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Unwanted: Part 5

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Jon and Lauren were already in the living room when Tiffany came downstairs. “You took another shower.” Jon immediately noticed her wet hair.

“I get sweaty in my room,” she admitted.

“If you didn’t keep the temperature so high, it wouldn’t be a problem,” Jon scolded her.

“What film did you two pick?” Randy came down the stairs a moment later. He was no longer wearing his dress clothes from work and was instead just wearing loose fitting pajama bottoms and a t-shirt.

“Got uncomfortable?” Lauren asked snidely. She was used to seeing her husband in business attire if they ever met during the day at all. He practically lived at work.

“I’ve been training some of my employees to take the brunt of the work. I’ll be able to come home a lot more often,” Randy explained.

“Oh, doesn’t that sound wonderful, kids?” Lauren shifted the job of being happy for her husband to her children.

“I was thinking we could spend more time as a family, doing things like this.” Randy picked up the DVD that Jon and Lauren rented. “Oh, a horror movie. It’s even got a picture of one of the college girls getting killed while using the bathroom on the cover. Isn’t that a little excessive?”

“I’ve seen your internet search history, dear, you’re no stranger to this sort of thing,” Lauren shot down his complaints. “Besides, it’s the one Jon chose. Apparently a sappy romance was not his cup of tea.”

“If we have time, we can watch both,” Randy suggested. “Which shall we go for first?”

“The horror movie, obviously,” Jon spouted. “If I don’t like the romance one, then I’m just going to go upstairs.”

“You won’t do that,” his mom hissed at him. “Play on your phone or something but we are spending this time as a family.”

“Fine,” he grumbled. “Who’s sitting where?” The Taylor household had only two couches, both only big enough for two people.

“I’ll share with Tiff if you want to be a mama’s boy all day today,” Randy teased Jon.

“Hell no, I’m sitting with Tiff.”

“Listen to you two, arguing over her like she’s worth the trouble,” Lauren muttered. “I don’t want Jon sitting next to her. They’ll probably mess around.”

“Then it’s settled, I’ll sit with her.” Randy raised his hand.

“No,” Tiffany squeaked in a high pitched voice.

“Are you that desperate to get it on with your own brother, you whore?” Lauren glared at her.

“Mom, stop, I told you I don’t like you talking to her that way,” Jon came to his sister’s defense.

“Yeah, lighten up a little,” Randy took his son’s side.

“Why are you three ganging up on me?” Lauren gasped. “It’s like I’m the one that’s wrong for thinking it is not okay for a brother and sister to have sex with each other.”

“We’ve established that it is sociably unacceptable, but we’re not out in society right now,” Randy tried to calm her down. “Now don’t worry, I’ll sit with Tiff and…”

“No,” Tiffany repeated in a louder voice. She moved to hide behind Jon’s back.

“Looks like she prefers me over dad,” Jon laughed.

“Maybe if you were home more often,” Lauren saw a chance to complain about her husband.

“Why don’t you sit with her then?” Randy suggested. After seeing how much more partial to Jon Tiffany was, he somewhat wanted to keep them apart to teach them a lesson.

“Don’t be ridiculous. It would be so awkward sitting next to her. I wouldn’t enjoy the movie at all.” Lauren turned up her nose.

“So you’re more okay with our children fucking than you are sitting next to your daughter,” Randy sighed.

“Don’t use that against me now; not when you were totally okay with it from the start.”

Jon was no longer listening to his parents bickering. His mom’s final refusal to sit with Tiffany and her refusal to sit with their dad meant that he had won. He sat down on the left couch and patted the space next to him.

Tiffany walked over to the closet underneath the stairs and retrieved a small throw blanket. Her current outfit was nothing more than a thin long sleeved night shirt and a short ruffled skirt. Her bare legs already had goose bumps after she left the warmth of her room. She sat down on the couch next to her brother and tucked her feet under herself before draping the blanket on top of her lap. She leaned toward the armrest instead of toward Jon. He did not seem to mind but he still took the effort to lean over and kiss her behind her ear once.

