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We Meet Helga from Hayes Farm

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My name is Helga and I am walking down the old lane next to our farm “Hayes” that heads to the village in Devon. Its 7 o’clock in the evening in the middle of Autumn, just before sunset and I have just left the very old farmhouse where we live to do my evening rounds and make sure all the animals in the fields have access to some food and water. The farm is set up on the side of and head of a valley that we own with a ridge behind us and under the trees at the head of a set of rolling hills and clefts with small paddocks and large fields and streams running down to the river in the valley bottom.

It has small areas of woods on the top of the hills and at each end of the ridge, protecting the house from the wind and snow and other small copses next to and in some of the fields plenty of trees. It is very quiet and very private, about 1,830 acres in all. I am heading towards a particular copse of trees about a mile down the old bridleway and to one particular tree at the top of a field that I like to sit on and look out over our valley and think.

Getting to the field I want and climbing over the gate I back track up the field about 50 yards and to “my” tree. It was a very big oak tree and fell down about 10 years ago, a few years after it had been struck by lightning, and it has lost all of its leaves and some of its branches. It now was laying along the top of the field up against the fence with the woods above and the weather had basically stripped the branches and trunk of all its bark and had now left it all smooth and weather worn.

It was mostly hidden from view by a big semi-circular mound of earth and by other hedges and sitting on it I could see the whole valley and just tops of the trees of the village in the distance, and just see a couple of farmhouses in trees over the other side of the valley about 3 miles away. It is warm and there is no wind, the sun is setting on my face from across the valley. I sit down in my favourite place on it which was about half way along it, and about 3ft off the ground, next to a broken branch that I could lean against. But this was no ordinary tree or branch….

About 5 ft tall from the trunk and about 2ft around it was vertical and was broken at the top. About a foot up from the trunk it had two small branches from it one pointing down the field about 12″ long and the other at right angles along the top of the trunk about 15″ long. Both had been shaped with rounded ends with big bulbous heads that looked like heads of pricks and about the size of a tennis ball. They were both modelled on a circumcised penis that I once knew.

The big one was about 8″ around at the top and knob, and about 10″ around at the base and 6″ wide on the shaft and it was rough and covered in 1/2″ ridges and knobbles and the shorter one was the same size from top to bottom of about 5″ around with a large penis knob of about 6″ and was highly smooth and polished and had a long big curve it in upwards of about 30 degrees. All my own work.

I put my bag down take my clothes off, shoes, socks, shorts and halter neck shirt. I have nothing else on. Looking down at myself I thought, not bad for 49 years old..! I am half German (hence the name) and have dark brown hair, big green eyes, a big nose and big mouth and lips. I am about 6′ tall and weigh about a 100kg. I am very fit and firm, lots of muscles where I need them, for work on the farm, have absolutely no fat on me, wide shoulders, a pair of 38DD boobs with huge areola and long fat hard nipples a flat tummy and my waist is small and my bum cheeks are both tight and small, big solid muscular thighs and long legs.

I have no body hair and no tattoos. But I do have a tongue stud, belly button ring, two big nipple rings with bars, two big rings though my outer vagina lips and two small ones through my inner lips joined by chains and a ring through my anal entrance. My outer vagina lips are big and puffy and always dark almanbahis in colour, and as I stand there, I can feel them getting bigger and wetter… I give them a rub with my all my fingers for a minute and use the flowing juices on my nipples as I pinch and squeeze them into stiffness….

I visit my tree about 2 or 3 times a month and have pretty much worked out in the last 2 months how to get the most out of it. I do the set from things in my bag, up and take a tube of KY jelly and rub the jelly along the long branch top and bottom and start breathing heavy as I look forward to the coming moments. I put some KY on my fingers and squat down and using two fingers push some big globs up my vagina, which by now is absolutely flooded with my juices.

I massage the mix into the long thicker branch, then throwing one leg over the tree trunk I position myself facing away from it with the trunk between my legs and me leaning forward on the tree. I back down towards the dildo branch and its huge 8″ round head. Long ago I trained my self to take this size of dildo, and its head, but I am still very careful and as it meets my passage and pushes against my outer lips, I reach behind me and pull on my outer rings and pull my lips and myself open to it. As I further push back, I can feel the huge head meet my inner lips and I stop.

