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When Daughter Calls

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“Officer Smithson?”

I raised my head, seeing the police chief at the end of my desk. “Yes, ma’am?”

“I need you to come with for a second.” She must have seen the look on my face, for she smiled and gave a gesture of calm. “Don’t be alarmed. I just have some good news to share with you.”

I scooted my chair back and moved around my desk to follow. Several of my colleagues, their desks lined in rows along the coffee-stained, comm-chatter-filled interior of the police station, gave me thumbs ups. My partner, Beckett, even gave me a big grin and a cheering motion.

Whatever the news was, I got the feeling it would make my day.

“Sit down,” announced the Chief Jeffers. She gestured to the chair across from her desk.

I did, folding my hands across my lap. “What’s this about, ma’am?”

“I’ll get right to the point.” She’d never been one for pleasantries. “You’ve done an exceptional job this year. We’re promoting you to Commander.” We had a large department, which meant I would have oversight of a pretty big conglomerate. “Congratulations.” She offered her hand for a shake.

“Thank you, Chief.” Though the news came as a surprise, I tended to be a pretty controlled guy. I kept my emotions under wraps. I shook her hand professionally.

She chuckled. “You’re allowed to look at least a little glad, you know.”

I offered a slight upturn at the corners of my mouth, which I hoped would pass for a smile.

“At any rate, I don’t want to keep you. Just wanted to pass on the good news.”

“Thank you, ma’am. I appreciate it.”

I got up, and she as well, walking with my back to my desk. We chatted about some issues in the department, things she hoped I could take a look at under my new watch. I agreed and said I’d get on it right away.

As I sat back down, I scooted my chair in, Chief Jeffers standing nearby. I looked up to see her gaze drifting to the photo on my desk. It was my daughter, Rebecca, standing against a verdant forest background, dressed in professional attire. It was the most recent photo she had sent me. I thought she looked beautiful, with vibrant red hair falling in waves around her shoulders, her blue eyes bright and smiling. She looked confident and poised, her arms crossed slightly over her breasts. “Is that your daughter?” the chief asked curiously.

“It is. It was taken right before she got her first job.”


“Yes, at a tech firm downtown.”

“Ahhh.” The chief smiled. “She’s very attractive. You must be proud.”

“I’m very proud.”

As Chief Jeffers walked away, I turned my gaze back to the photo. She has no idea. I was proud of my daughter, yes — but I’d also harbored very deep feelings for her, for a long time. Feelings I had kept to myself, dealing with them by a few too many glasses of wine on the weekends. No one knew — not even her mother, who had divorced me seven years ago. Not that I would have told her, anyway.

I gazed at the picture another moment, my heart swelling with emotion. I loved my daughter. I was in love with her, though no one knew it. That was forbidden, taboo. I would go to my grave with that secret. But I would also do everything I could to protect her, to ensure her safety and well-being. She was my pride and joy; the apple of my eye.

I smiled and thought, Honey, you’d sure be proud of me right now, if you knew.

I didn’t want to bother her, though, so I didn’t pick up the phone to call. Maybe I could contact her sometime next week, when I knew she’d have a bit of time off.


“Situation on 5th and Dunn St.”

The comm crackled, a call coming in on emergency radio. I was coming back from the coffee machine and turned to Beckett, who was thumbing through her files nearby.

“What’s going on?”

“Code 1. Low priority.” Beckett wasn’t paying much attention.

I glanced toward the speaker, then shrugged and headed back to my desk.

“Situation on 5th and Dunn,” the comm repeated a few minutes later. “Code 3. Suspect is an adult male, black hair, tall and slim. Caller is female: last name Smithson. Need an officer on the scene right now.”

My heart froze. Smithson?

Rebecca. Her mother had moved to Pennsylvania. Which meant my daughter and I were the only two Smithsons in town. It could have been someone unrelated, but the man she was with, the suspect — that was her ex-boyfriend, Robert.

I’d never liked him.

“I’ll handle this.” I grabbed my jacket and keys, heading down to my vehicle.


Twenty minutes later I arrived on scene, my lights flashing, the siren winding down as I pulled up behind them.

5th and Dunn, as it turned out, was a remote intersection on the outer city limits. Dunn merged with the highway, so the occasional truck or car passed by, but otherwise, Rebecca and Robert were out here alone.

As I pulled up, I saw the two of them to the side of her car. It was a black sedan, the windows pulled down. They were arguing, Robert pacing back and forth, Ataköy Escort gesticulating angrily. Rebecca was pressed into the side of the car, glaring at him, her arms crossed.

