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Watching Mom Fuck My Friends Ch. 01

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Setting: 1AM at John and Deb Nelson’s House

“John thanks so much for having us over to your Christmas Party!” my Mom said in a drunken state as the music of the party finally ended.

The Nelson’s annual Christmas party was always an awesome time, and was known for getting pretty wild as they were very liberal with the alcohol.

Every year, about 6-7 families from the neighborhood would get together the week before Christmas and party until the late hours of the morning.

Almost all of the guests of the party had left, and Mrs. Nelson had passed out about an hour ago after getting too hammered.

Now, at close to 1AM it was just Me, My Mom (Jen Frank), Mr. Nelson (John), my best friend Brad Nelson who was Mr. Nelson’s son, and our other best friend Sean.

Well, I was there with everyone at 1AM, but not really. I had been on the wrong end of a few of the drinking games, and got so trashed I passed out at about 11:30PM right there on the main couch.

My father, a regular at these annual Christmas parties, had not been able to make it this year, due to a last minute weekend business trip.

My parents and Brad’s parents were so close that it was pretty common for the group of us to be the only ones left at the party, drinking Mr. Nelson’s special reserve scotch and watching “Bad Santa”. Mrs. Nelson and my mom were always the center of attention at the party, and were always the ones getting and trying to get everyone VERY DRUNK. Mrs. Nelson over did it this year, and left my mom hanging.

When we arrived at the party that night, I couldn’t help but think how revealing my mom’s dress was. It was really short, about 4 inches above her knee, and tighter than any dress I normally see her wear. She probably wanted to dress up for the occasion, and maybe even wanted to show off a bit since my dad was out of town.

My mom was your typical gorgeous, blonde milf that every guys would dream of taking to bed. She was in her late 40’s, had large 36CC tits, and a big, firm ass that was toned to perfection from her many mornings in the gym. I never thought of her sexually or anything like that, but I couldn’t help but realize she was an attractive woman.

She was wearing a short red dress that and had her makeup to the 9s. She had on nude stockings and high black heels to go with it. I had to admit, she looked fucking sexy in her aloft tonight.


It is our pleasure Debbie. We had so much fun playing our drunken version of secret santa with you guys, but since Deb and Rob had passed out from all the “strong” Christmas punch, I think you deserve a “Special” gift for lasting the longest. Deb was Mr. Nelsons wife and Rob was her 20 year old son.

Jen smiled. She had always thought John was a handsome guy. He was a maniac about his fitness, and had a hard body and 6 pack that she loved to stare at on the many vacations they went on together. Deb was a lucky woman.

Oh Really? What kind of special gift? my she said.

Jen was standing in the family room surrounded by John, Brad who was John’s Son, and his friend Sean, while Rob her son was passed out on the couch.

Suddenly, John pulled down his pants and let spring out a thick 9 inch cock.

Jen moaned, Oh My Gosh, John! What are you doing with that thing! Its Huge!

In her drunken state my mom enhanced her gaze at my friend’s dad’s big dick.

At this point Sean and Brad were frozen.

John made a smooth move towards Jen, and put his hand on her shoulder

She took her gaze off of his cock and looked him in the eyes.

“Touch it Jen, I doubt Hank has a cock this big.” John said. Hank was my dad.

No he’s not, my mother said. As she locked eyes back on the cock and put it in her hand.

She moved her hand up and down not he shaft slowly, admiring the size as she had truly never seen a cock so large.

John moved her body closer his and started to grope her ass through her dress.

He soon got his hand onto her bare ass and lifted her skirt up high exposing a red G String thong to the rest of the room.

Her ass looked delicious from hundreds of hours of squats at the gym.

John had always thought about fucking Jen in his fantasies.

He and his wife hung out with Jen and Hank since their boys played football in High School together.

Jen was a knockout milf that all the boys talked about and teased Rob about.

He felt bad that her son Rob was right there on the couch sleeping, but he couldn’t pass up on the opportunity to see if she would play around in her drunken state.

After all, his wife was passed out from being drunk and Hank was out of town on business.

Jen stroked Johns dick for another minute before she remembered that Sean and Brad were standing right next to them. She turned her head and was immediately shocked as she realized they were staring at her, just feet away, sporting huge hard ons in their pants.

