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Woodhaven School Girls Pt. 07

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Paige could feel kisses and caresses, that felt so nice, they cut through the fog of sleep as she started to rise up to fully awake. She was on her belly, her legs were gently parted, and she felt a warm, wet mouth against her pussy, mmmm and a hungry tongue was licking all over her tight seam, then arrowed in. She moaned low in her throat as the lust was being stroked up.

Tiffany was eager to wake Paige up, then take control. Last night, she had been the submissive sex doll for Paige, this morning, it was time to reverse the roles. She knew that Paige was very much like herself, eager to be a submissive slut, on one hand, then flip the coin, and be the dominant one on the next rodeo.

”On your back, hands above your head, my sexy student!”

Quickly complying, Paige saw the leather loops being fitted around her wrists, her arms raised up and tethered to the headboard. Tiffany had brought out her toys, these had been bought especially with Paige in mind. Tiffany gave Paige a smile of sheer lust, as she readied an 18-inch double dildo, a vibrator, and a pink ball gag.

Paige was quickly gagged, and Tiffany grabbed her cheeks, lifting her ass and pulling them apart, tongue sliding over the taint, mmmmmm, then Paige felt the tingling rush as Tiffy’s searching tongue centered in on the bullseye of her tight little bunghole. Tiffany slurped and slobbered all over it, tongue pressing against the tight little starfish, Tiffy felt the surging lust as she worked over her, getting that tight little hole ready. She brought a finger in, applied some lube, and spread it in.

Tiff slid the vibrator into Paige’s hot, wet cunt, and after the vibrator had been soaked in the juices of Paige’s lust, Paige was ready, her eyes flared wide, and she felt the nudge against her asshole, then the penetration, this was no little buttplug, she let out grunts as she was spread open until the full 7 inches was well stuffed up her ass.

Tiffany cooed, “Now for your other sweet hole.”

She held up the 18 inches, letting Paige’s eyes get a good look at the cunt stuffer. The big dildo was soon nudging against Paige’s creamy center as Tiffany started to work it in. Paige was breathing istanbul travesti heavily, eyes shining with lust as she was impaled on that big cunt stretcher.

Ten inches of the dildo were standing at the ready for Tiffany’s eager cunt, as she swung herself into position. It drove Tiffany’s lust, to see her hot student, those beautiful full red lips ovaled around the ball gag, Paige’s eyes full of the fire of need.

“You ready for me, Paige honey?” she cooed. A vigorous nod was the only answer. “Mmmmm,” Tiffy sighed, her fingers running up and down the cock, “Let’s get this big fucker in me, right now!”

She climbed onto the bed and squatted over that formidable cock, lubed it expertly in her drooling snatch, and dropped onto it, driving it into herself in one stroke. They both groaned and Tiffy shivered as she brought her hands to her breasts, mauling her big nipples, pinching and twisting them.

Tiffany took the vibrator remote, switched on the vibrations, and Paige’s tight asshole felt the tingling, it was rubbing against the dildo, god, the double sensations were nothing short of amazing. Tiffany then ordered Paige, “Fuck me, fuck me hard!” And her hips began to churn, Paige eagerly humped up at her, the massive cock pleasuring both of them.

Tiffany rode that shaft, grunting as her pussy was stretched wide as she pistoned her hips up and down. The room quickly filled with the sounds of hot sex, Tiffy’s grunts, growls, and cries of pleasure, Paige’s muffled sounds of pleasure, and the hot wet squelch of two very juicy cunts being pounded by a double dildo.

Mmmmmm, fuck it was so good, Tiffany looked down at Paige, smiling as she saw her lover’s helpless state, being used for her pleasure, a live sex doll, and the look of total carnal ecstasy. Oh yeah, she loved it, and Tiffy tossed her head back, starting to pump her hips harder, faster, feeling the rising tide of an orgasm starting to catch up with her.

“Oh, God!” Tiffany groaned, after fifteen minutes of good solid fucking, and about five orgasms, and she teetered on the edge of a huge orgasm, “You sure know how to fuck a girl!” And then she tumbled into a massive istanbul travestileri orgasm, her loud shriek of pleasure filling the bedroom, the huge cock mercilessly reaming her hot, wet pussy as she convulsed on it.

