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Wedding Eve

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I finally realize that the noise I keep hearin the phone ringing and answer it, “Hello?”


“Tara, is that you?”

“Yeah, it is me” I hear you giggeling. “So what have you been up to Mike? you ask. “Well, as of the moment, sleeping” I answer.

You giggle some more, making it evident that you have had a few to many to drink tonight. Thinking back it had been like two years since the last time we had spoken to each other and needless to say that was not on good terms.

“Guess what Mike” you say almost timidly ” I am getting married tomorrow, in like 12 hours from now.”

I sit up in the bed letting this new bit of imformation sink in and wonder why on earth did you call me to give me the news.

“Congratulations” I say, “hope it all works out for you and your fiancee.”

“His name is Chris and he is a real good fella so I am sure it will, I am happy now.”

I think back to the time when we dated. To say we had a stormy relationship would be putting it midly. We would argue at the drop of the hat about anything it seems but one thing never changed. Sex was off the wall fantastic.

“So what are you doing riding around at 2 a.m. and calling me on the eve of your big day” I ask curiously.

“Had to leave the girls at Midnight, was supposed to go home but just wasnt ready to so been out riding around and thinking, hey you mind if I come over for a little while?”

“No, come on over, will have a light on and door un locked.”

About fifteen minutes later I hear you at the door knocking softly. Opening it I find you standing there in a yellow with white polka-dots sundress. You look absolutely stunning.

“‘Come on in, would you like something to drink?”

A coke you answer and I head off to the kitchen to get us some drinks. In my haste all I had time to throw on was a pair of boxer shorts and a robe. Heading back into the living room I find you sitting on the couch, your feet turned back under you with your dress spread out around you. Your hair has gotten longer and even lighter and it seems as if you had gained some wieght wich really looked good one you, rounds out your curves.

“Here you go” and I hand you your drink and sit down beside you.

“Tell me something, do you remember some of the times we have had on this very couch” you ask with a sly grin on your face.

“How could I ever forget” I ask dreamily.

“Look what is going on here, lets cut to the chase, just what is really going on here?” You blush slightly and look down at your drink in your lap. “Well you see, Cindy told me of an old college tradition of her soriority that when a sister gets married the night before the wedding she goes out and does some thing wild that she can only tell the bridesmaid about.”

Sitting here listening to you tell me this my mind is working a hundred miles a hour.

Slowly you look up into my eyes and say, “Mike, I want you gaziantep escort to be my secret, will you?” you ask almost pleadingly. Softly I take your face into my hands and caress your cheeks and kiss our lips tenderly and whisper, “the pleasure would be all mine.”

We kiss again, more urgently this time, your face still in my hand as I hold you tenderly. Between kisses you say how much you have missed my lips and the feel of my skin as your hands carress my thigh under my robe. I run my hand down your leg and gently pull the hem of your dress up so I can get my hand under it and run it along your bare legs.

“So you will be my secret” you ask softly again.

“Yes, you can have me anyway you like”

With that our bodies crush together and melt into a passionate kiss and your hand snakes thru my boxers and fishes out my growing member. Slowly you stroke it making it get harder. Releasing it you move to untie my belt of the robe and hook onto my boxers and pull them down. Slowly you start to move away from my mouth, kissing down my chest, down my stomach and lower. I can feel your your hot breath over my cock as you are just inches from my hard cock.

Slowly I feel your silky lips wrapped around my cock and slowly make their way down, I couldn’t but think of the fact that you were supposed to be married during the day. With your tongue swirling around the head of my cock I tried to imagine how you would look in you white wedding dress.

“Do you still wear those super sexy French cut bikini panties with the matching demi-cup bra?” I asked.

Taking your mouth from my cock slowly you reply, “yes, but right now I have nothing at all on under the dress. I took everything off inside of the car in front of your apartment when I got here.”

“Show me!”

With that you stand up and reach behind and start to unzip the dress. First you slip the left shoulder off and catch it so it does not fall all the way down then you push the right side down, holding them both up covering your breast still. Finally you start to let the dress fall and begin to reveal your milky white breast to my. I smile and glad to see that you still have “tan” lines. The whiteness of your breast contrast against the bronze of the rest of your body. With the dress at your waist you take your hands and slowly push it dodwn over the flair of your hips. Falling to the floor I let out an audible gasp as you stand naked in front of me, with a bare pussy too.

“Do you like?” I hear you ask but am to shocked to reply so just nod my head yes.

“I am glad, it was Cindy’s idea to have it done saying that it would make for a good honeymoon surprise. So, we went this afternoon and I got trimmed and waxed.”

