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A Letter to my Parents Pt. 01

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Me – Sabrina, age 18, 5’7′ 125, blonde hair, blue eyes, 36B-24-34

Mom – Jenna, age 40, 5’8″ 125, blonde hair, blue eyes, 36D-26-36

Dad – Tom, age 40, 6’2″ 195, sandy brown hair, blue eyes

Dear Mom and Dad,

Right now I’m on a jet over the Atlantic flying to Europe to begin my two month post high school graduation trip to see different countries and attractions that I’ve wanted to see for so long. A few minutes ago, as the plane was screaming down the runway, I sent you both a text telling you to check your emails for this letter. This is something I’ve wanted to say to the both of you for so many years but it wouldn’t have been appropriate but now that I’m 18, this is the time to come clean about some things. No, I’m not a drug addict, alcoholic, escort, hooker, or into anything illegal. This letter is about my feelings toward the both of you.

Simply put Mom and Dad, I’m in love with both of you. I realized that when I turned 18 and now I have to get this off my chest or else, I feel like I’m gonna burst. You both have been so good to me and have loved me and cared for me like no other. You supported me in all my sports, theater, and dance endeavors and have always shown me the kind of unconditional love that so many of my friends don’t get to experience. The way you look at me, the way you hug me, the way you talk to me, the way we have mature conversations about everything under the sun, the way you kiss me on the cheek and forehead, the way we spend quality time together – these are just some of things that have made me come to feel the way I feel about you both.

Mom, Girne Escort I absolutely love all of the girl time we spend together. When we go shopping, when we get our nails done, when we get waxed, when we talk about you and Dad, when we talk about life in general, I can’t help but love you more and more as each day passes. Your candor and ability to be honest with me mean the world to me. I remember wanting to know about the birds and bees when I became of legal age and I could tell you were nervous but you were honest and open with me and told me about all the things I needed to know, including the intimate details of your sex life with Dad. You told me all about sex and how important it is to have a healthy and fun sexual relationship with your partner. Thinking about life without you is not something I want to feel. You are such a beautiful woman and I hope to look like the blonde haired, blue eyed goddess you are when I get to be your age.

Dad, I love our Daddy-Daughter dates and the quality time we spend together in public and at home. Whether we go golfing, walking and running, go on dates to get ice cream, breakfast, lunch, or dinner, watch TV together, talk about the way things are in the world, or just snuggle on the sofa saying absolutely nothing, the love and affection I feel toward you is intense. You’re the type of man I want in my life forever. Mom has told me what a wonderful lover you are as well. It’s no wonder she always has a smile on her face. Some of my girlfriends have a crush on you but I know it’s only physical. Yes, you’re a gorgeous Magosa Escort man but they don’t get to see what I see everyday – a man who is a wonderful human being and treats me and his wife like we are the most important people he has ever known.

To the both of you, I want to say I want to, not only be your daughter, but I also want to be your lover, your wife, and your best friend forever. And I also need to come clean about some other things too. After I turned 18, there were Friday and Saturday nights when I told you both that I was going to hang out with friends. Some of those nights, it was true. Other nights, I would leave the house and go park around the corner and sneak back to the house and watch the two of you have sex. I know that’s wrong but I wanted to see all of the things Mom had been telling me about the two of you and what the passion was like in your bedroom. Sometimes, I would watch from the back deck where you couldn’t see me. Other nights, I would sneak down the hallway and camp out just outside your bedroom door and listen. I was so glad you left the bedroom door open so I could get a good closeup view of the intimacy the two of you were sharing. Did you ever notice that, when I left the house, I always wore dresses? There was a reason. I wore no panties because it made it easier for me to masturbate listening to and watching you.

Mom, I daydream about eating your pussy and ass the way Dad eats you. I want to kiss you like an intimate girlfriend, wife, and lover. I want to suck on your breasts and make you cum since your nipples Lefkoşa Escort are so sensitive. I want to suck and lick your clit while Dad makes love to you and fucks you and I want to drink his cum from your pussy and ass after he cums in you. I want to feel your tongue on me and watch you eat my pussy and ass and make me cum all over your beautiful face. I want you to eat Dad’s cum from my pussy and ass and then kiss me so we can share. I want us to share a strapon so we can fuck each other and I want to feel you and Dad fuck my pussy and ass at the same time. I want to wake up with your pussy and ass in my face and I want to do the same to you as well.

Dad, I’ve seen your beautiful cock. I want to stroke it and suck it and your balls and and I want to feel your manhood explode in my mouth. I want to drink your cum as often as possible. I want to eat your ass while you fuck and make love to Mom. I want your cock in my pussy and my ass and I want to feel you make love to me and I want you to fuck me like I’m a wanton slut. I want to be your wife, your girlfriend, your lover, and your slut. I want you to fuck me in every room in the house and I want Mom right there with us so we can both treat her, our Queen, with all the love and lust she deserves.

Mom and Dad, I know this letter is a lot to digest. I’ve never felt this way about anyone in my entire life. My body belongs to the two of you and no one else. FYI, I’m still a virgin. My heart belongs to the two of you and no one else. I don’t just love you both. I am head over heels in love with both of you. I just hope you haven’t found this letter upsetting and I hope I haven’t lost your love and respect.

With all of my love, I love you Mom and Dad.

Your loving daughter,


Coming up in part 2 – Mom responds. Coming up in part 3 – Dad responds. Coming up in part 4 – Sabrina returns from her trip overseas.

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