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Voyeuristic Incest Ch. 03

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Alaina Dawson

An hour later everyone was sitting at the kitchen table enjoying breakfast together. I sat mostly observing, a little amazed at how normal everything looked and felt at the moment, when only a short time ago, we were all fucking together outside on the patio. Everyone was famished, including myself, devouring the stacks of pancakes almost as fast as Jackie could make them.

And the simple fact that everything did seem so normal was of a curious note. Jackie even having to reprimand the kids, though lovingly, for fighting over a single pancake. It was indeed just like old times. I sat sipping my coffee, smiling as I did, now fully dressed as we all were, though I couldn’t help looking at the two of them…remembering almost as though I had X-ray vision, seeing my daughter’s beautiful naked body beneath the simple blouse and pair of jeans she was wearing.

“So,” Jackie began as she finally sat down to have a bite to eat herself. “What are your plans for the day anyway?” She asked, though not waiting for a response exactly before informing me what her…or rather what their plans were. “Chris and I are going out shopping for a bit,” she then stated, winking at me as she said that. It was clear that “shopping” wasn’t the main purpose for going out. It was her signal to me that she and Chris were going so they could have a chance to be alone together for a while, and perhaps have a chance to more intimately discuss what had happened. She then glanced over towards Rob who was busy drenching the last of the pancakes in a sea of Syrup. She motioned her head towards him without speaking. Another signal, and I knew she wanted me to find a way to have a sit down with Rob as well.

I know…I know. It’s a little different with ‘guys’ than it is with women. The two of them could easily run off, look at shoes, and talk about finger-fucking themselves in front of one another at the same time. I just couldn’t see me talking to Rob over a football game, asking him if he enjoyed stroking his cock, or having his sister suck him off while watching us, and then checking the score.

I gave her a look that said “Ok, Ok! I will.” But all she did was frown at me, giving me one of her patented looks before speaking.

“Ok, we’re off,” she announced. “You two can clear up since we did the cooking,” she stated once again nudging me with her eyes towards Rob, as though cleaning the kitchen would give us any sort of opportunity for banter. Already I could see it, me washing out the frying pan as Rob dried. “So son…that was a nice squirt you shot on your mother. Or the one you managed to shoot way over your sister’s head. How long do you think it was anyway? A new record for you? Maybe later, we could compete for distance.”


Chris and Jackie were already headed out the door when she turned. “See you in a couple of hours,” she told us. And then Chris chimed in as well.

“Yeah, and don’t do anything we wouldn’t do,” she added giggling. I couldn’t help but glance over towards Rob, his face reddening his mouth opening, looking for some sort of a retort back to that. But the door closed before he could. He looked at me a bit sheepishly, and finished drying the pan he held in his hand.

“So son…wanna watch the game?”


We soon headed downstairs to the den turning on the TV. It was almost funny, Rob and I both taking opposite sides of the “L” shaped couch, neither one of us sitting in the spot where he and his sister had sat, fucking one another the night before, though we’d both glanced at the exact spot. It was then that he realized that “our” dirty little movie was still in the DVD player. He got up, walked over and hit the eject button.

“Almost forgot,” he said taking it out. “Where do you want me to put this anyway?”

I chuckled to myself. There was no point in denying that our dirty movie didn’t exist, and that in fact we had two others we had made either. “There should be a movie there on the end…The Sound of Music,” I informed him. His eyes widened, a small smile forming on his face as he leaned over browsing the titles, finding it. He pulled it out, opened the cover and actually laughed.

“Nice one,” he said. “Neither one of us would have ever opened this one,” he said grinning even wider.

“That’s why we put it there,” I chortled back. “The mistake was…leaving it out in the first place.”

“Well, I for one…and Chris too for that matter, are glad you did…dad,” he said putting the DVD into the case, though noticing there were two other DVD’s inside it as he did that. “Are these?” He asked without finishing.

I nodded my head. He seemed to hesitate. It was now or never.

“You want to watch another one?”

He looked a bit surprised, perhaps even a little embarrassed. “Yeah, you cool with that?” He asked. “You’d let me…let us, see another one?”