Taking a deep breath, I push back hard and feel the head punch past the entrance to my vagina and make its entrance and I expel a huge breath and gasp a swear work as my inner and outer lips embrace the branch, the round head filling me so I nearly can’t take a breath. I now fall forward onto the smooth trunk and as my huge nipples hit the wood hard, I get another jolt as both the red engorged nubs, rub against the wood. I am laid on the trunk now on my stomach with my body horizontal and knees bent feet touching the earth and my breasts now separating and slipping down either side of the trunk.

I raise myself a bit and push back against the dildo and feel about another 3″enter me and so that makes nearly 6″ in me now. I am not or anywhere near full. I reach out and grab the tube and reach behind me a squirt some more jelly down my crack and on the branch to help. But I know it does not need it, the branch is so smooth from my past visits and the wood has soaked up a lot of the lube and my pussy juices as well. I reach back and massage some of the jelly into my cunt lips my bum and the branch.

I feel the wood heating up now as the jelly has some deep heat in it as well, and my lips, vagina and anus start to heat up as well. I push back a bit more and take another 2-3″ and I really start to feel the head up my cunt and get very stretched as the branch starts to widen from its 6″ at the top and now its probably about 8″. Halfway down. I can feel the knob in my vagina, as it makes its way along my channel. But I’m still not full yet. I start to push backwards and pull forwards so get some movement and some friction and to run my hard as nails nipples up and down against the tree trunk.

I can always come with just my nipples being sucked or pinched, but not this time. It feels good and so I push back a bit further on the next thrust, and I feel the head hit my cervix. That means I have about 10″ of the 15″ branch in me now and I feel very hot, I am breathing hard, my muscles are twitching my cunt is pulsing gently and I feel a big smile on my face. So here I go. I press back really hard and I take another 3″ of the branch, and feel the huge head try to get past my cervix opening, but all it does it push it further into my body and then I have to stop. I am now panting and gasping and groaning and I want more.

So, bracing myself and pushing back harder as soon as I feel it give slightly, I slam back and as I do so I feel the head split my cervix lips and the massive bulbous head of the dildo slam through into my womb with another 2″ of the branch. With a almanbahis giriş scream that echoes around the valley I come so hard that I nearly pass out. My vagina, my cervix, my nipples and my sphincter go into a spasm and with waves of pleasure washing over me I cry out as more pain and pleasure wash over me and I come and come and cry with ecstasy, I keep pushing back and feel even more of the wooden branch dildo enter me.

I am spasming so hard now I nearly scream. I look down between my legs and can only see about 3″ left of the branch to its base, so that I means I have about 12″ of it in in my and its nearly 10″ wide at my outer lips… I can see the head of the branch bulging out from my tummy wall and feel it to make sure. God its so hard. No softness at all. After a couple of minutes, I recover my breath and as the waves and waves of orgasmic pleasure recede, I try to move but I can’t, I still seem to be spasming internally and my cervix doesn’t want to let the branch go. I think I also might have overdone it with the deep heat as well as my cunt seems to be fully on fire.

I start rocking backwards and forwards to see of I can remove the dildo, but my nipples rubbing on the trunk and the rings and bars through them stretch them out hard send me off on another orgasm, so I wait until that fades. I sit up as much as I can and pull forward steadily and can feel the head of the branch against the inside of my cervix and it hurts so I move it back in again. I start doing that gently but again I can’t remove the head and the 3″ in my cervix. Has it got bigger. I don’t think so, but maybe my cunt and cervix are so swollen it won’t come out.

I rest for a few minutes and look down the valley and can see the village and pub in amongst the trees about 3 miles away. I notice a flashing coming from one of the hidden farmhouse windows at Debbie’s place over the other side of the valley about a mile away, every now and again and I wonder what that is. The dildo branch is still massive in my tunnel and my womb and it feels like I am impaled on a huge pole. But the spasms have nearly stopped, and it seems to be bit freer now.

I pull forward and feel the knob come up against the inside of my cervix, but as I do, I start to get worked up again, oh well, I drop back down on to the trunk, push back and forward and start to work it in and out again, I then feel a couple more inches of the branch enter me, look back and see I have only about 1″ left before I hit the base, I keep thrusting and pulling and after two more huge orgasm spasms, I push back really hard now and feel my outer lips slam back against the huge balls I had had made at the base of the branch.

