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Vivian First Time Story

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Vivian stepped out of the shower and quickly toweled herself dry. The bathroom was chilly and goose bumps covered her body. Her nipples were hardened from the cold and when she swiped the cloth over her breasts the sensation was very nice. She shivered a little and pulled on her thick cotton robe.

She bent at the waist and wrapped her shoulder length auburn hair tightly in the towel, then straightened. There was a knock at the door. “What?” she called impatiently she had a party to be at in less than an hour and time was wasting.

“Arnold is here,” her father’s voice called. She quickly ran a hand over the mirror to check her reflection. Even without makeup she was very pretty with a natural flush to her cheeks and full red lips. Her thick lashes accented her eyes enough that she mostly didn’t wear eyeliner.

She opened the door and padded down the hall to her room calling out, “Give me a sec and I’ll be out,” as she went. She hurriedly dressed in a tight red halter dress. Her back was entirely bare down to her waist and her perky full tits peeked slightly out the sides. The skirt swirled around her thighs, her Daddy would never approve. She pulled on black fishnets and a pair of clunky black heels. She twisted her hair up in a French twist and applied just a touch of makeup.

Her coat was laying on the bed and she pulled it on thinking how great it was that it was knee length and would keep her from being made to change. She grabbed her purse and cell and went to meet Arnold.

Soon they were in his car on the way to the party. It was a Christmas party that was a tradition among the Juniors and Seniors at her school. This year she was just a Freshman but Arnold, a Senior had invited her. She was the only one going from her class and couldn’t wait to get there.

When they arrived the party was in full swing. The house was a large Dutch colonial with a huge lawn and there were people everywhere. Alcohol was in abundance and in some places couples were getting really raunchy. Vivian felt blood rush into her pussy as she saw one girl rubbing her guy’s cock through his jeans. It was so hard and plainly outlined as she paid it homage.

Arnold caught her staring and pulled her close to him. She could feel his dick pressing against her tummy. “You like that don’t you? Maybe you can get lucky tonight,” he laughed. Red flooded Vivian’s cheeks and she quickly looked away. She didn’t know if she was ready for a guy like Arnold.

The night went by quickly and Vivian drank even faster. antalya escort It just seemed like once she started she couldn’t stop. By about 10pm she was feeling very good. Arnold had his hand on her back just above her ass and was running his fingers over her silken skin. She leaned into him and pressed a kiss on his neck. He made a throaty sound and pulled her toward the hallway.

“Where we going'” she asked innocently blinking up at him. Arnold didn’t answer just kept pulling her along behind him. It was hard for her to walk in her shoes on the plush carpet and she struggled to keep up wondering what amazing thing would make Arnold move so quickly.

He then guided her into a room and shut the door. It was a bedroom with 2 twin sized beds. Both were empty although one looked as though it had recently been used. Vivian was now thoroughly mystified. What were they doing here? He walked over to one of the beds and sat down on the foot of the bed leaning back on his hands. “I want to watch you undress,” he said softly. Vivian got very nervous but she knew that she was lucky to be here with Arnold and felt confident that she could keep things from going too far.

She timidly complied, reaching back around her neck and fumbling with the hook and eye closures of the dress top. She then peeled it down over her bare breasts. They were perfectly shaped and quite large for a girl her age. Her skin was flawless although very pale. Her nipples were very pink as were her aureoles and stood up hard and proud. She then unzipped the zipper on the back of her dress and it fell to her feet. Her stockings were thigh high and over her young pussy she wore tiny black satin bikini panties.

“Step out of your dress,” he whispered moving his hand over the bulge in his jeans and caressing it slowly. She did as she was told. She was so hot, her firm breasts bared, her tight tummy that swelled gently to her hips. Her legs were long and toned, the fishnets and heels turned Arnold on more than he thought possible.

He stood up and walked toward her. He wrapped both arms around her and caressed her back with long even strokes. Her tits were pressed tightly to his chest. He lowered his mouth to her collar bone and licked her skin softly. He turned them around so that her back was to the bed and started walking toward it kissing and licking her neck never stopping what his hands were doing to her.

