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White Women are Goddesses Ch. 10

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My name is Danica Haverhill. A six-foot-one, chubby and big-bottomed yet still very good-looking Irishwoman living in the city of Brockton, Massachusetts. A lot of people think of me as an uptight bitch with too much time and money on her hands. Maybe they’re right. Whatever. I don’t let it get to me because I’ve been called worse in my day. Much worse, actually. Am I such a bad person? I don’t think so. I’m dominant. A trait shared by anyone worth a damn. I don’t care who you are, what you do or where you’re from, if you’re not dominant then you’re submissive. You step on folks or folks step on you. There’s really no middle ground. Yesterday I turned forty. I am worth three and a half million dollars right now mainly because I took advantage of the current real estate market. One person’s misfortune is another person’s good day. That’s what I’ve always believed. I sold foreclosed houses in Irish, Italian, Jewish, African-American and Puerto Rican neighborhoods all over the diverse cities of Boston, Milton and Brockton. I didn’t care what I was selling or who I was selling to. It’s the secret of my success.

Real estate is my day job. And I’m quite good at it. But at night, I’m into something just as cutthroat but a lot more fun. Infinitely more fun, actually. What am I into? The wickedly fun world of BDSM. Um, with women only. Presently, I’m having some fun with a friend of mine. Her name is Lori Vaughn. A tall, chubby and big-bottomed Black woman in her late thirties. She’s a professor of Business Management at Bridgewater State College. I’m having a lot of fun helping this strong and independent Black female professional explore the limits of her submissive side. Lori isn’t my first Black female submissive. Not even close. I’ve had many others. However, she is my all-time favorite.

I find it quite fun to dominate these strong Black women. I’ve always found them to be quite formidable. The ones I run into in Boston tend to be loud, brash and opinionated. Quite fearsome yet so very sexy in their own way. Lori Vaughn is truly your prototypical strong Black woman from the big city. Outspoken with a capital O. Well, she’s outspoken about everything except her sexual orientation. I’m openly gay and have never hidden it. People find it fascinating that someone like me is gay. I’m tall, with long blonde hair and pale blue eyes. I have alabaster skin that never tans. I burn in the summer so I tend to stay out of the sun. I used to be a Beauty Queen in my younger days, won first runner up for the Miss New England pageant. I lost the title to this Jamaican-American beauty whom I once slept with. Isn’t that ironic? I did all that and earned my master’s degree in business from Suffolk University. And yes I’m proudly queer. One hundred percent.

My good friend Lori Vaughn is a woman who leads a double life. In her demographic, coming out isn’t really an option. The Black community isn’t exactly friendly to gays, lesbians, bisexuals and transsexuals. I understand Lori’s plight. We’ve known each other for a long time. We were both undergraduates at Suffolk University in the early 1990s. She met a tall, handsome young Black man named James Evander who attended Northeastern University Law School at the time. They got married in the summer of 1996 and are the proud parents of two sons. What attorney James Evander doesn’t know about his wife Lori Vaughn is that she likes pussy more than he does. Yeah, she’s queer. Of course, when people meet Lori nothing about her screams dyke. She’s very feminine and sexy. Also, she’s got pictures of her husband James and their sons all over her office. Black women aren’t fond of disclosure when it comes to their sexual orientations.

Most gay and bisexual Black women in North America keep their business to themselves. My good friend rokettube Lori Vaughn was no exception. I’ve always known she was bisexual and we did fool around a few times in college but I thought she’d put it all behind her. So imagine my surprise when I ran into her at a lesbian bar on leather night. Yeah, this suburban lady was dressed like a leather-clad dominatrix. I barely recognized her. We had a few drinks and she confessed to me that her sex life was boring. She missed doing it with women. Oh, and she was curious about BDSM. Well, since I am a BDSM expert, she had come to the right place.

I taught Lori Vaughn the basics of BDSM. The fine art of submission. The wonders of domination. All of which I learned more than two decades ago. She was a most eager learner, and a very submissive one too. The stuff that broad wanted to try made even a seasoned dyke like me blush. Lori Vaughn liked to be spanked, whipped and degraded both verbally and physically. I suspended her upside down for some kinky fun. She hung from thick steel chains attached to the ceiling as I whipped her with my Black leather belt. I made her scream while lashing at her gorgeously dark skin with my belt. She took it all and begged me for more. Man, I was really enjoying myself with her. I’ve known many submissive types and switches who couldn’t take half the pain and degradation that Lori Vaughn seems to endure without flinching. I needed to get in touch with my inner dominatrix just to keep up with the weird kinks and fetishes that turned on this gorgeous slut. Well, since a Super Bitch is what she wants, then that’s what I’ll be for her.