Randy put the horror movie into the DVD player and took command of the remote. Lauren went to the kitchen to prepare the snacks she bought. She returned with a bowl of chips for each couch but only sodas for herself and Jon. Randy grumbled to himself as he got up to get himself one. Tiffany was surprised when he brought a second one back for her as well. She took it cautiously, refusing to meet his eyes. He patted her head sweetly though. He wanted to remind her that she could ignore him all she wanted but she still lived in his house.

The first few scenes of the movie were normal boring nonsense as the characters were introduced. It was about college kids on their way back from spring break. Their car broke down and they had to stop for the night at a creepy motel. The normal horror nonsense ensued; someone mysterious decided the kids needed to be taught a lesson in the form of murder.

As Randy originally pointed out, a lot of the scenes were not meant for younger viewers. The one from the cover where the girl was using the bathroom was particularly graphic. She was sitting on the toilet and the sound of her pee hitting the water could be heard but not seen. When the killer opened the door to the bathroom, she screamed and stood up, giving the camera a full view of her cunt and the pee pouring out of it. He stabbed her straight through the eye as well, making the shot more gruesome than erotic.

Tiffany was never one for horror. She screamed every time there was a jump scare and hid her face whenever there was too much blood. Something about seeing the girl’s dripping cunt as she hung in the air on the end of the killer’s knife resonated with her though. She had just been having sex with her father less than an hour ago. She swore she could still feel his large cock inside her asshole. Reluctantly, the movie turned her on just as much as it scared her.

Once the scene had ended and Tiffany no longer had to see the blood of the poor girl’s eye, she started to imagine just her dripping cunt. She touched her own crotch under her blanket. She had hastily put on a pair of panties after her shower and they were already wet from the water she did not bother to towel off from. She could not tell if she was also becoming wet but she poked and prodded her clit as if it were the case.

The next scene to arouse her interest was of a pair of the college students sharing a bed together. The movie was extremely liberal with its shots, allowing the camera a full view of the girl’s breasts as her partner undressed her. They showed everything short of her boyfriend penetrating her, though they definitely implied it.

Tiffany was all out masturbating as she watched the scene play out. The images on the screen mixed in her mind with the kocaeli escort many times she and her brother had sex in her own bed. There was no way Jon had not noticed what Tiffany was doing. In fact, when he reached over and touched her crotch through her panties, she was less surprised and more excited. She tried to thrust out her hips to greet his hand, making him wonder why she had not asked for his assistance already. They once promised to never masturbate by themselves. Of course, that was before that had actual sex. There was something naughty about returning to the basics. Not to mention the fact that they were in the same room as their parents.

Tiffany felt like she was about to cum just from having her brother touch her. The sensation left her body when she noticed the murderer sneaking into the room just barely inside the camera shot. She wanted to shout to the couple to look out but she knew better. The boyfriend was just getting into the motion of fucking his girlfriend. She was screaming excessively. The killer appeared in frame again, for a mere moment, to slit the screaming girl’s throat. Suddenly she was silent and blood, fake movie blood, was pouring from her neck.

Her boyfriend did not notice though and continued to fuck her as she thrashed about. Watching an actress pretend to bleed to death as her boyfriend fucked her like a flailing rag doll was more exhilarating than Tiffany thought possible. Jon was equally turned on and Tiffany was not resistant at all when he grabbed her hips and pulled her waist toward his side of the couch. Her lower half was still hidden under the blanket.

She felt him pushing his fingers into her crotch and was surprised when he made no effort to move her pants from in front of her hole. Instead, he pushed them inside her as well. She had to cover her mouth to keep from gasping. It was certainly a new experience for her. Her vision went out of focus for a while as she lost herself in the feeling. When she was able to concentrate again, she noticed something hard pressing against her leg. Jon’s cock was bulging through his pants.

She touched it through the cloth of his clothing, feeling its warmth. When she could not get enough, she slipped her hand into the waist of his pants and grasped his bare flesh. He sucked in a breath while turning away to keep from alerting their parents. Neither one of them were paying any attention to their chips or their drinks. They were just barely keeping their eyes on the movie. What they were doing beneath the blanket made everything they were watching just that much more exciting. They tiniest glimpse of a female actor’s breasts or cunt turned both of them on even more.