The next thing she knew she was being pushed to the floor and John was shoving his cock in her mouth. His force took her by surprise, Girne Escort but she was instinctively sucking his cock to the best of her ability. She was drunk, and seeing that cock made her horny as fuck. Feeling it in her mouth made her pussy on fire. She started moaning as she swirled the tip of his cock with her tongue.

-Rob’s Point of View-

Rob woke up to a loud gasp in the room. He was laying on his side and opened his eyes to see a site that almost made him mistake reality for a dream.

His best friends dad, John, had his pants down, dick out, standing in the middle of the family room in front of his mom and 2 friends. He couldn’t move. Nor could he believe what he was seeing.

He watched everything play out with a frozen stare, until his mom dropped to her knees (or was pushed to them) and started giving John the best blowjob he had seen in his life.

He couldn’t help but get a huge boner as he watched her plump lips moving up and down on the big dick. She was sucking for a good 40 seconds before she felt someone behind her.

The person was crouching on the ground and spreading her legs from the back while she was on her knees.

She then felt a head between her legs and a tongue start licking her pussy.

Holy Shit! She yelped.

-Rob’s View-

I watched as my friend Sean walked eagerly towards my mother, and crouched behind her onto his knees.

He then twisted onto his back, and slid his head between her legs until he was aggressively eating her mature married pussy.

My mom stopped sucking Mr. Nelsons cock. She looked down at Sean below as he licked her pussy in pure lust.

He was eating her pussy so good.

She smiled a sexy smile, closed her eyes, and then continued sucking Mr. Nelson’s dick with abandon.

“Brade, come over here. You need to get your dick sucked by Mrs. Frank. It is time you became a man.” John said to his son.

Brad didn’t know what to say. He had never even gotten a blow job before.

He walked up to where his dad was standing and pulled down his shorts.

Quickly, he pointed his cock at my mom’s face.

My mom in a heat of lust looked up and took his cock into her mouth in one quick motion.

He moaned.

She played with Mr. Nelson’s balls while she sucked purposefully on my best friends dick.

Brads cock was about 7 inches and skinnier than his fathers.

Jen felt so naughty sucking her son’s best friends dick and getting eaten out by Sean, not to mention, letting John, one of her and Hanks best friends seduce her into sucking his cock and getting her into this situation.

She had never done anything like this before in her life! She married Hank young and in the 30 years they had been together, she had not once cheated on her husband.

But when John showed her his cock she looked him in the eye and felt a connection that she knew she had to explore deeper.

John pulled Jen to her feet off of Brads cock and began kissing her passionately. He stripped off her red dress and threw it onto the floor next to Sean.

Next he ripped off his shirt pulled her close and began fingering her pussy. Her pussy was so wet. He knew she was dying to get fucked.

Rob’s View

Was Mr. Nelson really going to fuck my mom in his family room, in front of his own son?

What if she was too loud?

His wife was sleeping in the other room, less than 20 yards away.

My question was answered as he put both of his hands around moms ass cheeks, moved her thong to the side and lifted her straight into the air and onto his hard dick.

This was when I got my first glimpse of my moms beautiful pink pussy. She still had on her black high heels and her nude colored stockings which made the whole scene THAT much hotter.

My mom let out a loud gasp as she felt the head of his dick move past her pussy lips.

It was only about half way in, and she began furiously making out with him.

She continued to bounce on his cock, while Mr. Nelson gripped her big ass,

A minute later, for the first time of the night, Mr. Nelson looked directly my way.

I had my eyes glued to him fucking my mom.

Once I realized he was looking at me, I first closed my eyes to act like I was sleeping, but then I immediately opened them back up.

I didn’t want to miss a second of my moms hot white ass cheeks and pink pussy grinding up and down on his cock.

John was now smiling. He motioned his eyes down to my shorts. I looked down and noticed I was sporting a full blown erection.

He then showed an evil smile, stared at me, and started talking dirty to my mother.

“You pussy is so wet Jen! How does it feel sliding up and down on my huge cock.”

“Ugh, so fucking good! UGH! My mom said moaning loudly from the fucking Mr. Nelson was giving her.

“Do you want to see what it feels like to bounce on a young cock of one of your son’s best friends?” Mr. Nelson said.

“Ugh! Ugh! Ugh! Jen couldn’t answer. She was beginning to Kıbrıs Escort have a huge orgasm.

John bent his head down and started sucking her tits. They were about 36Cs, and felt amazing.

He then lifted his head and called for Sean.