Lori Vaughn is always pushing new extremes and she’s a real challenge for this dominatrix. So one day I came up with something which was guaranteed to blow her mind. I decided we should play Plantation Mistress and Black Female Slave. Lori was intrigued, to say the least. Of course she wanted to try it. I invited her to my house and we immediately got into character. I bought a replica of a nineteenth century Southern belle’s ball gown for myself along with a Black and White maid’s uniform for Lori. I told her that while we played, she was to address me as Missy or Mistress Danica. I would address her any way I saw it. I also told her that she was forbidden to make eye contact with me and was obligated to do everything I asked without question or hesitation. Lori nodded. She liked the sound of that. I could tell. Truth be told, she hadn’t seen anything yet. Thus we began our games.

Lori seemed a bit uncomfortable with the dynamics of our new games. Actually, I was a little nervous about them too. I was worried that I was pushing her too far. Lori may enjoy playing the role of submissive in the bedroom but deep down she was still very much the strong Black woman. Was I pushing her limits by making her play the role of my slave? Only time would tell. I got into character and began ordering my new slave around. I told Lori to clean my house and cook for me. I inspected her work and when she appeared to slack off, I would whack her big round ass with my riding crop. That made her jump up and squeal every time. The riding crop is much tougher than the Black leather belt I usually whipped her with. It left some nice markings on her big butt cheeks. When she whined, I told her that she was just a filthy slave and I was her superior. As a strong White mistress, I could do whatever I wanted to my Black female slave. Anything at all.

When I said that, Lori’s eyes blazed with something resembling fury. I thought she was about to lash out at me. So I smiled at her and told her that I would reward her good work. When she looked at me askance, I simply caressed her tits and applied a gentler touch to her body. Lori was puzzled but thrilled asyalı porno by what I was doing. I caressed her tits and licked the areolas then moved between her legs. I began fingering her cunt, and she moaned in surprised pleasure. Oh, yeah. I knew how to rock her world. I worked my magic on her by suckling at her fabulous tits and fingering her cunt until she was about to cum. That’s when I delivered a surprise. Without warning, I smacked Lori Vaughn hard across the face. Stunned, she stared at me. I smiled wickedly and reminded her that I was her mistress and she was my slave. Her ass belonged to me. And I would deny her both pleasure and sustenance unless I was satisfied with her labor. No pain, no gain. Lori seemed to freeze. Something changed in her eyes. Finally, she nodded. I smiled victoriously. I own this bitch!

For the rest of the afternoon, Lori Vaughn was like putty in my hands. When she was through with her menial work, I inspected her labor. She insisted that she did the best she could. Truth be told, she cleaned my house better than I ever could. However, I wasn’t about to let her know that. So I berated her for doing a ‘lousy’ job. Lori apologized profusely and promised to do a better job. I spoke to her in a very patronizing tone and told her that it wasn’t her fault. She simply didn’t have what it took to do the simplest of things. When I said that it seemed to irritate her. I told her of a way in which she could redeem herself in my eyes. She was so eager to please me. Which is why she knelt before me, completely naked, and began sucking on my toes. I’ve always loved the sight of a gorgeous Black woman kneeling before me. Lori looked so wonderfully submissive. I spread my creamy White thighs and let her breathe the scent of my pussy. Grabbing her face, I told her to lick me. Lori nodded, and began licking my pussy. And this she did to unsettling perfection. I don’t usually let my subs go down on me so I had no idea Lori was that talented. Hot damn. Who knew closeted Black women from the suburbs could lick White pussy so well? Amazing.

