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What Once Was Innocent Ch. 13

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Garrett opened his eyes, adjusting himself to the room. Larissa wasn’t there. He quickly shot up, grabbing a pair of boxers from his drawer. He smelled bacon and smiled.

“She’s gone, Dad.” Makayla sat at the kitchen table with a sad frown, ripping a piece of bacon with her teeth.


“Yeah, Dad. She left a note on the table.” She handed it to him.

Garrett unfolded it and began to read:

To the two most beautiful, caring people I’ve ever met,

You don’t know how much you have helped me. I really needed someone to lift me up in such a horrible part of my life. Instead of one, I found two. You both mean so much to me. I love you. We all knew this time would come and I thought it would be best if I left without a commotion. Please understand that I would have rather said goodbye in person, but that too, would’ve been so hard. This is truly hard for me to do. I know you both love me too and I can’t describe to you how good that feels. Don’t worry, you’ll hear from me soon. I promise. You two take care of each other. Never let anyone come between the love you have for each other.

I love you guys, Larissa

Garrett felt the lump of pain building in his throat. That feeling when you’re about to burst into tears. “Do you think she’ll ever come back?”

“Doesn’t sound like it, does it? Sounds like a Dear John to me.”

“More like a Dear John and Jane.” Garrett sat at the table beside his daughter with a fresh cup of coffee.

“At least we have great memories of her, Daddy.” Makayla laughed as she finished the slice of bacon, hoping to make the mood a little lighter. “Every time I smell bacon, I’ll think of Larissa.”

Garrett smiled but said nothing. He just sat staring at his plate.

“You love her, don’t you Daddy?”

“Yes. Yes I do.”

“Too bad she wasn’t around before Mom popped up in your life.”

Garrett looked up at his daughter. “Your mother is partly responsible for the most important thing in my life. And for that, I will always love her for it.” Garrett stood to get ready for work.

“I love you Daddy.” Makayla echoed from the kitchen.

“And I love you, Angel.”

Garrett wiped the fog from the mirror as he combed his hair. Stuck between the wall and mirror was another note. He walked into the bedroom, falling across it as he read:

Dearest Garrett,

This is so hard for me and I know it is for you as well. Last night was undeniably the most special night I’ve ever had. Thank you for making me feel so loved. Even if you didn’t mean it when you said you loved me, you made me feel like you do. You are an incredible man. You hold all the qualities that makes a man a wonderful one. And then some. I love you deeply. I don’t know where this is all going, but my heart weighs heavily through this. But know that I do, indeed, love you. Keep hope for me and I’ll do the same for you. But please, don’t keep hope that I will return. I don’t know how this will end. But I will cherish the time I spent with you.

I have something planned for you and Makayla. I went out during my days alone and decided to give you something you will never forget. I hope, in some way, I’ll be there with you in heart. The only thing I can say about it in this letter is that there is another letter in your brown coat pocket in your closet that you are not to open until the day before Makayla’s nineteenth birthday (that’s saturday, if your memory is failing you). That day you are to look your absolute best. Period. Buy her something nice, Garrett.

I love you, Larissa

Garrett lay on his bed wondering if he’d ever see Larissa again. He let the coolness of the air dry off his still moist, naked skin.

“Daddy?” Makayla walked softly into his room, catching him completely naked on his bed. “Daddy, wake up. You’ll be late for work,” she whispered as she stepped between his legs lightly. Her father didn’t even flinch as her bare legs grazed against his. Softly she trailed her tiny panties down her smooth thighs, letting them pool at her feet. High above her head she tugged her tight cotton shirt, dropping it as she knelt gently at the foot of the bed. Lowering down, she took in his wonderful, naked penis. “My Daddy’s dick,” she whispered. It looked so soft and serene, lying there on his upper thigh. And those wonderful, big balls sitting tightly below it. She gently traced the length of his cock, smiling as it jumped at the sensation. “Mmm, so warm and fresh,” she thought as she lowered her precious face closer. A small, thin lick up the underside instantly saturated Girne Escort her. She cautiously lifted it by it’s base, watching it bend. What an odd body part it seemed to her. How alluring it was filled with blood, showing her how turned on he was for her. But something about it in this state was almost cute. She instantly wondered how it would feel in her mouth.

