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Vim Calls Essey

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Vim found themselves bored and horny. This was a situation Vim found themself in often. They walked around their apartment, horny and bored, pinching their bare nipples, dreaming about cock and cunt and ass and tits and so forth, until their dick grew fully hard, rubbing against the inside of the pantsleg of their jeans. They imagined obscene and improbable scenarios in which they’d be completely powerless, or with complete power. Or both.

They decided to call their best friend, Essey, who they knew was also a pervert, and whom they had shared many filthy nights with, wet tongues licking at the tender parts of each others bodies with friendly impugnity, as they fiercely masturbated together. As their cell dialed, Vim idly traced the outline of their cock, now throbbing visibly through the fabric, wishing Essey was here now, to defile, or to defile Vim.

After a few long rings, Essey answered. They were chewing noisily into the phone.

“Yeah? Vim? I’m eating.”

“Well, stop eating, I’m horny, and bored. I want you to talk me off.”

“It’s dinner, I have to eat it, it’ll get cold. Tell me what you’re thinking about.”

“I’m thinking about you, you dumb slut,” Vim intoned, grimly. “Your hot body writhing next to mine. So stop eating so I can tell you about it.”

Essey took several loud bites, to refute Vim’s request. “That’s very bratty,” growled Vim. “You’re such a brat. I ought to teach you a lesson.”

“Mrrf mrf mrffff,” replied Essey, enjoying the food.

“Next time I see you I’m going to fuck you up the ass,” Vim said, annoyed and discovering that they were even harder because of it. They unbuttoned, unzipped, pulled down their jeans. Their cock was rock hard, and they played with it between two fingers.

Essey laughed, swallowed their food. “I’d like to see you try.”

“You wouldn’t be able to see me try. I’m going to shove you flat on your face, fuck you on the kitchen floor. The stairwell landing, where all your neighbors can see us, if I feel like it.”

Essey thought about this. “What would you do if they interrupted us?”

“I’d invite them to join. Or, if they were in a rush, just invite them to piss on you. Degrade you like the filthy whore you are.”

Vim rocked their cock between their fingers. Essey laughed again, took another bite of whatever they were eating. “What are you eating,” asked Vim, pulling down their jeans, stepping out of them, walking yalova escort back to the bedroom to find some toys to fuck themselves with.

“Chicken salad sandwich.”

“Rather you were eating my dick. You slut. You whore. You fucking hole.”

“I bet you were. Hold on a sec.”

Vim held on a sec. They pulled their box of toys out from under the bed, rummaged through. They found a pair of lacey crotchless panties, put it on the bed for later, found a small butt plug, discared it, found a larger one. They sucked on it a bit as they searched for the lube.

They found the bottle of lube, held the phone up to their ear, squirted lube all over one hand, slathered it all over the butt plug, and massaged it in with the other. They thought about getting fucked by a whole men’s soccer team, then a whole women’s soccer team. They thought, maybe I should watch more soccer.

Vim clambered up on the bed, thrusting their ass towards the ceiling, laying the phone on the sheets, putting it to speakerphone so they could hear when Essey came back. They realized they hadn’t pulled the blind down, and were now completely exposed to the street. This was an accident, but very exciting. Vim tried to picture it from a passerby’s perspective. Their full and willing ass, their winking asshole, taking the lubed up butt plug, gaping around its girth, swallowing it hungrily. It slid in without complaint, and Vim complimented themself silently for all the good helpful anal training they’d done recently.

They fucked themselves with the butt plug a bit, hoping someone walking by would see, then stood up, feeling its fullness in their guts, pleased and even hornier than before, if such a thing were possible. They stepped into the lacy panties, pulling them up, tucking their extremely hard cock into them, through the slit, till it sprang full and throbbing out in front of them. They paraded around for a bit.

It had been a while since they’d heard from Essey, so they checked the phone. The call was still active. Vim was annoyed again. What a bratty little hole. They took the lube, ran a line down the length of their throbbing cock, and massaged it in, slick and wet and electric.

The panties were nice and snug against their hips and taut ass. They smacked that hot little ass a few times, just for fun, but wished Essey was there to do it.

“Essey, come back!” Vim shouted at the phone. “Essey! I need you! I’m yalova escort bayan so horny!”

No response.

Vim found this very rude, and arousing, and masturbated their slicked cock angrily.