It was not long before Tiffany had worked Jon’s pants down enough for his cock to slip out. She clasped just below the head tightly as she rubbed the tip against her crotch. He lifted himself just enough to push into her, forcing more of her panties into her hole. They felt tight, like receiving a wedgie, but she was too turned on to care. The cloth rubbed at her insides, making her sore but also excited.

The wetness of her crotch soaked her panties completely, making it easier on Jon to push them into her. After several attempts to push forward, he managed to slip about half of his cock inside. She grunted each time he made a thrust. It was more painful than she thought it would be. They continued like this for several long minutes, keeping an eye on their parents to make sure they had not noticed anything.

Eventually Tiffany could not take it anymore and she pulled her panties aside as best she could. His cock slipped fully into her. She had to cover her mouth again to keep from squeaking. Jon was noticeably grateful. He leaned to match the angle she was sitting, with her upper half on one side of the couch while her lower half was in his lap. It took some effort to find a way to push in and out at his angle but he was determined. Tiffany opened her mouth and clenched her throat, miming moaning.

When she realized what she was doing, she snapped her mouth shut and glanced at her parents suspiciously. Neither one of them was looking at her though. The movie was coming up on the climax. The college students were close to either killing the murderer or all dying at his hands. Jon found it funny to time his more forceful thrusts with the jump scares of the movie. Tiffany would instinctively clench her muscles whenever a scary scene played out.

Eventually the two of them grew tired. They were just going through the motions. His cock was not soft but it was far from as stiff as it had been. He had leaked a lot of precum that was now smeared inside and out of her cunt. Under the blanket, he pinched and flicked her clit, trying to keep her interested. It was no use though. She was leaning against the opposite armrest, rest with an exhausted expression. Her bangs were drenched in sweat from her forehead.

By the time the movie ended, neither one of them was moving at all. In a few moments, Jon’s cock was going to deflate and slip out of her on its own. “Well, that was intriguing,” Randy’s loud voice woke them from the exhausted stupor. Cindy tried to push herself up but stopped when she also slid right over into Jon’s lap. She was this close to revealing what they had been up to. “I told you it was going to be raunchy,” he grumbled.

“It was Jon’s movie choice,” Lauren defended it, or at least their reason for watching it.

“Did it give you any ideas?” Randy winked at his wife.

“Don’t be stupid.” She cringed. “Come on, let’s get more food and put in the other film.”

“I think I’ll go to the bathroom,” Randy announced almost proudly. He was looking right at Tiffany. “Think you need to go too?”

“She’s not a kid, Dad,” Jon laughed. “The movie wasn’t so scary that she’s afraid to go by herself.”

“Are you sure?” Randy waited for Tiffany to speak up for herself. It was obvious he was hoping she would take the hint and accompany him to the same bathroom. After watching so many college kids having unprotected sex, he was more than a little horny and slightly eager to pick up where they left off with in the shower earlier. Tiffany was refusing to make eye contact with him.

Jon stroked the back of her head and played with her hair. When he looked up and noticed Randy still staring at them he stopped. “Is something wrong, Dad?” he asked in concern.

Randy waited for a moment before responding. “Nothing, Son,” he answered in an obviously disappointed tone. Jon felt his sister’s cunt clamp down on his cock as their father walked past them and out of the room. It renewed the lost vigor he had. His cock was stiffening all over again.

As soon as Randy was out of sight, Jon threw the blanket off of himself and pulled Tiffany into his lap properly. She yelped as she sank down onto his cock. No matter how he tried, Jon had failed to fill her completely at their awkward angle. He lifted Tiffany up by the waist and dropped her back down. At first she rose and fell on his cock quickly, as it was still growing. Once it was back up to normal size though, she slowed down. The effort it took to force his large member into her tight hole increased. She kocaeli escort bayan screwed up her face every time she pushed down and sighed or grunted whenever her cunt hit the base of his cock.

