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What Happens in the Locker Room…

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Coach Klein blew the whistle, signaling the end of practice for the day. Ryan finished his lap in the pool and pulled himself out, glancing around the indoor pool complex. He noticed the rest of his team gathering over in the far corner of the pool, and jointed them.

“Okay guys, good practice today,” Coach Klein said. “Now I don’t have to tell you all about how important tomorrow’s meet against McLane High is, you already know that. So get a good night’s rest, make sure you eat a healthy dinner, and pack some healthy snacks for the bus ride there and back. The bus will get here around 9am, it’s a two hour ride, and the meet starts at 1pm. Everybody clear on that?”

“Yes coach,” the team replied in unison.

Coach Klein nodded. “Okay then, you’re dismissed! See you tomorrow, guys.”

As the team got up and made their way over to the men’s locker room at the far end of the complex, Ryan made his way to the coach, taking off his swim cap and shaking the water out of his short brown hair. “Hey, coach, you got a sec?”

The coach turned to face him, and nodded. “Sure thing Cooper, what’s up?”

“Well I was wondering if you’d let me stay an extra hour today, I’ve been wanting to work on my flip turns to make sure I’ve got it down before tomorrow.”

“Hmm,” the coach grunted. “I don’t see why not, it is a Friday after all. And your turns have been a little sloppy.” He reached into his back pocket and pulled out a key on a long black lanyard, handing it to Ryan. “Just make sure you lock up when you’re done and get the key back to me in the morning. We let you seniors get away with a lot of crap, but anything crazy happens and it’s my ass.”

“Thanks coach!” he said, placing the key on top of his town he’d placed on a plastic chair nearby as the coach turned to leave. He glanced up at the clock on the near wall. It was 5pm, which was perfect. He’d be out by six, home in time for dinner at 7, and still have enough time to finish his history essay and play a little Skyrim before bed. Ryan readied himself at the edge of the pool and dove in, feeling the cool water flush over his lightly tanned skin.

An hour passed, and Ryan pulled himself out again. He felt like he’d gotten enough practice with the flip turns to feel confident about tomorrow’s meet. He grabbed his towel, the key, and made his way to the locker room. He was feeling a little bit of a headache, though, and was starting to regret not eating anything since breakfast. Ryan lowered his head to give his left temple a quick rub, and pushed the door to the locker room open with his shoulder.

Inside, the lockers were set up in rows running parallel to the entryway, so that from the door Ryan could see all the way down to the showers at the far end of the room with a long metal bench running down the center of each row. He walked down to his row, and made his way to his locker. He stopped before opening it, though, and continued on down to the showers.

Ryan laid his towel, goggles, and key down on the end of the bench and pulled down his swim shorts, releasing his penis into the open. He hated wearing the tight shorts, since his dick always tended to find a way into awkward positions and he couldn’t adjust it underwater. He stepped into the rows of showers and turned one on, letting himself soak for a short while. He pushed the button on the little shampoo dispenser and got a little on his hands, running it through his hair to clear the chlorine out.

When he’d washed it out, he shut off the water and walked back over to his towel. Ryan clumped it over his hair first, drying it before running it over his slim, toned body. He’d never been much into weight lifting, but cardio and core workouts were his thing, and because of that he managed to keep a lean physique despite a diet of junk food, greasy burgers and pizza.

He heard the locker room doors open and voices as he walked back to his locker, wrapping the towel around his waist. Ryan figured it was the soccer team, as they usually finished practice around that time anyway. He’d say hi to his buddies Pablo and Eli before heading out.

Something was off though. The voices sounded oddly high pitched. Somewhat… girly. Ryan shrugged it off, and twisted the knob on his lock. But it didn’t budge when he pulled. He reset the combo, and entered it again, but still nothing.

That was when he noticed that this wasn’t his locker. His lock was green, but this one was red. Ryan looked at the locker two spots down, Freddy Gomez’ locker. Or at least what should have been Freddy’s locker, as this one had a different lock too.

“Hey!” he heard a voice shout from halfway down the row. “What the fuck are you doing in here!?”

Ryan looked up, and his fears were confirmed. Standing there in green shorts and a sports bra was Taylor Reese, the star attacking midfielder on the girls’ soccer team. She had her arms folded just under her breasts, which were easily C’s but in the sports bra were pushed down to look much smaller. The commotion drew Escort bayan the attention of three other girls, also on the team, all eyeing him intently. Taylor had her shirt in hand, but dropped it onto the bench.

