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Wife’s Fulfilment Ch. 01

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My wife and I are extremely competitive when it comes to one another. We would prefer to spend our time playing board games instead of watching the tv. Even If there was no actual competition, we would make anything into one. The loser would often have a dare to complete as punishment for losing. Last night’s competition was a simple card game. I had won and had the perfect dare for her.

I heard the car pull up in the driveway and my wife walks in the front door. ‘You’re late darling, we have a reservation in an hour, and you need to get ready’.

‘I am sorry, but I got held up. The traffic was chaos.’ Lauren ran down the hallway and got into the shower. As she was having her shower, I got a surprise from my top bedside drawer and placed it on her clothes. I wrote ‘make sure this goes in’ on a post-it note and stuck it down on the toy. I left our bedroom and booked a taxi.

Lauren came down the hall with a big grin. ‘Nice little present you got me’.

‘Was it a present, or your punishment for losing last night? You have to leave it in all night, including while we are out’. With that, she had a little worried look on her face. ‘A dare is a dare darling’, I said with a smile. She looked stunning. She was wearing a tan skirt that covered the top 2/3 of her thigh and a pink thin strapped top. I was unsure what was underneath, except a little purple bullet shaped vibrator that should be nestled in her pussy. I pushed a button on the remote in my hand. My wife smiled. I knew it was in the right place. ‘Beep, Beep! The taxi had arrived. We grabbed our gear and hopped in the back.

We arrived at the busy restaurant and were seated against a side wall. We ordered a bottle of wine and clinked our glasses together. I pushed the button again. ‘Do you enjoy pushing people’s buttons?’ my wife asked.

I smiled, ‘Just yours’ I replied. I switched it off. After the main course, Lauren got up to go to the bathroom. I turned it on. She turned back to look at me with a grin. When she returned, I noticed her had was clinched in a fist.

‘This is for you’ she said. I reached my hand out expecting to be given the purple toy, but to my amazement, it was a purple lacy G-string. Initially I had questions, however, they had to wait. I quickly put them away in my pocket. My wife smiled a big grin. ‘They got wet, so I had to take them off’. My cock began to grow.

At that moment, I could hear a faint buzzing noise. I put my hand on the table. I could feel the vibrations of the toy. It was coming from Lauren’s handbag. I looked at her. She looked back. ‘It fell out’ was all she said as she laughed.

‘You will be punished for not completing your dare once we get home’, I said with a wry smile.

‘Well in that case’ Lauren said, ‘lets call a taxi now and get home’. I called the waitress over and paid the bill. I tucked my hard cock under my band in my underwear and we left the restaurant.

In the back of the taxi on way home, Lauren’s hand found itself on my cock under the bottom of my shirt. She grabbed my hand that was resting on her knee and slid it under her skirt which had become shorter when she sat down. I continued up her thigh until I reached her wet pussy. It was very wet, no wonder the vibrator slipped out.

I parted her lips and began touching her clitoris. She closed her eyes. She tightened her grip around my cock. I slid my finger down to her opening. I teased the outside, making sure I did not enter the wet opening. Her grip loosened and she grabbed my hand from under her skirt. She brought my fingers to her lips and kissed my fingertips that had been touching her other set of lips. This was so sexy to watch.

Once we got home, we could barely get in the front door before we were all over each other. Our hands were all over each other’s bodies and the kissing was very intense. We moved down to our bedroom and I stopped. ‘I do believe you are owed a punishment little lady?’ She looked at me, a little shocked that I had stopped the activities. ‘On your knees please’ I asked.

‘Why?’ Lauren asked.

‘Because you need to be punished for being a naughty girl. Now kneel down against the bed and lift your skirt up’. This time she did what she was told. I went over to her bag and got the vibrating bullet out. I gave it a wash under the tap and went back over to my waiting wife. I spread her thighs and slid the bullet back in her pussy. It did not require lube as she was Anadolu Yakası Escort already very wet, and it slid right back in. I found the control and turned it on.

