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Zach’s Nieces Ch. 02: They Go Shopping

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Zach’s three nieces go shopping and bath time for twins


WARNING: This story involves scenes of graphic sex including incest and anal. If that is not what you are looking for don’t read on. All sexual acts depicted in the story are committed by adults over eighteen years old. This is another in the continuing story in a series of family member encounters.


I woke up the next morning to hear whispering next to my bed. I could hear the shower going so I guessed it was my wife Beth getting ready to leave for her short cruise with her younger sister Mary. “See I told you he can get hard any time, look at that sheet popping up,” said one of my twin nieces. “Lets jump on the bed and get a cheap thrill – we’ll be all innocent like but try to rub his cock by like accident,” said the other.

I pretended to be asleep until they jumped on the bed one on each side of me. I sat up and grabbed them around their waist and in rough-housing them their pj tops pulled up and their young woman breasts popped out. They both had sweet strawberry looking nipples and they popped up because of my arms rubbing across them.

“Uncle Zach,” they screamed and blushed a deep red. I flipped them over with my arms and belly down I gave each of them the hardest smack on their ass that I could. “Uncle Zach, you’re so mean,” they cried rubbing their butts which only managed to pull the silk to bunch up into their crack. A nice red handprint could be easily seen on each perfect ass.

Just then I saw my sister-in-law Mary walk by and I yelled out to her to come get her very bad brats. My wife walked out of the bathroom just then naked and told her nieces to go get dressed and leave poor Uncle Zach alone. After staring at Beth the twins started laughing and the girls with eyes wide open finally hopped down and whimpered out of the room. Just at the door they both turned and stuck their tongues out at me. I raised my hand and they both squealed and bolted for their room.

“Zach you are gonna have your hands full with those two while we are gone,” said my sister-in-law Mary.

“I’m not worried as long as you give me permission now to spank them any time they cross the line,” I said.

“Permission granted!” said Mary.

“MOM, COME ON!” was what we heard from across the hall and we adults three just started laughing. You could hear drawers slamming and loud whispering going on across the way.

Just then I got out of bed and had only my boxers on. I still had most of my wood from the morning and as I walked by heading for the bathroom I heard my sister-in-law say to my wife, “Beth you are so lucky to have such a man like Zach – I can only wish.” Beth laughed and hugged her sister and gave her a quick kiss on the lips.

“We’ll see, we’ll see, Mary,” was all Beth said. Now that’s very interesting I thought as I entered the bathroom.

The plan was for me to drive the ladies down to the pier and see them off. The nieces were called down and did the last hugs and kisses to their mom and aunt. Both mom and their aunt told them to behave while they were gone and to not tease their Uncle Zach too much.

“Just remember I gave Zach permission to spank any of you three if you get out of control,” said Mary. All three girls whined, “Oooah Mom,” a bit and the twins rubbed their butts as a reminder. I told them we would go out shopping when I got back so go down to the pool in our backyard while I was gone.

As I drove the ladies down to the pier Beth told me how much she was going to miss me. To emphasize that, she reached over and started rubbing her hand along my inner thigh and started massaging my cock. “Beth you need to stop now because here is the parking lot,” I said. The ladies got out of the car and I pulled out their luggage. Beth came up close and kissed me hard and rubbed her large breasts on my chest and her pussy mound on my thigh right on top of my cock.

She whispered in my ear, “I will really miss you Zach. I know you love just me beyond all else but please be kind and gentle to your nieces when they finally seduce you to the point of no turning back. I know you will love them but you are so big so please promise me they will look back on this trip with loving memories.”

I was absolutely floored and told her I do love her above all else and would be at my very gentlest just like our fist time. She laughed and kissed me deep again. I slid my hands down her back and pulled her ass tight to me and placed my cock right against her lower lips. She moaned then pulled back and kissed me very tenderly. I thought I saw tears in her eyes. She broke away and Mary then said, “My turn.”

She slid into my arms and also rubbed her smaller breasts on my chest and her pussy mound on my thigh right on top of my still fully hard cock. She whispered in my ear, “I really would love to give myself to you Zach. I’d let you have any and all parts of me, maybe even my heart.” Then she kissed me deep and long.