“I… ahh-“

“You what?” Taylor cut him off. “You better have a good fucking reason for being in here, perv.”

He glanced at the other girls, who were trading looks that he couldn’t quite make out, then back to Taylor. “I… I walked into the wrong locker room!” he forced out. “I wasn’t paying attention, I’m sorry! I’ll leave right now, I swear, I didn’t even see anything!”

Taylor looked him up and down, shifting her weight to her left foot and smirking. “I don’t think so, buddy. You’re not going anywhere.”

Ryan raised an eyebrow, confused. “Umm… what do you m-“

“Do I have to explain it to you?” she interrupted as the other three girls came closer, wearing the same hungry look as Taylor. She closed the distance and pushed him against the lockers, bringing her mouth within an inch of his. “I haven’t had a cock in me in months, and here I have one all wrapped up for me.”

As Taylor reached for the towel, Ryan gripped it tightly, holding it up. “Right here, in front of your whole team?”

Taylor shook her head. “Not the whole team, just us four. Everyone else went straight home.” She turned to the other girls, who were either watching intently or gently fondling themselves. “Sarah!” she called, prompting a girl with sandy blond hair, green eyes and a peachy pink skin tone to step forward. “You’ve got him first. I’m gonna shower. And I think I’ll need some company.”

She turned and walked towards the shower, taking off her sports bra and revealing the tan lines underneath. The two other girls followed her, taking their hair ties out and letting it fall, one a deep brown and the other a very light blond.

He watched as they continued to the shower, but he felt a hand on his face, pulling his gaze in the opposite direction. Suddenly he was face to face with Sarah Tate, a forward on the team. She was a year younger than him, and he’d had her in a couple classes the year before. He remembered fantasizing about her back then, and this excited him quite a bit.

“So… ahh… do you wanna start, or should I?” Sarah asked, a nervous but excited gleam in her eyes.

Ryan looked over at the other girls, who had stripped out of their clothes and gotten into the showers, then back to Sarah, and smiled. “I’ll start.”

He leaned forward and kissed her, and though he could taste the sweat on her lips she was a surprisingly good kisser. He put his hands on her waist as his tongue went into her mouth, and pulled her in close. She grabbed at the outcropping his stiffening cock was making against the towel, running her fingers over it. Ryan grabbed at the edge of her shirt, pulling it up and over her head as she lifted her arms. Sarah grabbed at the towel’s fold in an attempt to pull it apart, but he grabbed her hand.

“You first,” he whispered with a smirk.

Sarah smiled and bit her lip, running her nails down his chest before taking off her sports bra, letting her perky breasts drop and bounce. Ryan fixed his gaze on them, reaching out with a hand to fondle at them as she pulled down her shorts and panties, running a hand down her hairless mound to rub at her clit. He looked over her body, noticing a pudge around her tummy. Not that it was a problem to him, he actually rather preferred women with more average looking bodies. “Now it’s your turn,” she said with a smile.

Ryan nodded, pulling apart the folds of the towel and revealing his stiff member, eliciting a wide eyed gaze from Sarah. She almost immediately dropped down and gripped it with one hand, slowly stroking his length as she rubbed herself with the other and he played with a breast, his free hand tucked behind her head entangled in her hair.

“Do you like it?” he asked nervously. He’d only ever had sex with one girl, and although they’d done it multiple times the last time a girl had touched his penis was a year ago.

Sarah looked up at him, nodding. She stretched out her tongue, licking the underside the cock in her hands from base to tip and giving it a little kiss before slowly sliding her lips down the shaft. Ryan tightened his grip on her hair as he gently pushed into her mouth. She gagged as she got to his base, but was able to take the full seven inches back to her throat. Sarah pulled back, dragging her lips past his head and licking it. “Sorry,” she said, wiping the saliva from her lips. “It’s been a long time since I’ve got to deep throat a guy.”

“It’s perfectly fine,” he said with a smile, aiming his cock back at her mouth. She licked him again, then took his member back in.

She had settled into a catcher’s crouch and was running her fingers down her lips, leaving a small pool of fluid as she dripped onto the floor. When Ryan noticed, he couldn’t hold back anymore, and he shot off his seed into her mouth, quietly restraining Bayan escort a groan. Sarah raised her eyes up to meet his, an innocent look in them as she drew her lips backwards down his cock, sucking off the cum that dripped and swallowing it down with a cute smile that almost made Ryan feel guilty.