I needed to think about that one, and talk to Jackie about it before I ran off and gave him permission for he and Chris to just sit down, buca escort watch mommy and daddy fucking again on their own. The purpose here was…to offer it up now, and in doing so perhaps get Rob to open up as to what he was feeling about everything. Not later.

“Last night was an accident, as far as you finding the movie,” I began. “I need to discuss you and your sister just watching them without our being there first before I give my approval to either one of you doing that. But…if you want to watch a little of one now, with me here…I don’t think your mom could get too terribly upset over that.”

Once again he hesitated thinking about it, looking inside the case. I shared his discomfort, surprised at myself for even suggesting it. But at least I’d tried.

“Ok, sure. If you’re cool with it…so am I.”

It was then that I realized, there was one DVD in amongst the two that Jackie might not want either one of the kids to actually see. It was the first one we’d ever done, but it wasn’t just of us either. A couple of years ago we’d gone on a vacation to Hawaii, just the two of us. A much needed vacation, that we’d been looking forward to in more ways than one. While there, we’d met another couple and had grown to like them almost immediately. We’d ended up sightseeing with them, having dinner together, and then one night…venturing into an area we’d never expected to allow ourselves to go. Much to my surprise, when Mac suggested we actually film it, so we’d all have a sort of special souvenir, it was Jackie who immediately liked the idea, and had gone along with it even before I’d put my own two cents in.

That was the first time I’d ever seen her as wild-eyed as she’d been, until this morning when I’d seen that same look once again. Watching Mac’s wife as she went down on mine, and she riding his dick, while sucking mine had been one of the hottest things we’d ever done, or later sat watching together, getting horny all over again. Jackie had walked out onto the balcony of our hotel, completely naked, and begged me to fuck her right there. Which I’d done. Yeah…it had been an amazing trip, an amazing experience, one we’d not repeated again since then, though we’d very often talked about it, or fantasized about doing it again sometime, under the right circumstances. No…that one might not be the best one to sit down and watch with my son.

Before I could react to that however, Rob had already selected one and put it into the DVD. Against my better judgment perhaps, I decided to let fate choose for me. After all, I did have a fifty-fifty chance he’d selected the other one, which was similar to the one he and Chris had watched the night before.

Luck was with me obviously as the movie began, though I’d forgotten where it was we’d filmed it until it began playing. It was right here in this very same room where we were now, making it a little odd to actually sit there watching it, with Rob once again having taken his seat, sitting where he had been before.

“Cool,” he said softly more to himself than to me, though again it felt a little weird sitting there watching it with him, knowing full well what was about to happen a few moments from now.

On screen, Jackie appeared at the bottom of the steps where I picked up the action. She was wearing the long, black laced nightgown I had purchased for her the year past on Valentine’s Day. She looked sexy as hell in it too, which I remembered, and which even now sent a nice jolt of arousal down to my cock, causing it to stir. I wondered if Rob’s was too.

I grimaced however knowing what was to come next. Not because it was bad, just because it was one of those typically silly things you do when you’re in the mood to be silly. In addition to the nightgown, I had of course also gotten Jackie a dozen long stem red roses. I had initially thought to have one hanging from my mouth as she came down the stairs, greeting her that way. But then I’d come up with another idea even better. Or so I thought at the time anyway. Which is now what suddenly appeared on screen as I stepped away from the now stationary camera, coming into view.

“Dad!” Rob said seeing me as I now came around from the back of the couch. Though he did laugh upon seeing me, which was a bit of a relief. I was balancing the single long stemmed rose on my hard cock as I carefully approached my wife, offering it to her. She of course was smiling, looking down at my prick with the rose clinging to it. At the time, no one but me knew that the reason it seemed to be holding on so well, was because I’d missed one of the little thorns on the stem. Brave soldier that I was, I grinned back, the tiny pinprick on my prick, holding it on better.

At least that part was over, as Jackie retrieved her rose, along with my cock in her hand, smelling the one, fondling the other.

We stood kissing briefly, my hands already coming up to cup each one of my wife’s magnificent breasts through the black buca escort bayan lace of her gown. From the corner of my eye, I saw Rob shifting his position, his eyes glued to the screen. My own cock, hardening as well, as I again wondered if his was, and more importantly, what he was thinking at the moment.

