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Wishes and Fantasies Ch. 02-03

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It has been a few weeks since Brandon and Kristen discovered that they had a mutual interest in finding a female partner to play with. They had joked and kidded each other about it ever since, but neither had brought the subject up in a serious conversation again until now…

While they were getting ready for their Saturday night dinner date, Brandon watched Kristen as she reached around behind her back and secured the eye hooks of her black lace bra.

“Damn, she has the greatest figure,” he thought. “Those tits and that ass of hers still get me hard as a rock every time I see her.” The proof was steadily rising in the crotch of his Docker’s.

Just then Kristen turned towards him and smiled as she spied the bulge in his pants. Standing there with nothing on but a lacy bra and black lace thong panties she was a sight to behold. Her shoulder length auburn hair was streaked with copper, and her piercing ocean blue eyes sparkled in the softness of the bedroom lighting. The hint of a healthy tan still apparent on her silky smooth skin although it was well into the fall.

“What?” Kristen said, laughing. She knew what he was thinking, that was why she was getting dressed so slowly. “Is that a flashlight in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?”

Giggling, she placed her hands on her hips and stuck her chest out a little. A slight bow of her head while looking up at him with a pout on her lips and a seductive glint in her eyes was all the effect she needed.

Brandon grabbed her by the waist and pulled her to him, crushing her almost naked body against his raging hard on. He bent his head and kissed her upturned mouth passionately. Reaching up, he grabbed a handful of her hair playfully, loving the feel of those soft copper strands running through his fingers. Tugging gently he broke their kiss and she looked up at him with an innocent/naughty smile.

“Did I do that?” Kristen smirked, no longer able to keep that expression of little girl innocence on her face as she rubbed her hand along the crotch of his pants.

“You know you did. You always do that to me. Ever since I met you in college you’ve done that to me. I take one look at you and my dick has a mind of its own.” Brandon laughed. “It just took you a few years to figure that out and let me get into your panties.”

“Oh, I knew it, I just thought I’d make you sweat a little first.” Kristen sighed, pouting that mischievous look again. “You had to earn it, big boy.”

“I’ve earned it by now, haven’t I?”

“Several times over, as a matter of fact. Now come here, earn it again.” Kristen reached out and grabbed him by the waistband of his Docker’s, pulling him into her.

Brandon obliged willingly. As she unbuttoned his pants, he reached between her legs and ran his fingers up and down the length of her soaking wet panties. He could feel her hot juices running down her thighs. He pushed aside the fabric and glided two fingers into her wet slit, his thumb finding her hard little nub and massaging it lovingly.

Kristen, having undone Brandon’s pants, snaked her hand inside his jockeys and grabbed a hold of his huge erection, stroking it and rubbing her thumb in circles around its throbbing head, the drops of pre-cum lubricating as she continued.

“You really need to fuck me now, Brandon.” Kristen panted, her breath hot and steamy on his neck.

“Your wish is my command.” Brandon replied as he lifted her slightly and lowered her on to the bed. Her feet were still on the floor, but she was on her back bent over the bed, fully exposed to him.

Not bothering to remove her thong panties, he just pushed them further aside with his thumb and guided his cock into her hot, wet, waiting cunt with his Escort bayan other hand. Sliding into her juicy wet slit, he buried all eight inches into her, his balls slapping on her ass. Pumping slowly, teasing her, loving the look of want in her eyes.

He reached up and grabbed hold of her lace covered, perfectly round breasts as she braced her knees on his chest, allowing him even deeper access to her. Brandon found her hard erect nipples through the lace and rolled then between thumbs and fingers.

The rough feeling of the lace against her hard sensitive nipples was excruciatingly wonderful. Kristen had a thing for pain/ pleasure – especially when it came to her nipples. She loved it when he was rough with them, pinching and pulling at them without mercy. She moaned loudly in response.

It didn’t take long for either one of them to reach a climax at the heightened state they were already in. Brandon quickened his pace, thrusting into Kristen’s pussy harder and faster. She responded by lifting her hips and matching him thrust for thrust. Her breath catching in her throat, her fingernails digging into the soft down comforter searching for a grip.

“Harder!” Kristen screamed as the pressure deep in the core of her body built itself up, rising, aching to be released. “Oh… My…. God!” she panted, “I’m cumming….”, as her body shook in ecstasy, trembling and shivering as the orgasm flowed through her. Her sweet, hot juices flowing over Brandon’s cock and gushing out around it.