I Silivri Escort also pulled her ass tight to me and let her feel my cock up against her pussy. “You need to discuss that with your sister while you are away, Mary, it would only happen with her permission and her presence in the room.”

A little loudly she said, “You men, all of you fantasize about three-somes,” and laughed. She then reached up and gave me the strongest kiss she ever did and slipped her hand between us and massaged my cock a bit. “Oh my, I can’t wait till we get back and I get some of this, daammm.”

I watched two great asses walk away from me and thought about those possibilities. By the time I got home my cock managed to calm back down. I called the three girls and got no answer. I thought they might be back at our very secluded pool. I walked down the path and was greeted by six bountiful firm breasts as the girls were lying out topless by the pool. I quietly went over to the table and picked up their tops and towels and tossed them back up the path.

I then sat quietly at the table and assessed each of the three girls. Shannon at twenty has all the Irish going for her. She has long red hair and I knew she has green eyes but they were closed now as I think all three were napping. Her breasts were just a little fuller than her twin sisters. She had freckles running down her throat to disappear between her boobs. Her aureoles were a dark pink color and half-dollar sized. Sitting on top of each one were nipples like pinky tops. I looked further down and her modest bottoms were rolled down a bit and pulled up tight giving me a nice look at her camel toe. There was a little too much red hair peaking out from under her bottoms. Just then she sighed a bit and opened her legs a bit wider pulling my eyes to that hidden sweetness.

I switched my eyes over to the twins, Bree and Marie, who were almost perfect copies of each other. Their breasts were firm but only slightly smaller than their older sister. They were legal now so I was ok with all that but still had to keep my distance and not let them get to me tonight. As I found out earlier today they both had sweet strawberry looking nipples and just a hint of color on their aureoles. My eyes also traveled down firm stomachs to end at their tight bottoms and clearly detailed pussy lips.

I sat there drinking them all in when I finally said, “Hello ladies, enjoying the sun?” They popped up and realized they were topless.

“Uncle Zach, you frightened us – ooh don’t look we don’t have our tops on,” said Marie covering up with her hands. “Where are our tops and towels Uncle Zach?” accused Bree.

“Gee I don’t know, but if you want to go shopping and a movie you better get up and go get changed.” Shannon stood up, the bravest of the three, and walked that body right in front of me. She let me take all the time I wanted to look at her breasts rising and falling with each strong breath she took. She turned from me and arms swinging lightly along her hips, swayed her ass straight back at me. She turned up the path and called back, “Here are your tops girls, and I’ll pick them up and bring them into the house.” She then bent way over and aimed her ass and the back view of her pussy right at me and stayed bent over a little too long for her task at hand.

“Shannon, bring us back our tops right now!” both girls yelled. They did that double speak all the time – it got spooky at times.

“Oh grow up you two and just walk right past Uncle Zach and give him back some of his own teasing.” So the twins sat up and walked right up to me with their boobs bobbing up and down and stopped right in front of me, my face just inches from their pussy. I could easily see the slit trying to hide behind their suit bottom. They followed my eyes down to where I was staring then they both messed my hair and ran their fingers down my cheek.

“Uncle Zach you are so fresh! What are you staring at? Come on up to the house if you can stand up now Uncle Zach, all your blood seems to have gone elsewhere.” I looked down and I did see that my boner was poking up my shorts. They both laughed at that till I lifted my “spanking hand” and they both turned quick and ran into the house squealing, their young asses bobbing left and right.

When I got up to house the girls came down dressed in short tops and tight shorts. The tops hardly covered the bottom swell of their breasts and six nipples peaked out at me. They surrounded me with their neo-adult boobs squashing into me and pleaded for me to take them to a specialty bathing suit shop down by the beach. “We want to work on our tans while mom is gone and we don’t want to use these old suits mom made us bring,” purred Shannon.

“Ok, ok, how am I gonna survive these days with you teasing me so greatly,” I said. They squealed and planted kisses all over my cheeks and squashed their floppy boobs against me. I didn’t think Şirinevler Escort they had bothered to put bras on underneath those short tops. I doubt their mom or dad would have let them out of the house like that. But this was California after all!