When Sarah stood up, Ryan pushed her against the lockers, sticking his hand down between her thighs. She responded by spreading them open for him, and as soon as his fingers brushed her lips she began to moan, quietly at first but as he stroked her moist folds she grew louder and louder. He licked at her neck, tasting the sweat again as he slid two fingers inside of her, forcing a gasp and a teeth-clenched groan. It didn’t take long, and within seconds of finger fucking her she squealed in excitement as she came on his fingers, a sloppy mess of her feminine fluids seeping out and drenching his fingers and making a satisfying sloshing sound.

Ryan brought his fingers up to his mouth, tasting her juices as he sucked on one finger and offering Sarah the other, which she accepted eagerly. She closed her eyes in enjoyment as she cleaned her mess off of his finger.

“Our turn,” called a voice from their side. Ryan turned to see the other two girls watching them and playing with themselves. He struggled to remember their names, he knew for sure the one with black hair was Jordyn but the blond girl’s name was escaping him. Katie? Kacey? Definitely something with a ‘K’ sound, or a hard ‘C’ but he was too distracted by their exposed tits and the trimmed strips of hair that decorated their sex. “Sarah, Taylor said she wants you to help her wash off. Don’t keep her waiting.”

Sarah nodded and walked off with her head down, but not before glancing back at Ryan with a smile. He followed her with his eyes, chuckling at the little bounce her ass made as she walked away.

“You like her?” asked the blond, drawing his attention away. Her lightly bronzed skin almost clashed with her hair color, but it was that and the accent which reminded him her name was Karen Ospina. She was the girl whose family moved to town from Spain earlier that year. “You don’t like us?” she asked with a coy smile.

Ryan chuckled nervously, raising a hand to scratch at the back of his head. “No, no, of course not! I… ahh… I just… I mean I already came with her, so-“

“Good,” Jordyn responded, exchanging a glance with her teammate. “You can focus on us then.”

“But wait, I thought you were into girls?” he asked Jordyn, confused.

“Well maybe you’ll be the one to turn me,” she replied, biting her lip in a sly smirk.

The two girls pressed forward, placing their hands on his body. Karen went for the mouth with her kisses, displaying a mastery of the tongue kiss of a kind that Ryan knew he’d never be able to match. Jordyn went for the chest, kissing down his abs to his softening cock. As she took the flaccid piece into her mouth, Karen guided him down onto the bench, laying him on his back.

Karen pulled out of the kiss and crossed a leg over to the other side of the bench. As she crouched down over him, Ryan felt just the smallest drip of wetness land on his face. He admired the view of Karen’s hanging lips as they descended towards his mouth. He arched his neck up to meet her, taking the moist petals into his mouth, sucking on them as he wrapped his arms around her thighs. One hand was pulled aside by Jordyn though, and guided between her thighs. Ryan took the hint, and ran his fingers through her slick lips. He couldn’t see past the ass hanging over his eyes, but he could hear the two of them making out, their moans muffled by each other’s mouths.

He could feel himself getting hard again, but focused on the two sets of soaking lips he was being forced to service. He wasn’t complaining, of course. To him, this was the best thing to happen all school year.

“Mmmm, asi papi,” Karen moaned as she ground her pussy against his face. He ran his tongue down to her clit, licking in a circle around it before dipping it into her slick opening. She gasped as he moved back to her clit, taking the hood into his mouth and sucking as he flicked his tongue over it repeatedly. She was the first to come. Jordyn stifled her screams with a hand as Ryan threw his head from side to side and enveloped her stiff clit with the flat of his tongue. Her body shivered and she squeezed her thighs around his head as her orgasm came and went, leaving his face a sopping mess.

Karen struggled to stand, but Jordyn helped her up. “Hijo de puta, he’s good with that tongue,” she said between breaths as Jordyn crossed over the bench and began to kiss her body.

“Is he now?” called Taylor as she approached them. He could see Sarah following closely, shyly biting at a nail as she eyed Ryan and his now erect manhood. “Too bad all I’m interested in right now is that cock. Thanks for getting him ready for me, ladies.” She turned to the two girls that were now two knuckles deep in each other, grinning. Escort “I knew that would get the two of you on each other. And now he’s all mine.” She waved Sarah over. “Hold him steady for me, would you dear?”