On screen, I was now slowly undressing my wife, finally untying the small bows in front that finally revealed one of her breasts. She had painted red little hearts over each nipple, which I now highlighted for the camera, grinning like a naughty schoolboy, pinching it, holding it and then pulling on it knowing the two of us would be watching it later. Rob laughed upon seeing that.

“Mom’s a hoot!” He said, once again shifting, which I now likewise did myself.

“Yeah, she has her moments…as do we all,” I agreed thinking back on the balanced rose incident.

It was at this point however that things began getting a bit steamier up on the big screen. As Jackie’s gown completely parted, I now slipped my hand down between her legs. The sheer panties she had on, crotchless, allowing my fingers to penetrate her playfully, coming away seconds later with a bit of glistening girl-goo on them, which of course I held up for the camera, letting Rob see the bit of wetness I held on my fingers before inserting them into my mouth, sucking them clean.

Rob moaned, his hand coming down into his lap, nonchalantly rubbing his prick through his pants, so absorbed in what he was seeing, he’d obviously forgotten all about me sitting across from him.

“Go ahead son…if you want to, ah…jerk it, feel free.”

I could tell that he wanted to by the look in his eyes. But I could also see by the way his face screwed up a bit, he’d be uncomfortable doing so, sitting there in front of me, and me not doing it too. No words were spoken either way, though I reached down, unzipping my fly. He simply smiled, turning back towards the screen, and likewise unzipped his own.

I was frankly amazed with myself. I’d already climaxed three times this morning alone. I’d have been perfectly content to go the rest of the entire day, though perhaps by evening…as erotic as things had been around here, to wait on Jackie before attempting another. Yet…here I was again, my dick hard as a rock, which I’d now released from inside my slacks, slowly stroking it up and down, Rob sitting across the way from me doing the exact same thing. We briefly glanced at one another, nodding heads, smiling and then went back to watching as Jackie and I now moved over to the very couch Rob and I were sitting on.

“I know this is gonna sound weird dad, but to be perfectly honest, you’ve got a pretty big cock.”

“So do you son,” I replied once again looking over as he sat there fisting his own. Though neither one of us was about to jump up and touch pee-pee’s together or anything, or stand there and compare one another, we were looking. Even going so far as to quit stroking ourselves, simply holding them so that the other could see better.

“So…you and mom seem to really get off on making these,” he then stated, going back to stroking and jerking off his cock. “Not that I’m all that surprised by that really. I mean mom always has been kind of cool when it came to sex stuff…ya know? But I just never imagined she’d get off on watching herself on video or anything. Kind of hot though…admittedly.”

“Yes, it is. And no…in the beginning, I didn’t think she’d be into it either.” I almost tripped up and told him about the first video we’d done, but thankfully caught myself before doing so.

“I wonder if Chris would be into doing something like that?” He wondered aloud, moaning a little as he did. And punctuating that as he squeezed his dick as I watched him producing a bit of pre-lube which he now massaged around the head of his dick, playing with it, using it to tease himself with, still speaking. “It would be hot seeing her doing something…maybe masturbating, using one of mom’s toys or something, don’t you think?”

Rob had just tossed me an image I was suddenly seeing inside my head. Wondering myself if I dared even mention it…or if he might. Now wondering, if we might in fact ALL enjoy making a rather different kind of family home movie, though it was for the moment…just a passing thought. Yet, it was enough of a thought that I too squeezed the head of my own prick, producing a rather nice thick juicy droplet of fluid, which I now smeared about the spongy very sensitive head of my cock making it nice and slick.

As I did that, I could hear Rob’s own slickness, as he unashamedly stroked his dick, pumping it up and down, enjoying the feel…just as I was, as well as the sound we were both now making. Two hard cocks, slick, slippery and making all sorts of squishy noises as we sat there jerking off.

“Does mom squirt in this one too?” He now asked. “God…I hope so, because that was sure hot seeing her, and escort buca Chris doing that together, don’t you think?”

I could barely talk. My balls were already threatening to crawl up into my throat. Just listening to the sound of all that juicy lubrication coming from each of us simultaneously, and then looking up at the big screen as Jackie knelt over my cock, preparing to take it into her mouth, where I damn well remembered what happened next.