Slowly she opened her mouth, letting it fall, relaxed on her tongue. She gently closed her mouth around it, rolling her tongue against it; feeling it manipulate with her mouth. Oh how soft it was! She sucked it lightly feeling it expand in her mouth. It began to grow. What an odd sensation! She felt it thicken and throb, growing longer in her mouth until she felt it slither down her throat. Gracefully she guided it out, looking up at her awakened father looking back at her.

“Hi Daddy,” she waved cutely as she took him in once more. She let it flop from her relaxed lips. “You fall asleep?”

He nodded as she sucked lightly, barely closing her lips around it.

“You need to get up. You’re going to be late for work.” Cat-like, she stalked up his body, lightly pressing her soft skin against his. Arching her back, she let his hardness escape from under her, only to slide back down, ever-so-much, until he pressed against her drenched pussy.

Garrett sighed as he felt her small, soft nipples kiss his. Her breasts swelled as they gently pressed against his chest. Instantly his hands reached for her ass, delicately traveling up and down. Just enough that he could feel her tiny, invisible hairs dance across his skin.

“That’s a helluva way to wake up, my doll.” Garrett opened his mouth for his daughter as she quietly kissed him.

“You’re going to be late, Daddy. Try not to think too much about Larissa. Everything will work out the way it should. Just don’t lose hope.” She gyrated her young ass against his cock, letting her juices wet him. “Besides, you still have me.”

Garrett returned the smile. “And you’re all I’ll ever need.”

“Aww Daddy, that’s so sweet.” She kissed him again.

“I know something else that’s sweet,” Garrett winked as he thrust his healthy dick against her.

“Mmm, I do too. I know quite a few things that are sweet. So, how did last night go?”

“Larissa was just upset about all that’s going on with her. That’s all. It wasn’t anything we did.”

“I was starting to wonder. I thought maybe she left because she couldn’t accept what had happened. What’s going on with us, I mean.”

“Oh no, Not at all. She loved it.”

“So did I. Did you like watching us lick each others pussies, Daddy?”

“Oh God yes! That was the hottest thing I’ve ever seen!” Garrett’s cock pulsated as he briefly imagined it.

“We did that in the dressing room too. It just seemed to naturally happen. I like Larissa, Daddy. She’s so cute!

“Dressing room, huh? Too hot. I like her too baby. Maybe too much.”

Makayla tried to keep him from becoming depressed. “Daddy? Did you like watching your little girl lick your girlfriend’s pussy?”

“Mmm, Kayla, that was too much. I loved it! You looked so pretty kissing it. And she’s not my girlfriend. But it is strangely sexy that you had lesbian sex with the same woman I made love to only a few minutes later.”

“Oh, so you fuck her, huh?” Makayla pretended to be appalled, She slid down his body, standing up between his legs.

“Yes I did.” Garrett lay there gazing at his perfect, naked daughter; her hands on her hips.

“Well how was it?” Makayla couldn’t fight back the smirk.

“Incredible. Very relaxing. We did it so slowly for at least three hours.”

“Three hours?” Makayla yelled. “No wonder you can’t stay awake! But that’s sweet Dad. I’m glad you got some.”

Garrett smiled looking down at his hard cock, protruding from his body.

Makalya carefully knelt back on the bed. “Oh don’t worry. I’ll relieve that before you go.” Makayla lay between his legs slowly sucking her father’s dick into her sweet, little mouth.


Makayla paced about her room, collecting things that she would need back at college. She found Larissa’s third note laying on her make-up case:

Sweet Makayla,

These last few days have been both heartbreaking and wonderful. Thank you so much for being there for me. Maybe even making me feel a little younger, as well. You mean so much to me. I think of you as a younger sister now, even though that sounds awfully weird with what has happened between Kıbrıs Escort us. I just can’t believe you’re so incredibly gorgeous and still so sweet and down to earth. I love you, Makayla. I’ll remember the fun we’ve had and hope for more in the future, if things work out. I can say I’ve never enjoyed a woman’s body as much as I have yours. Oh God, those gorgeous big tits! Ha!