I watched for a moment, tense. They’d broken up a few years ago. Something about that guy had always rubbed me the wrong way. He and Rebecca had often argued, and I’d never understood what she saw in him. The day she’d told me they were breaking up, I heaved a sigh of relief. “You can do better, honey,” I’d told her.

“You’re right, dad,” she’d said fiercely. “I know I can.”

Now, here he was, just inches away from my daughter and possibly violent. I reached for the safety on my gun — but then stopped, knowing that was premature. I got out of the car, closing the door and approaching with caution.

“Step away from the vehicle, please,” I ordered.

Rebecca looked up in surprise, recognizing me. She quickly complied, though Robert simply glared. “Fuck off,” he shot back.

Oh, boy. This was going to be fun. “Step away from the vehicle, please.” I said it firmly, not escalating my voice yet. I wanted to avoid a fight if possible — though part of me secretly wanted to beat the crap out of this guy.

Robert looked me over, then sneered. Drunk, I bet. “Or what?”

I walked up to him, seeing the slight glaze in his eyes and sway of his body. Yeah, drunk, for sure. “Sir, I’ll need you to come back to my car with me. We need to perform a breath analysis.”

“You think I’ve been drinking?”

I glanced past him to Rebecca, who gave me a vehement nod. “I know you have.”

“I can do what I want.” His speech slurred a little. He turned away from me, heading menacingly toward Rebecca.

That was all I needed. Instinct took hold and I stepped up behind him, taking his arm and pulling it behind. He bucked and writhed with surprising strength — but I was stronger. “Get off me,” he snarled. He tried to wriggle out of my grasp — and, seeing that he couldn’t, raised his foot and slammed it down on top of mine.

Pain shot through me, radiating up my foot and through my tibia. I had been trained to ignore pain, though. Without so much as a grimace, I clasped his arms tighter, reaching for my cuffs. He was faster than I expected. That one move gave him the opportunity to jerk himself forward, making me lose my grasp. Instead of fighting me, though, he went for Rebecca. With a malicious snarl, he put his hands around her throat, making her eyes go wide in shock and pain.

She clutched him, trying to escape. The sight made everything in my body go cold. Instinct took hold, a raging beast rising within. In spite of all my training, all the years I had spent dedicated to never losing control, the sight of my daughter being assaulted was too much. My jaw clenched. I lunged forward, grabbing Robert’s arms and tearing him off her. Surprised by my sudden force, he staggered back, caught off guard. My mind a haze of frozen violence, I slammed my first forward into his jaw.

I heard the crunch of bone and saw blood splatter. He crumpled to the ground in a heap.

I stood there over him for a moment, breathing hard. The protective, angry trance that had come over me slowly faded. Shit, I thought. I hope I didn’t kill him. I turned back, looking to Rebecca. “Are you okay, sweetheart?”

She looked a little stunned, but relieved. “Oh, dad. I’m so glad you showed up.”

She stepped forward, sliding into my arms as she had done countless times growing up. I cradled her, whispering words of comfort, holding her to my chest and stroking her hair. “Shhhh, shhhh…it’s okay, baby. It’s okay. You’re safe now. Daddy’s here.”

She was a twenty-two-year-old woman now, but here I was, standing on the side of the road, holding her like she was a little girl again. I felt the wet warmth of tears against my chest where she was nestled, my shirt having come unbuttoned at the top from the fight. Her body shook slightly as she cried, gradually growing still as the soothing sound of my voice relaxed her. She clutched me tight, her fingers grasping my biceps, then moving to hold me around my waist.

Finally she pulled back, sniffling a few times, her eyes red. I dried her tears with my thumbs and kissed her forehead. “You’re safe, sweetheart,” I repeated. “Safe with me.”

“I didn’t want to call, but he…”

“It’s okay. You don’t have to explain.” I didn’t care what kind of protocols I was breaking; this was my daughter, the treasure of my heart. “Thank god you did call, baby.”

“Yeah, I guess so.” She sniffed again, then dried her eyes and looked at Robert’s body. “Is he even alive anymore?”

I let go of her and moved to check. I bent down, feeling his pulse. He had an ugly bruise spreading up the left side of his face, but the bastard’s aorta was still ticking. “Yeah, he’s alive.”

“Whew. I didn’t want you to put your job at risk for me.”

I stood up, turning back to her. “I’d put everything Ataşehir Escort at risk for you, Rebecca. Without a second thought.”

