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Vickie’s Abduction part 2

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Vickie’s Abduction part 2


Vickie could not stop thinking about her abduction and rape and getting wet every time she relived the experience. She did not report the incident to the police knowing that she could not give them a deion of the kidnapper and the fact that he did not hurt her in the slightest way. She smiled thinking that it had been the scariest, exhilarating, most exciting sexual experience of her life. She had never orgasmed so much in such a short time and had never squirted before. He had forced her to cum hard multiple times and even squirt. She shivered with excitement realizing she wants it to happen again. For that reason she did not change her daily routine hoping to make it easier for him if he decided he wanted more of her. She giggled at her kinky desire to be abducted and raped again.

She started to think of him as the caring, gentle rapist. Unknown to her she is not the only one in town that he has taken and raped without harming any of them. None had reported their abduction or rape to the authorities. She wanted to tell somebody about her experience without it spreading like the latest news in town. The only one she could think of to keep her mouth shut was Julie, the woman she meets for coffee after her morning jog.

It had been almost a month since he had abducted Vickie and she is the only one that he has wanted to repeat with. Knowing that could get him caught and sent to prison but he could not keep from thinking about the beautiful mature woman. It is time for his monthly supply run again and he awakened before daylight did his chores, ate breakfast and drove to town. As he headed for the super market around 8:30am he decided to visit the coffee shop where she meets with her friend.

Vickie stayed true to her routine and met with Julie at the coffee shop about 9:00am where he was waiting. Luck have it they sat near his table behind him. He could hear their conversation clearly as Vickie told Julie that she had a very big secret to tell and she had to promise not to tell anyone. Julie smiled telling her that she swore not to speak of the secret to anyone at all.

Vickie began telling her about the incident that changed her life. “Julie, do you remember a few weeks back when I was late meeting you here?”

“You made the comment that I looked very happy and relaxed for a change.” Julie replied. “Yes, I remember and have also noticed that you have been different in a good way every since.” “Julie, the night before as I left the gym I was chloroformed and kidnapped.” “Who ever he was took me unconscious somewhere, tied me spread eagle with pillows under my ass to a bed.” “ I was blindfolded gagged and naked when I came to.” “I was so terrified I was shaking like a leaf in a strong wind.” “I knew I would probably be raped which I could live with and get over.” “What scared me was the fact that he would kill me when he had his fun with me. I could not stop crying and shaking.”

“He spoke to me in a kind gentle voice telling me that he was going to take what he wanted and make me like it.” “To my surprise, he did exactly that.” “He forced me to cum multiple times with his mouth, fingers, vibrator and his big cock.” “He fucked my mouth, pussy and ass making me cum over and over.” “He forced me to squirt a couple times which I have never squirted before in my life.” “He might be a rapist but he knows how to take what he wants and make a woman like it.” “In fact it was the most terrifying, most exhilarating, exciting sexual experience of my life.” “After he finished with me he chloroformed me unconscious and I woke up naked in my car at the gym.” “The crazy thing is that I keep hoping he will come back for seconds.” Vickie nervously laughed thinking Julie would judge her for her kinky feelings.

To her surprise Julie softly laughed and said. “He will not be back, Vickie.” Vickie looked surprised and asks “What makes you say that?”

“Vickie, you are the fourth woman I know of that has had the same experience and hopes he will come back for seconds.” “Apparently he takes a woman, gives her the sexual experience of her life once and moves on to his next victim.” “Teri told me about the same thing happening to her apparently by the same man.” “Teri told me that he has ruined regular sex for her because she can’t orgasm as hard as he made her.” “She even talked her ex-boyfriend into kidnapping role play with her, but he was not as skilled as the gentle rapist as the others have started calling him.” “Shit Vickie the way all of his victims that I know have talked about him has made me wonder if I will ever get his attention.” She laughed.

“Julie, I feel like he knows where I live and have been expecting him to take me at home. At least until you told me about the others and no repeat incidents.” “Julie, if I don’t show up here some morning and don’t call, come check on me. You know where the spare house key is hidden.”

Julie smiled asking. “Is it still in a tin under the flat rock at the corner of the house?” Vickie smiled and told her it is. “Vickie, same goes for me.”

