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Wife’s Deam Come True

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So it was a particularly bad week at work. We lost a bid that I had worked on for a month to an upstart company that can’t possibly be making any money on the contract. A shipment from China already one week late had been held up by customs because of mistake on the manifest. And the topper was my long time assistant gave her two week notice because she is moving to Arizona with her dip shit boyfriend.

The instant I got home, I made a pitcher of Margaritas. I took it out to the patio, turned on the Jacuzzi and TV then stripped down to my birthday suit and sank into the water. I poured a glass of the heavily tequila-ed mix and pounded it down. I poured a second glass then searched for a game on the TV. Glass three and a baseball game took the edge off the week.

Numbed by my drinks and entranced by the game I didn’t notice that my wife Marie and our house guest, her 18 year old niece Rachael, had come home. Immediately they the saw the margarita ingredients on the counter and look out into the back yard and saw me sitting in the water.

“Looks like someone had a bad day,” said Rachael.

“More like a bad week” Marie replied.

Marie already knew what had happened and proceeded to give Rachael the details. They tiptoed out the back door to ask how I was doing.

“You okay?” Marie asked.

“Getting there.” I responded.

“Need a refill and some company?” she asked.

It was then that I saw that Rachael was with her and realized that I should have gone upstairs for some swim trunks before starting my pity party.

“Uh sure but come here first.” As Marie leaned in I told her kind of sheepishly “Can you bring me some swim trunks?”

She looked down at the pile of clothes on the patio and smiled then scooped them up and went into the house with Rachael following close behind.

“Is he okay?”

“He will be but I think he’s more embarrassed than anything else.”


“I think he forgot about you. We use to love to sit in the Jacuzzi naked but hadn’t done it since you’ve been here. With all that happened he just stripped down and got in without thinking.”

“You sure he’s naked?”

“He asked me to bring him a pair of trunks.”

“Oh, now I feel bad. What if I leave for awhile so you two can have the house to yourselves?”

“I have a better idea. Do you embarrass easily?”

“Not really. kocaeli escort Why?”

“Let’s join him.”

“In the Jacuzzi?”

Rachael’s mind was now racing and her body grew excited as she flashed back to the night her Uncle told her of her Aunt’s desire to watch them fuck. Did her Aunt really want to watch her husband fuck her niece? Was this the night?

“Sure unless that makes you uncomfortable?” Marie answered.

“Oh I am very comfortable being naked. I would walk around like that all day if I could but wouldn’t it be weird for you guys?”

“Not me I feel the same way you do, I love being nude and so does Dave, obviously.”

“Ok, I’m in.”

The two girls giggled as the made another pitcher of margaritas then went to their rooms to undress. I was now feeling the effects of the three margaritas and patiently waited for a refill and some trunks. The girls emerged from the house cloaked in robes, carrying the fresh pitcher and two more glasses but no trunks.

“Where are my trunks?” I mouthed to Marie.

“Don’t worry about it.” She said aloud as she set down the pitcher then disrobed revealing her beautifully naked body.

I was bewildered as I watched her climb into the water and sit down. I gave her a giant smile then was jolted by the sight of Rachael handing her the two glasses. She was too was naked and climbing into the water.

“You can close your mouth now.” Marie said smiling from ear to ear.

“I guess I’m not getting my trunks.” I said.

“No, is that okay?” Rachael awkwardly asked… what an actress.

Margaritas were poured and inhibition slowly melted away.

I don’t know how the playfulness started, a simply splash I think, but somehow the three of us started wrestling and splashing like kids. Suddenly I was pinned in my seat by the girls and Marie leaned in and kissed me. She pulled away and looked at Rachael staring at me. Rachael glanced up at Marie and they locked eyes.

“Kiss him.” Marie said. “It’s okay.”

Rachael leaned down and we started to kiss, gently and slow. We paused and looked up at Marie for reassurance. She was just staring and grinning with delight. I turned to Marie and kissed her again before turning back to Rachael. Back and forth I went kissing these two beautiful women. They were now kissing me at the same time, kissing kocaeli escort bayan my neck and lips, sucking on my ears. I was so hard it hurt and I was probably an inch longer.

