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A New Meaning to Mother Son Bonding Ch. 07

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(All characters depicted in any form of sexual activity are 18 years of age or older)

Despite the fact that a few days ago mother and son, Mindy and Jason, had swapped bodies thanks to a carnival fortune teller they and their daughter/sister Catie were actually having a fairly normal day, or as normal as can be under the circumstances. That morning they had sat down and come up with some rules and conditions to how they would deal with this new mother-son dynamic; first and most of all that they could live their lives as each other how ever they saw fit and the other couldn’t get upset over their choices. Well that would be put to the test much quicker than any of them would have thought.

Mindy was in her new, Jason’s old, room yet again enjoying the youth and vigor that came with possessing Jason’s body as she sat back in front of a computer butt naked again jerking off to the large porn collection she had found when Jason’s, now her, phone rang.


“Hi, Jason it’s Rebbie.”

“Hey, what’s up?”

“Well,… I know that we only just got reacquainted yesterday… though I think we’d both agree we enjoyed it…”

“You bet I did,” Mindy interrupts with a huge grin as she thinks back to her first blow job on the receiving end as she begins jerking off again.

Rebbie giggles, “Yeah, me too. But ummm… anyway I was just wondering if you’d… if you’re free that is… if maybe you’d like to… I don’t know… maybe get together again sometime?”

“I’m free tonight. How about dinner?”

“Wow, really? I mean…that would be great.”

“Cool…oohh,” Mindy tries to mask a groan as she gets close to cumming, “…how about we text later and make all the arrangements. I’d do it now but… my mom is calling me.”

“No that’s fine. Text later and see you tonight.”

“Tonight, bye,” Mindy quickly says then hangs up as she starts cumming all over herself.


Some time later after getting herself cleaned up Mindy goes down stairs for a snack and finds Jason in her old body sprawled out on the couch watching TV like he did in his own body.

“Uh… Mom,” Mindy says with a grin still trying to get used to calling basically herself Mom, “now that you’re in a women’s body you are going to have to get used to being a little more lady like.”

Jason just looks at her with a blank look, “What are you talking about?”

“Jason now that you’re a woman you can’t sit or lay back with your legs spread like that,… unless you are inviting someone to climb between those legs,” she adds with a smirk.

Jason looks at himself and sees how he’s sprawled out and how his new female form looks like that, “Yeah, I guess you’re right, but this just feels normal.”

“Well, unless you plan on flashing your new pussy to everyone around you you’ll need to relearn how to sit and move.”

Jason just let’s out a groan, “Fuck this is going to take some getting used to.”

“Weeeelllllll,” Mindy drags out the word, “while on the subject of getting used to things in our new roles… I have a date.”

“WHAT?!,” Jason screams jumping to his feet, “With who? How could you possibly have a date the second day in my body?”

“Hey, remember it’s my body, at least for now, and as far as who and how. Rebbie called me a few minutes ago to ask if I wanted to go out after our little reunion yesterday.”

“Oh come on! First you got a blow job from her now a date. This just sucks!” Jason groans as he crosses his arms across his chest and falls back onto the couch his a angry look that is almost laughable in his new body.

Between his reaction and the bizarreness of the situation Mindy can’t help but laugh and say, “Well, it will if the date goes well I hope.”

“God Mom if I had said that you would have…” he throws his arms into the air “…hell I don’t even know! I never would have said that.”

“Well as Mom now I guess you’ll just have to figure out the rules in this house now.”

Jason grins, “Then young man you are grounded for a year.”

“Oh please, if I tried that what would you do?”

“Probably laugh in your face,” Jason admits, “that doesn’t change the fact that this whole situation is getting less and less fun for me all the time.”

“Not so cool being the hot milf mom now is it it?” Mindy smirks.

“Oh shut up,” Jason groans then can’t help himself and smiles back at her, “I guess enjoy your date… ‘SON’.”


After breakfast Catie had decide to get out of the house for awhile and try to pretend that life was normal. For the most part a day out with her friends had done the trick, but she knew eventually she had to go home and back to their strange new life. It’s a little after 6:30 when she gets home and crosses paths with Mindy as she comes in.

“Uh, where’s she uh he going?” She asks Jason who is still watching Tv on the couch.

“‘JASON’,” he say with as much sarcasm as he can, “has a date with Rebbie tonight.”

Not sure how to react to the news that her Mom is going out with a girl in her brother’s body, “Umm and You’re kocaeli seks hikayeleri okay with that?”

