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Wife and I Get a Roommate Ch. 08

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We actually all went to bed and slept that night, exhausted from the beach trip. The next morning I was called into work early and David had an appointment with the school counselor. I worked an unusually early shift, getting off at 7pm that night. That was my last day of work for a week, yahoo!. I always take the week off of work before school starts so I can really have time to rest. I walked into the apartment and the girls cooked a nice dinner for us. We took our dinner and drinks out to the patio to enjoy the cooler air, it was still like an oven in the apartment. We had a nice time visiting with each other and chatting. Laura was a little melancholy so we all started to grill her to open up. She finally relented in the fact that we all get along so well not only as friends but mutual lovers. She said how much she has opened up sexually and feels that we are all a team, like the four of us are married to each other, but she is depressed that she has to go back to school in a few days.

Carol, always the dominant leader, chimed in, “Then don’t go back, at least not to that school. We can go get your things and we can move you in here with us. You can go to the Junior College here. That will buy you a year to work things out before you transfer to a State College. If your Dad paid for your apartment in Reno then maybe he will give you enough money each month so you don’t have to work. If you take a full load of units then he may go for it. Never hurts to ask.”

Always the clear headed one. It was too late to call her parents and we only had this week to get her enrolled and moved back before Laura has to pay another month of rent. We made a plan to get up early and call Laura’s parents, if all went well we would drive to Reno and rent a trailer and drive back with her things. Laura only has clothes and a few other items, living in a dorm there isn’t much room for anything else.

With that settled we all enjoyed the rest of the evening and the rest of the wine. After a couple of bottles we were all feeling pretty good. Laura went around to each of us and gave us a kiss, sitting in my lap and grinding her pussy against my hardening cock, giving me a nice juicy kiss then leaning back and telling me she loves me. She went to David and did the same, then onto Carol and did the same as she felt her up. Then she got up off of Carol and looked at me “Now Tony you do the same thing, go around and show each of us how you feel towards each person.”

I got up off my chair, pulled my shorts off and threw them in the house, then I walked over to Carol and sat in her lap facing her and kissed her deeply, I looked into her eyes and told her how much I loved her and that her love is special. Carol knew what I meant, that I could love Laura and David, but our love was a little different. I moved over to David and sat on his lap, wrapped my arms around his neck and pulled him to me. We kissed long and hard. His cock was growing, pushing through his shorts against my naked ass. I pulled back and told him that I didn’t think I could have such strong feelings for a man and that I loved him. We kissed again. I then moved to Laura and as I went to sit on her lap she grabbed my cock and sucked it in hard and fast, then I pulled my cock from her mouth and sat in her lap. We kissed enjoying each other and the fact that my cock was just in her mouth. When I pulled away Laura said she is so happy and I told her I was to and that I loved her.

Carol then got up and stripped her clothes off. She was standing right by the edge of the patio, anybody walking behind the building could look up at her and see her exposed tits, but nobody ever walks by. Carol sat on David’s lap first and kissed him long and hard making a nice wet spot on his shorts, she told him that she loved him very much and hoped that we can all continue our lives together. She moved to Laura’s lap and pressed her naked pussy against Laura’s naked pussy causing Laura to take a deep breath before Carol started making out with her. As Carol opened her mouth I could see their tongues touching before their mouth sealed against each other.

Carol then ran her hand up Laura’s side and tweaked her nipple. halkalı otele gelen escort Laura moaned into Carol’s mouth. Carol then pulled away and said she loved having a girl in the house to fulfill her bi side and that she loved her very much. Carol’s dripping pussy lifted off of Laura with a string of cum between them before it broke and fell on Laura’s thigh.

Carol came over to me and sat right down on my hard cock, she was so wet there was no resistance. Carol ground her pussy onto my cock, smashing my balls against my thigh. She then shoved her tongue down my throat and kissed me wet, long, and hard, always grinding against my balls sending both pain and pleasure through my body. She then got up leaving my glistening wet hard cock unfulfilled. Carol gave me a wink and sat back down in her chair.

David was last to shed his clothes, pulling off his shorts and stretching his long lithe body in front of us. We soaked in his pure beauty as we all watched his cock slowly rise before our eyes. David sat on Carol’s lap first. As David lowered his body down into Carol’s lap he dragged his hardening cock between her breasts, down her stomach, and rested his firm ass on her thighs, as he lowered his lips to hers. They kissed long and hard, Carol squeezing David’s firm ass cheeks as they kissed. They broke their kiss and David continued to shower Carol’s face and neck with kisses as he told her how much he loved her.