They continued their lap fuck for several minutes before Jon decided it was too slow. He grabbed one of the cans of soda they had left untouched on the coffee table in front of the couch and shoved it under Tiffany’s thin shirt. She felt the cold metal as it touched her skin. Jon rolled it up her sweaty body, giving her goose bumps, until it was touching her breasts, more specifically, her nipples.

Tiffany gasped at the cold sensation. Her cunt tightened again but also started to moisten. She whimpered as her pushed the can into her. Her cunt was becoming slicker. She bounced up and down on his cock with more ease. His cock struggled to point forward instead of straight up, keeping the tip firmly pressed on the back of her pelvis. It ground itself into her flesh the entire way as she bounced. It even poked at the back of her bladder. The sudden realization that she probably did need to use the bathroom, despite her dad’s pathetic attempt to coerce her, made her feel incredibly stupid.

She clenched her eyes shut and tried to imagine anything else. Of course, she could not. She felt nothing but his large meaty member pulverizing her small compressed bladder. Finally, she could not take it any more. She grabbed her mom’s open can of soda from the coffee table and pressed it to her cunt just as a yellow stream began to pour out.

“Whoa, are you seriously peeing in Mom’s drink?” Jon was shocked.

“Shut up,” Tiffany whined. She was unable to stop until her bladder was completely empty. Luckily, the can did not overflow. Jon was mesmerized by the sight of his sister peeing in the middle of the living room. It was wrong in the best way. Jon loved to watch her body move and every little tick. Sometimes he would sneak into her room when she was sleeping. He would stand over her and masturbate, eventually cumming on her stomach or back. Everything about Tiffany turned him on. It took everything he had to keep from waking her up every morning by shoving his cock into one of her holes.

Jon’s cock grew harder with his excitement. He started thrusting more and more but the angle was no longer good enough. He placed his hands under Tiffany’s knees and lifted her while standing up. She made several yelping sounds as his cock shifted inside her. Unfortunately, Jon was too scrawny to support her body the way her dad did when fucking her ass in the shower earlier. He had to walk over to the wall and push her against it next to the front door to keep her from falling.

Suddenly the sound of the downstairs bathroom door opening startled them both. Without thinking, Jon opened the front door and carried his sister outside into the cold. Luckily he was still dressed from his trip to the store with their mother. His boots hit the snow and made a crunching sound. Tiffany gasped as she felt the cold air chilling her wet cunt immediately. Jon continued trying to carry and fuck her at the same time but it was not easy. Eventually he simply had to set her down.

“Oh my god, it’s freezing out here!” Tiffany’s teeth started to chatter. She was hopping from one foot to the other as she was not wearing any shoes, just socks. Jon watched her dancing in the snow with his same mesmerized look. Even in discomfort, she was extremely sexy to him. He lifted up her shirt and confirmed that both her nipples where harder than they had ever been. “Can we please go back inside?” she begged him.

“Not until we cum,” Jon denied her request.

“I’m going to die out here before that happens,” she argued.

“Come on, let’s make it quick.” Jon led her over to a bush so that the neighbors could not see. The yard was only illuminated by the street lamps but he was still cautious. He pushed her down onto her hands and knees and positioned himself behind her. She gasped as she felt the warmth of his cock filling her freezing cunt. It was still wet enough to slide in with ease.

“My hands are turning pink,” Tiffany warned her brother as he thrust inside of her repeatedly.

Jon tried to think of a way he could get her off quicker. As she bobbed back and forth in front of him, he watched her round ass bouncing. His cock was a mere inch below her asshole. He toyed with how she would react for a minute before actually poking his finger into her anus. “Oh god, no!” she almost shrieked. “It’s so sore. Please don’t.”

Jon was perplexed by how warm and swollen the normally tiny bud was. He had no idea it had just been turned inside out by his dad less than a few hours ago. “Have you been getting it on with a boy at school?” Jon’s mind came up with the only logical answer it could.

“I was masturbating in the shower,” Tiffany lied outright. “You just kinda took off with Mom and left me feeling horny.”

“So you pushed a shampoo bottle up your ass?” Jon laughed.