“You know I have a hidden key under the corner brick of my flower bed in front of my house.” Vickie acknowledged the information and agreed to check on her if she ever failed to meet or call. They tipped the waitress giving her the money for their coffee. As she took the money and the tip she smiled and said. “Sorry for eaves dropping on you ladies but I feel I know you pretty well, Vickie and Julie.” “I am happy to know that I am not the only one of his victims that feels the way I do about him.” “I would welcome a second time with him and I would never report him even if I could describe him just for the incredible sex again.” “With me he could have been a little rougher with me and I would have fallen in love with him more than I have.” “He made a long time fantasy of mine come true, and I have not had as enjoyable sex with anyone since.”

They looked surprised at Tina and Julie said “Ladies, I think I see a pattern here that I just realized.” Vickie asks “What pattern?” “I just realized with Tina speaking up for him that he only prays on mature, single women.” “Women he thinks is probably sexually frustrated and needs someone to help them.” “I would venture to say that none of his victims had enjoyable orgasms for a very long time before he took and used them making them like it.” “Damn I think I will put an add in the paper telling him I am single, frustrated and waiting.” They all laughed as Vickie and Julie left.

It was all he could do to keep from laughing at their conversation and watched Julie closely as they walked away. He put money on the table for his breakfast with a generous tip and hurried out to see which car Julie got in. He watched her get in her car and he got in his truck to follow her to a real estate office that had her name on the front. He left going to the super market. As he filled his shopping cart with groceries he saw Vickie approaching him from the opposite end of the aisle making him nervous. As she got close she smiled and said. “So we meet again.” He smiled but said nothing for fear she might recognize his voice. He pointed to his throat opening his mouth indicating he has lost his voice. She frowned telling him that she is sorry and hopes he gets better soon as she glanced down to his crotch bulging with his erection. His faced flushed and he hurried away. As he passed close her expression went blank from the smell of his after shave thinking that she had smelled it before.

He finished his shopping as she finished hers and he was pushing his cart out the door as she got to the check stand. She looked at the clerk and pointed at him asking if the clerk knows who that man is. The clerk smiled. “We know him as Cowboy.” He comes in once a month for groceries spending three to four hundred dollars at a time plus an extra $10.00 for roses from the end cap for which ever checker he uses.” She picked up a bundle of red roses showing them to Vickie. “He is the nicest customer we have.” Vickie smiled as she thought the after shave smell must have been from the first time she had seen him in the store before she had been kidnapped and raped.

He drove home, put his groceries away and waited until 4:00pm before driving back to Julie’s office waiting to follow her home. Julie must have had work to catch up on since she did not close the office until after dark. He had moved into the parking lot at the back of her office when it got dark and waited for her to come to her car. As she came around the corner of the building going to her car he made sure nobody else was around. He wet the handkerchief with chloroform and caught her before she reached her car. She screamed and fought when the rag covered her mouth and nose with an arm around her arms and body making her helpless. Her flailing legs never made contact with him.

He held her tight until she stopped screaming into the rag and went limp unconscious in his arms. He draped her over his shoulder noting that she is almost the same size as Vickie, carried her to his truck laying her in the back seat blindfolded and gagged her. He covered her with a blanket and drove back to his place, carried her inside, laid her face down on the day bed that he had moved onto the screened in porch. He tied her arms behind her back with rope above the elbows and at her wrist. Turning her on her back he tied a rope snug but not to tight to her ankles running the loose ends up to a cross bar on the ceiling through pulleys. He pulled the ankle ropes raising her legs up and spread. Using his razor sharp hunting knife he cut down the legs of her slacks through the waist band on each leg removing the slacks. He smiled seeing the tiny patch of cloth covering her snatch with strings around the waist to hold it in place.

He jerked the panties off exposing a wet hairless pussy forced open by her up-stretched spread legs. Even though unconscious she moaned when he rubbed her pussy and clit with his fingers. He cut her blouse, bra off and tied several wraps of small rope around her D-cup breast making them bulge nicely. He tied the long loose ends of the tit rope to rings on the rail of the wall forcing her tits to stand up toward her shoulders. He stepped back admiring the beauty of this big titted woman

arms tied behind her, legs spread tied to the ceiling, tits bound making them bulge, turn red, blindfolded and ball gagged. He took several pictures of her from different angles and close ups of her tits and pussy waiting for gaziantep escort tanıtımları her to come to.