I swatted her bottom. ‘Smack, Smack, Smack’. Lauren let out a breath with each blow to her bottom. With each smack with my bare hand, Lauren’s bottom started turning red. I felt something hit the floor, it was the vibrating bullet. I reached out for it and placed it back in the wet pussy. It slipped out again. ‘I think you are too wet for this little toy sexy; I might have to rethink your punishment’. Lauren got up the same time I got up off the floor. She went to the bathroom. While she was in there, I went to get our box of toys out of the cupboard.

Lauren walked out of the bathroom with just her skirt and the matching bra to her purple lace G-string that she had on earlier. I pushed her gently backwards onto our bed. I pushed her hands to her sides and wrapped bondage tape around her tummy and arms, securing them to her sides. I got off the bed and grabbed the next item off the floor. I went to her feet and placed a cuff on each ankle. These cuffs attached to a spreader bar which kept her legs wide open allowing easy access to my wife’s wet pussy. There was just enough material in her skirt to cover her pussy for now, but she was at my peril when I wanted to uncover it. I placed a blindfold over her eyes ensuring what was to follow was a surprise.

I grabbed a feather from the bedside table. Its delicate touch made Lauren jump when it touched her skin. I moved it around her stomach, then ran it up her legs, and then ran it over her breasts. Each time the sensual touch made her jump. I lifted the front of her skirt to reveal the pink lips of my wife. I ran the feather down her tummy to her groins. Lauren squirmed from side to side from the touch. I then ran the feather from her knee to her groin and got the same reaction. It was giving her goosebumps. I then delicately let the feather touch her clitoris. ‘Fuck’ she said as she thrust her bottom from the bed. The feather got the reaction I was hoping for.

I put the feather down and grabbed a bottle of lube. I grab the top of the cup of her bra and pull them down exposing erect nipples with penny size areolas in a similar shade of pink. I placed a drop of cold lube on each nipple. With each drop, Lauren exhaled sharply as it shocked her. I started rubbing both nipples with my fingers. They were growing as I was doing this. ‘You are getting very erect darling’.

‘I am just cold’ she replied with a grin. I grab both nipples between my thumb and forefinger and pinch her nipples. Lauren starts to squirm with the intense pleasure the nerves are sending through her body. I let go of the right nipple and bring my warm mouth onto it. I lick and suck her nipple. She lets out a moan. Still playing with the left nipple, I give the right nipple a few little nibbles. More moaning and heavy breathing. I then let go for the left nipple. Lauren should know what is coming next. I take the left nipple in my mouth and suck. She lifts her bum off the bed with pleasure. I lick them both to ensure there is no lube left on them.

‘How are you going sweetheart?’ I ask.

Lauren takes a few deep breaths, ‘I am ok’. I place her breasts back into her purple bra. I slide higher to meet her lips. I slip my tongue into her mouth. She pushes back. We share another passionate kiss.

‘Now for your punishment’ I say as I turn on a vibrator.

‘What are you going to do with that’ Lauren asks with a small smile on her face.

‘You will just have to wait to find out.’ I place the vibrator on the bed next to her body. This was a slight decoy. I place some lube on my finger and lift the spreader bar exposing her bare bottom better. I spread her cheeks and slide my finger into her crack rubbing the outside of the anus. Lauren squirms and gives some positive moans. I push a little harder against the anus and without warning, my finger slides in. Lauren gives a little squeak. I removed my finger, reach over for a toy, and push the little butt plug into her tight arse.

‘That felt nice hubby’ she said with a long exhale.

‘What part?’

‘Your finger, you have never put your finger in there before, but I liked it.’ Lauren was right, anal play was something new we have talked about, but never done it. Only this small plug is all that has been there.

