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Winter Vacation at the Fitch’s Ch. 01

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Okay, so let’s start with saying that this is my FIRST erotic story but it’s been brewing in my head for a long time. I’m 22 now and just on my way into life. I’m a bisexual male and this is the story of how I came to be this way. Sort of….well there were a lot of causes to my life as it is. This just happened to be a huge turning point.

So back when I was fresh into college I had a buddy by the name of Steve Fitch. We were dorm buddies and basically the best of friends ever since we got roomed together. Well it was around Christmas of my sophomore year and I didn’t have any family around (being the poor college student I was I couldn’t afford to travel). So Steve offers to take me back to his family’s place which was just about 40 miles from our college. I agreed since spending Christmas alone in my dorm with only my hand and some dirty mags sounded fucking gay.

So we set out towards his place and arrived in about an hour (the snow was pretty bad that year). As we got to his house and walked thru the door his whole family rushed over to greet us. His mom and sister were the only ones however. Steve’s dad had died when Steve was young. His sister was 18 and still in high school. She was a tall skinny dancer type with brown hair. I checked her out briefly before his mom gave me a huge hug. I realized that she was a bigger lady with huge tits. She only stood about 5’6 and was much wider than me.

Steve walked up upstairs and settled me in the guest bedroom which was really pretty big. They were a wealthy family by the looks of their house. I got my stuff settled and went down to Steve’s room in the basement to see what he was up to. I walked in to him digging out an old pile of dirty mags from under his bed.

“WOW. I thought my mom would have thrown them out by now,” Steve said.

“Haha the old Bomonti Escort stash is always good.” I replied

Then Janette his sister came down the stairs and Steve shoved the box back under his bead quickly.

“Ohh you baby don’t hide those from me. I know damn well that you got that box under there.” said Janette.

“Haha yeah there’s some good ones in there sis. How’d you know they were there?”

“Came across them the day you left. I couldn’t believe you left them here. Oh well though they did me some good over the years.”

“Haha you were always trying to get in my business” said Steve with a sly smile on his face.

We wondered around the house for awhile until dinner was ready. His mom made everyone a huge steak and mashed potatoes and gravy. I hadn’t eaten that good since I was back home. We all sat and talked while we ate dinner and eventually I headed up to my room for a nap.

I lay on my bed for awhile but couldn’t get to sleep. I tossed and turned for almost an hour until I just couldn’t get any rest. I decided to go downstairs to the kitchen and get a glass of water. As I was coming down the stairs the house seemed extra quiet for some reason. Then I heard it. “Ohhh yeah Steve…I’ve missed you…mmm”

I walked down the stairs more and peeked into the kitchen expecting to see one of Steve’s old girlfriends and him making out or something. Instead, I saw the tall figure of his sister pressed against the fridge with Steve grinding his hips against hers. I stood there as they started to undress and eventually I caught sight of Steve’s cock pushing its way into his sister’s pussy. Man they were fucking hard and my cock was as hard as it could get watching it.

Just then I felt a hand on my cock from behind. Before Bostancı Escort I could say anything another hand covered my mouth and I heard Steve’s mom tell me to be quiet or ill disturb them. I obeyed and backed up and turned to face her. She told me to follow her up to my room and we’d talk about what I just saw.

I walked into my room and she closed the door.

“Those 2 have been fucking ever since Steve grew a dick.” his mom said.

“Oh…Wow I never had a sister who would do that for me” I replied quickly

“Yeah I caught them once when Steve was 18 masturbating together.”

“Haha Steve always was a horny one.”

“Yeah well I know where he gets it from…Me” Ms. Fitch replied.

I felt my cock jump a little when she said her last statement. I couldn’t help but admire her giant breasts through her navy blue sweater. My cock started getting harder in my jeans and I just had to find a way to get out of there so I could go get some relief.

Ms. Fitch moved closer and placed her hand on my cock and a finger to her lips “Shhh…We don’t want them to catch us or this won’t be any fun”

She undid my pants and my 9 inch cock jumped out hard as a rock. She got on her knees and started licking it down the shaft and to my balls. She sucked in one of my balls while stroking my cock with her other hand. I pulled down my pants all the way and reached back to lock the door. Then I felt her lips on my cockhead. They slid down about 4 inches and she looked up at my eyes. What happened next almost made me cum right then and there. With her eyes still locked on mine she took all the other 5 inches straight down her throat. Her nose was buried in my pubic hair and I could feel my cock on the back of her throat. I then grabbed the back of her Esenyurt Escort head and began fucking her mouth as hard as I could. She unbuttoned her sweater all the way to release her uncovered tits. They were huge and I felt a building inside my balls. She took all 9 inches into her mouth and played with my balls and I began Cuming down her throat. She choked after 2 shots and my cock fell out still shooting cum all over her breasts.

“Mmm…You taste almost as good as……..well never mind that for now.”

She then slid off her jeans and lay back on my bed. Her tits were laid out on either side of her and she spread her legs open. I stepped over to her and positioned my still cumsoaked cock at her pussy.

“No no no honey we cant do that. I don’t want another kid coming out of that thing…put it in my ass…you’ll like it better anyways.

Shocked I did as I was told and moved the head down to her tight ass hole. I pushed in the head and she let out a gasp. “It’s been so long since I’ve had a man mmm.” I then pushed in hard as far as I could and 7 inches disappeared. She couldn’t hold in the scream and began playing with her giant tits. Now I started quick strokes of 5 inches in and out as hard as I could. One of my hands started playing with her clit as another one grabbed her belly to get my strokes harder. After about 5 minutes of this her pussy erupted with an orgasm and splattered me with her juices. Her asshole tightened around my cock but I just kept fucking away wanting to bad so shoot all inside her ass. After about 20 minutes and 2 more of her powerful orgasms my cock exploded inside of her. My cock sent stream after stream into her hot ass.

I collapsed onto her big form. My face was just between her enormous titties. We lay together for a few minutes and she decided she better get dressed and go clean up. She told me to use the shower and then get some sleep. We had some big days coming up in the next month. And indeed…she was right.

So this is my first story. I’ll continue with this sequence of Winter Vacation at the Fitch’s

Hopefully I’ll get some comments letting me know how my first story went. Thanks all.

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