But anyway, I have arranged a little something for you and your father. I also bought you something while we were shopping the other day. Garrett knows where it is. You are NOT to open it until the day before your birthday! I hope you like it and I hope you enjoy what I’ve arranged for you two. Hope to talk to you soon.

Love, Larissa (big sis)

Makayla smiled as she ran down the stairs, searching the house for her present.


Garrett paced the dimly lit aisles of the jewelry store, in search of the perfect gift. He had no clue what to get his lovely daughter, but he knew women loved jewelry.

“What about this, Mr. Conner?”

Garrett turned to Natalie an aisle across. As he grew closer, Natalie pointed at a diamond ring sitting elegantly underneath the low, glass case.

“A diamond solitare?”

“Why not? It doesn’t have to mean engagement, silly.”

“I’m pretty certain that it does. Anyone that sees it on her would think so.”

A cute, well put together young girl approached them. “If you’d like to see any of those, just let me know. My name is Charlotte and I’d be happy to help you.” She waited for a response.

“We’re fine, thank you. Just looking.” Garrett smiled. He casually looked her up and down, enjoying her small frame in the tight, black dress. She was a tiny little thing.

“Thank you, Charlotte. He may want to see something a bit later.” Natalie corrected him.

“If I may ask your names, just for pleasantries sakes? By the way, that’s a sexy skirt you have on. Where did you get it?”

“This is Garrett Conner and I’m Natalie Winston. And I got this skirt at Cliffton muscles stretching against his crisp, white dress shirt.

“He’s hot as hell! I’d fuck him in a heartbeat. Now, see if HE was my dad…”

“Well he IS someone’s dad, you know? You say IF he was your dad, but we both know if he was, you still wouldn’t know.” Natalie paused. “So tell me, is your dad handsome?”

Charlotte grew noticeably uncomfortable. She wouldn’t even look Natalie in the eyes now. “Well… I mean… yes he is. I mean he’s not fat and he’s good-looking in the face.”

“Well, I’m not saying what rumors at your school are true or not. But, you do know that most girls think about it. It’s natural to wonder. And most girls that think it’s completely gross, have fat, ugly dads. Natalie laughed reaching into her purse. “Here, take this. If you want to talk more, here’s my number.” She handed the petite girl the card.

“Would you um… would you sign it for me?”

“Sure. I don;t know why, but okay.” Natalie scribbled her signature on the back.

“Do you think… I mean if it’s true… do you think I could see your… tattoo?” Charlotte’s interested was completely apparent.

“Garrett!” Natalie yelled across the store. “We’re going to the ladies room. Be back in a minute.”

Garrett turned and nodded as the girl’s walked out of the opened doors.

Charlotte stopped in front of the the teen clothing store suddenly. “Hey there’s Jill! She’s a year older then me. She won’t believe this! Oh I have to have a witness! Please, Natalie, can I tell her who you are?”

“Why don’t you just tell her to come along?” Natalie winked. She was enjoying this. She felt like some kind of slutty celebrity. She watched as the two girls talked. Jill turned towards Natalie, mouth agape, then back to Charlotte showing her the card.

Jill looked like any other rebellious teenage girl. Her hair was obviously dyed pitch black. It fell in straight lines on each side of her face, in pigtails; tied with purple ribbons. She wore heavy, black eyeliner, black mascara, black and purple eye shadow and black lipstick. She wore a tight, black tank top, an incredibly short black skirt, black-and-white striped knee highs and huge, clunky purple boots.

Natalie actually became aroused at her form. Her tits stretched the tight top, clearly noticeable she had no bra on from her nipples protruding through the fabric. They were almost out of proportion with the rest of her body. Absolutely massive, they were at least a double d cup, if Magosa Escort not bigger. She could see the deep curve of the sides them as they tried to escape through the wide arm holes of the top. Her small waist and flat stomach added to their colossal size. Her hips were full and round and her ass made the pleats of the skirt lift higher in the back. She could tell this girl had an incredible ass. The perfect hour-glass body.

