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Yo Momma’s a Ho’!

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I had been doing back to back sessions lately, playing pedal steel and six string for a lot of artists. I worked on an album for this new singer named Bobby Riggs, who was being touted by some of the music people in Nashville as a possible next big sensation in the C & W biz.

I had worked several long, hard days on his sessions, and during that time we had sort of become friends. He was a down-home dude who grew up dirt poor and only recently had a taste of fame and fortune, pretty modest though it was at this point. Still, he was no longer living in a tar paper shack at the end of a dirt road, but in a nice Condo in one of the better sections of Nashville.

Bobby invited me over to his condo one Saturday to watch some college football. I was happy to go over and take in some ball with him, and there was something else that piqued my interest. I had heard through the grapevine that Bobby had an older sister who had been a prostitute for years and had just finished serving a prison term. She was living with Bobby, I had been told, until she got back on her own two feet. And she was supposed to be a real knock-out, though everyone said she was also what in these parts they like to call a tramp.

So I went over to Bobby’s place and was surprised when this babe greeted me at the door. She was a knock-out, definitely a fox. But she was black and looked younger than Bobby, so on two counts she couldn’t have been Bobby’s older sister.

“Hi y’all, I’m Serena,” she said, “I’m Bobby’s gal.”

She was obviously a Deep South babe, with the accent.

“Hey, dude,” Bobby said, coming to the door.

I was hoping to lay eyes on his sister, after all the stories I had heard about her, but this Serena was quite an eyeful herself. She was one fine-looking, sleek soul sister.

Then, all of a sudden, this slinky blonde with big tits opened a door and walked out stark naked.

“Oh shit, I’m sorry,” she said when she saw me there and retreated back to her bedroom, closing the door behind her.

I had settled in and Bobby turned on the TV but it was hard to get that image out of mind of Bobby’s sister just having bolted in here without any clothes on. But then there was Serena, sitting next to me on the couch, wearing a short little skirt, revealing long, dark, shapely legs. Plus she was bare-footed and I have a thing for cute, sexy feet.

I thought I was coming over to watch some football with Bobby and the first thing that happens is that a fine black babe greets me with a warm smile, and a few moments later a naked blonde comes bouncing out of a bedroom. I’d have to make sure to start visiting Bobby on a regular basis!

“I guess your sister wasn’t expecting me?” I said.

“My sister?” Bobby said, puzzled.

“Yeah, wasn’t that your sister?”

Suddenly both Bobby and Serena started laughing.

“That’s ain’t his sister, honey,” Serena said to me. “That’s his mother.”

I was stunned. I heard Bobby’s sister was supposed to staying with him. But it was his mother! I mean my mother had me young, and so was pretty young herself still. And Bobby was around my age, but the blonde seemed even younger than my mom.

“The po’ little thing had Bobby when she was fourteen and you only nineteen, ain’t that right, Bobby? So yo’ momma, she be thirty three years old. No wonder you figurin’ she his sister.”

“Yeah, it’s my mom,” Bobby said, “Where’d you hear she was my sister.”

“Oh, I don’t know.” I said, thinking I’d get into some hot water. Obviously someone had made an understandable mistake and a rumor, mistaken in at last this one important detail, had gotten around.

“What else did you hear about her?” Bobby asked as Serena smiled a wicked smile.

“Uh– not much,” I stumbled.

“You heard she was a ho’, right?” Serena said, “and that she just got out of the can, ain’t that right?”

“Uh… yeah,” I confessed.

Then the blonde came back out of the bedroom. She wasn’t naked anymore, but she wasn’t exactly what you’d call dressed. She was wearing a pair of panties and a bra and she had one of those kind of bodies that give me a hardon. She was kind of thin and had narrow hips, but on top she had these big, big tits that you’d expect to go with a bigger woman.

“I hope you don’ mind,” she said to me. “But it’s so hot in here today, I thought I’d just walk aroun’ in these. By the way, I’m Hope.”

“Hey there, Hope,” I waved.

“Yeah, if you wasn’t here, Hank,” Serena said. “she be walkin’ around here naked scratchin’ her pussy.”

I wondered who Serena was to be talking to Bobby’s mom like that.

“I love that mouth on you, Serena,” Hope said sarcastically, but with a smile.

“You love it ’cause o’ all the fine head it gave you when we wuz in the can together,” Serena retorted.

Bobby was just cracking up, listening to all this, loving the raw, nasty repartee.

Serena turned to me.

“See, we wuz in prison together, me and Bobby’s mom, that’s where we met. I was tipobet365 güvenilirmi in there for hustlin’ too. We a couple of hos'” Serena told me.