We continued with our fun. I took my strap-on dildo from my erotica drawer and told Lori Vaughn I would take her on the ride of her life. Her eyes widened. I grinned. Oh, yeah. This was going to be fun. I lay on the couch and stroked my strap-on dildo while Lori watched me anxiously. I ordered her to come over and suck it. She did. Once more she knelt before me and sucked my strap-on dildo. For a supposedly ‘strong Black woman’, she’s getting awfully comfortable kneeling before a White woman. I grabbed her neck and made her nearly choke on my dildo. It filled her big mouth. Goody goody. She’s such a talker and it gets on my nerves sometimes. Nice to see this loquacious Black chick silenced at last. I quickly got tired of watching her suck my dildo and decided to fuck her with it. I put her on all fours and licked my lips. Her big round butt looked simply delicious. I ran my hands all over it and began spanking her. She seemed to really like it. I pressed my dildo against her pussy lips and eased it inside. And just like that, I began fucking her. Lori moaned softly as I entered her. I smacked her ass and thrust into her. A yelp escaped her big, sexy lips. Now that’s what I like. I like to hear my bitches scream as I’m fucking them. Their discomfort makes my pussy wet with pleasure. I grabbed a handful of Lori’s long hair and yanked her head while fucking her. She screamed some more.

I’m getting such a thrill from fucking Lori and making her my bitch. I had to find a way to further humiliate her.

So I abruptly withdrew the dildo from her pussy. Feeling suddenly empty, Lori sighed in surprised relief. I smacked her hard across the face and told her I didn’t azeri porno give her permission to relax. Then I turned around and spread my big White ass cheeks, ordering my Black slut to lick my asshole. That order seemed to stun Lori. I reminded her that my riding crop was within easy reach.

With a defeated look in her eyes, she began licking my asshole. And man did she lick it! Lori licked my asshole like it was the sweetest thing she ever tasted. She stuck her tongue way up my buns. It turned me on so much that I lost control and actually farted. Yeah, I farted right in her face. Lori coughed but I ordered her to keep going. Amazingly, she obeyed! How about that? Next, I put her on all fours, face down and ass up. I had enough of her playing with my ass. Time for me to play with hers. I spread Lori’s plump ass cheeks wide open and began fingering the big Black woman’s tight asshole. Lori’s asshole was supple and tight, but I could tell she wasn’t an anal virgin. I’ve fucked enough women’s asses to know this. I spat on her asshole and fingered it. Grabbing a small flask from my purse, I applied its contents all over Lori’s anus. She complained that it burned. I laughed and smacked her ass. She’s lucky I even bother with lube. I then pressed my dildo against her anus, and pushed it inside.

What sweet sounds submissive Black women make when they’re getting ass-fucked by a dominant White mama!

Lori gasped as I penetrated her asshole with my dildo. I held her hips firmly, holding her into place. My bitch wasn’t going anywhere. She’s going to take what I dish out at her. Lori started whining as I began pushing my dildo deeper into her asshole. I smacked her face and told her to shut up…or else. Nodding, Lori gritted her teeth as I sank my dildo into the depths of her asshole. I can’t believe all the mean and sexy things this gorgeous, strong Black woman is letting me do to her. I switched things around. In spite of her apparent shame, Lori was clearly enjoying the sweet torment I visited upon her. My proof? Her pussy was wet as a puddle. I turned her around on her back and removed my strap-on dildo from her ass. I rubbed my foot against her pussy and fucked her with my big toe. Bending down, I shoved my dildo back into her asshole. Suddenly overstimulated, Lori howled in pleasure mixed with pain. With my free hand, I smacked her face then covered her mouth. Pleasure and cruelty aren’t separate entities in my realm. They’re inextricably intertwined. I fucked Lori’s ass and pussy until she came. For the first time in all of our sessions, she actually came. Her pussy was oozing hot girly cum. I dipped my fingers inside of her and tasted her. Not bad.
Lori Vaughn was such a good slut. She makes such a wonderful slave don’t you think? A strong Black woman who delights in submitting to her White female friend sexually. To the extent where she plays the role of slave in the historical sense to her friend’s “White Mistress.” Not as rare a sexual scenario as you might think. To reward her, I spread my thighs and pissed all over her. I aimed for her face, her tits and also her pussy. My jets of urine streaked over their targets quite nicely. I ordered Lori to lick my cum off herself and she did. I fingered my own cunt while watching her. Hot damn. She was amazing. Afterwards, I took her to the shower. Scrubbed her clean. I like a dirty slut as much as the next dyke but only in a certain way. Lori and I got dressed and returned to my living room. We had a nice long talk about what we just did together. To my great surprise, she told me she enjoyed every minute of it. And she was looking forward to our next session. I smiled and kissed Lori passionately. She grinned, then wished me goodnight before getting into her BMW and taking off. She went back to her hubby and their sons. And I bet you dollars to pesos that nobody in her world even suspects her of being the kind of freak she really is. I guess it’s true what the old dykes say. Closet cases are better fucks. Lori is living proof of that. That slut is amazing!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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