Her eyes flicked back to mine, meeting them and holding contact. Something changed in her gaze, her expression softening — turning from fear and reluctance to… what? Interest? Desire? In the aftermath of the fight, I decided I was in no position to try and figure it out. Whatever it was, I was probably projecting my own secret wants onto her. She didn’t lust after me; that was my own issue to deal with. Not hers.

Her gaze swept briefly over my body. Besides my shirt coming undone a bit in the fight, my hair was tousled and my badge was skewed to one side. My cock was also ragingly hard, creating a large bulge in my trousers. Part of that was adrenaline; part of it was Rebecca. Embarrassed, I cleared my throat and started walking to my car. “I’ve got to get this guy back to the station. I can give you a ride home, as well.”

She nodded, following behind me. I dragged Robert’s unconscious body to the car and fastened him in. He was completely out.

As I stepped back, closing the backseat door, I realized Rebecca was right there behind me, standing just inches away. My heart pounded for a moment — I found myself frozen, unable to look back at her. I didn’t want her to see my erection, though it was likely too late for that. “Thank you, daddy,” she said softly behind me.

At that, I had to turn. I looked at her, the sight of my beautiful daughter stirring my heart — and my cock — even more. She looked vulnerable, relieved, grateful, even… desirous. Her eyes shone as she gazed up at me, her breasts rising and falling with her breath. She was wearing a suit similar to what she had on in that photo on my desk, a tight-fitting black skirt, white blazer open a few buttons at the top, and a jacket. Heels and stockings. For a second, I felt like I was standing there with an attractive woman, because that’s how I saw her. But she was also an attractive woman who happened to be my daughter. Off-limits.

She bit her lip, her gaze flicking over me again. Undeniable heat flickered there. Did she want me? No, surely not. She stepped forward, sliding her arms around my neck, pressing her tight little body into mine. “What you did…it was so brave,” she whispered.

I should have said, it was my job, but that would have been a lie. “Like I said. I’d give everything to make sure you were safe. At all costs.” I stroked her hair again, fingers moving through the soft locks reassuringly.

She nestled her face into my neck, lips and nose brushing my bare skin. I sucked in a breath, praying my cock wouldn’t brush against her, that she wouldn’t feel it and know how I felt. She continued to nuzzle me, kissing lightly along my neck and jaw. Her fingertips slid up and down the back of my neck, grazing underneath my collar.


“Dad.” She pulled back a few inches, looking up at me. What I saw in her eyes…it was far more than just daughterly gratitude. It was lust. Desire. Arousal. Her gaze was hooded, her eyes a shade darker, the lids relaxed slightly as her fingers rubbed my neck. “I need to make a confession.”


She put her lips to my ear. “I’m so wet for you right now.”

Oh, god.

“What you did…” Her lips brushed my earlobe, then lower, at the place where my neck and ear met. “You just took him down. You protected me. It was so brave, so strong. So hot.”

“Sweetheart…” I put my hands on her hips, knowing I needed to push her away, but unable to.

“Dad.” She sucked my earlobe into her mouth. I shuddered.

“We can’t do this…” Even as I said it, my hands moved down the smooth curve of her back toward her ass — and squeezed. Oh, how I’d been longing to do that.

Her hands clasped the front of my shirt, her ass grinding subtly into my hold. “I know we can’t, daddy…yet here we are.” Her fingers found my bulge, cupping the large mound. I heard her gasp in my ear. “And you sure feel like you can do it.”

Her teasing words were too much for me. I grasped her fire-red hair, looking her fiercely in the eyes, and claimed her mouth in a hungry kiss. She returned it with equal passion, our tongues swirling together. I sucked on hers, and she on mine. She ground her body into me, her hand squeezing my erection.

“Make love to me, dad.”


“Anywhere, I don’t care. Throw me over the fucking car if you have to.”

As hot as that sounded, I knew we could get in big trouble if someone drove by and found me fucking my own daughter — while on the clock, no less. I threw the back door open, trying to get us inside the car while we were still smacking furiously at each other’s lips.

I fell back, Rebecca coming with me — and landed squarely against Robert’s shoulder. Ugh.

“Oh, throw him in the back,” Rebecca said, impatient. Usually I was not one to defy protocol; this time, Avcılar Escort I didn’t care. With some difficulty, we hauled his scrawny body over the seat and into the trunk, where he thudded, still totally out.

We locked eyes, sharing a brief laugh — then we were kissing again. I was half-on, half-off the seat, turned to the side facing the door. Rebecca got in all the way, closing it behind her. Then she straddled me. She tore at the front of my shirt, sending buttons flying everywhere.