“Damn…does mom ah…ah, let you…ah…let you cum in her mouth?”

“Just watch,” I told him smiling. We were nearing the big finish…or rather one of two of them if you looked at it that way. Indeed, as I recalled…I had one of my more copious spendings right here on this very same couch inside my wife’s mouth, which we were both about to see. Not to mention, a few minutes after that, with Jackie sitting on my face as I ate her, nearly drowning me in the process.

“Here it comes,” I said alerting him to what was about to happen, though I needn’t have, as it was pretty obvious. My wife’s mouth suddenly drawing in…holding, her eyes widening for a moment as the first jettison of my spunk hit the back of her throat, followed by several more very intense ejaculations. So much so…that seconds after that, she allowed a goodly portion of my cum to emerge at the corners of her mouth, drooling out, dripping down the sides of my dick. Basically, there was just too much of it for her to be able to swallow without drowning in it, something I would soon discover for myself with her.

“Fuck that’s hot!” Rob moaned, his hand now a blur as he lay back, his hand stroking his enormously hard cock for all he was worth. I was with him side-by-side, holding back just a bit, wanting to time my own release to watching Jackie again when she did.

“That’s nothing…hold off cumming if you can son, I’m about to lose it myself, but wait until you see what mom does to me!”

He slowed down, looking over. “You close too?”

“Fuck yeah…now watch this…watch your mom.”

We both went back to watching the big screen. Jackie had since climbed up onto the couch, now sitting on my face, leaning forward. My hands coming up to capture her tits, pinching and pulling on her nipples as she ground herself down on my face. The look in her eyes glazed, wanton…lusty, about to cum.

And then she did…all over the place. As I’d done to her, she now did to me. It was all I could do to drink down what I could as she released what felt like a gallon of juice into my mouth.

Rob cried out. I looked over, he looked over at me. I stroked…he stroked. I spurted, and then he did. And we sat there watching one another as we ejaculated, letting our semen simply fly up and land wherever the hell it felt like landing as we did that.


After we’d recovered and had cleaned up, we put the game on. We sat talking about the respective teams, checking the score, enjoying the rest of the early afternoon together waiting on mom and Chris to come home. An hour later, they did.

Hearing the car pulling up into the drive, I had gone upstairs to greet them, and let Jackie know that Rob and I had indeed had a bit of a chat of sorts…though not exactly in quite the way I was fairly sure she had. Still…it would no doubt surprise her to discover and hear about what we’d done. Which I felt went a long way in ensuring that Rob wasn’t having any second thoughts about anything that had happened.

Jackie and Chris were just then walking in the back door, carrying what appeared to be a couple of shopping bags from a well known lingerie store. One of my favorites in fact, though I was curious as to why they had obviously both gotten something. I first kissed my daughter in greeting, and then made some attempt at wanting to peek inside her bag. She snatched it away however before I could, laughing.

“Sorry daddy…you’re gonna half to wait,” she told me. Which told me a lot in just that simple statement.

“Oh I am…am I?”

“Yes David…and that goes for me too,” my wife informed me, ensuring that her own bag remained tightly closed as Chris headed off towards her bedroom. “Well? How’d it go with you and Rob?” She asked. “Did you get a chance to talk to him at all?”

“Oh yeah…that and then some,” I stood grinning at her. “We actually sat down and watched another one of our videos together…and jerked off,” I said smiling at her.

“Damn it David! I’m trying to be serious here. Did you…or didn’t you get a chance to talk with him?”

“I am being serious honey…I’m telling you the truth. That’s what we did…while the two of you were gone!”

She looked at me then, trying to study me. “You’re telling the truth!” She said quite surprised. “You really did? The two of you? Together?”

“Yep…we did!” And then her face took on a serious note.

“Which one?”


After I had told her which one it was that we had watched, I made a mental note to remove the other one from the cover it was in and put it away someplace else. She appeared genuinely relieved by that, though still mildly surprised we’d actually sat there and done that together.

“So…how’d things go with you? Obviously, you spent some time together in the lingerie store, so what’s up with that?” I asked curiously.

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