I drove them to the beach and pulled up to a shop I thought they might like. We walked in and a very lovely woman about my age walked up and asked if she could help us. I said, “My nieces needed new suits for the pool and could she help us out?” She said, “Yes she helps ‘many nieces’ that come in with their ‘uncles’ – many of them are actually related,” and she laughed deeply and took my hands across the counter. I heard a gruff noise behind me and I laughed along with her and she turned to help the girls. They spent a lot of time going through the racks and finally picked a few suits to try on.

Cathy came back to the counter and we chatted for a bit. She was giving me the multiple going over and then leaned her arms on the counter and ‘accidentally’ squeezed her arms together and pushed her cleavage out towards me. It wasn’t chilly in the store but her nipples looked like some one had worked them over with an ice cube. I kinda liked the idea of doing just that to her so I took my time enjoying the show.

Except for that I love my wife very much I could have easily arranged something with Cathy. Her eyes gave me all the permission I needed to get something going. Just then I heard one of the girls call out, “Uncle Zach can you come back here and tell us how we look in the suits we picked out,” I nodded to Cathy and she gave me the ‘ok’ look.

I walked back to the dressing room, sat down and said I was ready. I heard a lot of whispering going on then Shannon walked out first. Her electric green suit was perfect with her green eyes and red hair. I use suit very loosely because the top was string and postage stamps and the bottom was string and a little triangle of green cloth. I whistled and asked her where the rest of the suit was.

“Uncle Zach, please, I am a grown woman now not a little girl anymore – what do you think about the back,” she asked as she spun around.

I began to feel the blood pour out of my brain and down to my other head. The back of the suit was also just a string running up the crack of her perfect ass. Her globes looked firm as rocks. Shannon then turned around again and pulled up on the suit and the green fabric slid right into her slit and her full pussy lips came into view. Although her red hair was lighter on her pussy mound, there was a little too much poking out of the suit. I said she looked very nice but the forest was a little too full down there. She blushed deep red and took a swat at me. She then said in a whisper, “Well maybe you can help me with that tonight at bath time.” What blood I had left poured the rest of the way into my cock and pushed my shorts out.

“Ooo, it does look like you’d be willing to help me tonight, can I please keep the suit Uncle Zach,” Shannon purred as she walked up real close to me. She gave me all the time I needed to take in her young body. She fussed with the top and her hard nipples peaked out. She ran her fingers under the bottoms then pulled the fabric out of her labia and her young woman scent wafted out to my nose and I breathed in deeply. She ran her wet delicate fingers along my chin and touched my lips so I kissed them and tasted her for the first time. All I could do is nod an ok.

She giggled and turned and showing off her firm ass, said, “Ok you’re next,” to her twin sisters. She squealed when I swatted her ass and looked over her shoulder with a big grin and shook her ass back and forth.

The door re-opened and both Bree and Marie stepped out in electric blue suits that matched the size and shape of their sister’s suit. “What do you think about our suits, Uncle Zach,” they said as they spun around, bent over and almost shoved their asses in my face. I said they were too young for suits like those and gave their ass a quick swat.

“Uncle Zach, we are old enough,” they whined as they stood back up and turned back around. I told them they were but not to push me.

They both slipped their hands into the bottom patch of fabric and pulled it out a bit ‘accidentally’ showing me two beautiful white blonde covered pussy lips. We could always tell Bree from Marie because Bree had a soft birthmark near her left eye. Now I saw she also had a small birthmark on her pussy lip. They rushed me and did a bear hug tag team on me.

“Please Uncle Zach let us get the suits, we will only use them by the pool, we want to get a full tan before mom comes home,” they whined all the time trying to smother me with their firm young breasts.

“Ok, ok, whatever but you better leave the suits here when you leave so your mom doesn’t see what I let all of you get away with.”

All three then held my face and gave me a long deep kiss on the Şişli Escort lips. They then turned back into the dressing room but did not close the door. All three slowly pulled their postage tops off then dropped their suit bottoms. They stood there fully naked but not like the day they were born. I was beginning to think they had this all planned from the start.