“Shut up,” Tiffany whined.

“It’s burning up. We need to cool it down,” he joked. Tiffany sighed with relief when he pulled his cock out of her cunt. She waited but he was no longer behind her. She turned her head just enough to see him snapping an extremely long and thin icicle off the side of their house.

“No!” she started to panic. She tried to crawl forward in the snow but she had become numb. She fell face first into it with her butt still up in the air and exposed. Jon broke off the pointy tip so the size was exactly the same as her puckered hole. He rubbed it around the opening, either to taunt her or sooth her. “Please,” she sobbed into the ground. Jon ignored her pleas and pushed the smaller end into her ass. “Oh god, you’re a son of a bitch,” she gave a long guttural groan as she felt the chilling sensation filling her.

Jon had to wait for her body to warm up the end and make it melt before it would slide further into her. He used the melt water as lubrication and slid an inch or two down into her at a time. Eventually she toppled over onto her side and just lay there. She would spasm or twitch or gurgle or groan but that was all. Some times she would interject with an insult or a swear.

He watched as her stomach moved around to accommodate her organs being pushed up into it. He placed his hand on it so he could feel it. “How are you?” he asked when there was more icicle inside her than out of her. She opened her mouth to respond and instead promptly vomited down the side of her face. He scooped up some snow and used it to scrape most of the bile off. “I feel sick,” she groaned while looking up at him with fluttering eyes.

“This is way bigger than a shampoo bottle,” he teased her.

“Take it out?” she whimpered in an inquisitive tone. It was more of a request than a demand.

“Not yet.” He snapped off the end of the icicle so only four inches were poking out of her asshole. He then flipped her onto her back instead of her side. She covered her mouth and shrieked when her back touched the snow. Jon ignored her discomfort and grabbed her ankles in order to spread her legs. She looked positively silly yet also adorable with her panties pushed izmit escort to the side and her skirt flipped up to reveal a bare cunt and red puckered asshole with four inches of pure clear ice sticking out of it.

He placed the head of his cock at the entrance to her cunt and rubbed it in a circle. “It’s so warm. Just shove it in already,” she demanded. He grabbed the icicle with one of his hands and pushed the last four inches into her at the same time he thrust his cock. She screamed out but went silent when the air was forced out of her lungs by her own jolting contortion. It took a minute of gasping before she could speak again. “You asshole. You’re going to kill me,” her words were slurred and drunken.

Jon chuckled at the thought. “Local girl stabbed in the ass with an icicle.”

“Local girl fucked to death in the cold by her idiot brother,” Tiffany corrected him.

“I really need to plug up that mouth of yours.” Jon scooped up and handful of snow and rolled it into a proper ball. Tiffany’s eyes widened as he pushed it into her mouth. She screamed into it while flailing her numb arms as much as possible. “Easy, or I’ll make it worse,” he threatened her teasingly while pinching her nose to close off her only open breathing path. She immediately stopped struggling.

Seeing his sister’s mouth filled with a makeshift ball gag turned Jon on even more. He thrust into her cunt repeatedly, eliciting very little noise from Tiffany apart from her breathing out harshly through her nose. Each thrust caused her anus to tighten around the thick pole of ice. The numbing feeling helped her soreness but it was still stretching itself just trying to clamp down, making the cycle of pain and numbing endless.

When the snowball in her mouth had melted enough, Tiffany bit down so most of it fell out. The rest she spit at Jon’s face. “You need to pull this thing out of me. You’re breaking my ass. It’ll never close properly.”

“You’re the one who shoved a bottle up there,” he shifted the blame. “I don’t use that hole anyway so why should I care?”

“I’ll let you use it,” she suggested. “Just wait for it to heal.”

“Listen to yourself?” he laughed. “It’s not a matter of you letting me; it’s whether I even want to. I like the look on your face whenever you’re worried I’ve knocked you up.” As if to prove his point, he sped up his thrusts in anticipation of cumming. Tiffany began to panic again. She struggled to push him off of her but was too numb. Suddenly warm cum was filling her cunt. He did not stop thrusting the whole time he was squirting. It coated her insides from her cervix down to her urethra.

