. “Hmmn,” I echoed, right before my mouth seized hers. It had been too long since I last had her taste on my tongue and my desire craved to be sated right away, but Jamie sought to temper it with her own leisurely pace.

Her tongue coaxed mine into a kiss that savored and, soon, I was bowing to her rhythm, enjoying how her body responded underneath mine. Jamie sighed against my lips when my hips began to move, her hands slipping under my shirt as she dragged her nails up and down my back.

My own hands weren’t idle, and we both grew more urgent when I made no pretenses of grabbing her left breast over her bra. I immediately hated the fabric and pushed it out of the way so my fingers could give her hardened nipple the little twist it deserved, causing us both to groan in pleasure.

She tore her mouth from mine and I sighed softly, baring my neck as she began to trail hungry kisses down my throat. She nipped at the sensitive skin, her hands grabbing my ass and pressing me tighter against her before quickly moving towards my waistband. I drew back and waited as she fumbled with the button of my jeans, relishing the exact moment she slipped her hands inside and realized what I was wearing underneath.

Jamie stilled, her eyes slightly widening in surprise, and I couldn’t help but grin. Her breathing changed, quicker with nervous anticipation now that we both knew what I had in store for her.

I continued to play with her breasts and Jamie gasped as my thumbs lightly circled her puckered nubs. Her hand began to move and she closed her eyes tight, as if trying to picture what she was touching, and then she opened them again and tried to look down at the narrow space between our bodies. Finally, she threw her head back with a small, frustrated whimper.

“What?” I teased, throwing her earlier words right back at her. “Was there something you wanted?”

“I want to see,” Jamie nodded, deciding that now was not the time for pride. I saw the little blush that crept across her cheeks and briefly wondered—not for the first time—how she could seem so innocent sometimes and yet be so in tuned with her sexuality.

“Get up,” I ordered as her words struck the chord of my arousal.

I shifted to a sitting position on the couch and Jamie didn’t have to be told to kneel in front of me. She did it all on her own, her hands splaying across my thighs and moving up until she reached my waistband. I lifted my hips as she hastily removed my jeans, her gaze immediately fixing on the cock I wore between my legs.

I watched her run the tip of her tongue across her lower lip for one quick moment before those dark brown eyes looked up at me, wanting and waiting. I sucked in a breath, realizing that it wasn’t my instructions she was asking for, but my permission.

I nodded silently, my left hand gripping the armrest as I braced myself. I felt an overwhelming desire to please her and, right now, that meant staying still and letting Jamie have her fun.

She began by furtively touching the entire length of the 8-inch shaft before her hand gripped its base, gently pressing it against my center. I gasped when Jamie’s tongue darted out and took a swipe at the tip, her eyes closing as she took a couple of inches into her mouth.

“Fuuuuck,” I breathed. Jamie moaned as she slowly drew it out, the black silicone now glistening with her saliva.

She started to repeat the action, taking more and more of my cock in every time, and I tried to calm myself as the base continuously rubbed against my clit, eliciting a frequent groan from my lips. I felt her nails sink into my thighs for a split-second before loosening as she spread my legs wider.

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