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Up, Up and Away

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Flying a turboprop airplane is an addictive experience. Seeing how small things on the ground become when you’re 5,000 feet in the sky provides a fresh perspective as your own narrow understandings become dwarfed by the clouds. It’s nice to release all of your worries and take in the view from afar.

Owning a plane or becoming certified as a private pilot for recreational, personal getaways is very expensive, however. I had looked into lessons, but when you add in the cost of flight time and fuel, it wasn’t practical. It was a hobby for the more affluent and I was just a white, single, 20-something guy with a $10 portfolio.

Jeff was an advertising guy. I was introduced to Jeff by a close friend who was interested in obtaining his license and had the means to afford it. He built a successful business creating promotional postcards for car dealerships to send to customers and it generated enough income for his hobbies – including ownership of a Cessna and all the required expenses. He even recommended that he would sign off on logged flight hours if I wanted to work towards a license since it’s recommended to have at least 50 hours before you can test.

I don’t normally notice these things, but Jeff was an attractive guy. I’m attracted to girls normally (I’m more of a butt instead of a boobs person), but there was something unique about Jeff that was worth admiring or maybe envying. He looked fit, about in his 30s maybe, with short dark hair, light brown eyes, and a slight tan. With the aviator sunglasses on, he had a hint of Tom Cruise in appearance. I don’t know why I felt butterflies in my stomach, but with my friend along for the flight, I ignored those thoughts and focused on the plane.

About two weeks after the three of us had landed, I get a call from Jeff but I never gave him my number. He tells me that he called my friend first and asked him to come on a flight with him, but he couldn’t do it so he asked for my phone number instead. It was a 2-day flight one way to meet a few of his advertising clients in that area, so he wanted someone along to take over the controls when cruising at altitude so he didn’t have a boring flight all alone.

My schedule was open that week and I enthusiastically accepted his invite. I could get some free flight time, learn some navigation, and since this was a business trip I didn’t have to worry about any expenses. He talked about how he was young once and very grateful for the flight hours he received from others so he could log the time and test for his own license years ago. He wanted to lead that generosity now.

We met, did the preflight checklist, and took off. The flight was mostly quiet. Jeff would occasionally talk about the controls, the GPS, and ask me to constantly scan the windows for other aircraft. With the continuously roaring noise of the engine, it was difficult to have any long conversations. Even wearing the Bose noise-canceling düzce escort headsets, it’s just too loud to really talk.

As the sun heated up the cockpit, it was getting a little warm, and sitting in those little seats for such a long time soon became uncomfortable. It makes sense why pilots wear those aviators! Sitting there for a few hours with nothing but the blue sky to see got a little tiresome. I understand why he didn’t want to make this flight alone.

When we finally landed, we took the loaner car from the small airport and drove to the hotel. He had already made all of the reservations and I didn’t have to pay a dime. I offered to pay but he laughed it off and insisted that I was his guest. “Do you know how boring this trip would be alone?” he reminded me.

“Man! It feels good to finally sit down on something that’s not moving,” Jeff said as we both set our bags down on the hotel floor and Jeff sat on the edge of one of the two Queen beds. “I’ll take this bed next to the bathroom and you take the one over by the window there,” he said. “That work?”

I nodded and pulled my bag to the end of the room then tossed it up on top of the bed’s light grey comforter. These beds looked super soft, especially after riding in that cramped, hot plane for so many hours, so I laid down on top of the sheets and found the remote control for the TV on the shared nightstand.

“I’ve got to take a shower. That sun was so hot today, you know?” Jeff says. He takes a smaller bag in with him to the bathroom and turns on the water. “I’ll just be a minute.”

After flipping through the hotel TV for a bit and finally settling on some Impractical Jokers for 15 minutes or so, Jeff comes out of the shower. His hair is still wet and his towel is wrapped around his waist as a cloud of humidity rushes behind his naked body like a stage show. I feel those butterflies in my stomach as I’m looking at this surreal scene of his slightly wet, perfectly chiseled, tanned, and hairless torso.

I’m trying really hard not to stare. Trying hard to turn away my obvious sightline, I briefly see a slight path of thin hair from his belly button going down in a straight line to the center of his tied green bath towel. My mind starts to dream and leads to a blank gaze as I imagine the sexual things he would do to me if I was an attractive girl like the ones I often dreamed about and…

“You should probably take a shower now,” he says abundantly as I begin to wonder if he sees my face turning flush. He’s wearing a strange smirk across his face. He walks back over to the sit on the edge of his bed.

I take my small toiletry bag and clean underwear with me to the bathroom for my shower turn. I felt rushed to take my shower and get back out quickly so he didn’t think I was doing anything else suspicious. He definitely caught me looking at him. I mean, I only casually knew this guy edirne escort because he knew my friend. And I really didn’t want my friend to hear awkward stories about me. But if he didn’t want me to look at his body, why did he come out wearing nothing but a loose towel?