When Jon had exhausted himself enough, Tiffany finally threw him off. She scampered to her feet and squatted down in the snow. Jon frowned as he watched her spread her cunt apart and try to scrape some of the cum out of herself. Suddenly Jon grabbed a fistful of snow and moved her hands away from her cunt so he could shove it up inside of her. She fell over holding her stomach, partially from feeling his fist enter her and partially from the cold. She gurgled and wheezed while trying to speak. The only discernable word was, “Why?”

“You really hate the idea of us together, don’t you?” he sighed as he watched her struggling to scoop the snow out of her cunt. When she had gotten all that had not already melted, she set to work on forcing what was left of the icicle out of her asshole. She was oddly determined.

After finally managing to pull the whole thing out, she lay in the snow for several minutes, just breathing heavily. When her breathing slowed, Jon got worried and pulled her up by her arms. She let her head bob loosely as she allowed him to jostle her back toward the house. They came in through the kitchen and went straight up the stairs to change. They would have both liked nothing more than to collapse in their beds but they had to make an appearance downstairs if they did not want to be suspected of skipping out on movie night to have sex.

Jon made it downstairs first. He was surprised to see his parents sitting on opposite couches. “Where did you go? We waited for you?” Lauren pointed at the TV. The scene playing was on repeat on the DVD main menu.

“I was tired of wearing my warm clothes,” Jon explained while lifting his feet to show that he had taken off his snow boots. For no discernable reason in Lauren’s eyes, he picked up her can of soda and walked into the kitchen with it. She did not hear him draining it down the sink. He came back with two fresh cans for himself and her.

“Were you that thirsty?” Lauren asked in confusion.

“Yeah, maybe.” He sighed with relief. He did not know how he would have explained it if she had already tried to take a sip.

When Tiffany came down the stairs she was wearing long pajamas. Her skin underneath was red and raw and she could not reveal it without her parents knowing something was wrong. She trotted into the living room at a forced enthused pace but stopped when she saw that her dad was sitting on the couch she and Jon had shared. He patted the space next to himself invitingly.

She purposefully walked over toward her mother but Lauren yanked Jon’s arm, dragging him down into the seat. She gave Jon a begging look but he just stared back in confusion. Eventually, she had to sit down beside her father or face the wrath of Lauren for holding up movie night even longer.

“You really don’t want to sit with me, do you?” Randy whispered into her ear when she finally sat down. She did not respond. If it were Jon, she may have responded with a sarcastic comment but she was much more afraid of her father for some reason. “Jon, can you turn out the lights?” Randy called over to his son. “I believe that movies should be watched in the dark like at the theater.”

Jon shrugged before standing up to flip the switch next to the kitchen doorway. As soon as the lights went out, Tiffany felt her father’s hands on her lap. They danced around her thighs and then slipped into the waist of her pajama pants. “No panties?” he asked coyly.

“It’s too sore,” she explained. He instinctively ran his fingers down her cunt and found her puckered asshole.

“Why is it so cold?” he was intrigued.

“I put an ice cube in it to sooth it,” she lied.

“Well now it’s too cold, isn’t it? Let me warm it up for you.” He stepped on the hem of her pants while lifting her by the waist. Her pants slid down around her thighs as he moved her into his lap. She gasped when she felt his warmth touching her cold crotch and ass. It took some work, but he managed to pull his cock out through the fly of his own pajama bottoms.

Her asshole was far too puckered to open up for him at first. He had to press on her lap with his hands to force her down onto him. Once the head finally slipped through, her ass opened up to him. She had just been gouged out by an icicle so her intestines were gaping and welcoming. “Why?” she groaned while wiping tears from her eyes. “You just did this to me. Why can’t you let me rest?”

“Don’t forget, sweetie; your purpose in this family is to get your pretty little holes filled with cock and cum. That is all you need to do and you need to do it well,” he whispered in her ear. Tiffany continued to cry silently as she resigned herself to the fact that she was going to get fucked in the ass a lot more often.

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