Sarah obliged, wrapping her fingers around his stiff member and smiling at him innocently as Taylor slid down onto him, the steaming hot sensation kicking off every nerve ending in Ryan’s penis. She quietly moaned as she took his entire length inside of her, gently bucking forward when her pelvis made contact with his.

“Mmmm, that’s a filling piece,” she groaned with a smirk before grinding back and forth. Ryan sat up, wrapping an arm around her back and putting another on one of her soft, round breasts. Taylor looked him in the eyes and reached around to his back, digging her nails in and letting out animalistic grunts as she hastily rode his cock. Ryan answered by gyrating his hips upward into her, eliciting quiet moans as his full length dove inside her.

Ryan laid her down onto the bench, grasping both of her breasts and massaging them as he thrust into her wet opening. “Do you want me to pull out?” he asked between thrusts, to which she answered with a nod. He settled into a half-crouch as he slammed his penis into the fit soccer player, his balls slapping against the space between her lips and her ass.

“Don’t fucking stop!” she gasped, tears falling from her eyes. “Oh GOD that’s good!” she shouted as she grabbed one of his hands and moved it to her throat. Ryan took the hint and wrapped his hand around it, gently at first. The sheer excitement brought him to near orgasm.

“I… I’m gonna cum!” he grunted, tightening his grip on her throat as she squeezed his wrist.

Taylor began to cry out in what sounded like a mixture of pain and pleasure, furiously rubbing her clit until finally Ryan couldn’t hold back any longer. He withdrew from her tight, wet slit and sprayed his cum across her body from her navel to just below her throat.

Exhausted, he sat down onto the bench, leaning backwards to lie down. Instead of finding the bench though, he bumped heads with Karen, who in the interim had found herself in a sixty-nine with Jordyn just behind them on the bench. He sat back up, looking over at Sarah, who had sat down on the floor while fingering herself to the sights in front of her.

“Mmmm,” moaned Taylor after finding her breath. “Fuck, that was good. Short, but good. That’s one hell of a cock you’ve got there, kid.” She looked over to Sarah, who had been watching her. “You like his cum, don’t you?” she asked the shy girl on the floor. Sarah nodded in response. “Come on, come over here and lick it off of me.”

Sarah obliged, kneeling forward to lick at Taylor’s naked body, soaked in sweat and semen. She cleaned off the girl’s body, swallowing every drop. As she finished, she shot a glance over to Ryan’s softening member. “Ca-can I… umm… is it ok if I… ahh…”

Ryan nodded, reaching out a hand to caress her hair as she happily took his cock into her mouth, licking off the remaining cum that dripped from it.

Taylor sat up, chuckling. “I think she likes you. Did you know Sarah here is a virgin?”

Ryan shook his head. “I’d have never known, from the way she can suck a dick.”

“Hmm, a shame,” she said, eying the girl that was gently playing with his penis. “Maybe another time soon you can change that.” Taylor stood up, working the combination on the lock that Ryan had thought was his before he’d gotten caught in this situation. “In any case, I’m rather satisfied for the night. You can show yourself out, right? I’d hurry with that if I were you. You never know who’s on campus at this time.”

“Aww fuck!” Ryan said, having lost track of time entirely. “I have to go, I need to get home, I’ve got a big swim meet tomorrow!”

As he stood up, so did Sarah. “Bye Ryan!” she said, smiling.

He smiled, and left the locker room, taking one last glance back at the girls, two of whom were just finishing up with each other while the other two got dressed.

After getting into the boy’s locker room, Ryan rapidly dressed himself and packed away his towel and swim shorts. He couldn’t even make sense of what had just happened, and was still trying to determine if it had even really happened. There was no possible way a guy like him could have something like that happen to him, but everything pointed to it being real. Including Sarah meeting him as he walked out of the locker room.

“Hey, Sarah!” he said, both excited and nervous at seeing her again.

She brushed a lock of her hair back out of her face, revealing a shy smile. “Hi, Ryan. I… I was wondering, you know, maybe… would you like, want to get coffee this weekend, or something?”

Ryan smiled back at her, nodding. “Of course, yeah, that would be awesome! I mean tomorrow I have my swim meet, but how about Saturday?”

Sarah nodded, pulling a piece of paper out of her pocket, handing it to him with a shaking hand. “Here, it’s my number. Umm, you could maybe text me some time?”

“Yeah, of course, sounds good!” Ryan looked around, noticing they were the only people in the complex. “So… do you need a ride or something, it’s getting kinda late and it’s dark out.”

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