When I got out of the shower and dried off, I put on my boxer briefs and when back into the room. I was probably in the shower for less than 10 minutes or so, but Jeff was still on the bed wrapped in the towel. He had moved the pillows down so he could lay down slightly, but his knees and legs were still off the edge like where he was sitting before.

“Nice boxers,” he says with a laugh. They were a pretty boring solid blue color I bought in a 3-pack from Target.

“Why, what kind of underwear did you bring then?” I say, trying to tease back and laugh away his comment.

“Well by the way you were looking at me earlier, I didn’t think you wanted me to wear any.” …

Busted! I knew I was staring far too long! The butterflies hit my stomach so hard just then I couldn’t even speak. I secretly wanted him to show me what’s behind that towel… and he knew it.

“Look, there is a reason that I invited you on this trip. You know I’m married, but that’s not enough sometimes. You are a very attractive young guy, you seem pretty cool, and I thought you might want to play.”

Oh my God! Fight or flight kicks in just now and I start to get scared about exploring these feelings I’ve been working so hard to turn off, but I’m also really aroused right now. He has such a perfect body and I really wonder what’s under this towel of his. I feel giddy like a schoolgirl. I want to see his dick.

“Why don’t you come over here and sit next to me? We’re a long way from anyone who would ever know what we’re doing. Only when you escape far away can you really relax and discover new things without judgment,” Jeff says.

It’s obvious why this guy works in advertising. He’s very persuasive!

As I start to walk over to him, I feel my dick getting harder. Wearing nothing but my boxer briefs, he’s going to notice the bulge growing larger. I’m really feeling vulnerable, but I take a breath and try to embrace the butterflies. Wow, this guy is attractive and he’s making me see a side of myself I’ve never explored before.

“Would you like to put your hand on my chest?” he says. Then he takes my hand and brings it towards the center of his hard abs. “Feel how fast you’re making my heart race right now?”

I shudder when I touch his skin. It’s soft but ribbed. As I start to move my hand, I start to explore left and right before moving it up. My dick is starting to press up to my elastic and he looks right at it. I like him looking at it.

“Here, it looks like you’re uncomfortable. Let me help you with that,” he says. He then puts two fingers inside my elastic band by my hip and pulls my elazığ escort underwear up and around my dick, then pulls them down on one side. He shifts to the other side of them so my entire crotch is exposed and standing tall, pointing right at his torso, with my bare ass exposed to the draped windows.

He slightly pushes me to lay down on his bed as he pivots to sit back upright. Once my back is against his comforter, he removes my underwear all the way down my legs and they easily fall off my feet.

“Look at what you’ve been hiding!” he says excitedly as he now stares at me as I was probably staring at him before. His palm touches the center of my chest and begins to rub side to side as he looks me in the eye. Then, with one finger, he draws a line down my chest to my belly button past my waistline and to the base of my fully erect dick. He then rolls over towards me as his face moves towards his crotch and his towel falls to the side. No tan lines, light hair, and a nice cut cock.

Out of the corner of my eye, now revealed by his lost towel, his flat stomach and beautiful hard-on. Those butterflies come back and my whole body immediately gets hot, then his lips kiss my tip and then envelope my shaft with wet heat. I let out a soft sigh as he continues bobbing up and down on me. It feels amazing and I start to tense up as I’m about to cum.

He stops for a moment and stands up. As I sit up, I’m now immediately positioned to his cock and he reaches for my hands to place them on both sides of his perfectly tanned and smooth ass. “Nice!” I say, out loud.

With the flick of my tongue, I lick a small drop of precum from his tip and I instantly become an addict craving more of that taste. I’ve never sucked dick before but I want it. I want to thank him for this trip. I want him to cum inside my mouth. I try not to gag at his length and I move one hand to grip the base of his dick to control the depth.

I lost track of time as I focus on the task at hand. I love that he’s watching me now. I could smell his scent the more I sucked. His breathing became heavier. Then, he forcefully pushed me back on the bed, laid down next to me on his back, and I quickly found a way to get his dick back on my lips. I think he wanted to fuck, but I wasn’t ready. I really wanted to swallow it.

Sucking and twisting my hands, he came. It shot the back of my throat and tongue like a Super Soaker gun filled with boiling hot water. Oh my God, it was so much cum and I wasn’t ready for it all. Some leaked out onto the base of his balls but I kept swallowing what I could. It’s so hard to describe, but it tasted so good and hot. I tried to lick up some of the drops after, but cold cum doesn’t quite taste the same.

We both were lying there naked as he asked me to join him under the covers. I turned to my side and he inched up behind me to put his arm around me and his hand on my chest. “I really enjoyed that,” he said.

“So did I,” thinking to myself. I can still taste his cum as I close my eyes feeling the warmth of his stomach cradle my naked back. This is different, but I like it. Is it possible to be bi for the right guy?

And there are still a few more hotel stops on this trip.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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