The feeling of her muscles contracting around his cock as he pumped into her was the end for Brandon. He growled low in his throat and with one huge drive of his hips he jammed his throbbing, engorged muscle deep inside her and exploded. His cock shot stream after stream of hot semen deep into her. Kristen could feel the pulsing and the jets of cum spraying into her womb, causing a series of aftershock spasms in her belly and vagina. She wrapped her legs around his hips, holding him inside her, relishing the feeling of being so completely taken.

When the tidal waves of passion had subsided, Brandon collapsed on top of Kristen, letting out a satisfied sigh. “Damn, you really know how to get the best out of me, don’t you.”

“Yes, I do. And what an outstanding performance it was.” she smiled at him, placing a gentle kiss on his lips.


After they revived a little, they jumped into the shower together, lovingly lathering each other up, and rinsing off together.

They were both ravenous by now, having replaced dinner with a roll in the hay, so they dressed quickly and headed out to dinner. Driving down the highway, they held hands like teenagers, their fingers entwined.

Since they had missed their reservations at their favorite restaurant by about two hours, they thought it probably wasn’t a good idea to just drop in now. Instead they headed for the Pinetree, a little bar and grill that had great cheeseburgers and cold beer.

After they had sat down at one of the high boy tables surrounding the U-shaped bar, a tall,thin beautiful brunette waitress came over to take their order. Kristen had a moment to glance down at the girl’s spectacular chest while she was telling them the specials of the evening.

As satisfied as she was from the earlier tryst with Brandon, or maybe because of it, she found herself getting hot again at the sight of this waitresses nipples protruding through the thin cloth of her white button down shirt. She reached across the underside of the table with her leg and ran her foot seductively up Brandon’s thigh, stopping in the center.

Brandon jumped slightly, but didn’t miss a beat as he gave the girl their order. When she left to deliver the order of Bayan escort burgers and fries to the kitchen and grab the Killian’s drafts they had ordered, he smiled wickedly at Kristen. “What was that for, as if I didn’t know. She was cute, wasn’t she? Nice tits.”

Just then the waitress returned with their beers. “Here you are, two Killian’s. You’re burgers will be out in just a little while. My name is Sami, if you need anything else, just let me know.” As Sami finished her sentence she turned to Kristen and smiled. “Just let me know,” she repeated, looking right into Kristen’s eyes and winking. Then, she turned and walked toward the kitchen, swaying her hips provocatively as she walked away.

Kristen giggled, “I think she was hitting on me. Did you see her wink at me?”

“Yes, I saw it. I think you may be right. I think she’s into you, but what about me?” Brandon affected a hurt look. “Usually the girls are hitting on me, I feel left out.” A playful pout came across his face.

“Well, I guess it’s my turn.” Kristen laughed, enjoying the attention, and the hot, wet feeling in her panties. She squirmed a little on the stool, rubbing her thighs together and wriggling the seam of her jeans into her swollen clit. “My turn.”

A different waitress brought their burgers to the table, explaining that Sami was busy with another table and didn’t want them to have to wait. Brandon and Kristen thanked her and started to dine on the delicious burgers and hot crispy french fries.

After they had finished eating, Kristen excused herself and went around the side of the bar and down the hallway to the ladies room. As she pushed open the door, she saw a familiar white shirt and cute tight ass bending over the sink looking into the mirror applying lipstick. Not turning her head but looking through the mirror instead, Sami smiled invitingly at Kristen.

“How was the meal? I’m sorry I couldn’t get back to check on you. I got swamped with a table of 10 so I had Jenny bring you your food.”

“It was great, as usual. I hope you made out okay with that big table, they can be a hassle.” Kristen returned, knowing from her college days what a pain a large group can be to wait on.

“Oh, they were fine, that group is here about twice a month, so they know us girls pretty well. They tip really well, too.” Sami replied as she turned toward Kristen. “I just wish they would have sat in Jenny’s section tonight so I could have given you my full attention.” Sami flashed a seductive smile at Kristen and took a step towards her. “I’m sorry if I’m about to offend you but I can’t help it. You are the most attractive woman I think I have ever met.”