David then lifted off of Carol’s lap and moved to Laura’s lap following the same process. When he was done he moved to me. David stood towering over me, his cock eye level with my face. David reached behind my head and pulled me into his cock, grinding his balls all over my face. I took a deep breath, inhaling his intoxicating manly smell around his cock. His ball sack was soft in contrast to his hard shaft as he pressed them against my lips. As David lowered his body he stopped to press the tip of his cock against my lips and smeared a clear drop of his liquid man juice around my lips. My tongue instantly darted out searching that cock clit for more of his juice.

David continued to lower his body down, and like he did with the girls, dragged his cock down my chest and stomach, resting his tight ass against my hard cock. My cock lay in his ass crack, feeling the warmth of his body and the sweat from the heated summer. As David ground his ass against my hard cock he pulled my face to his. Looking into my eyes David said “You are such a little cock whore, I love that about you. I didn’t think I would want a guy’s cock or ass as much as I love having yours. I didn’t think I could have feelings for a man until I met you. The four of us together IS the life I want and need.” With that David kissed me hard and deep.

The girls moved over to us and added in their kisses as well, as David continued to sit in my lap we all continued to make out with each other until finally the girls broke away. With the sound of a hand hitting flesh, which turned out to be David’s ass taking a swat, the girls motioned for us to continue this in our bedroom.

Four naked bodies ran towards the master bedroom, grabbing each other’s asses along the way. Carol threw herself on the bed first, landing on her back and scooting herself to the top of the bed. Laura crawled on all fours, and drove her face right into Carols dripping wet pussy. Carol quickly raised her legs in the air to allow Laura better access to her pussy and ass.

I let my hardon point my way as I positioned myself behind Laura’s upturned ass. Laura’s pussy was so hot that I could feel the heat on the tip of my cock as I moved closer to her wet pussy. Laura knew I was going to push my cock into her pussy because she bent her head lower, raised her ass up in the air, and gave it a little wiggle to entice me to fuck her. Like I needed that? I pressed the head of my cock just inside her pussy. I love the feeling of her wet pussy lips as they envelope around my cock head and begin to draw in the rest of my cock. I slowly continued to push my cock into her pussy.

I wanted to enjoy the site of my cock disappearing into her. Laura halkalı rus escort tried to push back against me, but I held her hips firm. I wanted to watch my cock fuck her. I finally bottomed out as my balls pressed against her shaved pussy. The heat was incredible. I pulled my cock out just as slowly as I entered her. My cock was glistening with her pussy juice.

David came behind me and I felt his tongue wiggling its way into my pussy. David’s big hands held my hips still as he pushed his face between my ass cheeks. Once David had my cheeks spread and his tongue was fucking me good he then reached beyond me and grabbed Laura’s hips. David pushed and pulled Laura on and off my cock at the same time he was tongue fucking me. We got a good rhythm going, with David in complete control of our fucking.

I couldn’t take too much of this and started to force my ass back against David. David knew I was about to blow, so he pulled off of me and pressed his naked body against my back. I forced all of my cock deep into Laura’s dripping pussy. Laura was moaning into Carol’s pussy as she tongue fucked her.

Carol screamed out in an orgasm as she clamped her legs around Laura’s head. We all froze as Carol’s orgasm rippled through Laura. I could feel Laura’s body tense up as she pushed Carol through her orgasm. Laura’s pussy clamped down on my hard cock like a vise grip. David pulled me tight and his cock pressed hard against the length of my ass. David pinched my nipples and whispered into my ear, “Don’t cum.”

Carol finally released Laura’s head from her orgasmic grip. Carol barked out new orders for her fuck slaves. “David get that cock in me now. Laura come sit on my face, I need some freshly fucked pussy to suck.”

We all started shifting around on the bed to accommodate the orders. Laura pulled off of my dick, swung her body over Carol’s and planted her hot pussy on Carol’s mouth in one fluid motion. David climbed between Carol’s legs, lifted her ass off the bed, and shoved his hard cock balls deep in one quick motion, causing Carol to scream out into Laura’s pussy. I felt left out until David turned to me, “Fuck me Tony. Take that pussy dripping lubed cock and shove it my boy pussy. We will fuck Carol good and hard. Pound me hard Tony I need a good hard fucking.”

Quick to oblige, I moved behind David to fuck his boy pussy good. I didn’t want to rely just on Laura’s pussy juices for lube, so I bent over and started to run my tongue up and down the crack of his ass. I felt the heat from his hole as my tongue wormed its way into his dark canal. I love feeling his tight little hole loosen up as my tongue massages into him. I could hear David give a little moan.

David is ready for the fucking he is about to get. I position myself behind him and press the head of my cock against his opening. I grab his hips and press my face into his neck. I grab his earlobe with my teeth, “Are you ready for this baby? Ready to get fucked by my cock? Tell me you little pussy boy? Tell me you need to be fucked like the pussy you are?”