“Not really but we did agree that we could live our live how we want while this is going on. Besides If it was still me in my body I would have probably done everything with Rebbie that Mom has.”

Catie just shrugs and plops down on the couch next to Jason. At a few minutes of silence, “Soooo I guess it’s just us girls tonight then huh Mom? What to order sushi and watch Magic Mike?”

Jason gives her a shocked look which causes Catie to break out laughing.

“Bitch,” Jason laughs before smacking Catie in the face with a pillow.

That pillow smack turns into a full on pillow fight that leads into a wrestling match as they roll around on the couch. Their wrestling match eventually morphs into a full out tickle fight. Mindy’s slightly bigger build allows Jason to pin Catie down as all she can do is squirm and try to breath through the laughing. However, when Jason lets up for a moment when he thinks Catie might pass out from laughing too hard, Catie makes a move and manages to roll both of them over. However, she didn’t realize how close to the edge of the couch they were, so as she gets the upper hand in that brief moment she rolls them over and right off the couch where they comedown hard on the floor.

They both let out a groan as they hit, “Shit! Sorry, are you okay?”

Jason just nods before they both burst into laughter again. When their laughter finally dies down Catie is still laying on top of Jason their faces mere inches apart and after a moment of stillness Catie lean in and they share a kiss.

The kiss only lasts a second or two before Catie lifts her head away, “Uh, was that okay?”

Jason just nods then pulls Catie back into a kiss no brother should share with his sister, or mother her daughter. The kiss continues for several minutes before they finally have to pause to breathe.

“Holy fuck that was the hottest kiss ever,” Jason gasps, “I’m not sure which is hotter. The fact I’m finally kissing my sister like I’ve fantasied about for years or the fact I’m doing it in our Mom’s body. Scratch that, being in Mom’s body definitely makes it hotter because feeling our tits mash together like they are.”

“God you are such a man,” Catie laughs, “Even after sharing your first incestious kiss that also happens to be your first lesbian kiss all you can think about is how it feels when two sets of tits press together.”

“Are you saying you don’t find that hot?”

“Okay fine, it is pretty hot feeling mine and Mom’s boobs like this,” Catie grins before leaning in for another kiss.

Their kissing soon became main out and dropping as their hands began exploring squeezing at each other’s tits and asses. Of course it doesn’t take long for their groping each other to become undressing each other and in no time the two women are both nude on their living room floor.

“Damn,” Catie laughs as she finally breaks their lip lock, “Mom or I guess I should say you have some nice tits.”

“Thanks,” Jason grins, “there was a reason one of the first things I did in this body was masturbate.”

Catie giggles, “I get that now. Now are you really ready to have some fun as a woman?”

“Fuck yeah!”

“Then come with me,” Catie says as she stands up and holds out her hand.

Without a second thought Jason takes her hand and quickly follows her into Catie’s bedroom.


Meanwhile, across town Mindy and Rebbie have just finished ordering dinner.

“Jason I’m so happy you wanted to see me again so soon.”

“Rebbie why wouldn’t I?”

“I don’t know, it’s just most guys probably would have agreed to us hooking up again but not a real date, especially the so soon after being reunited after years.”

“Well, I can say without a doubt that there are few, if any, other guys quite like me out there,” Mindy smiles.

“I think you’re right,” then with a sexy tone says, “and I think that deserves a reward.”

“Oh,” Mindy smiles, “and what might that be?”

Rebbie stands a up and as she walks away from the tables looks back and grins, “Meet me in the ladies room and you’ll find out.”

Stunned by this young woman’s kinkiness it takes Mindy a minute to jump up and quickly follow.

However Mindy stops when she reaches the bathroom door. What will happen to Jason if her horny mind gets him caught in a public women’s restroom. She finally thinks fuck it and opens the door to the sight of Rebbie on her knees in the middle of the restroom.

“Hi stud wanna give me my favorite appetizer?”

“Oh I think I can manage that,” Mindy laughs as she quickly undoes her belt and jeans as she makes her way to Rebbie.

After a moment of fumbling Rebbie moves Mindy’s hands out of the way and giggles, “Let me help you kind sir.”

In no time her jeans and boxers are around her ankles, “Thank youuuaaaaah,” Mindy’s words become a moan as Rebbie quickly swallows all nine inches of her hard cock.