I slide off of the couch and turn you around and back you up so you fall down sitting on the couch, you spread your legs open wide letting me get an unobstructed view of your naked cunt. Slowly I start kissing your legs, moving up your thigh until my lips are inches away from your bare sex. My tongue slithers out and runs between your dewy lips and moves up between them to circle around your clit a few times, drawing slow wide circles. I press my tongue down flat against you and start to lick you from top to bottom like this. I can feel your hands running thru my hair as your hips start to rise against my tongue. Moving up I suck your tiny clit into my mouth and suck on it while running my tongue back and forth across it.

“Oh yes, that is it Mike, lick my wet cunt.”

I continue sucking and licking all over you and move my right hand up and after parting your cunt lips with my tongue I slowly slide my middle finger inside of you.

“YES!! Fill up my cunt while you tongue fuck my clit” you scream out loud.

I begin to slowly move my finger in and out of you now, matching its pace with that of my tongue working on your clit. Feeling your need rise I pick up my pace and also manage to slide a second finger inside of you to stretch your tight wet cunt around them.

“Oh yes! Do you wanna know what I was thinking about when that cute little blonde girl was waxing my cunny Mike??”

Without ever taking my mouth from off of you I mumble “what?”

“I thought of creaming your face like I am fixing to do” and with that I could feel the throbbing of your clit and your pussy sucking my fingers in as your orgasam ran thru your body. Feeling the sensations ripple thru you I tenderly kiss all around your bareness and on your thighs until I feel your orgasam ebb away.

Slowly I start to kiss my way up your body, kissing across your tummy, feeling it shake as you are tickelish here, then up between your breast. I always loved your breast cause they are small and perky and I could just about get all of one in my mouth so I could really give your nipple a good working over, which is exactly what I as doing. Running my tongue in a wide circle around your nipple I moved in closer and closer until finally it brushed across your stiff nipple. I trapped it between my teeth and really worked it over with my tongue, licking around it, across it and every which way imaginable. Slowly I made my way over to your other breast to give it the same exquisite treatment. Moving up I kissed up your chest to your neck and sucked and kissed it tenderly. Now my cock was pressed to the inside of your thigh. I feel your soft hands wrap around it and softly stroke it and start to pull it closer to you. I feel you move it up and down between your wet lips getting it lubed up for you. Finally I feel you place the head at your hot opening and begin to move it in. Inch by inch my cock begins to sink deep inside of you. Slowly my full length is buried deep inside of you, my balls resting against your ass. Staying still for a moment to let you adjust to me I feel you start to move your hips up against me. I start to move and match your pace as we start off slow and tender. I sit up and watch as you play with your own nipples, pulling on them and pinching them making them extra hard. After a few minutes of this I take you by the hips and move you so that I can sit down and you are now riding my cock. I watch as you move up and down on me, sliding your wet cunt over my cock. I take my right hand down and begin to fiddle with your clit as you start to ride me faster and harder now.

“Oh God yes, play with my clit Mike!”

I can feel what you once told me to be mini orgasms rumbling thru you causing your cunt to milk at my cock which in turn sets my cum to boiling in my balls.

“Get up on the couch and get on all fours, when I cum I want it to be deep inside of you baby” I growl as I pull my cock from your still twitching pussy.

I watch you move on the couch shaking your ass in my face you say, “come and fuck me like an animal, I want it hard baby and I want you to make me cum like you use to.”

Moving behind you I sink my cock into your steaming cunt in one fast and furious motion, burying it to the hilt. Grabbing your hips I start to fuck you, deep and steady. Your moans and groans are encouragement to me as I start to move faster feeling my cum starting to rise as your tight cunt milks at my cock, squeezing at it. Finally I am no longer to hold out and with one final mighty thrust I bury myself deep inside of you and fire the first jet of my cum. I can fell this trigger your own orgasm as well and your cunt locks on my cock milking it and tugging at it.

“OH YES!!!” you scream out loud as I cum deep inside of you.

Spent we collapse together and lay with me on top of you, my cock still inside of you on the couch.

“Um” you coo as the final drops of my cum leak out into you.

Seeing the first sign of the rising sun I look at the clock, “it is six o’clock.”

You groan and say that you had better get up cause supposed to be as Cindy’s around seven. I move off from on top you and let you start to get dress. You reach inside of your purse and pull out a pair of white panties and put them on. You see me looking puzzled and explain, “I brought these in so when your cum ran out of my cunt and mixed with my juices I would catch them with the panties and give these to Cindy as proof of my adventure so to say.”

Watching you finish getting dress I already feel as if I am going to miss you more this time. ” I hope that the wedding goes well for you and that you and Chris have a wonderful honeymoon” I say.

“I am sure it will go well” you say. Turning at the door to see my perplexed look you explain, ” you are on the invitation list as Cindy’s boyfriend who has been out of town up until today, so needless to say you will be there to see how the wedding goes.” You take out a pen and paper from your purse and I see you write something down, “here is the address and time to be at the church, don’t be late and will see you then.”

With that you were out the door!

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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