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Wendy Fucks David

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My God, the burning in my tummy has been growing all day, you girls know what I mean, the kind of burning you get when your super hornie and you need a good screw.

It started this morning; I woke up with David playing with my nipples in his sleep. After thirty years of marriage you would think I would get used to it, sometimes it excites me, other times it annoys me.

Today I over slept, so of course it excited me. Looking at the clock I see I have to get going or I will be late for work so a quickie is out of the question. To make it worst, the only clean pants I could find were tight ones, with a seam that rubbed my clit every time I took a step.

Of course, today the deli is packed and all I have done all day is walk. My whole body is tingling and if I do not get out of here soon I will go crazy. I don’t usually masturbate, even at home, but today, I’m so horny I had to take an extra break and do it in the employee break room.

Didn’t do a damn bit of good, if anything it made it worst. What I need is to get home and fuck David. Yes, you heard me right, I need to fuck him, I need to put on my strap on and fuck him silly. I know it sounds strange, but it is his fault, always running around the house naked and bending over in front of me.

He does it on purpose, when he wants to be fucked and He knows how excited that gets me. Looking back a few months, back to the day he said he wanted me to put on a strap on and screw his butt. I was shocked, I told him so, I also told him I would have to think about it, but in reality, I had no plans to do it.

Two weeks later, that all changed. Saying I was shocked when I opened the box, that came in the mail is an understatement, but at least I new he meant it. When I looked at the double-ended dick all I could say was, what this is.

When he looked at me, he blushed and could not think of anything to say. Finely he said remember, we agreed to try it. I reminded him; I said I would think about it. Pissed now, I threw it back in the box and told him, there is no way I am going to do it now.

It was a few days later, David was taking a nap and I was cleaning the bedroom when I came across the box behind David’s chair. Opening the box, I picking up the dildo, it felt huge.

I looked at the mirror as I put it against my pussy, the sight excited the hell out of me. That was the first time I felt the burning in my belly. Hearing David, I quickly put it away, but for the rest of the day I kept thinking about how that dick looked and my belly would start to burn.

It was a few days later, I new the minute I walked in the door I was going to be laid. David met me at the door naked and kissed me, not one of those welcome home honey kisses, but one of those, I need you now kiss.

David knows how to really work my body, he knows just the right buttons to push to drive my body wild and that alt porno day he pushed them all. The orgasm was coming, it was coming fast, I tried to move, but he wouldn’t let me.

He had my shirt opened and my bra pushed up over my tits, leaving them exposed. I don’t remember when he did it or how he did it, and I didn’t care. His mouth was working on my tits, he kept alternating, first one nipple then the other, teasing, with a flick his tongue, then sucking and gently biting.

He was exciting me for sure, turning my nipples into hard pebbles, but it was when he put the two fingers in my pussy and his thumb on my clit that he drove me crazy. I wanted to go to the bed, but he put his other arm around me and wouldn’t let me move. When I tell him he better stop or I’ll cum, he starts screwing me with his hand and said go ahead.

As he picked up speed he whispers in my ear, come on baby, cum for daddy, let me feel your hot cum on my hand. That was it, I cum on his hand and soak my pants at the same time.

Now he really gets to work, pulling me to the bedroom he throws me on the bed. Somehow, alone the way he took my shirt and bra off and now he is pulling my pants off.

Kneeling on the floor in front of me, he throws my legs over his shoulders and puts his very talented tongue to work. David loves to eat pussy, he could do it all day, and that day he was proving it. Sucking my clit into his mouth, he teased it with his tongue as he puts two fingers in my pussy.

I was getting close and he knows it. When I feel his finger against my butt hole I arch my back hopping he pushes it in, reaching up he pinches my nipple as he pushed just the tip in. He knows this drives me crazy and all my lust-filled mind can think of is, push it in please.

Nevertheless, he likes to torture me, so he pulls it and the two fingers in my pussy out. With his tongue flicking my clit a million times a second I feel the orgasm start, he senses it too. As I start on a very good orgasm, he does everything at once, pushing his fingers in me he squeezes my boob. When he pinches my nipple my body begs him for relief.

He is taking his time through, teasing me, he pulls out again and Hesitate a second. This time though, he means business he goes all the way in, two fingers in my pussy, one in my ass, his tongue on my clit as I explode. That’s it, he won’t stop now, he keeps bringing me to orgasm, time after time until I can’t take it any more and I have to push him away.

Any other time he would stand up and fuck me silly, but not this time. He pulls out the strap-on and puts it on me, he put my side in first and that feels good enough, but then he turns it on and I almost came.

As he lubed his side I felt the dick in me move, I new then that I was going to like this. Standing, he took my hands and pulled me up. Going to the end of the bed hd abla porno he bent over the footboard and waited for me.