Two of them about 6″ in diameter. But these were not just plain rubber balls. They were hollow and made by a friend of mine and fixed to a pressure pad with tubes going from them along through the branch to the bulbous end that was presently in my cervix and out via hole in the end of the huge knob. The balls were filled with about 2 pints of a mixture of what I called “spunk” made up of fresh yoghurt, some lemon juice and a muscle agent that when it comes into contact with engorged skin, sends pain signals though the bodies nerve endings to your whole body, that I have never ever experienced before.

I had been trying for months to hit the balls and trigger the ejaculation and couldn’t, but I was so very close this time, I just thought it was now or never. As my bum and cunt lips hit the base of the branch and hit the rubber balls it triggered a small battery powered pump and shot the spunk out of the balls and along the branch and out of the end of the dildo all in about 5 seconds. I knew it was coming as soon as I hit the balls but there was absolutely nothing, I could do about it. Or wanted to.

The spunk hit my cervix wall with such force I could feel it pulsing against me and filling me up, I looked down again almanbahis yeni giriş at my stomach and could actually see the knob and the jets of spunk hitting my stomach wall and watched my stomach started to grow and distend with the amount of spunk being pumped into my womb. I started on a huge massive orgasm, the biggest I think I have had in my life. But I also knew now that I needed to get the branch out of me. Lunging forward I felt the head of the branch slip back out from cervix and I fell forward onto the tree trunk and as the dildo slid out of me completely left my vagina with a very loud squelch and the head came out past my lips with a sharp shot of pain.

I feel the spunk gush out from me and yet another massive orgasm start within me. From the depths of my cunt and womb huge waves of pleasurable pain and heat radiated out all over my lower body, my womb and my bowels as the muscle agent started working. I then started to wail and was panting and gasping with deep breaths and shouting… “oh my god”… then…”fuck, fuck, fuck”… and started crying and finally screeching at the top of my voice, eyes and mouth wide open, I felt wave after wave of the massive pleasurable pain come over me and went into multiple huge shakes and shivers and a series of never ending climax’s and then unable to take another I breath passed out.

I’m not sure how long I was out but the sun was nearly set, but still light and dusky and I was still laying on the tree trunk on my stomach with my legs and arms hanging either side and my face against the wood and small tremors pulsing through me about every 10 seconds which I realized were small orgasms and as I lay there for a few more minutes, they faded away and into a very hot feeling pulsing and radiating out from my womb and vagina.

I pushed myself up off the tree and saw that my breasts were hugely swollen, my areola and nipples were still massively erect and much bigger than I had ever seen them. Dark crimson they visibly pulsed and as I touched them, they were very sore and sensitive, so I reached down scooped some spunk up from the trunk and my massively engorged cunt lips and rubbed the cream into them with my fingers for only a few seconds to soothe them and then gave the rings a quick hard pull, but that only sent agonising pain though me and as I kept on pulling on the rings started to pant hard again and then I came hard again and again and nearly fainted.

Taking a couple of minutes, I pushed myself up into a sitting position on the tree trunk with my legs either side and supported myself by my arms with my vagina pressing down on the huge tree trunk and onto the wood with all my weight. I caught my breath as my sore and inflamed lips came into contact with the spunk, my juices and the tree trunk and sat still whilst the pain faded. As near darkness came and I got my strength back and as the waves of pleasure receded, I managed to swing my leg over the tree and sit on the trunk and looked down at myself.

My nipples were back their normal size and my breasts had reduced in size, my stomach was back to its flat normal and I could see that my cunt lips were reduced but still looked very red. I tried to stand up but couldn’t the first time, but after about 5 mins I could and looked around. The tree branch dildo was covered in loads of spunk and with my cunt juices mixed in with it, and the trunk was covered with them as well. It must have flowed out of me as I was unconscious.

I reached over and rubbed my fingers into it and put the mess into my mouth. The taste was absolutely gorgeous, so I carefully got down on my knees and started to lick the trunk and branch clean of the spunk and my juices, and then very gently tried to get the bulbous head of the dildo branch into my throat to suck everything off but couldn’t. I know I can do this, and it will fit, I thought as I had already done it before, but I was at the wrong angle and couldn’t find the strength to swing my leg over the tree trunk and face the dildo. Plenty to time later on another for that.

As I cleaned myself up and then packed my stuff away and dressed, I looked over the valley to Debbie’s house and wondered what Mike was doing now…

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