Putting the camera down he stripped naked, move on the bed beside her caressing her tits, body and pussy with his hands as he kissed, licked and nibbled on her nipples. She started to regain consciousness, moaning from the tender caress and wet lips on her nipples. She started struggling against her bondage and pleading into the ball gag for him to let her go and not rape her. He moved his face up to her neck and gently said.

“I am going to take what I want and make you like it.” “You can relax and enjoy it and will not be harmed or you can fight me and get hurt or worse.” She relaxed realizing the “Gentle Rapist” had her.

He kissed, licked and nibbled her ear, neck and breast paying extra attention to her erect nipples as he used his hand to finger her wet cunt and his thumb played with her clit. Her moans got louder and louder as the electric shocks of pleasure shot through her body and her juices leaked from her tingling pussy. He felt her pussy contract on his fingers more and more telling him she is about to have her first of many orgasm of the night. Suddenly she pulled hard on the leg ropes raising her ass off the bed onto his hand, screamed into the ball gag as her body trembled hard with the powerful orgasm blasting through her cunt forcing her to gush copious amounts of cum on his hand and down her ass crack.

As she shook and moaned with the orgasm seizing her body he moved his hands to her tits squeezing and pinching her nipples sending more pleasurable sensations to her cunt prolonging the gushing orgasm. She screamed and humped on his mouth when he sucked her pussy lips, cum and clit into his mouth. He persisted in licking and sucking her pussy swallowing the continuous flow of sweet cum flowing from her cunt. When she was about to calm down he lightly bit down on her clit flicking her clit with his tongue and pushed three crooked fingers deep in her pussy to attack her G-spot as he tortured her clit. She screamed louder than ever, tensed every muscle in her body, humped hard on his hand and mouth as the colossal powered orgasm seized her body and mind forcing her to squirt long and hard. He caught what he could in his mouth and swallowed, sat back on his heels and watched as her body seized up stopping any free intake of air. She went limp as she passed out from the over load of pleasure he forced on her.

He checked her for life to find her gasping for air as her whole body trembled and her pussy winking with each gush of cum creating a pool on the floor under her ass. He got the riding crop, Hitachi and strap-on dildo as she recovered and regained consciousness. He removed the ball gag, she thanked him as he slipped his big hard cock in her open mouth slowly pushing deeper as she sucked and licked his cock. She gagged with first contact with her throat entrance. He pulled back and slowly went back in giving her a chance to relax and swallow his cock head.

Using her hair to control her he slowly fucked her mouth until she started to moan with pleasure and pressed the buzzing Hitachi on her sensitive sore clit making her scream and pull on the ankle ropes. Her screaming vibration and sucking pressure on his cock pushed him over the edge and he shot stream after stream of cum down her throat. She pushed her clit hard into the vibrator and squirted cum across the porch. He pulled slowly from her mouth as she licked and sucked his cock clean.

He moved to her pussy licking and sucking her cum as he massaged her clit with his tongue until she had another orgasm making her struggle in her bondage. She moaned and shook as he slipped the strapon in place and rammed it in her sloppy cum soaked pussy pressing against her cervix with each hard stoke in her cunt. When he felt another orgasm building force in her he pressed the buzzing Hitachi to her clit and pinched her left nipple hard sending pain and pleasure to her cunt. She tensed, screamed long and hard as he pushed her over the edge into another tidal wave force squirting orgasm.

He pulled out of her pussy stood back and waited for her to regain some composure. He removed the strapon and moved between her up-stretched legs and she jumped and squealed as he tapped her pussy several times with the riding crop sending shocks of pain and pleasure through her pussy. She moaned raised her hips up to the onslaught of the crop and gushed more cum. He dropped the crop, smeared Vaseline on and in her ass hole inserting first one then two fingers in her anal passage. She tensed and relaxed asking him. “Please be gentle. I have never had anal sex before.” He told her to relax and it will not hurt as bad and she will enjoy it. She nodded and relaxed her anus on his fingers and he pulled out causing her to sigh with relief.

She clinched her sphincter muscle when he pressed the head of his big hard cock to it. He leaned down, squeezed one tit rolling the nipple between his finger and thumb as he kissed, licked and nibbled the other until she moaned and relaxed her sphincter letting his cock head pop inside making her groan with slight pain. She relaxed to let him deeper.

He slowly pressed deeper in her ass letting her adjust to the new sensations of something stretching her tight little anal passage. She moaned and wiggled trying to endure the pain as he pushed slowly but steadily in her ass until his balls rested on her ass cheeks sending pleasure through her pussy radiating in her ass and tits.