“Jesus, girl, when did you get so strong?”

“All that weight-lifting you made me do back in college.”

She kissed lustfully at my neck and chest, her lips warm and wet on my skin. She sucked hungrily at my pecs, rubbing her hands all over them. “You have such a hot body, dad.”

I worked at her buttons — with a little more finesse. “Thanks.” Pushing back her blouse and jacket, I leaned in for another kiss. My hands ran over the cups of her bra and down to her flat, firm tummy, feeling the slight muscles underneath. This girl was in shape. “So do you.”

“Mmmm.” She sucked my lower lip into her mouth, then leaned back, locking eyes with me. She peeled her jacket the rest of the way off, doing it like a stripper would, a sexy, flirty grin at her lips. She parted her lips slightly, never breaking eye contact as she reached behind and unclasped her bra, her full, sumptuous breasts spilling out. She took my hands and put them on each breast, grinding on top of me, my erection pressing into her panties beneath her skirt. “Mmmm.”

We kissed again, bare necks brushing against one another. She licked a long, slow trail up the side of my neck, then took my face in her hands, kissing me long and hard. She slowed her pace for a second, pulling back and just gazing into my eyes. “You have no idea how much I’ve wanted this.”

“I have too, sweetheart.” My hands grazed up and down her back, settling on her hips. “For so long. I could never tell you…”

“I know now.” She kissed me slowly and tenderly, heat building between us. I felt the soft caress of her fingers, heard her gentle moans as I touched her back and squeezed her cute butt. She raised up and undid her skirt, tugging it down to give my better access, her panties going too. I felt her wetness pressing into my abdomen as she straddled me, grinding her body into me. “I need to feel you, dad. All of you.”

“I’m all yours, baby.”

She smiled invitingly, gazing up into my eyes as she reached for my zipper. She pulled it down, undoing my button, leaning forward and licking a trail down my chest to my stomach. She began to press kisses all along the wet places her tongue had left, swirling her tongue in my navel.

“Unnnnhhhh…” I groaned. “Rebecca.”

I heard the jingle of my belt and looked down, seeing she had it open and was tugging my trousers down. My underwear went next, freeing my hard, swinging cock. Her eyes took me in, then her hand went around me, her gaze locking onto mine once more. She groaned softly as her fingers wrapped around my dick. “God, you’re big, dad. Such a big cock.”

“All yours,” I breathed.

She kissed me hard again, her fingers stroking up and down my rock-hard member. She spread my pre-cum over the shaft, letting it touch her pussy as she straddled me, coating it with her wetness. “Squeeze my tits,” she whispered again. I obliged readily, taking her full mounds into my hands, kneading and massaging them. They felt incredible, just the right weight and fullness. I leaned in, sucking her left breast into my mouth, swirling my tongue around the nipple. Rebecca gasped. “Oh my god, dad.” Her fingers tangled in my hair, cradling me as I sucked on her tit, her other hand still lustfully stroking my cock.

There we were, half-naked in the backseat of my police car, her ex-boyfriend in the trunk while we made out like horny teenagers and engaged in heavy petting. I reached down, feeling for Rebecca’s horny pussy, feeling her love juices coating my hand as my fingers slid over her cunt. “Mmmmm,” she moaned, sucking on my ear again. “Yes, dad, your big fingers…in my pussy…yes!”

Still sucking her tit, I slid one, two, and then a third finger inside her, feeling the warmth of her walls around me. Oh, god, the sensation was incredible. I pressed on her clit and felt her give a shudder, bracing her hands on my shoulders.

She looked me straight in the eye. “I need your cock inside me… now.” Taking my dick in her hand, she lifted up, positioning her dripping pussy right over me. She sank down onto me, both of our eyes locking onto the incredible sight of her father’s cock impaling his daughter’s cunt.

We groaned together. Rebecca pressed her cheek to mine as we stayed like that for a second, just feeling my cock inside her. “So full,” she moaned. “So full of your big cock, daddy.”

“I’m inside you, baby. Your daddy’s finally inside you.”

We kissed again, Rebecca’s soft lips moving over mine. She ground her hips on top of me, my hands squeezing her delicious bottom, rubbing and squeezing. Her pussy squeezed my cock, milking me as she pushed me onto my back, pressing her hands into my chest. She gazed lovingly into my eyes, a look of pure lust and adoration on her face. She was so beautiful. So hot. “So fucking sexy,” I said softly, tangling my fingers in her hair.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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