“Welcome to my family,” Bobby said.

“Anyways, Hope, she love to be naked. When she be sittin’ on the toilet takin’ a piss, she always be sure to leave the door wide open.”

“I leave it open so’s you can come in and dry me off with your nasty black tongue, bitch,” Hope said, and that finally shut Serena up, for a moment at least.

Then Serene broke out in a big, sassy grin.

“Yeah, I do admit I like lappin’ away at that pissy pussy of yours.”

“We’‘ I gonna piss right now, and this time I’m closin’ the door.”

While she was relieving herself, Bobby and Serena explained a few things to me. Seems that Hope was knocked up real young and Bobby was raised by his grandma, He saw his mom on and off over the years and when he was older he realized she was a hooker.

She was serving a prison term for solicitation when Bobby began to make it in the music biz. So when she was due to get out Bobby told her she could stay with him. I wondered if she was still hustling, or if Serena was, despite describing herself as ‘Bobby’s woman.’

“His momma’s a ho’ and his woman’s a ho’,” Serena went on. “I think Bobby must be attracted to ho’s. Shit, you shoulda been a pimp instead o’ a country singer.”

“Hey if the music don’t work out, maybe I will be a pimp. And I’ll start up my stable with two fine bitches, you and dear old mom.”

Damn, this was turning out to be pretty twisted!

Then Hope returned and all of us watched a quarter of football. The two babes were pretty knowledgeable. It turned out they both served short stints as high school cheerleaders before they got serious about making some money and decided to hit the streets.

“How about I get some more beers,” Hope said after the quarter was over.

Bobby noticed how my eyes followed his mom as she went into the kitchen.

“You want to fuck her, Hank?” he asked as Serena smiled wickedly.

“Fuck her?” I said, a little stunned.

“Yeah fuck her, have her suck your cock, do anything you want to her. She’s a whore!”

“Bobby, he love havin’ a ho’ for a mother,” Serena said.

And he obviously loved having a ‘ho’’ as a girlfriend, too.

“So, what do you say?” Bobby repeated. “Wanna do her?”

“Uh, sure, I’ll do her,” I said.

“Yeah, she be a fine piece o’ ass,” Serena added encouragingly.

Then Hope walked in with a tray of cold beers.

“Hey, ma! Hank here wants to fuck you. And you take good care of him, you hear. The dude played some wicked guitar on the session I did last week. I think he’s gonna help make that song into a hit. So whatever he wants, you give it to him, okay?’

“Sure, Bobby, anything you say,” Hope said to her son, looking down at me.

“Whenever you want, dude,” Bobby said. “You can do her right after the game, or even during halftime.”

Of course now it was impossible to pay attention to the game, especially after Hope sat right down next to me, her bare thigh brushing up against my legs as we watched the game. I was wearing shorts too.

Plus to add to all this Serena now decided to do something herself.

“Shit, I think I be followin’ your example, Hope,” she said, pulling off her top and settling back in a bra, one of those little bras where the cup covers as little of a tit as possible. She had a fine pair of tits I could see, smoky brown and smooth.

When the break was over, Hope turned to me.

“Wanna take a little break, stud?” she asked.

“Sure,” I told her as she took my hand and stood up.

“Excuse us,” she said to Bobby and Serena who had big grins on their faces.

“Have a good time, dude,” Bobby said as his mother, the whore, led me to her bedroom.

“Yeah, y’all have a good time,” Serena said. “And don’ be makin’ too much noise, ’cause we be watchin’ the game, you hear?”

Serena cackled as Hope led me inside the room, closing the door behind her. Here I was behind closed doors with Bobby’s mother, while he and Serena watched football in the other room.

“So what do you like, Hank, you like French?” Hope said, taking off her bra and showing off those massive jugs again.

“I can give you some nice French and then you can fuck me any old way you want,” she said, pulling off her panties and then reaching over to unbuckle my belt and unzip my jeans.

And then she reached in and pulled it out.

“Oooooh whee!” she smiled. “Looks like Bobby’s got himself one hung guitar player.”

The next thing I knew she had me up on the bed and was tugging off my jeans and shorts as I took off my shirt.

“Lemme have some of that,” she said, bringing her face between my thighs, dragging her tongue over my balls and then, slowly, up the length of my shaft until, finally, she wrapped her lips around it and gave me some of that French she had promised.

Her big, warm tipobet365 yeni giriş tits rested on my thighs as she went down on me.

“Bobby said to make sure to treat you good and give you anything you want,” she said, coming up for air. “So you just make sure to tell me what you like.”