He paused moving ever so slightly in her ass until she relaxed accepting his huge cock in her depths and started to push back against him. He started with slow short strokes fucking her ass increasing the length and speed as she moaned with pleasure and humped on his cock. As his strokes fucked her harder and deeper forcing her to moan louder with pleasure she smiled thinking he is right this does feel good. She felt the familiar fire of a pleasurable orgasm blazing hotter and hotter in her ass and cunt as he fucked her. When he moved the vibrating Hitachi to her clit her pussy exploded with another hard squirting orgasm making her clamp and release his cock with her ass with each pulse of the hard powerful orgasm seizing her whole body.

He felt he is about to ejaculate and pulled out with a loud pop from her ass and slammed his cock balls deep in her pussy forcing her to squirt harder and longer soaking his stomach and balls. He released his load of cum deep in her hot pulsing pussy making her cum longer and harder as she screamed louder than ever. She was still shaking and cumming when he pulled from her cunt moving to her mouth. When she felt the wet cum covered cock on her lips she opened wide taking his cock down her throat licking and sucking it clean. He slowly pulled out of her mouth laying his balls over her lips and she licked them clean of her cum. As he moved off the bed she smiled and said “Thank you sir. Please let me rest and recover I can’t take any more now.” He ask. “Do you need something to drink?” She answered. “That would be nice as I feel slightly dehydrated from all the squirting you forced me to do.”

She felt a straw on her lips and sucked hard pulling mouthfuls of gator aid down her throat. After she finished the 16oz bottle of fluid she lay back with her mouth slightly open. She started to struggle and squeal when she felt the chloroform rag over her nose and mouth. The next thing she knew as she came to was she is sitting naked in the driver seat of her car at her office. She blinked her eyes to focus turned the key in the ignition and looked at the dash clock. Seeing it is close to 3:00am she thought “He kidnapped me and forced me to cum and squirt for four of five hours straight.” She giggled and softly said to her self. “The most pleasurable four or five hours of sex ever in my life.” She is unaware he is watching over her from a distance and follows her home watching her walk naked into her home. She went straight to the shower exhausted, dried off and collapsed in her bed pulling the covers over her naked body forgetting to set her alarm. She quickly fell into a deep restful sleep until she felt someone shaking her calling her name.

She slowly opened her eyes peeking out from under the covers pulled up around her neck. She saw the concerned face of Vickie looking down at her. “Julie, are you alright? Are you sick or something?” Julie rolled onto her back with a groan, looked at the clock and her eyes flew wide open realizing that it is after 10:00am. She smiled and said. “Vickie, I have never felt better in my whole life.” She pushed the covers down revealing her naked body. Vickie looked shocked at her nakedness then noticed the imprints of rope around her breast and arms. Vickie squealed and said. “You got kidnapped and your brains fucked out last night didn’t you?” Julie giggled “Boy did I ever!” “I am sore, happy and I think I am in love with a stranger.” Vickie laughed “You and about six other of us I think. Maybe more.” “He is very good at what he does is he not?” Julie said. “There is one thing for sure. He is right when he says he will take what he wants and make you like it.” They both laughed and Vickie pulled the covers to the bottom of the bed telling Julie to get dressed as she makes them coffee since she did not show up at the coffee shop.

Vickie was pouring coffee as Julie gingerly walked in the kitchen. Vickie smiled and said “Tell me all the intimate details, girl friend and don’t worry about the soreness it goes away quicker than you think.” Julie smiled and said. “What soreness I have is well worth the pleasure I received getting it.”

Julie began to tell how he came from behind her, chloroformed her and waking up tied to a bed with her feet in the air, legs spread wide open, arms tied behind her, tits bound tight, stretched up and out making them very sensitive to his touch and attention. She told Vickie he had her blindfolded and gagged with her hips on the edge of the bed and that he must have had her on an outside deck or porch since she could hear a truck or car pass near by occasionally. “Everything was about the same as you told me he did to you except he spanked my pussy with a leather slapper thing about the width of my pussy.” Vickie looked shocked. “He hurt you?” Julie smiled. “No he spanked my pussy just hard enough to give me painful pleasure. He even made me orgasm spanking my pussy.”