Back at home Jason has his head thrown back, mouth wide open as he silently screams as he has yet another orgasm from Catie licking away at his pussy. For quite some time now the two had been locked in an intense 69 session trading orgasms, but for the last several minutes Jason has mostly just enjoyed his sister working at his new pussy as she gives him orgasm after orgasm. Now after having every muscle in his new female body tense up from what has to be his sixth or seventh orgasm Jason’s whole body goes limp as he just lies there gasping for breath.

Feeling her mother’s body go limp beneath her Catie pulls her head away from the delicious pussy she’s been feasting on, “So little brother which is better getting your cocked sucked or your pussy eaten?”

Jason manages to pant, “Pussy… definitely… pussy… eaten.”

“I’m glad to hear that because once you have caught your breath I have more in mind for you.”

In answer Jason simply lifts his arm and gives her a thumbs up.


In the ladies room Mindy feels like she might blow her load at any moment thanks to Rebbie’s amazing cock sucking abilities. As she struggles to keep from cumming all Mindy could think was, ‘If it always feels this good get your cock sucked no wonder every man on Earth loved it so much.’

Apparently aware of the impending snack she would soon get if she continued at this pace Rebbie began to slow she movements and technique until she was only softly kissing the large cock head as her hand made slow laze strokes up and down the shaft.

“Now, now,” Rebbie giggles, “I want my appetizer but half the fun is the build up so don’t feed me too quick.”

“Doing my best,” Mindy simply moans as Rebbie begins slowly taking her deeper again.

This almost painfully slow technique goes on for several minutes when without warning the bathroom door opens. Standing in the middle of the bathroom with several of inches of cock in Rebbie’s mouth there isn’t much Mindy can do, not that she would have done something if she could since she just freezes in panic.

Rebbie and the intruder aren’t much better as for a several seconds all three freeze in the position they are in, and in the case on the new comer that means she’s holding the door open for anyone sitting at the right angle in the dining area can clearly see what Mindy and Rebbie are up to. Thankfully the women snaps out of her trance first and realizes the door before anyone apparently sees in.

As Rebbie pulls off her cock before standing up Mindy takes in the their new audience. She is probably in her late thirties to early forties, in decent shape not being too fat or too skinny, she is dressed nice but not overly fancy, she has blond shoulder length hair and blue eyes that can be clearly seen thanks to the wide eyed look still on her face.

It is the newcomer who finally breaks the awkward silence, “Do you two realize how much trouble you could get into?”

Mindy tries to speak but only non-sense noises comes out of mouth. Rebbie on the other hand doesn’t so much as bat an eye, making Mindy wonder just how many times this young woman has been caught having sex in public, “Sorry Miss, I guess I just got a little… hungry.”

The woman gives Rebbie a surprised look then starts laughing, “You two are lucky I caught you and not someone else.”

Rebbie gives her a look, “Oh and why is that?”

“Most women would probably call the cops or at least get you kicked out of the restaurant were as I only want one thing from you.”

“And that is?”

“Simple young lady,” she gives them a wicked grin, “I only ask that you share.”

“Wow really?”

“Sure I like cock as much as the next girl and your quiet friend seems to have been blessed with a nice one.”

“Deal,” Rebbie simply says before falling back to her knees.

“Great let’s get to it then,” the new woman says then turn to the door and turns the lock, “but I’d rather not t=get caught.”

Stunned by this new and unexpected twist Mindy simply stands there hard cock pointing straight out as she watches the woman walk to them and join Rebbie on her knees. As both woman lean forward and start working over her hard cock Mindy finally speaks as she moans out, “OH FUCK THAT”S GOOOOD!”

If she thought not cumming when just Rebbie was sucking her off Mindy now knew it was impossible to hold out for long under the attention of two expert cock suckers. And in only a couple of minutes she was proven right when she felt the undeniable feeling of her balls about to explode.

“OH FUCK I’M CUMMING!” Mindy yells just as the first salvo of jazz rockets into the faces of her two lovely cock suckers.

The first two shots fire over their faces before they get control of the hard spraying cock to pass it back and forth as they each take a shot of cum before sharing with he other. As the last weak blast fills Rebbie sucking lips Mindy’s knees give and she goes down hard on her ass.

As she sits there panting after what has to be one of the most mind blowing orgasms of her life she watch as the older woman pulls Rebbie into a deep cum swapping kiss. Once all the cum is gone from their mouths they pull apart just long enough to lick each other’s faces clean before sharing another cummy kiss.