He is a big guy, six foot six and I am five one, I was too short, and it really didn’t work out to good. However, that burning feeling was there and God how I wanted it to work. Looking down at my dick as it entered him gave me a sense of power, as if I was in charge and could do anything I wanted. No wonder men are so cocky. Forgive the pun.

David doesn’t give up easily, first thing the next day we were at the hardware store and he is buying all sorts of things. By that night, he has a platform made for me. When he showed it to me, I acted noncommittal but that burning feeling started all over again and all I could think of was screwing him.

The next time was a few weeks later, it was better but the platform was still to low. I never new it was so hard to screw someone; men make it look so easy. But It was still fun and we both orgasm, but it wasn’t fantastic.

A month later David was watching TV and I was in the bedroom. I had noticed that morning that David had extended the legs on my platform.

I was cleaning the closet and I found the black clingy dress David had bought me. David had been teasing me all day, tweaking my nipples and smacking my bottom, so I was a little worked up already.

One thing led to another and I decided, today was the day. Going to the kitchen, I made myself a stiff drink. Checking on David I saw that he was sleeping. That was good, it would give me a chance to get everything ready.

Next, I took a long hot bubble bath and shaved my pussy, just like David Likes. After drying off, I put on the dildo, pulling the straps tight I made sure it sat just right. Looking in the mirror made my pussy tingle.

Damn, this was turning me on; looking in the mirror I take the cock in my hand and stroke it. I can feel my pussy getting wet and my tummy starts to have that burning feeling.

Next I turned the vibe on low, I was so hot by then that I almost orgasm standing there looking at myself in the mirror.

The new white cotton panties I just bought come next. I don’t know why, but white cotton panties drive David crazy, I pull my panties up and tucked my dick in.

Looking in the mirror, I admire my bulge thinking, I have a good package. As I walk into the bedroom every step I take excites me. Looking in the mirror I stroke my cock thru the panties and decide not to wear a bra. Wow,I can’t believe it I just can’t keep my hands off my cock.

Next come’s the dress, its perfect, David calls it my “fuck me” dress, it’s very short. I have to take the cock out and see how it looks peeking out from under the dress. Wow this is going to really turn David on when he see’s it. Looking at the mirror over my shoulder I can just see my panties as I walk.

High rokettube porno heels are next. Looking in the mirror, I decide to put my hair in pigtails, with little girl ribbons. I think I look hot, turning sideways I can see a slite bulge in my dress and I can’t believe how excited it makes me. A couple of sprits of David’s favorite perfume and I am done. A quick spin in front of the mirror and I go out to the living room.

Taking the remote from his hand wakes David up. As he looks at me he see’s my cock poking out from under the dress. David start’s shaking and he licks his lips. I sit on his lap, we start to kiss. He thinks he knows what I have planed; boy is he going to be surprised. We just sit and kiss for a long time every now and then he tries to feels my cock but I push his hand away.

As His breathing gets quicker he starts to drool, I know what that means. When I don’t think I can take it any longer I say, let’s go to the bedroom. At the bed, he stops and kisses me, taking his hand, I place it back on my cock. His starts shaking, and he is breathing fast.

We were both super excited, when I tell him to jerk me off his hands are shaking so bad he almost can’t. Kneeling in front of me, he holds my cock. Looking up at me I can see he wants to say something but doesn’t know how.

Smiling, I ask what he wants. He blushed, then said, is it ok if I suck your cock. I don’t answer him; instead, I take his head in my hands and guide his mouth to my cock. God this is hot, watching him suck my cock almost makes me cum.

I need to do this now, I pull him up and kiss him, turning him around I said, I’m ready baby, bend over. As I watched him bend him over the footboard, I had a strange sense of power. I already had the platform in place at the foot of the bed so all I had to do was step up.

Standing there with my hands on his hips that burning in my tummy is spreading to my whole body, I was breathing hard and my legs were shaking, all I could think of is this time I am going to cum and it is going to be fantastic, I know it.

Standing behind him with my hands on his hips I watch as my cock enter him and I have a small orgasm. As I try to get a rhythm going he says, push it all the way in and rock your hips. I slap him on the ass and give him a deep thrust telling him be quite I’m gonna have some fun. I’m in charge now.

It takes me a little bit but I work into a rhythm, this is fantastic I’m soon going to have my first orgasm fucking my husband and it is great. I put my foot on the footboard to get more penetration and I cum as I start to pound his ass as hard as I can. I cum again, and again, and again I can’t stop.

This is fantastic, I can’t ever remember cumming so hard, David’s babbling that he’s going to cum causes me to cum again and I don’t want to stop but this time I cum is so hard I almost collapse.

Wow, we drag ourselves to the bed, sit down, and try to catch our breath. We talk for the next hour or so and we both agree this is something we have to do a lot more. I have found out I really enjoy having a submissive husband; I love the feeling of power over him when we reverse roles.

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