Natalie lead Charlotte and Jill into the tile-laden bathroom turning in front of them. “Okay, assume what you want, but it’s just a tattoo. I don’t understand how you all know about it, I usually cover it up with make-up.” Natalie turned away from them, pulling up her skirt well above her waist, proudly showing off her uncovered ass. She turned her face to the girls; their eyes about to pop from their sockets.

“Oh my God, it is true!” Charlotte squealed.

Natalie let her skirt fall, turning back to them.

“Do it, Jill! Show her!” Charlotte pried at Jill.

“Show me what?” Natalie questioned.

“This.” Jill looked down at her short, black miniskirt, pulling it up slowly.

Natalie gasped at the sight of the younger girl’s naked pussy before her. Just below her hipbone, in bluish-black script writing read ‘Daddy’s Little Girl’. Beside it was a cluster of two, black cherries. She let her eyes wonder over the naked flesh.

“So, you’ve…?” Natalie asked.

“Yep. My first.” A girl of few words.

“And how was it?” Natalie quizzed.

“Awesome. Better than the fuckers at school.”

Natalie laughed at her bluntness. “Only once?”

“No. All the time.”

Natalie handed her a card. “I’d like to know more. I also have a little something for you. We’ll meet soon and I’ll give it to you. Well, I may need to have one printed up on a black shirt for you. What size are you?”

“Small if it’s stretchy. Medium if not.”

“Those are spectacular, by the way.” Natalie eyed her breasts.

“Thanks. Wanna see em?”

“My God, yes.” Natalie became giddy.

Jill peeled the skin tight top up. Her enormous breasts poured out of the opening, swaying. They weren’t exactly perky. Tits that huge couldn’t defy gravity. But they weren’t flat, saggy, bologna-nippled ogres either. They were quite round, with somewhat larger, pink nipples. Soft nipples, smooth and flat. They had a very flattering shape to them.

“Beautiful! They look so soft.” Natalie complimented.

“See for yourself, if you want.”

Natalie immediately stepped closer to Jill, lightly running her hands across them. Slowly, she lifted them up, feeling their weight, squeezing what she could get into her hands. “Mmm, very soft.” Natalie turned to Charlotte, who seemed interested, but also almost neglected. Natalie figured she either felt inadequate or left out. She was, in fact, the one that saw her first. She turned to her. “Are you okay?”

“Yeah. Just wish I had big boobs.” She looked down at her chest. “All guys like big boobs.”

Natalie lifted her chin. “You know that hot guy in the jewelry store? My boss? He goes nuts for small, petite girls. Lots of guys do. You just happen to be surrounded by stupid, little boys that have no clue what they want.”

“You can say that again.” Jill concurred.

Natalie leaned over and kissed Charlotte lightly on the lips. “Don’t worry, you’re incredibly sexy. Now, I have to get back.”


A fairly attractive girl in her early twenties walked up behind the counter. “Would you like to see something, sir?”

“Um, no thanks. Just looking.”

The saleswoman quickly rolled her eyes.

Natalie cut her eyes at Garrett, then back to the saleswoman. “He’d like to see this ring, please.” Being the catty girl that she was, Natalie could see the look on the saleswoman’s face as she sized them both up in a questioning, yet snooty manner.

“And this would be for?” She asked as she pulled the ring from the black velvet holder.

Both Natalie and Garrett froze. Neither knew what to say.

The woman turned to Natalie. “For you mother?”

Natalie’s eyes glared in a standoff with the woman. “Excuse me?”

“You’re mother,” she repeated, turning to Garrett. “Your wife, sir?”

Garrett cleared his throat.

“Well, first of all, what business is it of yours who the ring is for?” Natalie latched on to Garrett’s arm. “Secondly, the ring is for me. We’re getting married.” Natalie smiled as she ripped the ring from the woman’s hand, sliding it on her finger. “How’s that?”

“Very pretty. Look at it shine. But I don’t know, Natalie.” Garrett became hypnotized in the fire emitting from the diamond.

Natalie slipping the ring off, laying it on the counter.

“Careful, ma’am. That’s a very expensive ring,” commanded the saleswoman.

“Ma’am? Um, how old are you?”

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