“I’d like to check out your pussy,” I told her, as she compliantly fell back on the bed and spread her legs. There was that her patch of golden pubic hair. I brushed my lips against the soft curls, then dug in to taste what they were concealing.

“I see I got a real muffdiver here,” she said, running her fingers through my hair as I feasted on her.

Then she pulled me up to her and I slid my cock right up her cunt.

“You’re a big boy, huh?” she said, appreciating my girth as she wrapped her legs around my waist.

I fucked her like this, then she got on top of me and rocked me solid with some well-known whore tricks, working magic with those vaginal muscles of hers. I had a feeling that later Bobby would ask me whether I thought his mom was a good fuck, and I’d be happy to tell him the truth — Bobby, she is one hot, tight piece of prime ass!

Then I got her on her knees and came in from behind, doggy style.

“Oooooh yeah, I like it like that, it feels so fuckin’ deep!

As I was doing her like that, from behind, the door to the bedroom was suddenly opened and there stood Serena, staring right at us, a sexy leer on her face.

“Thought I’d come in and myself a l’il peek,” she said, staring down at where I was pumping it into Hope. “Ooooh, he big, he fillin’ up yo’ pussy nice and sweet?”

“Sure is,” Hope said. “This dude is a stud!”

Then Serena looked right at me.

“I’ll be tellin’ Bobby you and his momma be havin’ yo’selves a good time.”

I bet she would too.

Then Serena left as I kept drilling it up into Hope’s cunt. She made me horny as shit and I fucked her mercilessly.

“Oh yeah!” she begged, as I slammed it in her savagely “Do it hard and rough, I like it rough!”

I did her rough, okay, reaching around to squeeze those big tits of hers as I jackhammered it inside her so hard her whole body shook like a leaf.

“Oh fuck!!!” she howled and I knew right then I had brought Bobby’s mother to a climax.

“Shit!” she panted, turning around with a glowing look on her face. “You got me off, dude, and I never cum with tricks.

Then she smiled. “But I guess you ain’t a trick, seein’ how you’re not payin’ me nothin’. Bobby said I should treat you real good. I been treatin’ you good, stud?”

“You been treating me real good,” I told her, moving it in and out of her gently now.

“Well, you sure as shit really socked it to me, Hank, that I’ll tell you,” she said. “You fucked me so hard and you’re so damned thick that you made me a little sore. Pull out of me and let me get some air on that pussy, then we’ll do another round and I’ll get you off in a big way.”

She gave me a nasty, whorish smile.

” ‘less you want to go back to the ball game?”

“No,” I said. “We got a nice ball game going on right here.”

I pulled out of her and we gave cock and pussy a little rest.

Suddenly we heard noises from the adjoining bedroom. Serena was groaning and the bedsprings were really creaking in there. Serena and me looked at each other, and smiled.

“I think we gave the two of them ideas,” I said.

“Let’s go and peek on them,” Hope said, her eyes, sparkling, a mischievous expression on her face. “Serena, she had to have herself a look, so now let’s you and I have ourselves a look too.”

That sounded like a good idea to me. And with the whole thing with my mom, Hope now wanting to see her son doing some fucking sort of turned me on. And of course knowing that Serena and Bobby’s mom used to eat each others’ pussies in the can only made the whole thing more outrageous.

We went out in the hallway and saw the door to Bobby’s bedroom was halfway open. So we walked in.

“Check it out,” Hope said, as Bobby, who was between Serena’s legs, pumping it into her, suddenly turned his neck when he heard his mother’s voice.

Bobby looked very surprised to see her there and immediately stopped fucking Serena, who peeked around to look at us, waving.

“Hi y’all, come to see our show?” she said, nonchalant as hell. But then I imagined that she and Hope had quite a history, turning tricks together, doubling up on guys, the kind of thing two friendly whores are likely to do now and then.

“Mom, what are you doing here?” Bobby said, suddenly turning shy, and throwing the covers over himself. For all his talk of his mom being a whore, and joking how me might ask her to join his stable, and telling me I should go fuck her, Bobby obviously still felt strange about his mom seeing his dick all hard, pumping it into a woman.

“Wha’s wrong with you, Bobby,” Serena said, wickedly pulling away the sheet and exposing him. “Let ’em see. You always love tipobet365 güvenilirmi to be struttin’ around an’ showin’ off your big dick.”