Sean was standing near the other side of the L Shaped couch that they thought Rob was passed out on.

Sean was stroking his cock in the open watching the scene in front of him.

“Sean why don’t you sit there on the couch and see how Mrs. Nelsons pussy feels.” Mr. Nelson said.

-Robs View-

I couldn’t believe when I heard those words.

Since Mr. Nelson had caught me watching him and my mom, I totally forgot that Sean and Brad were in the room also with their cocks out.

They were stroking their cocks in lust looking over at my slutty naked mom.

The same Mom who would pick us up from football practice and take us out for pizza after our games.

Once we became juniors, they constantly flirted with my mom in a fun way, always stealing glances at her big tits when she was wearing low cut shirts.

I knew they thought she was a MILF because they told me when we would get really drunk at my house on the weekends.

Now Sean was about to live out his ultimate fantasy, and get to put his dick in that warm MILF fuck hole that he had his load to at least 50 times.

Sean was a modest 8 inches but thicker than Mr. Nelson.

Sean sunk in to the far corner of the couch. He was positioned so his legs were sticking out towards the couch I was laying on just feet away.

No one seemed to remember I had been sleeping on the other couch in the same room while they were fucking in.

No one besides Mr. Nelson.

Mr Nelson stopped their fucking , and carried my mom over to where Sean was sitting on the couch. He lifted her slowly down onto Sean lap, and she began kissing Sean deeply, grinding her pussy on and around his hard dick.

“Oh my goodness, Sean. Your cock is HUGE! Am I really grinding on my son’s friends dick?!” she said.

“I can’t believe I am doing this right now. What the hell has come over me! she thought

Jen quickly accepted the fact that it was very wrong to fuck her son’s friends and especially wrong to fuck her friends husband, John, but since she had gone so far already, she figured she would at least make each of them cum.

Our of the corner of her eye, Jen saw Brad begin to approach her from the side of the couch.

“You are a horny cock slut Mrs Frank.” Brad said.

“And if we are being honest, I always wondered what your glossy pink lips would feel like wrapped around the head of my cock.”

He quickly lifted his dick in her direction over the side of the couch, shoving it towards her face.

Her face was just feet away from his cock so she repositioned.

She re-positioned her pussy right down onto Sean’s young, hard dick, and caught Brad’s cock in her mouth and began sucking.

She moaned on Brads dick as she felt Sean cock start fucking her pussy for the first time.

-Rob’s View-

The sex scene in front of me was one of the most erotic scenes I could see in my life.

Giving a drunken blowjob to Mr. Nelson at 1AM the night of their annual Christmas Party quickly turned into my 2 best friends, Sean and Brad, tag-teaming my mom on the couch just a few feet away from me.

I should have been MAD. But I was more turned on than ever before.

As I looked over at my Mom, her ass was facing directly at me.

The red thong she was wearing just moments ago, had been thrown on the floor with her bra and everyone else’s clothing.

She was buck naked besides the her sexy stockings. My cock was throbbing in my pants.

The next thing that happen has no logical explanation. But after seeing my mother fucking both of my friends, I quickly pulled my cock out of my shorts and started stroking my bare dick. I couldn’t help it!

My moms bare ass was grinding up and down the length of Sean’s huge cock while Brad held her head and fucked her mouth.

My mom looked like a Pornstar. I was about to shoot my load!

I was interrupted from my moment of lust when Mr. Nelson appeared just inches away from my face.

WTF is he doing! I thought

He whispered in my ear: “How do you like watching your best friends fucking your mother, Rob? Do you think she fucks your dad like this? he laughed quietly.

“You are quite the pervert stroking your dick like that, what do you think she would think if she knew you were watching her?”

I didn’t say anything. I could only lay there and watch in silence.

“I think you wish it was you that was balls deep in your mother on the other couch.” Mr. Nelson said.

I started stroking my dick faster.

“It looks like you chose the wrong couch to lay on tonight!” He finished.

With that he walked over to my mother, and got on his knees behind her.

He watched her ass and its fast movements before getting Sean to slow down the rhythm in which he was Kıbrıs Escort fucking her.

Mr. Nelson then began to spread her ass checks, showing off my mom’s bright pink butthole in my direction. He looked back at me, spit on his finger, and started inserting it in and out of her ass.

He spread her cheeks again.

Her asshole was puckered and winking at me while she continued bouncing on Seans dick.