Very slowly each of the girls turned and bent down to the bench to retrieve their thongs. They stayed that way a little too long, I think to make sure I got my fill of their ass and back view of their pussy. They then stood and turned around. In putting on their thong each niece had to part their legs which opened up the lips of their pussy. I could easily see moisture seeping out from between their lips. The air got very heavy with that unmistakable female scent.

They pulled their panties up tight to their pussy then pulled on their shorts. None of them wore a bra I guess right so they just slipped their tops on and then said they were ready to go. I paid for the suits and I could tell Cathy wanted to pass me her 411. I thanked her for her help and she said to please come back soon, perhaps after ‘your nieces’ left and she was sure she could find what I needed somewhere in the store.

Outside the twins finished each other’s sentences saying, “Uncle Zach that hussy wanted you – we would have scratched her eyes out if she passed you her number – you are all ours for the next few days and we are not about to share.” I suggested we get something to eat down at the pier and then maybe a movie. They thought that was great.

Later that afternoon they chose a zombie movie they wanted to see but their mom would not take them. We bought our tickets and they wanted to sit way at the top of the theater. The twins picked the second from the top row and positioned me between them. I was a bit surprised to see Shannon sit directly behind me in the last row. As the really scary scenes played each twin grabbed my arm and held it between their boobs. They moved my arm across their boobs till their nipples got rock hard.

They turned my hands around and slipped them under their tops so each hand had access to a bare boob. Using their own hands they positioned me and pinched their nipples using my fingers until I got the message I had permission to stay there and play with their nips.

I then felt Shannon lean her head on my shoulder and hide her face in my neck when the bloody stuff was showing. I felt her slowly start to kiss and lick my neck, shoulder and ear. I could hear her sighing between what she was doing to my body with her lips. I thought I also heard her softly crying as she buried her face deep into my neck and she softly said, “I love you Uncle Zach, we all always have, ever since we first came to visit.”

When the movie shifted to regular scenes the twins brought my hands down to their laps and left them there. Slowly they shifted their hands on top of mine and I felt their legs open wider and they pushed my hands down to rest right on their pussy. Holding my hand in their own they began rubbing their pussy with my fingers. The twins shifted and placed their heads half on my shoulder and part on my chest. They used my fingers to massage their pussy for most of the rest of the movie. The fabric in the middle got soaking wet and they pushed my fingers into the indent of their shorts that was the slit of their pussy. Shannon continued her soft kisses till the movie ended. The three girls hugged me very tenderly and told me they really enjoyed the movie.

I suggested we pick up Chinese food on the way home since I had some business work I had to do in the evening and needed some alone time. After getting the food Shannon sat in the front and the twins in the back. Just after I got going I felt Shannon start to stroke my inner leg. She leaned her head on my shoulder and continued her massage further up my leg. I am not a zombie so of course my dick started getting hard. Shannon found it and rubbed it on the outside of the shorts. At the next red light Shannon whispered for me to rise up a bit. She pulled on my shorts so there was now a gap on my leg. I settled down and drove on.

Shannon slipped her hand up my shorts and into my boxers. Her warm hand encircled my dick and she began stroking back and forth. When my pre-cum started to leak out she rolled her thumb over the slit and around the head driving me absolutely freaking crazy. When it felt like I was soaking my shorts Shannon pulled her hand out and I saw her slip her thumb into her mouth and clean it off. I heard again a soft whimper come from her and she whispered that she fully loved me and wanted to be mine to do whatever I wanted. I patted her thigh and she grabbed my hand and held it in her lap until we arrived home. There were very soft whisperings going on in the back seat, and I wondered what the twins were up to.

Dinner went fine with three nieces trying to out do each other to be sure I was well taken care of. I could easily get use to this – provided they didn’t cause me to have a stroke first. When I went upstairs the girls told me they would clean up and take care of their Uncle Zach till their aunt got back. After the movie I began to wonder just what that meant. I was to find that out this very night at their bath time.

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