I lower Pendik Escort her legs down back onto the bed. I run my fingers the length of her inner thighs. She squirmed around with the sensitive touch she was feeling. I used my fingers again to touch her skin from her tummy down to her inner thighs. More squirming. The breathing began to get heavy again. I turned my body and moved over Lauren into the 69 position. I positioned my cock above her mouth and pushed it against her mouth. It opened. I moved my cock inside the accommodating mouth, and she sucked. She began lifting her head to get my cock deeper into her mouth.

I looked down to see her pussy glistening with her juices. I blow some air at her pussy. She shuddered. ‘That’s cold’ she said as she turned her head away from my cock and then resumed sucking. I removed myself from her body. ‘Can you not handle a blow job from your wife?’

‘I can, I just need to get some other things. Just wait here’ I said while trying not to laugh too much.

I grabbed a dildo. ‘Do you enjoy sucking cock sweetie?’

‘Bring your cock back over here and I will answer you’. With that, I placed a realistic dildo with balls into her mouth. She accepted but then realised that it was not the real thing. She tried to move away from it, but I kept it in her mouth.

‘Suck the cock darling, you said you wanted a cock in your mouth.’ I began moving it in and out of her mouth. She had a good rhythm going when I removed it from her mouth. ‘You can have the real deal back now’. I straddled her face and Lauren lifted her head and took my cock into her mouth. As she was sucking my cock, she was making pleasurable moans. I reached down with one finger and found the opening of her pussy. She was very wet now. I slid a finger into her wet pussy. She squirmed.

I remove my finger and pushed the dildo that was still wet from her mouth into her pussy. ‘Oh yes, fuck that feels good’ she went back to sucking my cock. I penetrate her pussy with the dildo, pushing the whole 6 inches until it stopped where the fake balls were. I kept rhythm with her sucking. I could feel and hear her breathing quicken. She gave some hard sucks and released my cock as she screamed to orgasm. I continued fucking her pussy with the dildo.

‘Stop! It’s too sensitive’. I gave a few more penetrations before I followed her direction. She laid on the bed breathing heavy. I moved the dildo to her mouth.

‘Open up, there Is a cock for you to suck.’ She opened her mouth as I pushed the dildo in. She moaned when she realised that it was covered in her juices. I removed It and kissed her lips. It was a delightful taste on her lips.

I turned around and positioned myself between her legs. I pushed my cock against her pussy and without resistance my cock slid in. ‘Yes, fuck my pussy’ yelled my wife. I started thrusting deep into her pussy. It was so warm and wet in there. I reached up to place the dildo back into her mouth. It was hard to fuck my wife and mouth fuck her with a dildo at the same time.

‘Leave that in your mouth while I fuck your pussy’. I let go of the dildo in her mouth. She clung onto it with her mouth. She began breathing faster around the dildo. Her pussy began to get tight. I could feel myself getting ready to cum. And I stopped. I removed my cock from her pussy and replaced my cock with another dildo. Using both hands, my wife was having a threesome, one cock in her mouth and one in her pussy. It was a wonderful sight; even better was the moaning of pleasure my wife was making and the noise of the dildo entering her sloppy pussy. She was really enjoying it. The moaning got louder and suddenly she shook with pleasure having another orgasm.

I removed the dildos. I took the dildo from her pussy and placed it in my mouth. I was craving her taste. My wife breathing was normalising. I repositioned myself beside my wife next to her legs. I noticed that her butt plug had come out. ‘What happed to your plug miss?’

‘I am not sure’.

‘Well it is on the bed, not in your bottom. Do you need a bigger one?’ My wife went quiet. She had never had anything larger than that in her arse before.

‘I think I need a bigger one, it’s a little stretched.’ I found a bigger plug in the toys box. I placed it in her pussy to get lubed up. I remove it and lift her bottom back up. I press the plug against her waiting arse. This time, Lauren groaned as I pressed it against Kurtköy Escort the opening. Plop. ‘Ouch’ she said as it plopped in.

‘How was that?’ I asked.

‘That was so big, I felt it stretch, but it feels so good in there now’. I lowered her legs again.