“He took my anal virginity and I can now say I have been happily fucked up the ass.” She giggled gaziantep escort telefonları “Surprisingly the way he did it makes me want to do it again.” Vickie smiled “He took my anal virginity too and I can’t wait to find someone like him that knows how to do it and make it feel really good.”

Vickie looked at Julie with a serious expression. “Makes me wonder why he took you the same day I told you about my kidnapping and pleasure rape.” Julie smirked. “I don’t know how that came about. If it was coincidence or he some how knew about our conversation at the coffee shop.” They looked hard at each other and said at the same time. “Tina!”

They went to the coffee shop and Tina came to take their order with the usual two cups of coffee in her hand. As she place the coffee on the table they both looked at her. Julie ask her. “Did you talk to anybody about our conversation yesterday, Tina?” She looked at them surprised. “No, nobody. Why do you ask?” Julie replied. “Because I was kidnapped and repeatedly raped last night for about four or five hours.” Tina said

“I wondered why you were not here this morning. Did you over sleep?”

Julie replied “Yes and very restful I might add.” Tina giggled.”He is good isn’t he?” “Oh how I wish he would take me again.” “He would not even have to kidnap me. All he would have to do to tie me up and fuck my brains out again is ask.” They laughed and Vickie said. “I think we all feel the same. Although the kidnapping part is part of the thrill.”

Tina said. “When he took me I worked late and was walking to my car at the back of the parking lot. I live alone and would not care if he broke in and took me in my sleep.” They all agreed that they should somehow find out who this gentle rapist is. They split up and went about their normal routine. He was at home thinking about the conversation of the three women at the coffee shop getting hornier all the while. He decided he would take Tina again if possible without getting caught. He knew he would have to be very careful if he is going to break his first rule of not taking the same woman twice. Thinking about what they said about not reporting him even if they could identify him made him realize that the risk of taking the same woman twice, at least those three, reduced the risk greatly. He never thought that they would enjoy what he did to them as much as they seemed to. Even wishing he would come back for seconds.

He laughed to himself thinking he just might have a steady supply of pussy to be taken any time he had the need to do so. He started to think that he would reveal himself to them but then thought

“Not a good idea. A big part of the thrill for them is the kidnapping.” He decided to wait a few days before taking Tina or Vickie again but knew that he would be taking one of them in the near future. He started going into town after sundown on the days that Vickie went to the gym. Knowing that she did not normally leave the gym until 9:00pm he would go by the real estate office finding Julie working alone in the office on the same nights as Vickie’s gym night. After checking on Julie and Vickie he went to the coffee shop and noticed that the same nights Tina would stay to clean up and close the coffee shop at 10:00pm.

After watching the three women for a couple of weeks finding that they all were late going home on the same three nights as Vickie’s gym night he decided to take one of them again. Since Julie was the last he took he eliminated her for this time and tried to choose between Vickie and Tina.

They are all very beautiful mature women but Vickie is his favorite and he wanted to take her the most, but to be fair if he is going to keep taking them and making them happy as he pleases himself. He decided that since it had been months since he kidnapped and raped Tina she is it.

He waited until after 8:00pm and drove by Julie’s office and found she was working late again before going to the gym and found Vickie’s car in the parking lot. It was nearing 9:00pm when he went in the coffee shop.

Tina approached him taking his order. He commented. “You are working late tonight aren’t you?” She smiled. “Yes, I close the shop three nights a week but I can use the over time so I don’t mind. Nobody to go home to.” She told him that hoping to get this good looking cowboy to ask her out sometime. He smiled and said. “Be careful. All work and no play wears a person out.” She replied. “Tell me about it.” She brought his order and started cleaning the shop since he was the only customer. He finished his meal left a twenty on the table and paid her for his meal as he left. He went straight to her home, checked for any movement drove down the back alley to her home and slipped in her back yard checking the back door into the house finding it locked. He then checked the back door going into the garage finding it unlocked he cautiously entered the garage. He slowly opened the door into the house calling quietly hoping there is no dog.

He moved down the hall past the laundry room to the kitchen using his cell phone for light. Finding the house empty of any life form he found a place away from her bedroom to wait thinking she will be tired enough to come straight to the bedroom shower and to bed. He heard her car park in the drive shortly after 10:00pm. He stood inside a spare bedroom until he saw her go into her bedroom and quickly rushed in on her while her back was turned. She screamed as the chloroform rag covered her mouth and his arm pinned her arms to her body. She struggled for a few minutes and went limp unconscious. He laid her face down on the bed, tied her wrist behind her, tied her ankles together, blindfolded and ball-gagged her. Draping her over his shoulder he carried her out the back door, leaving it unlocked, to his pickup laying her in the back seat under a blanket and drove back to his place.