He stuck his tongue out and touched her hole with its tip as he held it there.

“Sean..Ugh! Your big cock..Don’t stop fucking me baby. Momma needs that hot young dick!”

My mom was grinding faster and faster, as she looked like she was about to have an orgasm.


Jen felt like such a slut getting fucked by two of her sons best friends, who’s mothers she hung out with several times a month.

What would Sean’s mom think if she knew what her son was doing right now? She thought

She was brought back to reality as Sean started thrusting his hips and fucking her harder.

He did not look like he would last much longer.

Within seconds, Jen started to have an orgasm on top of the 20 year old’s cock.

“Oh fuck me, fuck me baby, fuck mommy’s pussy!” She pleaded.

Her orgasm lasted a good 10 seconds, before she came back down from it.

“John, keep tongue fucking my ass.”

“Jill told me how much you like to lick her asshole. But you are too big and she is afraid to fuck it.”

As soon as she made that comment, she began to deep throat Brad’s cock, and massage his balls with one of her hands. Brad pictured his own mom getting her asshole rimmed by his father.

John gave one last lick and stood his head up smiling. Then he heard a deep grunt ahead of him. It was Brad.

“Ugh! Fuck, fuck, I’m CUMMING Mrs. Frank”

He pulled out of her mouth quickly and began shooting ropes of cum all over her face.

Jen couldn’t believe how much he came.

His sticky, warm cum got all over her face and in her eyes. After the 4th spurt she was able to get her mouth around it, and soon Brad moaned deeply in ecstasy.

Jen loved the taste of Brads hot young cum, but she couldn’t even open her eyes to enjoy the look of satisfaction on the young boys face. She was covered in it.

Brad fell to the ground and looked like he passed out on the floor.

Suddenly, Jen started to feel another orgasm coming along, and begged Sean to start fucking her harder.

Sean started fucking vigorously into her pussy, and then yelled “Ugh Fuck! I’m CUMMING!

Jen felt the hot jizz shoot into her bare pussy without hesitation. She had a mini orgasm while Sean kept shooting spurt after spurt of cum into her.

She he had her tubes tied a while ago and absolutely loved the feeling of hot cum in her pussy.

Sean turned Jen around and she sat in his lap trying to capture her breath.

Rob’s View

My moms sweaty naked body was facing me, her eyes still closed from Brad’s huge cumshot.

I saw Sean’s cum dripping out of her well fucked pussy and almost came in my own hand.

I wanted desperately to go straight to the bathroom and pump my cum into the sink, but I was afraid I would blow my cover.

This has been one hell of a night. I thought.

“That was so hot Jen. Can you imagine what your son would think if he saw you like this.” Mr Nelson said.

My mom began to blush. She looked towards the other couch but still could not open her eyes.

“You fucker, you promise me RIGHT NOW he is still passed out on the couch.” she said lightly.

John answered quicker than usual: “Yes of course, I’m just messing with you baby”

“Now come bring that sexy ass of yours over here. Now that the boys got their turn, its time that daddy gets a chance to fuck mommy’s slutty hole.”

The dirty talk was making her wetter and wetter. Jen knew she needed to be fucked to an orgasm one last time.

John picked her up and carried her towards the master bedroom door.

-Rob’s View-

I noticed John carrying my mom away. Sean was passed out on the couch and Brad was passed out on the floor. I sat up on the couch with a raging hard on, horny as hell and not sure what to do.

Then suddenly, Mr Nelson paused once he reached the master bedroom door as he remembered his wife was sleeping on their bed.

He turned back around with a look of disappointment. He quickly glanced over at me, and when we locked eyes, he got a devious look on his face.

“How about we go back to the couch and you ride my cock?” Mr. Nelson said.

“That is fine, but please wipe this cum out of my eyes.” My mother replied.

“Ok fine. Sean, can you come help me out.”

Mr Nelson then stood my mother up to her feet.

“Wait one second” he said.

He grabbed a tissue from the counter, and ran towards my position on the couch and began to ask Sean do something.

“Sean, help Rob’s mom wipe the cum from her eyes with that tissue and bring her over here to sit on my cock.”

He then snuck back over to her, picked her up, and started carrying her in my direction.

He was pretending to be Sean!

He held her by the ass as he walked her over, her arms wrapped around his shoulders, and to my surprise, set her down straddling my legs, so that her ass was in my lap, and her pussy landed directly on my cock.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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