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What Really Happened on That Trip

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“As a reminder, the church’s summer picnic and soccer game will take place at Goodacre Park at 3 pm tomorrow,” said Pastor Samson with a smile. “And now, I have one more very special announcement to make.”

I shifted with anticipation in my pew, knowing what was to come next, but still a little nervous. Pastor Samson was the best-looking pastor we’d ever had at Plainsview Evangelical Church: tall, late 30’s, a former pro soccer player, great smile, light brown hair, a little bit like a young Robert Redford. My best friend, Suzie, flicked a loose strand of hair behind her ear and whispered: “Are you ready, Frederika?” I reached over and squeezed her hand.

“For the fourth consecutive year, I’m happy to announce that we have a winning team in the Young Ladies’ Auxiliary Food Bank Drive contest,” said Pastor Samson. “Two young women from this very church spent a month of their summer collecting more than 600 canned food items from congregation members, local Stevensville businesses, and the public. Those donations will be sent to the Mustard Seed Food Bank in Minneapolis to benefit the needy in our state.”

The congregation clapped enthusiastically. Seated in the front pew, Pastor Samson’s wife Linda turned her head and gave me an encouraging smile. Blessed with long red hair, superbly bosomy, and always beautifully dressed, she was at least 10 years old than her husband, which had caused a minor scandal when they originally arrived from Illinois. But she’d soon won everyone over with her kind words, her willingness to organize the bake sales and choir practices, and the hugs she so freely dispensed.

“What these girls have done really shows a spirit of Christian self-sacrifice, considering that both our winners are busy preparing to go to college in September,” Pastor Samson explained. “But then again, let’s never forget that the Lord helps those who help themselves. Please join me in congratulating our two winners, Suzie LaFlamme and Frederika Anderson.”

As applause broke out again, I felt color coming to my cheeks as I rose in my blue-ankle length frock and walked up the aisle with Suzie to stand next to Pastor Samson’s pulpit. If only the congregation knew how just much we’d done to win the contest.

I was taller than Suzie, although she was a year older at 19, and I still sometimes felt gawky in my body after going through a late growth spurt. Suzie was very pretty, with shoulder-length blonde tresses, a full mouth, and a slightly upturned nose. But Suzie had told me more than once, “As far as I’m concerned, you’re hotter than Racquel Welch in the Sahara Desert, Frederika.” How could I not love this girl? Suzie and I had always gotten along incredibly well: I’d help her with her history and French homework, and she’d reciprocate with math and physics. We did everything together away from school and church, too.

“Thanks to the generosity of Bill Withers from Christian Vacations Unlimited, Suzie and Frederika will be joining my wife Linda and I on a special five-day trip next month to acknowledge their efforts,” said Pastor Samson. He leaned toward us with a smile. “Girls? Are you ready to go to Disneyland?”

Even though it was in church, Suzie and I couldn’t help letting out little screams as we hugged each other. “Thank you, Pastor Samson,” we chorused like good girls. The congregation chuckled.

“When we’re not riding the rides at the Magic Kingdom, Escort bayan we’ll be in Anaheim, enjoying fine fellowship the Bellflower Brethren Church,” Pastor Samson explained. “Would you like to send your Christian greetings along to them?”

More applause. More hugs. And you know, the trip came off just like Pastor Samson described.

Well, not exactly.

You see, Suzie and I had been fucking and sucking Pastor Samson and his wife Linda for more than four months before we won our special prize.

I had “officially” lost my virginity with a boy from the high school basketball team the year before, but didn’t enjoy it that much. He didn’t know what he was doing. Suzie and I, on the other hand, had been reading the dirty bits of Harlequin romances to each other, talking about older guys that we fantasized about fucking, and playing games of spin-the-bottle and doctor in her bedroom for several years. We were often in there kissing, touching, and masturbating each other when her parents were away testifying at evangelical conventions across the United States.

It was the second dinner invitation that gave away what our new pastor and his wife really desired. The first time, Suzie and I went with our families and everything was entirely proper: roast beef, ice cream, polite chat about the weather and college plans. The second time, the invitation was just for the two of us – nothing eyebrow-raising, since this was part of the church’s regular youth outreach program, and other teens and young adults were getting similar invitations.