And Paige, with leather cuffs securing her arms to the headboard of the bed, legs spread, a humming vibrator stuffed up her tight ass, finally came, the ball gag kept her howls of orgasm to nothing more than totally muffled grunts, humping upwards against Tiffy’s snatch, fucking her teacher as hard as she could, their pubic mounds smacking together, riding her orgasm, bonded together by the huge 18 inch double ended dildo reaming out both their hot, wet cunts.

Tiffany collapsed on top of Paige, her cunt still humming with aftershocks, god, it felt like her overheated fuck hole would never calm down. She rolled off, pulling herself off, and cupped her hand over her opening, hoping that her touch would calm the raging heat. At last, she sighed with relief as she felt the shocks start to fade away.

Paige, next to Tiffy, squirmed and made mmmppphhh sounds, she was suffering the same way, and Tiffany quickly took care of her, removing the vibrator and dildo, freeing her wrists, and plucking the ball gag out of her mouth. Once freed up, Paige rolled in against Tiffany, cuddling to her teacher.


Tiffany and Paige made love most of the day, god, it was so hot to use and be used. Both of their cunts and asses were hot and glowing, well-worn fuck-holes after the uses that were put to them.

Paige reluctantly got dressed, she had to attend her grandparent’s dinner party, and non-attendance would be severely criticized and questioned why.

“Tiffy, this day was so hot, on Monday, I’ll have a nice surprise for you, I’m sure you will love it!”

Tiffany was enamored, she felt that she could fall in love with Paige, fairly easily. Paige’s sexy nudity, 5’10” inches of redheaded heat, same 130 pounds as herself, full 36D breasts, her pussy waxed bare and hairless, the tight little coin slot of her opening that Tiff could lick for days. They were in a hot embrace, tongues coming together in a loving duet before travesti istanbul Paige finally had to take her leave.

As Paige drove towards the dinner party, she was sure that she was falling in love with Tiffany. God, she couldn’t get enough of the super sexy Ms. Jones, with her being 28, only 10 years older than Paige, five foot seven, 130 pounds, shoulder length golden honey color hair, jade green eyes, and a nice smooth complexion. Firm, upright breasts, full grapefruit-sized mounds, the nipples jutting up, her tummy was flat, her hips had a sexy curve, sleek, full legs, her rump had a graceful curve, perky and smooth. Paige felt that she could spend the rest of her life pleasuring that super sexy lady, and she wondered how Tiffy felt about her.


On Monday, Tiffany was in class, and Paige arrived earlier, it was 15 minutes before class. She smiled at the sight of her nude teacher, and quickly stripped naked. They came together in a lust-filled embrace, teacher and student sharing swirls of tongue-filled passion before they came up for air.

Paige reached into her backpack and drew out two items, and cooed, “For you Tiffany, from all of us.”

With that, the rest of the class entered, and watched as Tiffany unwrapped her gifts. She gasped when she saw them. They were two large photographs, very professionally made, and framed, that showed the entire class, naked of course, with their sexy asses turned to the camera, the sight of their naked backsides was a sight to behold. They had arranged themselves in 2 rows on a large outdoor staircase, 13 on the bottom tier and 12 on the top.

The second picture had them now facing the camera, showing their sweet cunts and tits, smiles of lust lighting up every face, giving Tiffany a wonderful view of her class.

Tiffany was touched, it was such a loving gesture, and her voice was choked with emotion as she said, “Thank you, class, I will treasure these pictures.”

One of the walls had some hooks on it, and she carefully hung them up, and the class crowded around her, and Tiffany felt soft lips against her. She descended into a hazy pleasure of soft lips and swirling tongues as all her students gave her very sexy good-morning kisses.

And later, during the please the teacher period, Tiffany was able to look at the photographs hanging on the wall, feeling the extra surge of her class showing their all, while her sweet fuckhole was being serviced by her eager, horny students.

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