He laid her face down across the day bed on the porch untied her wrist, ankles, roughly tore her blouse, skirt, bra, and panties off as he turned her on her back. He admired the fine shape this mature beautiful woman is in as she lay naked, arms out to the side and legs wide open. He smiled seeing her pussy is gaping open, swollen lips, and leaking pussy juice. He commenced to tie her hands together stretching her arms to a ring above her head tying her wrist to the ring. He bound her tits with smaller rope before putting leather cuffs on her ankles to attache them to a spreader bar keeping her spread wide. He pulled a rope down through a pulley on the ceiling brace attached it to the center of the spreader bar and pulled her feet up toward the ceiling until her hips rose slightly off the edge of the day bed before securing the loose end of the pulley rope to the center of the spreader bar.

She came to as he caressed her hard swollen tits and caressing her neck and ear with his warm wet mouth. She moaned and struggled in her bondage and found she was tied hands above her, legs spread wide above her, tits felt swollen and sensitive bound with rope. She could not see or speak. As she struggled and yelled into the ball gag he softly told her.

“Tina, I am going to take what I want and make you like it more than last time.” Realizing who had her and was not worried he is going to kill her she relaxed and moaned with pleasure from his lips and caressing hand on her tits. She felt his hand move down her body toward her wet pulsing pussy as his mouth followed to her nipples.

The attention of his mouth kissing, licking and nipping each of her nipples and his hand over her hot pussy with two fingers working back and forth in her as his thumb tortured her swollen sensitive clit forced the increasing fire of an orgasm to flame in her pussy. When he felt the orgasm about to take her he crooked the two fingers in her to hit her G-spot and pressed her clit harder with his thumb. She screamed arching her back to get more contact of his invading fingers as the orgasm pushed against the edge of explosion. Feeling this he bit down on her nipple and pulled it stretching it shooting pain from her nipple to her cunt shoving her over the edge into a cum gushing orgasm making her body shake violently. He fingered her and held her nipple between his teeth until she slumped breathing hard and shaking from head to toe.

He slid off the bed between her legs moving his hands to squeeze each tit and nipple as he licked, sucked and nibble on her pussy and clit. He loved the taste of her cum and licked and swallowed as it continued to leak from her twitching cunt. The renewed assault on her nipples and cunt shot her into another hard gushing orgasm forcing her to shake and scream. He sat back leaving her alone to calm down until she started to breath more evenly before moving in to slam his hard cock balls deep in her twitching hot pussy. She screamed with the unexpected intrusion of her pussy and started to meet his hard deep fucking cock with each stroke in her cunt. He fucked her until he felt the powerful orgasm pushing hard at the door of release and thumbed her clit as he reached down and pushed a finger in her ass blowing her over the edge forcing her to release a squirting tidal wave strong orgasm.

While she was in the strong hold of the orgasm controlling her he pulled out of her pussy and pushed his cock balls deep in her ass while he pushed three fingers deep in her cunt and thumbed her clit making the orgasm to power up again sending more cum over his lower body and legs. She screamed loud, long and shook violently as he fucked her ass and fingered her cunt. She was having a hard time breathing and had no control of her body. Feeling his on climax approaching he pulled out of her ass and cunt moving on the bed, removed the ball gag and pushed his cum shit covered cock deep in her throat as she licked and sucked it clean and he released shot after shot of cum down her throat. She held a tight grip on his cock as if she did not want to lose it as he pulled slowly out of her throat and mouth.

She slumped semi-conscious on the bed. He moved away for a few minutes making her wonder what he had in mind for her next knowing it would be more pleasure that would push her limits even more than he had already pushed her. She felt exhausted already but wanted more of his expert manipulation of her body. Suddenly she felt a dildo slip in her sore sensitive pussy and come to life sliding back and forth in her cunt with something hitting her clit with each in stroke. She moaned and clamped on the dildo as the rise of another orgasm got stronger gaziantep escort videoları and stronger as her clit was assaulted again and again as the fucking machine drove the dildo in and out of her pussy.

