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A Day in the Life of a Slave Ch. 02

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I was still licking the remnants of mistress’ piss as I heard her leave the house for her run. On hearing the door slam, I turned on the shower, my second of the morning, though not as enjoyable as the first. I hoped the cold water would help my aching cock, which was still bulging in its chastity device. Then I reluctantly brushed my teeth, removing the lingering taste of my mistress’ toilet trip.

I began preparing breakfast, warming up a croissant before chopping up fruit, once the fruit salad was ready I squeezed some fresh orange juice. Taking a glass I waited by the door for mistress’ return. Kneeling on the uncomfortable wooden floor naked, I was quivering with anticipation. Hearing the key in the door, I could feel a twitch in my cock cage.

“Phew, what a run, your goddess has worked up quite a sweat.” Mistress remarked matter-of-factly as she walked into the hall, out of breath and covered in beads of perspiration.

She looked stunning in her tight leggings, with her hair tied up, and stuck to her neck with sweat. I was always appreciative of her physique and the effort she put into maintaining it. Despite approaching 40 (15 years my senior), mistress was able to have me on my knees at the click of her fingers, worshiping her from head to toe, captivated by her curves. Indeed when I was offered the chance to become her live in slave, I couldn’t believe my luck.

My reminiscing was cut short as mistress spat on my face, before ordering my to open my mouth so she could deposit a large wad of phlegm, which she had obviously been saving for me. Then taking the orange juice from my outstretched hand she took a sip, before presenting me with her armpit.

“It was hot outside, and I didn’t put on deodorant, can you smell your goddess” she laughed as I pressed my face in, inhaling her aroma. I was intoxicated by her scent, breathing deeply, before being ordered to lick them clean. I began licking with fervour, before flattening my tongue and changing to long strokes. Then switching armpits I was rewarded with a fresh taste of my mistress’ salty musk.

Once bahis siteleri satisfied, mistress walked through to the spotlessly cleaned kitchen, where her breakfast had been freshly prepared and laid out for her. Sitting at the table she signaled for me to kneel at her feet.

“Good slave, I think you’ve earned a treat, take off my trainers.”

I immediately dropped to the floor, kissing her shoes before unlacing one and sliding it off carefully, revealing her perfectly pedicured bare foot. Mistress let out a sigh before stretching her toes, a sly grin on her face.

“I must have forgotten to wear socks, hope you don’t mind.”

With her other foot she pushed my head down, indicating for me to smell her trainer. I inhaled deeply as mistress laughed, using my back as a footstool.

“It was so hot outside, those trainers must really stink.” she stated, before putting her foot in my face. The scent of her foot was pure ecstasy, the natural odor, combined with the smell of her running shoe and her sweat, was an intoxicating mix. I was in heaven with my nose between her toes.

“Worship my foot” Mistress ordered casually without even looking at me. I did not need to be told twice. I began showering the sole with kisses, before moving on to the balls of her foot and her heel. I could already taste her unique flavour before I started licking from the bottom to the top. Glancing up, I could see that my mistress was eating her fruit, completely ignoring me as I knelt before her, tongue bathing her sweaty feet. It wasn’t until I took her big toe in my mouth that mistress let on that she was enjoying having her feet worshipped.

“Mmmmmm that feels nice, suck my toes bitch, and make sure you get in between them.”

Following mistress’ orders, I sucked on each toe individually, sensuously swirling my tongue around. Then I cleaned between her toes, where the taste was especially robust and strong, but equally intoxicating. Mistress squashed my tongue between her toes laughing before allowing me to swallow.

“My toe jam can be your breakfast, seeing as you canlı bahis siteleri love it so much. Now take off my other shoe.”

Repeating the process, I removed her trainer, her foot glistening with sweat, before inhaling the heavenly aroma. I kissed and licked every inch of her beautiful foot before I was ordered to lay on my back. Mistress then fed me her toes, seeing how many she could fit in my mouth, and taking great pleasure in gagging me with her foot.

“Tongue out slave” she commands, as she wipes her feet all over my face.

“It feels so good when you massage my arch with your mouth, now suck on my heel.”

I gently sucked and nibbled on her heels while mistress finished her food. After several minutes switching between feet mistress pulled her chair away and stood up.

“I’m going upstairs, clear the plates away slave and then follow me up, I want you licking more than just my feet.”

I cleared the table at lightening speed, before bolting up the stairs and kneeling at the foot of my goddess’s bed. She had already taken off her leggings and her sweat soaked panties, and I could smell her divine scent.

“Get your face in my pussy and breathe me in.”

Her pussy was wet with sweat from her run, and I could tell right away that mistress was horny, her smooth lips parted slightly and glistening. I was so desperate to taste her, as mistress began playing with herself.

“Mmmmm I bet this is turning you on slave.” She groaned, before putting her fingers in my mouth, giving me a first taste of her feminine juices. My cock was straining and my balls aching as my face was nestled between mistress’ thighs.

“Please mistress” I begged. “Please let me worship your pussy.”

“Keep going” she teased, still fingering herself.

“I’d do anything to service you with my mouth, please use my tongue as your washcloth.”

“Go on then” she said, and I did not need to be told twice. Lapping her sweet pussy as mistress let out a moan.

I began sucking on her lips, much to mistress’ delight, before exploring the folds with my canlı bahis tongue, and trying to get it as far in as possible. I continued rubbing my face into mistress’ pussy, while she lay back, playing with her nipples, her legs over my shoulders.

As I continued licking up and down, I began paying some attention to her clit, lightly brushing it at first but gradually focusing more and applying more pressure. As I sucked on her clit, mistress grabbed the back of my head, and started gyrating on my face.

“That’s it boy, don’t stop, make your goddess cum. You’d better lick it all up” Mistress said as she climaxed. I continued lightly licking her juices cleaning her up, when she turned over, presenting her perfect round arse.

“I did say to make sure you cleaned all of my cum” she sighed “now get to work.”

Mistress loves being rimmed after an orgasm, relaxing and basking in the afterglow. I wasted no time kissing her cheeks, which were slightly sweaty, before starting to kiss and lick along her crack. The taste of her sweat and her previous orgasm all added to mistress’s unique flavour. I flattened my tongue, licking slowly and sensuously, before gently circling her rosebud. As I relaxed her arsehole, I was able to enter with my tongue, by this point my jaw was starting to ache, however I was in heaven worshipping my goddess’s arse.

No words were uttered as mistress turned back over. I continued tongue fucking her beautiful arsehole, now with my nose enveloped between her pussy lips. She again began playing with herself, this time stroking her clit. After a few minutes mistress indicated for me to move my head up, and I licked her to a second orgasm.

As I gently kissed between her legs, mistress sighed kicking my face away and presenting her foot to me. This time I sucked her toes as she recovered, my face glistening with the sweat from her arse and pussy, and her cum.

Mistress then got up, placing her panties on my face, making sure the gusset was positioned between my mouth and nose.

“I hope you enjoyed that as much as I did” she smirked. “Now run me a bath, and you can leave those on your face while you finish off your chores.”

As I began running mistress’s bath, she shouted through “oh and leave your wallet on the bed for me, I want to go shopping later.”

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