“Fuck you, you filthy bitch, you fucking slut, you fucking… mmm…”

They got lost again, imagining being tied up in front of a live television audience, getting railed by three blisteringly hot pansexual men who took breaks from pumping into their mouth and asshole to suck on each others cocks, licking their balls, tracing gentle circles around their nipples with their tongues.

The live television audience was going wild, the three men all trying to fit their cocks into Vim’s gaping asshole at once, when Vim’s real-life front door burst open.

“What the f-” is all they got out by the time Essey, throwing off their trenchcoat to reveal the sheer nightie and shapely femme form beneath, their brilliant blue eyes flashing as they dove onto Vim, tongue punching deeply into their mouth, as they reached down with the other hand to grasp, hard, onto their balls. Vim collapsed back onto the bed, let themself be overwhelmed by Essey.

They tongue at each other, kissing desperately, sloppily, for a few minutes, before Essey came up for air, grinding into Vim’s belly with their wet cunt. “Don’t let me stop you,” says Essey, squeezing Vim’s balls, hard. “Continue.”

With their other hand, Essey eached down, rubbed their clit. Vim reached behind Essey’s ass, to continue stroking.

“I thought you were eating,” Vim said, before cutting themself off with a moan. “Fuck.”

“I was just about done. You sounded like you needed some company. I like your panties, cunt.”

Essey scoots forward, wet cunt sliding across Vim’s belly, up to their tits. “Thank you,” Vim gets out, so aroused they’re barely able to speak.

“Hey,” said Essey. “Eat my ass while I finger myself.”

“Yes, please.”

“Eager slut.”

“You know it, you fucking piece of shmfmfmt-“

Essey turned, slinging their legs over Vim’s torso, shoved their ass into Vim’s face, enveloping them completely. Vim started licking at their asshole with intense vigor, tongue working hard, punching at the puckered hole. Their hand started to move more rapidly on their cock, so fucking turned on they could barely remember anything but their own name. Maybe not even that.

Vim pulled back. Essey turned around, glowering. “Fart escort yalova in my face,” Vim said.


“Fart in my face. Please.”

Essey looked unsure, hesitated. “I don’t know if I’m clean.”

“I don’t want you to be. Oh god, please.”

Essey’s hesitation faded. They grinned. “Well, okay.” They turned around, leant more fully forward, their ass pressing towards Vim’s face, the hole puckering, finding just the right…

…the first fart was slight, wet, and filled Vim’s nostrils with a sharp, acrid scent. They lapped at the asshole, winking desperately, as it worked on finding another…

…the second fart was huge. Gigantic. It blasted Vim fully, making their eyes water, feeling little specks of shit spattering against their face. They lapped it up hungrily off their cheeks, their tongue working, they moaned, “Oh god, yes,” snorting in the rotten and slightly saccharine odor that filled the space. Essey fingered themselves desperately. “You fucking filthy, useless slut, you disgusting piece of shit,” moaned Essey. “I bet you want… I bet you want…”

They couldn’t finish the thought. They swung around, hugging Vim’s face with their wet thighs, and let themselves go, pissing directly into Vim’s mouth. They swallowed everything they could, the golden piss dribbling around the corners of their mouth, lapping at Essey’s engorged clit when they had the chance, stroking their cock furiously. They couldn’t swallow the piss fast enough. It soaked the bed around them, spreading out like a halo from Vim’s head, their eyes rolling back in their head as they came, hard, as Essey climaxed on their face, screaming to the ceiling.

Essey rolled off Vim, grinning at them. “You disgusting whore,” they said, wiping up speckles of shit, pushing them into Vim’s mouth. They rolled down, licking cum off Vim’s belly, until their mouth was full of saliva, cum, their own shit, their own piss, and sat up, considering what to do with it.

“Please, please, please,” whined Vim. Essey leaned over them, looked into their eyes deeply. There was trust there. Understanding. Friendship. Love.

Essey reached back, punched Vim in the nuts, hard, and as they were recoiling, spit the mouthful into Vim’s face. They slapped them, hard, and rolled up on their elbows, positioning their ass directly in front of Vim, and forced out another massive, wet fart, splattering rancid shit all over their face.

Vim swallowed everything, gagged, eyes weeping, covered in filth. Essey laughed and patted them on the head. “Fuck you, cunt,” they said.

“Fuck you too. Thanks for coming over.”

“Love you.”

“Love you too.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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