We’d been asked to show up at the big white ranch house off Oxford Road at 6 pm. After I knocked, we stood on the porch waiting. No answer.

“That’s funny,” Suzie said. “Where could they be?”

“I double-checked the time,” I said, knocking again. Still nothing.

“I think I heard something inside,” Suzy said. She tried the door handle, and it opened. “Shall we just go in?”

“Sure,” I said, leading the way.

Suzie shut the door and we went down the dim-lit hallway. “Hello?” I called. I heard a strange low moan from the living room up around the corner. We came to the doorway and I gasped.

Bent over a vintage leather couch, wearing the same red skirt she’d worn to church last Sunday, Linda was getting fucked from behind by Pastor Samson. His thick, curved cock jutted out from a mass of dark pubic hair, ramming up through the hole torn in his wife’s flesh-toned pantyhose as he gripped her by the waist. Both of them were groaning loudly, eyes closed, apparently oblivious to our presence.

The sight made my cunt clench. I’d always wanted Pastor Samson to take me, so I was jealous, but I got very hot seeing him fuck Linda too. Oh shit, this was making me wet…

“Oh, my God!” Suzie burst out. Both their heads spun in our direction. Pastor Samson pulled out and scrambled to zip up his pants.

“Oh no, oh no!” Linda exclaimed. “We are so sorry, we lost track of the time…girls, can we just forget this ever – “

“It’s fine,” I interjected with a knowing smile. “You’re married.”

Suzie gave me a shocked look. Then she realized what I was doing.

“Besides,” I added, “you two look really good together. We make a couple of cute couples.”

I put my arm suggestively around Suzie’s waist.

“I don’t think this is appropriate,” said Linda, but her voice was not convincing. Bayan escort Especially not with how she was eyeing my 19-year-old girlfriend and me now. She and had her husband had known exactly what time it was.

The look on Pastor Samson’s face had now changed. He was gazing straight into my eyes. “Before dinner, I think we all need to have a little talk about this. Please, follow me into the study.”

You can imagine what happened in there. Or, maybe you can’t.

When we flew to Disneyland in August, Suzie and I were still wearing blue jeans and modest T-shirts when we boarded our connecting flight in Denver. But shortly after we were airborne, both of us got up and went to separate bathrooms. Five minutes later, we came out, dressed much differently. Both of us sported Daisy Dukes and pink tank tops that said: “Wish They All Could Be Minnesota Girls.” Every eye was on us as we paraded back down the aisle, occasionally brushing a cute guy’s face with our hips. It aroused me to exhibit my body in a way I couldn’t back in conservative Stevensville. Even the dirty looks from women clutching their husbands’ arms turned me on.

Suzie squeezed back into the window seat next to Pastor Samson, who ran his hand lightly over her ass but kept his eyes fixed on me. I could see the pastor’s hard-on through his beige slacks. I plopped myself down in the aisle seat and whispered in Linda’s ear: “All the men and half the women on this flight want to fuck Suzie and me. But only you and the pastor are going to get to do it. How does that make you feel?”

“How do you think it makes me feel, Frederika?” Linda whispered back. Her seatback tray table was down, and she took my hand and put it under her skirt. My fingers contacted her thick pubic hair and found her lips swollen, brimming with wetness.

“I want to see you fuck my husband,” Linda said in a low, raw voice that sounded nothing like what she used in church. “I can’t wait to have his cock inside of you. I wish we were at the hotel right now. I want you to fuck the shit out of him. Then Suzie and I will take care of you, baby. Do anything you want. Does that tell you how I’m feeling?”

I felt her hard left nipple pressing into me as she leaned into my arm, and the tropical fruit scent in her red hair intoxicated me. I could only groan in reply.

When we checked into the Disneyland Hotel, Pastor Samson declined the bellhop’s offer and we took our own bags up to the seventh-floor room overlooking the pool. A Mexican maid – a compact, voluptuous woman in her 40’s with thick black hair tied back in a ponytail – was still inside, tidying up the bathroom as we walked in.