The orgasm continued to grow in her and she almost lost it when he pushed another dildo up her ass fucking her with it in time with the fucking machine. She was moaning and shaking as the orgasm started banging on the door for release. The dildo in her ass stopped buried deep in her anal canal and she was on the thin edge of the most powerful orgasm of the night when pain shot through her nipple caused by the clamp he released on her sending her over the edge. She screamed with the mixture of pain and pleasure as her body shook violently and her cunt squirted cum over the fucking machine. She screamed louder when he clamped her other nipple forcing her to squirt harder and longer. She shook so hard the fucking machine locked down with the dildo stuck up her cunt with the knob pressing on her throbbing sore clit. She could take no more and passed out from the overload of pleasure and exhaustion.

He untied her removing the dildos from her orifices leaving the blindfold on he tied her hands behind her and carried her unconscious body to the shower. She came to slumped against his body with her head resting on his shoulder when the water from the shower head hit the back of her neck and back. She moaned and stood shakily weakly leaning into his body as he used a soapy sponge to clean her body of sweat and cum. She slowly gained more strength in her legs and stood on her own as he shampooed and rinsed her long dark hair. He turned the shower off, lifted her holding her against his naked body with her head on his shoulder to move her out of the shower.

She felt strong enough to stand but liked the feel of his body against hers and stayed still against him. As he used a large fluffy towel to dry her hair and back she kissed his neck saying. “I think I am in love with a rapist I have never seen.” He chuckled “You’re not in love. You are in lust.” She giggled as he moved her back to the porch. She opened her mouth to say something and he pressed the chloroform rag over her nose and mouth as he held her head still with a hand full of her hair. She struggled for a few minutes before going limp unconscious.

He bent down draping her over his shoulder and carried her to the truck.

He took her home, carried her inside, untied her, removed the blindfold and put her snugly in her own bed. He pulled the covers over her naked body kissed her cheek, whispered “Until next time pretty lady.” and left quietly.

Vickie and Julie met at the coffee shop at their regular time and were surprised when the owners daughter came to take their order. They ask where Tina was and the girl told them she did not come in and did not call in sick. They ask if anyone checked on her or is going to and the girl said they had been to busy with the morning breakfast run. They ask where she lives so they can check on her. The girl gave them her address and informed them where she hid a spare key to her house in case they needed it.

They arrived at her home seeing her car in the drive they knocked on the door with not response. Julie found the spare key, unlocked the door and they entered slowly together. The house is very quiet as they went from the living room through the kitchen to the open door of her bedroom. She lay dead still snuggled under covers up to her neck. Tina slowly opened her eyes feeling somebody gently shaking her shoulder calling her name. Vickie gently shook Tina’s shoulder as she ask. “Tina, are you alright? Are you ill?” Tina turned to look over her shoulder at the two women beside her bed. She rolled to her back looking at the clock and yelled seeing that she is hours late for work.

She smiled at the pair in her room. “Sorry ladies. Yes, I am great.” Julie looked at Vickie and gestured toward the rope marks on Tina’s breast and wrist. They giggled and ask Tina. “What time did he bring you home?” She looked surprised. “I don’t know but it was very late. I think he forced me to cum for hours before her gave me a shower and chloroformed me. How did you know?” They laughed and Julie said.

“You have rope imprints on her breast and wrist.” Vickie said. “You get dressed while we make coffee. Your boss is not expecting you until lunch time.” They had just put the cups of coffee on the table when Tina gingerly walked in the kitchen.

Julie giggled and said. “I know that walk very well.” Tina smiled and sat at the table as they ask her to tell them everything. She started by asking them. “Do you remember me saying that he could be a little rougher with me and I would love him even more.” They replied that they did remember her saying that and she said “I think I am head over heels in love with a serial rapist.” They ask in unison. “Did he hurt you!!!” Tina smiled and said “Yes he hurt me and it hurt so good that it made the whole thing more exciting and I orgasmed so hard and long I don’t think he ever let me stop cumming until I passed out.” “I came to with him holding me against his naked body, hands tied behind my back in the shower with him washing me with a soapy sponge.” “He even shampooed my hair.” “He held me against his naked body as he toweled me off and I kissed his neck telling him that I thought I was in love with a serial rapist. “ “He laughed and told me that I am not in love but in lust.” They all laughed hard.