“Well, he’s never shown it off to his mom,” Hope joked, standing there calmly, a hand on her hip, staring down to the bed at Serena and her son. It may have been big and hard a few moments ago, before we barged in, but it was quickly shrinking. Whereas mine was sticking up thick, long and straight. Which everybody noticed. And now Hope brazenly wrapped her fist around my dick as she looked straight at Bobby, clearly wanting her son watch his mom handling his buddy’s dick. She probably figured that if he could just about order her to fuck me, then he ought to be able to look at us like this.

“Y’all soft,” Serena said, squeezing Bobby’s cock. “We gotta get you stiff again.”

Then she and Hope looked at each other.

“How about me and Hope give you dudes a little show, let you see how we used to kill time in the can?” Serena said, as Hope smiled sexily, liking the idea.

Bobby was still all nervous.

“Sounds like a plan to me,” I said encouragingly, as Serena pushed Bobby off the bed and wagged a finger at Hope, who tumbled on the bed to join her. Serena got behind Hope and reached around to squeeze Hope’s huge tits, her dark brown hands a sexy contrast as they glided all over Hope’s milky white globes. Hope meanwhile spread her legs wide, showing off her pussy to me and Bobby.

“Yo’ momma’s got a pretty pussy, huh? Serena said, and she and Hope smiled. It’s almost as though they had planned this. But they couldn’t have, since it was Bobby who suggested that I ball his mother.

Bobby knew his mom was a whore, and he knew his girlfriend made it with his mom, and he just about forced me to fuck his mom, but now he was a little taken aback by how quickly everything was happening.

Serena slid her slender, dark fingers slowly down Hope’s smooth, hard stomach and between her legs.

“Mmmmmmmh, I love this white, horny pussy,” Serena purred.

“Well if you love it so much, get down there and prove it,” Hope said as Serena immediately brought her face between Hope’s legs and started lapping away at her. Hope stared straight at her son as Bobby’s girlfriend gave her some fine head. Was she getting back at Bobby for something?

“Serena just loves vanilla, don’t you bitch?” Hope said.

“Not half as much as you love chocolate,” Serena responded.

“True, so true,” Hope said, “So how about I have some of that black pussy of yours now?”

They switched places, Hope now between Serena’s legs, wolfing it down.

With this scorching show unfolding before my eyes, I had my hand wrapped around my dick, fisting away like a maniac. And Bobby was stroking his, making himself hard again.

Serena now stared at Bobby’s erection as she basked in the pleasure of Hope’s cunnilingual caresses, and Bobby stared right back, showing off his revived hardon.

Then Serena pushed away Hope’s face and came to sit on the edge of the bed.

“C’mere, Bobby,” she said to him as he walked up to her, and stood there, looking down, then feeding her his cock.

Now Hope sat on the edge of the bed right next to Serena and beckoned me over. I stood next to Bobby, pushing my cock in Hope’s face as she wrapped her lips around me. It was a little weird standing next to Bobby, getting my cock sucked by his mother, as he got his own cock sucked by his whore girlfriend.

Bobby’s cock in her mouth, Serena looked over at Hope, who looked at her. Their faces were a foot apart, heads bobbing as they gave us head. Then Serena pulled away from Bobby, looking up at him.

“How about we switch now?” Serena purred.

“Switch!” Bobby said, a touch of alarm in his voice.

“Yeah, switch,” Hope, cool as a cucumber, said to her son. “I’ll suck your cock now, and Serena’ll suck Hank’s.”

“But– but– you’re my mom!” Bobby said, stunned.

“She be wantin’ to get down and dirty with you, Bobby, for a long time,” Serena said.

“That’s right, haven’t you noticed?” Hope purred at her son, almost lewdly.

Then she looked at me, a wicked little smile on her face.

“You don’t mind if I give my boy a little head now, do you?” she said. “Serena’ll take good care of you.”

Serena had to push Bobby over to stand in front of his mom, while I switched places and stood in front of Serena’s face.

Serena just held back a moment and watched as Bobby’s mom took his cock in her mouth and started giving him a blow-job. The dude actually blushed, then turned to me and Serena with a nasty smile on his face. He was getting into it — fast.

“Shit, ma! Suck my dick! Don’ know why I didn’ have you doin’ this to me years ago,” he said, his hands on his hips, casually feeding his mother his penis.

“Tha’s it, Hope!” Serena hissed. “Suck yo’ boy’s cock, suck it good!”

Then Serena took mine in her mouth and started giving me some really good head.

Soon they pulled away at the same moment, and smiled lewdly to each other.

“You thinkin’ what I’m thinkin’? Serena asked Hope.

“Uh huh,” Hope said.

“Y’all turn around and bend over,” she said to me and Bobby. “Bend way over.”

I had a feeling what was next, and it brought a jolt to my cock.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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