“So sorry, senor,” the maid said with a smile. “I’m leaving right now.”

“No problem,” said Pastor Samson. He handed her a five-dollar bill.

“Thank you,” the maid replied, examining us all with a slight glint in her eye. “You have beautiful girls there. Enjoy your stay at Disneyland.”

The pastor put our bags in a corner, and I jumped on the queen-sized bed near the window. “Pastor Samson and I are sleeping in this bed tonight!” There was only one cock in this room and I intended to take control of it.

“Says who?” demanded Suzie.

“Me, and whatcha gonna do about it?” I retorted playfully. I turned around, on my hands and knees, reached back, and gave my best friend a full moon: panties down, untrimmed cunt exposed, Escort anus fully on display. I had been dying to show myself off for hours, and now I was doing it with a most appreciative audience. Pastor Samson came over and stroked my smooth, bare ass cheeks, while Suzie moved in for a closer look herself.

Linda reached into her handbag and produced a Polaroid camera. “Suzie, honey, why don’t you get up on the bed with Frederika. I think this would make a perfect memento of our first moments at Disneyland together.”

Suzie joined me on the Snow White-themed bedspread, and Pastor Samson helped her out of her Daisy Dukes. I kissed Suzie on the lips as we both aggressively thrust our asses up in the air, showing off our proud, young, Christian-raised cunts for the camera. The shutter clicked again and again. Pastor Samson stood to the side, his slacks unzipped and his full erection unveiled, jacking off furiously as he watched his wife photographing us.

He came closer and I reached back to spread my lips wider. “Do you like seeing my pink, Pastor?” I asked.

His only reply was a strangled moan. Suzy moved closer to me and put her hand between my thighs, stroking my labia. The pastor leaned forward to lick me from behind, and Linda took another Polaroid.

I turned and wrapped my hand around the pastor’s erection. “I want – “

“Oh, I do too,” said Pastor Samson. “But not yet.” He withdrew with great self-restraint

Linda put down her camera and beckoned Suzy and me to join her in a huge armchair in the corner. We sat down on opposite arms of the chair, and Linda began unbuttoning her blouse. I helped her unclip her bra and those full, magnificent tits of hers spilled out. A gold cross on a necklace dangled in her cleavage.

“You’ve been such good girls so far,” said the pastor, taking Mickey Mouse chocolates out of a bowl on the coffee table and feeding one apiece to me and Suzie.

“Thank you, Pastor Samson,” we chorused again, with more than a touch of naughtiness. Removing our bras and tank tops, we leaned into Linda as she encircled us with her warm, loving arms.

“Yeah, this is where we need to be, girls,” she moaned. I squeezed her heavy right tit in my hand and began licking around her dark nipple, as she let out a moan of satisfaction. Suzie began to suck on Linda’s other tit, and the pastor’s wife gasped: “Oh my fuckin’ God…yeah! Suck me, girls. Suck me in the sweet fuckin’ name of Jesus.”

Pastor Samson stood over us and began to pray aloud: “Jesus, our Lord and Master, we need your blessing right now. Teach us how to act in a manner that is right and proper…show your handmaidens the way to salvation…”

I reached down and frigged my cunt while he prayed.

We only had time to grab some burgers at a Fantasyland concessions stand, visit the It’s a Small World Ride, and watch part of the evening-closing fireworks before we headed back to the room.

Even during the ride, the pastor had his hand up my skirt, and Linda was telling me what Suzi was going to do to that “delicious, tight teenage asshole” of mine while her husband fucked me.

“Why don’t you do it yourself?” I asked Linda as we cruised past the singing South Sea mermaids. “Oh, I’d love to, Frederika,” she said. “But you see, I’m going to be too busy fingerfucking my husband’s asshole, rubbing his lovely, full prostate to make sure that he shoots the biggest cum load he can right up your perfect little pussy…”

Wildly excited, I leaned over and kissed her right on the mouth, not caring who could see me. Yes, this was going to be the best fuckin’ church trip I’d ever take.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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