I forced my way out of the water and sat on the edge of the Jacuzzi to catch my breath. The two girls were amazed at the sight of my absolutely rock solid dick.

Marie did not hesitate and immediately took me in her mouth. She loved to give me head and over the years had learned exactly how I liked it. She stroked me with her hand while gently sucking my head, and then deep throated me before working the head again.

As Marie worked my member I looked at Rachael and she just shook her head and mouthed “You lucky bastard!”

“Do you want to suck on it?” Marie asked Rachael.

“I really do!” Rachael said “But I can’t.”

“Its okay, I want you to and I’m sure Dave won’t mind.”

Rachael then leaned in and took over for Marie and Marie loved it. She pulled back Rachael’s hair and stroked it as she watched her suck on me.

“Let’s go upstairs.” Marie suggested as she climbed out of the water. Rachael quickly followed as I gathered myself and turned off the Jacuzzi.

I made my way upstairs and found my wife and her 18 year old niece lying on their sides facing each other. They were caressing each others nude bodies just waiting for me. I laid down behind my wife and guided my dick toward her glistening slit.

“No” she whispered “Rachael first.”

With that Rachael rose onto all fours and turned so Marie could see me enter her. I move behind her and lifted my dick and placed it against her swollen pussy lips. I looked Marie in the eyes.

“Do you want me to put it in there?”

“Yes baby, put that big cock of yours in her. I want to see it. I want to see you fuck her.”

“Okay baby anything for you. I’ll put my dick in her young pussy for you.”

“Oh god please fuck me. I need you so bad.” Rachael hungrily moaned.

So I slowly pushed every inch of my manhood into my niece while my wife watched with pure ecstasy in her eyes. I moved in and out of Rachael slowly so Marie could take all in.

“Let me taste her.” Marie said.

I pulled out of Rachael and place my glossy dick near Marie’s mouth. She started to lick the juices off my shaft savoring every drop. Rachael turned to me and escort kocaeli we started to kiss. It was slow and passionate, a rhythmic dance of our tongues. Marie was now taking all of me into her mouth and down her throat. It felt so good I turned from Rachael, grabbed Marie’s hair and started face fucking my wife.

“My turn.” Rachael pleaded as she took me into her mouth. I pulled Marie up to me and kissed her.

“I love you.” She said.

“I love you too.” I said and overwhelmingly felt.

“Fuck her some more.” Marie ordered.

I placed Rachael on her side and straddled her leg while holding her other leg up so Marie could again see me enter this unbelievably beautiful teenager under me. Again I pushed into her driving deep and pushing my body against her round plump ass. I barely pulled out preferring short strokes so I could stay pressed against her ass. I reached up and grabbed her prefect tits lightly rolling her erect nipples between my fingers. Deeper and harder I thrusted myself into her. Faster and faster I moved. I loved the feeling of her bubble butt pressed against me and I was getting close to finishing.

Just as I was going to pull out to change positions so I wouldn’t cum Rachael surrendered to her body and climaxed, a rush of juices rushed past my cock and spilled onto the bed.

“That was beautiful.” Marie said as she grabbed me and kissed me hard. Our mouths press firmly against each other, tongues engaged in a violent sword battle.

“Fuck me now!” Marie demanded.

She turned around and guided my dick into her pussy. One quick dip and I was coated with her juices. She then placed me at her back door and pushed herself onto me. I knelt there motionless as she rocked back and forth on me, all the while rubbing her clit. Rachael had turned to watch and was stroking herself too. I took over the motion and started to take my wife’s ass at my pace. I pulled all the way out so I could watch my dick reenter ass hole over and over. I love the feeling of my wife’s tight ass and started to pound it harder. Every stroke was long, hard and deep. One last thrust and I stayed deep inside her filling her ass with my cum. The feeling of my hot juice filling her brought her on organism and she shook then squirted stream of juice all over the bed. Rachael witnessing our climatic finish rolled to her back and arched off the bed and too shot of stream of cum onto the sheets.

As I fell out of my wife’s ass she collapsed onto the bed next to Rachael. I watched as the two most beautiful women I have ever seen quivered with ecstasy. I sat back and just stared at my two naked goddesses and realized that I am truly a lucky man.

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