David threw his head back against my shoulder as he started to fuck Carol with dick long strokes, “Yes, please fuck me with your cock. I need a cock to fuck my pussy hard. Slam it in hard. Don’t stop just keep fucking me hard until you fill my pussy with your man juice.”

Carol was screaming out into Laura’s pussy holding on to Laura’s thighs as Laura headed to a wild orgasm. Laura was bucking all over Carol’s face as she screamed out to us, “Fuck the pussy Tony. Ram that cock deep in his tight ass. He likes when men take their cocks and fuck his boy pussy. He’s a cock sucking pussy boy, fuck him hard.”

Laura bent her head down as she came hard. Her own dirty talk threw her over the edge. I was eager to please everyone as I firmly grabbed David’s hips and shoved my cock forward. David’s ass was not fully ready for me and there was some resistance, but David wanted to be fucked hard. I pulled out slightly and then pushed my cock balls deep into his tight hole. David screamed out, “Yes, fuck me hard baby. Keep fucking me. Push my cum out from the insides. Fuck ME!, AAAGHH!”

I halkalı türbanlı escort started to slam my cock in and out of David’s ass. My hips were slamming against David’s tight ass muscles. David started to cum as his ass gripped my cock. I wasn’t going to let him get off that easy. I pushed and pulled my way to my own orgasm as his ass muscles jerked me off. We all unload torrents of cum into and onto each other. The summer heat and the hot sex made us all slippery with sweat.

We came down off our orgasms when Laura lifted off of Carol’s pussy juice covered face. Laura turned to Carol and began to lick her juices off her face. David leaned forward and began to help Laura clean her mess. David pulled out of Carol’s cum sloppy pussy and moved to her side. I couldn’t let all that cum go to waste so I started to eat David’s cum out of Carol’s pussy. It didn’t take Carol long to start another orgasm, which forced a nice mouthful of cum down my throat.

We all rolled around and fell into a nice, freshly fucked, slumber.

The next day started my vacation, no work what a great feeling. Laura got on the phone and began pleading with her parents to allow her to move back and go to the local junior college to finish her general ed requirements before transferring to a 4 year college. The cost savings was huge for her parents so they readily agreed. They also agreed to provide her with the equivalent to her monthly dorm fees as long as she received B’s and higher, and held down 16 units per semester, to insure that she finishes her requirements and is able to transfer to the State College.

Carol only allowed us to take shorts, tank tops, and sandals. No underwear or bras were to be worn. We were in the car before noon and on the way to Reno. Since we fit all of our clothes in one small backpack, we figured we would get all of Laura’s things in the trunk of the car or it goes in the trash. Save the rental money on something more fun.

We were in Reno by 4pm and checked into our motel. It was cheap but at least it had a pool. We decided to go have a nice dinner and relax tonight and head to the dorms in the morning to pack up. The first stop out was a nice all-you-can-eat cheap buffet. We then headed to the adult bookstore. Memories flushed back to when I went there and met up with Brian.

Carol went in and grabbed some anal lube and two very large strapon vibrating dildos. She also grabbed leather dog collars, nipple clamps, and a paddle. We all went to the cashier and handed him our purchases. The clerk was a middle aged guy that looked at the items then back at us with a grin. He rang up the purchases and Carol flipped him our credit card, “That’s right these pussy boys like hard cocks up their cunts and we like to fuck them hard and rough.”

The clerk looked at her and quickly swiped the card, “Yes ma’am sounds like fun.”

Carol took the card back, “Are you a sissy boy that likes to get fucked? I bet my two slaves here can take you in the back and fuck both your holes right now, would you like that sweetie?”

The man turned beet red, “God I wish I could, but we are monitored and I can’t leave the desk. I get off at ten tonight and would like to be fucked then please.”

“Are you begging for a fucking boy?” Carol pushed on him some more.

“Oh yes, I would like all of you to take turns fucking me. I like it rough.”

“Well we may be back at 10 tonight to come fuck you.” Carol told him as she signed the receipt and handed David the bag.

We walked out of the store and Laura turned to Carol, “That guy was creepy we’re not coming back are we?”

Carol laughed, “Hell no, I was just playing with him. He seemed like he wanted to be humiliated, so I did.”

We all walked out laughing loud enough so that the clerk was sure to hear.

We went back to the hotel, dropped our new goodies in the room and headed down to the pool to cool off. As if home wasn’t hot enough, the Reno dessert was much worse. We went to the pool and dove in as we were. Our clothes clung to our skins leaving nothing to the imagination of what we had, or didn’t have, on underneath. There were a couple of people around the pool that it was obvious we made uncomfortable, but in the sense that the guys could not get up for fear of showing their spouses their hardons. We laughed about it but at the same time we would all gladly fuck and one or all of them.

We headed back up to the room dripping wet and exposed, tomorrow we move Laura.

To be continued…

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