Kristen, a little surprised by her boldness but completely turned on at the same time, could only stammer back, “I’m not offended at all, flattered actually.” She could feel the heat rising in her cheeks, turning them a shade of crimson. There was another source of heat brewing in her loins, making her already moist panties much wetter.

Sami reached her hand out and gently placed it on Kristen’s arm, caressing it slowly. “Would you mind then if I kissed you? I’ve been thinking that I would like to ever since I saw you a few months ago when I started working here. I just never had the chance or the nerve.”

“I…I don’t think I would mind. I’ve never done this before, but it’s crossed my mind in my daydreams.”

Before either of them could change their minds, Sami leaned in and gently placed her soft, full lips over Kristen’s. Kristen pressed back, slowly opening her mouth as Sami did the same, their tongues finding each other and dancing lazily, exploring uncharted territory.

The soft gentle kiss turned more urgent, their lips pressing harder into each Escort other, their tongues wrestling. Sami gripped Kristen’s arm tighter and Kristen placed her hands on the soft skin of Sami’s cheeks, feeling the burning heat of her flesh.

Sami’s free hand tentatively hovered above Kristen’s breast. She slowly lowered it so that it was barely touching the firm globe and hardened nipple poking through its lacy confines. Just this soft whisper of a touch sent visible shivers through Kristen’s body.

“Shower fantasies are good, but God, I’m going to cum in my pants and we haven’t even ventured down there yet”, Kristen thought, her mind and senses reeling.

Kristen slowly ran her hands down the contours of Sami’s exquisitely soft neck and over her shoulders. She paused a moment, a little unsure of herself. Then her desire took over and she lowered the palms of her hands to encase the huge, firm orbs that had gotten her so hot to begin with. She massaged Sami’s tits through the thin fabric of her shirt and bra circling her protruding nipples with her thumbs, evoking a low moan of pleasure from Sami.

As they continued to kiss and fondle each other, both of them had lost track of time. Suddenly there was a knock on the door and it opened a crack. Both women jumped back, surprised. “Sami, are you in there? You’re table of ten is looking for you.” It was Jenny. She was trying to open the door further, but Sami’s foot had quickly moved back to block it.

Trying to compose themselves quickly, the women looked into the mirror to inspect for evidence of their encounter as Sami answered Jenny. “I’ll be right there, thanks Jenn. Out in a second.” Jenny mumbled a quiet okay, and let the door close.

Kristen and Sami looked at each other and began to giggle like school girls. “I have to work until eleven, do you think we could get together after that?” Sami asked through her giggle fit.

“We can, if you don’t mind my boyfriend being there. He would enjoy this tremendously.” Kristen tried to stop laughing and fix her disheveled appearance in the mirror.

“No, I don’t mind. I was hoping that he could join us, actually.” With that Sami leaned over and kissed Kristen’s cheek, leaving a fresh lipstick stain for her to wipe off. “How do we work this out?”

“Why don’t Brandon and I pick you up at the end of your shift. We live about 20 miles from here, so we could go back to our place.” Kristen was eager to return to Brandon and explain all of this to him.

“That would be perfect. I will see you at eleven then.” Another peck on the cheek and Sami was out the door, rushing to save her big tip.

Kristen took a couple of extra minutes to compose herself and figure out the right way to tell Brandon and then she herself returned to the bar.

As he watched Kristen walked over to their table, Brandon thought he could see a flush in her cheeks that hadn’t been there when she left. There was also the fact that it had just taken her 25 minutes to go to the bathroom. He knew women were slow in there, but that was a little long, even for her. As Kristen got closer, Brandon could see a mischievous smile come across her lips.

“What took you so long? I was about to send some one in to check on you.” Brandon acted concerned, but he knew she was okay by the smirk on her face.

“There was already some one in there. Our waitress, Sami.” Kristen replied, and then, figuring what the hell, added, “We’re picking her up here at eleven and taking her back to our place tonight.”

Brandon, who had just taken a large swallow of his beer, almost choked. “We’re what? What the hell happened in that bathroom, anyway?”

“Let’s just say that you are going to get your wish, and my shower fantasy is going to become a real life fantasy.” Kristen smiled as she leaned in to kiss him.

Brandon could smell the distinct scent of a musky perfume that definitely was not Kristen’s…

(to be continued… soon)

Copyright 2003 Harley Girl

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