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Worth the Wait

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The breeze from the river rushed around my bare legs as I approached his office building. I couldn’t even feel the cold air against my skin as the butterflies dancing in my stomach were causing my nerves to stand on end. The idea of meeting him in person after all this time excited me, heat enveloped my body at the very thought.

I approached the glass door of the building and entered. I instantly took in my surroundings. The furniture was black, the walls painted a deep cream with artwork and photos placed strategically giving the area warmth and life. A pretty blonde receptionist smiled at me as I approached the front desk. She was dressed to suit her environment; a smart black suit, white shirt with a stunning red scarf to match her lipstick.

When I explained who my meeting was with, she directed me down the hall to a couple of black leather chairs placed along the wall opposite his office door. She asked me to wait for him there and she would announce my arrival. I had arrived 15 minutes early to our appointment, even the indecision on what to wear hadn’t made me late.

Sitting down in the comfortable black leather chair I watched the door handle waiting impatiently for it to turn. Adjusting my clothes several times wanting to make a good impression for the first time he saw me. I had decided on a knee length skirt that swirled around my legs as I walked and a pale pink shirt unbuttoned just enough to show a hint of my generous cleavage. My long black boots hugged my toned legs and my lingerie had been bought specially for today.

Trying to take my mind off my nerves I shifted my gaze from his door, and started to imagine what it would be like to finally meet him face to face. Would he like what he saw? Would I like him? Would the connection we built still be there? Would there be chemistry? Self doubt started flooding my head. What was I doing?

I got myself so completely lost in my thoughts I didn’t hear him open his office door. I jumped in my own skin when I heard my name being spoken, in the most wonderful accent. I looked up and instantly all doubts left my body. His gaze automatically met mine, and his smile just melted me. I stood as he opened the door and gestured for me to enter.

He escort bursa was as he described; tall, brown hair with amazing green eyes that matched mine. But no one could have warned me that his smile would turn my knees to jelly. With false confidence I walked passed him to enter his office, lightly brushing my body against his. He followed me closing the door and locking it behind him.

His office was large; the first thing I noticed was the river framed by the large window behind his oversized desk. There was a black leather couch on the adjacent wall which featured an amazing painting of the ocean. It was a professional looking office but comfortable at the same time.

As I was admiring the view he took hold of my left shoulder, spun me around so I was in his arms. We looked into each others eyes and without saying a word he maneuvered me back against the door. As his strong body closed in on mine I looked intently at his face, his green eyes reflecting my own, his smile lit up his whole face. He was as I imagined.

Feeling my back hard against the door I was still looking up at him, his eyes full of passion and desire. Heat engulfed my body as he lowered his mouth to mine. I took a sharp intake of breath as our lips met for the first time. The anticipation of seeing each other at last, all the waiting had lead to this moment.

Our lips met, at first soft, hesitating then as the chemistry between us grew the kiss became harder, deeper. He took my face into his hands as he plunged his tongue in to my mouth seeking mine. I placed my hands on his waist, steadying myself as my knees started to buckle under the weight of our kisses.

Mouths discovering, searching out the other, tongues entangled. Small moans escaping from deep in our throats. His hands traveled through my hair holding me to him. I could feel his cock harden against me. My hand started to travel around his body to feel his hardness when he stepped back and out of our kiss.

He took my hand as he stood back, with my arm outstretched he looked me up and down with the cutest smile on his face. Taking in every part of me. I couldn’t take my eyes off him, I wanted him close again. After all this time waiting görükle escort to be together, always apart till now, even an arms length apart was now too far away.

My hand warm in his, he lead me over to the couch and sat me down on the soft leather. With my legs slightly parted he stood between my knees, leaning over he placed his hands gently on my face, and with an accent that melted every part of me, he finally spoke.

“Very nice to meet you Jemma”

I smiled, “You too”

Looking deep into my eyes, he sunk to his knees and started unbuttoning my shirt. When the last button was released he slid the shirt down over my shoulders. The roughness of his hands against the smoothness of my skin made me shiver.

As he dropped his eyes down to my chest a soft moan escaped his lips. The pale skin of my full tits barely covered by pink lace of my bra had his eyes completely focused on me. He ran his fingers along my cleavage. His tongue soon followed the path his fingers took. My nipples strained against the fabric that contained them.

With his mouth still on my skin he wrapped his arms around my body to remove my bra. I trembled as he released the heaviness of my breasts. He took one of my nipples into the warmness of his mouth, my back arched as I felt his teeth lightly dig into me. His other hand grabbing my other tit, squeezing my nipple between his fingers.

His mouth moved from my tit, running his tongue over my skin he made his way over to the other one. His tongue assaulting my body, flickering at my hard nipple sending a thousand impulses of pleasure through my body. I felt the heat rise in my pussy.

His hands moved to my waist to remove my skirt, I helped him by wriggling out of it. I unzipped my boots and sat before him wearing a tiny pink lace G. Standing back up I watched him remove his clothes, admiring his physique. Taking my hands in his he pulled me onto my feet and into his arms, he kissed me softly then sat himself on the couch.

I walked between his open legs and we kissed again. Grabbing hold of my hips moving me closer to him I straddled his body. Sitting astride him I felt his hard cock against my body. Resting against my flat stomach, bursa eskort the butterflies danced at the feel of his naked body against me. His hands ran up over my body, from my hips, up over my tits, across my shoulders and down my back. Small moans escaped my mouth.

I couldn’t wait any longer, I felt I had waited a lifetime already. Lifting my hips, moving myself over him I impaled my pussy with his hard cock. Pushing my body down onto him, him pulling me close, I could hear him moan into my neck as I screamed in delight.

We merged as one, our breathing in time, hips pushing together, his cock filling me completely. The muscles in my pussy tightened around his shaft. Wetness escaped my body, flowing down over his balls and thighs. Holding my body tight he moved me up and down in time with the motion of his hips.

I arched my body back and looked down between us, my gaze enthralled by the sight of us joined. My pussy lips stretched around him, juices soaking his cock as he thrust into me. Moving my hand down my body I placed my fingers on the base of his erection, needing to feel him as he pleasured me. Watching me he took his hand down to mine, fingers intertwined as our bodies were. The vision was making the feeling inside me even more intense.

I could feel the climax building in my body, wanting to close my eyes but unable to tear my eyes from the sight of us together. The sweat pouring from our bodies as the heat built. He had quickened the pace, his body tense, I lifted my eyes and looked at his face. He was staring at me, looking deep into my eyes.

Searching out all of me. He moved his hand, taking mine with his, he pulled me in close, kissed me hard and thrust himself deep inside me, over and over again. Taking me to the edge, I was lost to him. My hips hard against him, pushing down on him as he lifted up.

The climax finally took over my body as I felt him fill me with his cum. Over and over the waves of pleasure rolled out of me. Moaning out loud, he kissed me again. Finally as the last of the orgasms left my body I collapsed against him.

After a moment in his arms, he took hold of my shoulders and straightened me up. Looking at me, with the biggest smile on his face, “Well that was worth the wait.”

“It certainly was,” I responded breathlessly.

Looking around the office, I took it all in again.

Turning back to him, “I think you in the chair is next, I need to taste you.”

His response? He just groaned at me.

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