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A Good Day at the Office Ch. 02

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All afternoon I had been unable to work, I just kept turning the events of the morning over and over in my mind. If someone had told me earlier this morning that by lunchtime, not only would the hottest woman in the company have deepthroated my cock, but that I would have also fucked her doggystyle in my office, I would have laughed in their faces. But here I was, it was 5PM and I was waiting for her to appear in the doorway ready for second helpings. My cock was already rock hard in anticipation, but five minutes went by, then ten, then fifteen with no sign of Georgie. Everyone else had just about left the building and I was just about to give up, get my Jacket and take the short walk to my car, when I heard the unmistakable sound of high heels approaching down the corridor. I settled into my swivel chair and turned towards the doorway as she approached, a sight for sore eyes. I couldn’t wait to get my head between those mountainous tits.

For those who did not read the first story, let me describe her again. Georgie is a 45 year old married woman who works in the accounts department. I interviewed and employed her last year, I have to admit more for her ‘assets’ than her qualifications, but then I am the boss. She stood in my doorway, all five foot seven of her, her brown hair up in a bun, her head down, looking at me with her big brown eyes over the top of the glasses she sometimes wore, her 38″ tits barely contained within the low cut, red woolen dress she was wearing.

“I had begun to think you weren’t coming.” I said.

“Would I dare let the boss down.” She replied in her deep sexy voice. “I waited until everyone had gone home, we’re the only one’s left here now.”

“Then we had better get this ‘overtime’ session started.” I said as I extended my hand towards her.

She walked into the room and took my hand. I guided her so that she was now sitting on my lap and I began to gently rub her back. She leaned into me and we began to kiss, istanbul escort her tongue swirling with mine as I ran my hands up over her, to start gently kneading one of those gorgeous tits. We sat there in deep, open mouthed kissing mode for about five minutes, my cock now straining to be released from it’s prison was becoming painful as it pressed against the front of my pants. Then she stood up and motioned for me to stand too, which I dutifully did.

“I told you the next time we met I wanted you to cum in my mouth.”

“Yes.” I said as I felt her hands undo my belt and pants. I then felt the softness of her hand wrap around my hard cock as my pants and Y fronts fell to the floor for the second time that day. It felt good that my cock had been freed from the now highly uncomfortable restraint it was under and her hand wrapped firmly around my meat felt even better.

“Well now is the time.” she said as she moved to sit in my chair. As she sat, she began kissing and licking the shaft of my cock. She held the base with her hand and slowly and gently took in the first two inches of my eight inch rod. I felt her tongue playing with the end of my shaft and knew it wouldn’t be long before I blew my load down her throat. She then picked up the rhythm as I watched the end of my cock disappearing into her velvety mouth, in and out, in and out. I moaned in appreciation, which encouraged her to take in more and more until I was watching my entire manhood disappear down her gorgeous throat. She held one of my butt cheeks with one hand and was playing with my balls with the other as she deepthroated me over and over. I was now on the edge and I indicated that I couldn’t last much longer.

“That’s good,” she said, “I want to feel your cum in my mouth.”

She quickly resumed deepthroating me and the sight combined with the exquisite feeling tipped me over the edge as I unloaded spurt after avcılar escort spurt into her soft accommodating mouth. I seemed to cum for an age, but she didn’t spill a drop. She kept my cock deep in her mouth the entire time I was cumming and then when I’d finished, she let it slip out. The most erotic moment was when she looked me in the eyes as she swallowed the lot.

“mmmmm.” she said. “lovely first course, but what about the main meal?”

She stood up and I led her to the sofa in the corner of my office. I knew this cock hungry MILF would want more and I knew she would have little trouble getting me hard again. I poured us both a drink and we sat there, me fondling her tits and she slowly massaging my balls and rubbing my shaft. She began to detect some life as she said “It seems like my main course is cooking.” She then leaned over me and took my cock back into her mouth and began to work her oral magic again. I felt my cock begin to stiffen in her mouth and after about ten minutes of her gobbling my shaft, she surveyed her work with a look of pride, – an eight inch swollen rod ready, willing and able to fuck her.

She slowly started to give me a hand-job as we kissed again. I gently pushed her so that she was laying on her side on the sofa facing outwards and maneuvered myself so that I was laying on my side behind her. From this position I could fuck her from behind, whilst putting my arms around her to hang on to those magnificent tits. She turned her head and we kissed again as my cock slid into her sopping wet pussy. I began to build a rhythm, nice and slow at first, pulling the entire length of my shaft out and then plunging it back in balls deep. She moaned her appreciation as I placed two fingers in her mouth, which she sucked on greedily. – This seemed to create a frenzy of bucking.

“You like my fingers in your mouth while I’m fucking you?” I asked. – She moaned her agreement.

“Does şirinevler escort it feel like you got a cock in your mouth and one in your pussy at the same time?” – Her wild bucking indicated that it did.

“Would you like that?” I asked. “A nice juicy cock to suck on while someone fucks you?”

“Oh God yes please.” She screamed as she released my fingers.

“Shall I arrange that sometime, a nice big cock to join us so that you can have two cocks at once?”

I felt the orgasm ripple through her as the fantasy of being double fucked raced through her mind.

“Can you do that?” She asked.

“Oh yes.” I said

I knew I couldn’t last much longer, – the visions conjured in my mind of this gorgeous woman with one cock down her throat and another in her pussy, tipped me over the edge and I unloaded what seemed like gallons of my seed deep in her belly.

We just lay like that for a while, with my cock buried deep in her with me stroking and rubbing those fantastic tits.

“You must think I’m a slut?” she said out of the blue.

“What I said, about wanting two cocks?”

“No.” I said. “I just think you are incredibly sexy and the thought of seeing you fuck two men and taking part in that situation really turns me on.”

“Really?” She hesitantly inquired.

“You are one sexy woman and as much as I want you for myself, I can’t think of a hornier sight than you being double fucked and going home to your husband with a belly full and a pussy full of cum from two men.” With these words and the sight again in my mind, I began to feel my dick grow inside her and began to slowly fuck her again.

“You want more?” She said in surprise. “The thought really does turn you on doesn’t it?”

“Oh yes.” I said.

“The thought of me sucking another man off while you fuck me and then swapping over so I suck you while he fucks me.” She was now enjoying herself and getting into the spirit of things.

We fucked like that for another fifteen minutes, before I emptied my balls into her again. When we parted I noticed a cheeky gleam in her eye. She dressed and said her goodbyes with a long lingering kiss and on the way out of the door she stopped, looked back and said the words I had hoped to hear.

“I’ll leave it to you to make the arrangements then.”

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