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Vampires at Applebee’s

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A Thursday around 3pm Dawn came to me and said “hey we are done with this project, lets grab a drink”. I’m in.

Walking to our cars I suggested we head over to Applebee’s and see what the drink of the month was. So off we go, we get in and the place is dead. No one was at the bar so we grabbed a couple spots there. Constance; call me Connie was the bartender, cute looking gal. I asked what the drink of the month was she said its a Vampire. Dawn and I asked at the same time ” what’s that”? Connie said it had rum, passion fruit juice, pineapple juice and came with fangs and a cherry. Dawn and I looked at each other, I told Connie bring us a couple.

Well turns out they were purple because everyone knows purple is an official color of Halloween, and the fangs are those plastic that you bend and fit into your mouth. The drink tasted great, more like something you would have at the beach but that was fine.

I was almost done with the first one and Connie asked how it was. I told her they were great but would be better with less ice as the glass was full to the top with ice, and everyone knows ice displaces room for the good stuff.

I put my credit card güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri on the bar and told Connie if she cut back on the ice and we never had an empty glass I would tip her $.50 a drink, that’s a 50% tip as the drinks are only $1.00.

Next one had ½ the ice and I saluted Connie.

So Dawn and I are just shooting the breeze talking about nothing in particular, and enjoying the drinks, just generally relaxing.

Dawn is an extremely attractive woman, mid 30’s, mid back dark hair, blue-gray eyes, a very impressive rack and nice butt. Me? Nothing to write home about. Got 20 years on her, little gut, lots of gray. She is way, way out of my league. Nothing new there.

After 4 or 5 drinks I picked up a pair of fangs and put them in, Dawn looked and snickered then asked in her damsel in distress voice ” oh no Mr. vampire what are you going to do”?

I’m going to bite your neck and suck your blood, said in my worst vampire voice. Alcohol does strange things.

That all?

Why not see where this goes.

No, then I would take a piece of this ice and slowly run it down your back and bite and lick right behind güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri it.

Dawn actually shivered at that.

Won’t my blouse need to be off for that?

Yes it would.

Is that all?

No. I would then continue on down and rub the ice all around your butt and bite and lick right after.

She took a drink and looking me in the eye asked, and?

And then I would slowly run the ice down your right leg, biting and licking right after it, I held up my hand and said before you ask I would then go up your left leg running the ice up and biting and licking right behind it until I reached your butt,

Would me pants need to be off?

Connie brings another round. These Vampires are pretty good.

Yes. And your panties. Keep in mind I still have the toy fangs in while this is going on.

And then what?

Then I would turn you over and rub the ice around your lips then bite/kiss them, then move to your chin with the ice and down to your throat, biting and licking after. Dawn’s breathing is really getting heavy at this point, and Connie brings us fresh drinks. Love these Vampires and an on güvenilir bahis şirketleri the ball bartender.

Dawn takes a healthy drink and says, Go on.

Then I would move down to your right breast rubbing the ice all around, with biting and licking after, the move over to your left breast, rubbing with the ice and biting and licking right after. I’m not sure if its the ice or your just aroused but your nipples are really hard and both are given a big bite, and a few licks.

Dawns breathing is getting heavier and heavier. She took a drink and almost gulped, and then?

Connie brings more Vampires. I think they are getting stronger.

Then I would rub the ice down your stomach biting and licking my way down, and just before I get to the pubes I veer off and rub the ice and bite and lick down your right leg,

Go on.

The I would move up your left leg rubbing and licking right after it.

……and then

Then with a fresh piece of ice I would rub it on your clit making it stand out then bend in and give it a nice bite…

Connie comes over and say ” girl if you don’t take him up on that I sure as hell will”. Obviously she had been eves-dropping.

Dawn slid my credit card over to Connie and looked over to me as she finished off her drink and I downed mine.

Connie returned with the receipt, the credit card, and a cup of ice. With a wink she said, ” Glad you liked the Vampire’s”.

Yes ma’am sure do like those Vampires.

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