He lowered her carefully to the bed and began to kiss her full on the mouth. He could tell that he was probably lara escort only the first or second guy she had ever kissed as she was kind of clumsy and shy. They moved up farther on the bed so that they were now laying fully on the bed his body stretched out on top of hers. They continued to kiss and his palm found her breast and began to knead and stroke it paying extra attention to her nipple.

Vivian moaned and almost lost herself in what Arnold was doing to her breast. She had touched herself before a little but nothing had ever felt like this. He took one hard nub in his mouth then and it was like electricity slicing through her. Her panties were very damp and something inside of her tummy felt like it was winding up. He began sucking her tit harder licking all around and kissing it’s pebbled peak. Her hips were now moving against his of their own accord. He was also pushing his throbbing dick into her crotch through their clothes.

He took the other breast in his mouth and paid homage to it as well. Her head was thrown back her hair a tangle now as the twist fell down. Her eyes were closed and her full lips slightly parted. He wanted to fuck her then, to just yank off her underwear and drive his shaft deep into her. He knew that she was a virgin and he was more than ready to change that.

He moved a hand to the waistband of hers and carefully stroked her lower tummy and the tiny tuft of pubic hair above her pussy. He slid down on the bed so that his head was at her belly button and began to kiss his way down to where his finger was so softly playing. Her hips were now moving up and down more forcefully as her body yearned to be filled.

Arnold slid her panties over her hips and kissed her hard little clit. It was swollen with passion and stuck out above her tiny pink folds. Her pussy was very small and the lips were puffy with arousal. Flaming red pubic hair lightly covered her twat. He ran a finger along her slit from her moist hole up to her clit, twirled around her little hub and then back down again. Her head thrashed on the pillow and a low groan escaped her.

His tongue trailed around her clit licking softly yet firmly around it and then his mouth settled over the whole of her womanhood. He let his tongue slide in and out of her tight folds lapping up every bid of her taste. She was fucking his face now with her pussy and softly whimpering. Her hands were on her own tits, pulling and squeezing her nipples. She wanted him to fill her now. There side escort was a gaping need at the middle of her being, she pulled at his arms to come back toward her.

He raised his head from her pussy and looked at her with eyes filled with lust. He hurriedly yanked his shirt off and stood up and pulled off his jeans and boxers. Her eyes widened when she saw his erect cock standing at full attention. A slight look of fear crossed her face. Before she could dwell on that he fell into bed with her stroking her breasts and rubbing his dick against her.

“I want you,” she whispered softly in his ear. He moved between her thighs and took the head of his dick in his hand. He rubbed it slowly up and down her wet slit and then pressed slightly against her tight hole. With his free hand he diddled her clit so as not to decrease her pleasure. He stayed poised at her hot entrance and waited for her to push against him. He shuddered as he felt the head of his cock enter her pussy. She was so very tight and hot inside. With one smooth stroke he pushed until he was buried completely inside of her.

Her fingernails raked his back and she cried out. He waited inside of her not only for her benefit but also his. He knew he would have to take it slow or cum too fast inside of her tight pussy. Slowly he began stroking in and out of her working up to a faster pace. After a few minutes she started to move on him as well, matching his speed and once again playing with her tits.

That feeling of something winding up in her tummy was back and so strong she felt like she was on the edge of something great. Her whole body felt alive and centered on the dick that was fucking her. Soon they were moving against each other frantically. He was pounding his rod into her faster and faster, he felt his balls tighten and knew that he was going to cum. Right before he did her pussy tightened convulsively around him again and again sending him into an explosive orgasm.

He didn’t have time to pull out as his cum poured into her twat so hard that it almost hurt. They cried out together their shared ecstasy. Arnold collapsed on top of her and her arms went around his back. They lay like that for a few minutes before getting up to get dressed. There was a small bathroom off the bedroom and Vivian went there to clean up first.

There was a small amount of blood mixed with his sperm but overall she felt ok. She looked at herself carefully in the mirror afraid that someone would be able to tell she’d just lost her virginity. She quickly put her hair up and got dressed. When she went out to the bedroom Arnold was gone. She didn’t feel badly though, she didn’t regret giving herself to him. She had left home that night planning this and it had gone better than she could have ever hoped.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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