After their second kiss finally ends the woman simply stands up goes into a stall where they hear her do her business before coming out and washing her hands. After unlocking and opening the door she turns back before letting the door close behind her just long enough to smile and say, “That was fun, thank you.”

Mindy and Rebbie just stare at each other sharing a stunned look for a moment before beginning to laugh.

Through her laughter Rebbie manages to say, “Well, that was different.”

“You can say that again,” Mindy laughs.

A few minutes later Rebbie goes out the door and tells Mindy the cost is clear before they head back to their table. Not long after returning to their table the waitress brings out their food. A few minutes later Rebbie spits out a mouth full of food on the table as she gasps, “Oh my god Jason look!”

Mindy turns to look where she’s pointing but it takes her a moment to see what rebbie is seeing but when she does she quickly turns around tries not to laugh after seeing the woman from the bathroom sitting a few tables behind them with her husband and kids, “She’s here with her husband and kids and did that with us. HOLY SHIT!”

“I know,” Rebbie laughs.


Jason and Catie have spent the last several minutes just holding each other as they rest from the earlier fun. Catie is the one to break apart their cuddle time as she pulls away and climbs out of bed.

“Catie where are you going?”

“I told you I had more in store for you didn’t I?”

“Yeah, but what does that have to do with you leaving bed?”

“You’ll see,” she smiles before going to her closest. After a few minutes of digging around for something she turns back to Jason hiding whatever she dug out behind her back, “so little brother are you ready to really know what it feels like to fuck as a woman?”

He gives her a curious look, “What exactly do you have in mind?”

“This,” Catie grins and she pulls her hand from behind her back revealing a seven inch dildo attached to something.

It takes Jason only a second to see Catie is holding a strap-on but nearly a minute to fully understand what that means, “Wait, are you suggesting I let you fuck me with that thing?”

“You are a woman now so you might like to know how it feels to get fucked by a nice hard cock,” then after a few seconds pause she grins, “you are married remember?”

“God I wish you’d stop bringing that up!”

“Sorry, but is that a yes or no to this?” Catie grins as she waves the strap-on around.

“Fine, but on one condition.”

“Name it.”

“I call next,” Jason grins.

“Deal,” Catie laughs.

After getting her new cock in place Catie pulls Jason so his ass is right at the edge of the bed, “You ready?”

Jason takes a deep breath, “As ready as I’ll ever be I guess.”

Catie grabs her rubber cock and slaps the head against Jason’s clit a few times making him moan before placing the head at his dripping wet entrance, but before she pushes in a thought pops into her head and she starts giggling.

Confused Jason asks, “What the fuck is so funny?”

“Sorry, it just occurred to me that over the years we have both fantasied about us fucking but I bet neither of us thought I’d be the one with a cock our first time.”

“Oh god you’re right,” Jason started laughing too but his laughter quickly becomes moans of pleasure as Catie slides her rubber cock deep into his pussy.

After a few minutes of gentle fucking Catie stops with Jason fully impaled on her rubber cock, “So little brother how do you like getting fucked in your pussy?”

“It’s different for sure, but fuck I love it,” Jason moans as he wraps his legs around Catie’s back, “now fuck me harder!”

“As you wish,” Catie grins before pulling back and slamming down again.

It only takes a few minutes of Catie’s intense fucking before Jason has his first full penetration orgasm as he screams out, “OH GOD YES FUCK MY HORNY LITTLE PUSSY!”

Catie fucks Jason to three more powerful orgasms before she is just too tired to continue and has to pull out of him. As she falls back on the bed panting in exhaustion Jason turns to her lost in a storm of lust, “Hey who said you could stop?”

“Sorry but I don’t think I’ve got anything left in me.”

Jason gets on up on his knees and pulls Catie to the center of the bed, “Jason what the fuck are you doing?”

“If you can’t fuck me anymore I’ll just have to fuck you,” he says as he straddles her before sitting down fully on her rubber cock, “FUCK that feels good.”


As Jason begins riding a nearly passed out Catie across town Mindy is dropping Rebbie off for the night.

“I’m glad you called and we did this.”

‘After what happed in the bathroom tonight I’m sure you are,” Rebbie giggles.

“No I’m serious even without that tonight was more fun I’ve had on a date in a very long time,” Mindy says taking Rebbie’s hand then with a grin adds, “though the bathroom was fun.”

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