I undo her ankle cuffs and release her from the spreader bar. I undo the tape holding Laurens arms down. I roll her onto all fours and move her up the bed, so she is nearly at the bedhead. I reach forward and push the dildo that was recently in her pussy against the bedhead. The suction cup attached to the laminate bedhead. ‘Open up’ I said while pushing her forward towards the dildo. It hits her chin. She moves it with her hand and guides it into her mouth.

She moans. ‘Fuck my pussy’ she demands. I slide up behind her and guide my cock into her pussy. I push my cock in deep, pushing her forward onto the cock on the bedhead. She pushes herself back onto me ensuring my cock is deep inside her. She gets a good rhythm going.

‘How do you like being fucked from both ends?’

‘I love having 2 cocks inside me. I wish you could be in my mouth.’ I remove my cock from her pussy and push her hip around and guide her head, turning her 180 degrees. I push her backwards. She grabs the dildo and guides it to her waiting pussy. I slide my cock into her mouth. She sucks hard on my cock getting me close to cumming again. She stopped sucking ‘I want you to fuck my arse now’.

This shocked me. ‘Are you sure?’

‘Yes, I want you in my arse now.’

She reached back and pulled the butt plug out of her arse. She spins around another 180 degrees, so her arse is in front of me. I grab some lube and dribble it into her little gaping arse. I rub some on my cock and push it against the small opening. Lauren must have felt my cock and pushed herself against me. My cock slid in. My wife let out a deep breath. ‘Oh fuck’. She slowly pushed back against me making my cock go deeper inside of her virgin arse. She then moved away letting my cock go shallow inside her.

She was moaning loudly, letting me know that she enjoyed it. She then grabbed the cock on the bedhead and guided it back into her mouth. She was now being fucked in the mouth and in the arse. I speed up my thrusts. My wife kept pushing back against me encouraging me to speed up. It was so sexy seeing my wife with a cock in her mouth while I fucked her from behind in her arse. I could feel myself getting closer to cumming. This time I could not stop. My wife continued to fuck my cock with her arse. I could not stop. I moaned as I filled up my wife’s arse with my cum. She then followed very quickly with her scream and orgasm.

Lauren rolled over and laid on the bed on her back. Her skirt revealed a wet pussy that was now redder than pink. She removed her blindfold. She grabbed the dildo from the bedhead. ‘Fuck my pussy. I want you to fuck my pussy while I have a cock in my arse’. Lauren grabbed her bum cheek with one hand and slid the dildo into her freshly fucked and oozing arse. I was semi erect, but once I seen the dildo disappear into her arse, I was ready for my round 2. I reached into the toy box and brought out a new toy which I was wanting to use on my wife.

I rolled it up and rolled it onto my cock like a condom. The penis extender added 2 inches to the length of my cock and an extra inch wider. It was the perfect time to try this toy as Lauren was so wet and stretched from the cocks she has had inside of her pussy. I slid the tip into my wife who was already panting hard while she was fucking her arse. I slowly penetrated. Lauren looked down. ‘What the? You are going to stretch my pussy so much it will not shrink back down.’

‘You are very used down there tonight’. I pushed deeper and deeper. My wife looked like she could handle no more pleasure. I started thrusting deep inside of her. Her juices moistened the new toy. I was fucking hard keeping up with her dildo fucking. She began to breath heavy and fast. The loudest scream of the night was heard. She pulled the dildo from her arse letting the cum ooze onto the bedsheets.

‘Stop! Stop! Stop!’ she shouted. I continued as she had another orgasm. She pushed me off of her and my cock left her pussy. She continued to convulse with pleasure as the waves of her orgasm swept up her body.

Lauren was exhausted, as was I. I removed my cock extender and moved up alongside her and gave her a cuddle. She turned and gave me a kiss. ‘Thank you for filling all of my holes. I hoped you enjoyed fucking my arse’.

I answered, ‘Yes I did enjoy your arse’, however I think this fell on deaf ears as Lauren was already asleep in her purple bra and her messy skirt covered in cum and lube.

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