Julie looked at Vickie and said. “This guy has an inside track to our thoughts” Vickie ask. “What makes you say that?” Julie replied “Think about it.” The same day I expressed the desire for him to kidnap and rape me, he takes me that night.” “He has never kidnapped the same woman twice and now he kidnaps Tina and gets rougher with her like she said she would like.” “He did not hurt her but did like he did with me when he spanked my pussy just hard enough to hurt so good making me cum again.” Tina spoke up “He did not spank me or hit me but he used some painful nipple clamps on me which made me cum so hard I squirted long and hard.” “He used a fucking machine on my pussy and clit as he fucked my ass with another dildo. Making that the first time in my life to be double penetrated.” It drove me crazy with pleasure.”

They got silent for a few minutes drinking the coffee. Vickie said. “We have got to find a way to identify this fantastic lover.” Tina said. “I am not sure but I think I know who it is.” Vickie and Julie gasp and said.

“Damn girl don’t keep us in the dark who is he?” She replied.”I don’t know his name and can’t say for certain that is him but it all adds up and points at him as the primary suspect.” She laughed as they looked at her sternly waiting for her to finish. “Last night about an hour before closing time this tall good looking cowboy in his late fifties to early sixties came in to eat.” “He was very friendly and tipped me a twenty.” “I noticed that he wore a very nice smelling after shave that I have never smelled before. Then I walk in my bedroom and somebody grabs me from behind and I got a whiff of the same after shave before he covered my mouth and nose with the chloroform rag.” “I smelled it again as he fucked my brains out later at his place.” “Another thing. I think he was the same man sitting at the table near you at the coffee shop when we were talking about the rapist and spilling our guts to each other.” “Either he has very good ears or we were talking louder than we realized.”

Suddenly Vickie shouted. “I THINK I KNOW WHO IT IS TOO!”

Julie laughed and ask. “ Why do you think you know him?” Vickie replied. “I don’t know him but things Tina just said made me remember that I met this cowboy at the super market a couple of weeks before I was taken.” “ I saw him again at the super market the day you were taken and I smelled the nice after shave and now realize it was the same after shave I smelled when he like Tina said fucked my brains out.”

“I ask the checker if she knew him and she told me they don’t know his name but everybody calls him “Cowboy” and that he is the nicest customer they have.” “She told me that he comes in the first week of the month for supplies and even gives the checker that checks him out a bunch of roses from the end cap of the store.” “He must have followed me home from the store the first time I saw him at the super market and by the way he had an erection when he talked to me between the shelves at the store.” They laughed together pleased that they feel they know who the gentle rapist is.

Julie asks. “Wait until we tell the others who he is. We need to find out which ones want more of his attention and when he takes one of us again some how let him know.” Vickie looked at Julie and asks.”How many others are there that you know?” Julie said. “There is Teri and three others plus the three of us.” Vickie said. “Let’s think about this a minute.” “Tina how long after he took you the first time did he take you a second time.” “Nearly three months.”

Vickie said. “It has been over a month since he took and raped me.”

“This is going to sound selfish but how long between fun time are we going to have to wait if we share him with four other women?” Julie said.

“Very good point. I stay wet thinking about the next time he will rape me again. I would probably go crazy if I have to wait very long.” Tina spoke up saying. “I can tell you three months was murder for me. It got to the point I was horny all the time wanting another session with the gentle rapist.” Vickie said. “We are pretty sure who the gentle rapist is but I don’t think we should let him know.” Julie asks. “Why not let him know.” Tina said.”First if he knows that we can ID him he might stop kidnapping us and to me the kidnapping is a big part of the thrill. Not knowing when and where he will grab me and fuck my brains out.”

Vickie said “Second if we tell him it might scare him off completely. Then what would we do for satisfaction?” Julie spoke up. “Ladies that is two very good reasons. OK we keep our secret among the three of us.”

Tina looked at Vickie. “I think you should get ready to be taken and fucked silly within the next couple of weeks.” Vickie felt her twat tingle and juice leak in her panties and asks Tina why she thought that. Tina smiled. “Simple. He found out we each welcome his forced attention on us, he took Julie then me and now it is back to you for his next abduction and rape.” The only question is when and where will he take you.” “I bet you will be constantly wet between the legs with anticipation of him taking you some night and fucking your brains out.” Vickie giggled and blushed. “Shit I’m wet right now just talking about it.” They all laughed and left to resume their day.

The question is should I continue to abduct these willing victims or stop while I am ahead.

I will let my readers decide.

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